Chestnut Bud: There are certain people who fail to learn lessons in life. In other words, we can say these types of persons will do the same mistakes repeatedly. They never or we can say they forget to apply things which they learn from their past experience or mistakes.

Symptoms of Chestnut Bud disease are: 

  • Fail to learn from mistakes
  • Fail to learn from past experiences
  • Repeating errors without learning from them

In this type of mental state, persons are suffering from slightly different kinds of issues which are somewhat hard to explain. These are those types of people who do the work using the same technique every time whether they will do that in the right way or not.

Those persons don’t listen to anyone. They don’t like it if anyone suggests them to do work with a different technique. They get frustrated and get angry very quickly. These types of persons want to do things and work in their own way. It doesn’t matter for them that they do things in the right way or not.

Did the technique or method they used is the best option or not! all these things don’t matter to them. They will do what they want to do. They will not try to learn from their past experiences. They fail to learn from their past mistakes and repeat that technique to that work and at last, they do those mistakes repeatedly. This results in a failure in that work, leading to an increase in the level of frustration and anger.

But it’s not like that, that they don’t want to learn from their mistakes or past experiences. They want but at the point of time when they need to apply those things to get the work done in an efficient and effective manner, they forget the main idea. Their mind gets blank, they completely lost their focus, their mind diverts from that and they again do the things with their old or wrong method.

They may also see others making a mistake and fail to apply the lesson to their own lives. They go right ahead and make the same mistake themselves. It’s good to move on and leave the past behind, but in a Chestnut Bud state, we are almost too ready to do this. We give so little thought to the past that we fail to learn and are doomed to repeat our failures. Chestnut Bud helps us learn and move on to genuinely new experiences. 

Chestnut Bud is a very good remedy for students. Chestnut Bud is the remedy or cure for that type of mental state. Chestnut Bud helps the sufferer to maintain and increase their focus on things. Chestnut Bud allows the person to do things in a better way by helping to increase their focus on doing a different task.

By using Chestnut Bud the person is able to learn from their mistakes and experience and from other’s mistakes also. VIBBES KADA is one of the best tool to mimic bach flower remedy Chestnut Bud energies even without any problem or hassle for you.