Acquire a Straighter Smile with Clear Aligners

Acquire a Straighter Smile with Clear Aligners

A radiant smile is described as an individual’s accessory, just like jewelry. It has the capacity to lighten up the room with positivity and influence people around it. It can boost confidence and has the power to build connections and leave a memorable impression on others.

A beautiful smile has a profound connection with dental health. Let’s explore how a bright smile can influence one’s well-being and mental health.

A bright and radiant smile is a dream to many because of the long and bulky traditional braces treatment. But now, one can straighten one’s teeth comfortably and conveniently with Clear Aligners. Clear Aligners have revolutionized traditional ways of aligning crooked teeth. They have become the preferred choice among people as they’re nearly invisible and removable, unlike traditional metal braces.

Let’s Understand Clear Aligners

Clear Aligners are transparent, removable, lightweight trays used to align misaligned teeth.
They gradually apply pressure on the crooked teeth to position them into the desired position. They can correct mild to moderate teeth misalignment. These trays are highly crack-resistant and stain-resistant; hence, they are super durable and efficient. These trays are easy to use and comfortable throughout the treatment.

Meanwhile, traditional braces are bulky metal frames that cause discomfort to the patient
throughout the treatment. They require more maintenance and care than Clear Aligners.

How are Clear Aligners Better than Traditional Metal Braces?

• Invisible Look of Clear Aligners:

Clear Aligners are invisible to the naked eye. These are unnoticeable when worn. People can confidently wear them to workplaces and social gatherings. It’s a significant advantage over Traditional Braces. Metallic brackets attract unwanted attention and can lower one’s self-esteem.

• Clear Aligners Can Be Removed:

Clear Aligners are trays that closely fit over the teeth. These trays are removable and can be removed before eating and brushing teeth.

Patients can savor a variety of food options with Clear Aligners.

It is easy to brush and floss teeth without inconvenience, as seen in traditional braces.
In the treatment with traditional braces, food gets stuck between the wires and brackets, which makes it difficult to clean. Hence, patients can maintain optimal oral hygiene with Clear Aligners and avoid gum problems and tooth decay.

• Clear Aligners Offer Speech Comfort:

Clear Aligners are made up of thin plastic sheets, which easily adapt to our mouth. Patients find it convenient to speak with Clear Aligners. These trays don’t interfere with the tongue and cheeks while speaking.

Hence, People prefer wearing Clear Aligners at work and other social events.
On the contrary, metallic brackets and wires interfere with the tongue and cheeks while
speaking, resulting in poor pronunciation. Poor speech hampers one’s self-esteem.

• Clear Aligners are Safer than Traditional Braces:

Clear Aligners are smooth and thin trays that seamlessly straighten crooked and misaligned teeth. These trays rarely dent soft tissues, such as the tongue and cheeks. It is safe to use, unlike traditional metal braces.

Meanwhile, Metal Brackets and Wires, if broken, can injure the tongue or cheeks. Professional supervision is needed with Metal Braces Treatment.

• Cutting-Edge-Technology:

Clear Aligners are created using innovative technology, such as Digital Impressions & 3D
Models. Dentists can digitally design the treatment Plan and make certain changes if needed.

This improves accuracy and precision.

The dentist can curate customized Clear Trays according to patients’ needs.

Hence, Clear Aligners are way more efficient than Traditional Braces.

• Fewer Clinical Visits:

Clear Aligners are a set of multiple Trays that are designed to make slight movements in the teeth to align the teeth. Patients wear a new set of Clear Aligners every two weeks.

Hence, patients need not visit dental clinics every month, as in the case of traditional braces treatment.

Visiting the dental clinic once every two to three months is enough to assess the progress.

Who Needs Clear Aligners?

Clear Aligners are proven efficient in correcting mild to moderate cases, such as crossbites,
overjets, overbites, crowded teeth, and gapped teeth.

Your dentist will customize the treatment plan according to the patient’s dental problem and needs. It takes about six weeks (about one and a half months) to a year’s time to correct misalignments.

How Do I Receive Teeth Aligner Treatment?

The following are the steps to avail yourself of Clear Aligners.

• Consultation:

Consult your dentist to understand the dental problem. The dentist analyzes the misalignment in the teeth arrangement and decides the treatment plan.

• Digital Impressions:

The dentist will take 3D scans of your teeth and jaws. These scans improve precision in
treatment planning. The dental lab utilizes 3D models to customize Clear Aligner Trays
according to the patient’s needs. The chances of error are nearly nil.

• Treatment Plan:

The dentist curates specialized treatment plans after consulting and analyzing the digital 3D scans. The treatment plan depends upon the severity of misalignment, which decides the number of Aligner Trays required and the duration of the treatment.

• Aligner Fabrication:

Once the design of the Aligner is finalized, the digital data is sent to the dental lab for
fabrication. Aligners are made from premium quality plastic material and are medical grade.

These plastic sheets are moulded over 3D models of the patient’s mouth under high pressure.

The process is called thermoforming. Each set of trays slightly moves the teeth to bring them to their desired position.

• Quality Check:

Once the Aligners are ready, they undergo rigorous quality checks to ensure durability and
proper fitting.

• Aligners Delivery:

Once the aligners are ready, they are delivered to the dentist, who then delivers them to the patient. At the fitting appointment, the dentist ensures the aligners fit comfortably and offers instructions on their proper usage and maintenance.

Patients must wear each set of aligners for 20-22 hours daily for two weeks or as directed by their dentist.

• Follow-ups:

Once the treatment is complete, your dentist will give you retainers to ensure the teeth remain in the desired position. In short, to prevent relapse.

In all, Clear Aligners are a ground-breaking innovation in the world of Orthodontics. These are now widely popular among all age groups, from teens to adults.

Illusion Aligners are leading the way among other Clear Aligners treatments. They bear US FDA Certification. With enhanced comfort and efficiency, Clear Aligners have surpassed traditional braces. People can now confidently flaunt smiles with Clear Aligners treatment.