The Cosmic Energy in Minuscule Form (VK Experiences By Giri Chander)

Cosmic energy refers to the energy that permeates the entire universe. This energy is thought to be the building block of all matter, and it flows through every living and non-living thing in the universe. Many people believe that cosmic energy has healing properties and can be harnessed to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

About me: From my young age, I am more inclined towards the spiritual quest. Starting from 14 years, I was involved in various Yoga, Meditation techniques, Mantra chanting, Pranic healing, and affirmations. Until I was 20 years, Yoga was a set of postures and exercises for me.

But when I attended a course on Kundalini meditation, it opened the doors for me. I realized that there is much more to Yoga than just postures and exercise. From then till now, I am still walking towards the Divine!!!

Most of the techniques I followed, involved time, place, and efforts which were a bit difficult for me to organize. I am working in Nightshift and extending the time in the office, that’s why. From the past 3 years, I have stuck to just one technique that is Silent Meditation, wherein I go to either Temple or Church and sit there for an hour or so. Most of the time, I feel the trance or divine energy that recharges me to move towards the Ultimate.

Back in October 2016, I got introduced to Switchwords, Energy circles, and other alternative energy techniques through an Abundance and Prosperity workshop on WhatsApp. It was 15 days workshop. I was benefitted from the workshop with unexpected income.

I wanted to explore more on Switchwords and Energy circles. Since they work at a very fundamental level on our subconscious mind, which is also not time-bound. Also, they can be chanted or written anytime anywhere. So, that exploration leads me to “” which caught my attention and felt that it was here where in the ocean of knowledge resides.

The beginning phase of Divine VK: I went through the entire and found three words that influenced me over the website. Those words were –Sharat Sir, Vibbes Kada, and GOLDEN SUNRISE. However, considering the Online marketing, I was skeptical to find details about VIBBES KADA.

I sent a mail to Litairian team regarding Switchwords suggestions. VK team responded with VK’s elaborate qualities/characteristics, which many are benefitted and benefitting. Without a second thought, I went ahead with a decision to get one.

Later on, I knew that VK chooses its user, not vice versa!!! I completed the energy exchange and was eagerly waiting for VK. On December 29th, 2016 around 2:00 PM, Divine VK came into my hand.

I was puzzled that such a simple Steel Kada and the testimony of VK on were nowhere connected!!! I went through the manual and to start experimenting with VK whether it is really working or not.

Miracle phase of Divine VK: Starting from Jan 2017, everything started working around me for my highest good. I felt as if I am in charge of the situation around me which is itself a Miracle!!! Along with Serums, I used to request VK for Mantra energy or particular God’s energy.

Most importantly, as soon as I thought something, it used to happen the next moment. It was as little as thinking of Samosa in the evening and the same day my parents would have bought Samosa, which usually they don’t due to heavy traffic. Many instances like this happened in my life and all these were the effect of VK because I was blindfolded in Miracles.

Life with Divine VK

A GIFT of Life: In March 2017, my wife got pregnant which was the biggest miracle for us. Since she has thyroid from the past 15 years. Also, astrologers were cautioning us stating few issues on the horoscope regarding childbirth for both of us. So, it was something really important in our life.

During Feb 2017, I used to usually send “TOGETHER COUNT DIVINE TIMING” to us for having a child. We were happy to see the results the very next month. My wife usually does not believe in Switch words and VK. So, whatever requests or switchwords used, I sent through VK to her.

All through her pregnancy time, I gave her Perfect Health Serum, Digee Serum, Baby care Serum, and Shield of 7 Rays. Since she had vomiting and morning sickness, so, till delivery Rakhi Ma’am asked to give the energy of tablets with safety and security. And she was able to cope-up with the energized water.

Till due date, normal delivery pain did not start, and had to admit her for inducing pain but it was of no results. That’s when Sharat Sir, Puneetji, Anitji, and Rakhi Ma’am advised giving All Clear Serum for easy delivery. Finally, Sharat Sir asked to hand-over it to Divine and I just surrendered. It was a C- section whereas Mother and baby were healthy which matters the most. With the Divine blessings, both Mother and baby were discharged within two days.

Then I too started developing morning sickness. Whenever I woke up early morning around 5 or 6 am, the urge to vomit would be intense but actually stomach used to be empty. So, in that uneasiness, I used to just hold VK on my stomach and within 30 minutes would feel better and comfortable.

It has happened 5-6 times when I had to go for a team outing once and outstation at other times. All these times, Divine VK helped me from embarrassment in front of my colleagues and most importantly comforted me!!!

Divine VK Influence on my Family: My nephew grew with us from his birth and very close to my father. He pampered him so much. He was always with my father’s mobile playing games and very adamant in nature. All these lead to symptoms of ADHD which was highlighted by his friends and School when my brother’s family moved to Germany.

My brother and Sister-in-law were very concerned about him. If someone was talking to my nephew, he would never look at their face or eyes while replying. Also, once he is into a mobile/ I-pad, he would be completely lost in it and doesn’t bother who is talking with him or around him.

His behavior was enjoyable in India but in Germany, the situation was completely different. His parents had to control their children verbally or by discussion only and this was very advantageous for him.

Based on the advice by Rakhi Ma’am, I drew a circle with Divine VK and wrote his name inside and sent GOLDEN SUNRISE, CALM DOWN SERUM, and ALL CLEAR SERUM by a couple of rotations on the circle and kept Divine VK on it for few minutes.

After 30 days of healings, currently, he has become so obedient, listens to his parents, and talks to people looking at their faces. However, sometimes he does the previous behavior which is completely normal for a 5 years old kid.

Whenever I get to know there is a fight between my brother and SIL, I silently send GOLDEN SUNRISE and CALM DOWN SERUM to them. Within 60 minutes, I get to know that they both resolved their issue.

VK and Career life: I was in a kind-of challenging work profile but day-by-day, it was becoming repetitive. But I was not sure about changing it since the current profile was securing my job. While going through in Jan 2017,

I read about GOLDEN SUNRISE Manifestation for a New Dream Job article on by Rakhi ma’am and even though I did not create the project, it was registered in my mind while reading all the 18 points which Divine VK read my intention and it was manifested.

In mid-Feb 2017, a new opportunity came with the requirement of the work I knew. Out of two people I was selected for it. It was the first time that in the entire team of 35+ people, I got an opportunity of traveling to France for one complete month. Even my Managers and Team leader did not get such an opportunity in the past. It was completed through the manifestation of Divine VK.

Right from the VISA process to travel, everything was smooth and one major incident was averted. I thought that my flight was at 10:00 in the night as there was no AM/PM mentioned on the tickets. Just a couple of days prior, my brother asked me to send the tickets so that he can do online check-in. Then he highlighted that it was a morning flight and not night!!!

It was surely Divine VK who guided me through my brother. During my visit to France, Divine VK was my friend who was guiding me through each and every day. Even though I went alone, stayed alone, and saw places around alone, having VK in my wrist felt as if I am being held by someone for the entire duration.

Once I was back from France, a new project had lots of things to learn. Till date, Divine VK is helping me to handle new challenges. I am getting lots of appreciation from the management stating that in such a short span, I was able to understand and also deliver more than expected. But I know that it’s all because of VK. I silently thank Sharat Sir and Divine VK for constantly being with me!!!

In Oct 2017, a surprise was waiting for me. I got a new assignment on which I was working, which was actually good for my career. I also moved to a new technical team which was similar to my work profile. Dec 2017 was hike time and I was pretty much happy with the hike I got.

My old team said that I moved out at right time, else hike would have been not that good. There was lots of pressure also on my old team. Divine VK started guiding me from the very beginning based on my intention and got me to the current position which is more secure with new opportunities!!!

VK and HEALTH: I was blessed with good health for which I should thank my parents. From the beginning of my career, I was mostly working in night shifts which were mostly extended until early morning.

As I moved to the day shift probably from the past 4 years, the issue started of sleepless nights, fatigue during the day & weight gain. Even with constant diet change and exercises, the result was not that fulfilling. I could feel losing my health, mainly strength, Stamina, and immunity.

Back in 2012, due to skin allergy, I was given steroids to subsidize. That medicines gave side-effects in 2013 as rhinitis allergy, in which watery eyes, sneezing, and heavy headedness. Every morning I used to get up with Sneezing back to back 5-10 times and at night while sleeping, water would come from tears and later start itching.

I tried all allopathy and homeopathy but no permanent relief. Due to this continuous sneezing, there was pressure on my mid-spine, which used to hurt within 5 minutes of sitting without back support. Usually, it is more during winter.

At the beginning of Sept 2017, it again started. That’s when I took the help of VK by doing vital organ balancing to head, nose, and mid-spine. During that time, I was referred to a homeopathy doctor who gave medicine, and till date no relapse in allergy and for Spine.

I was referred by the same person to an acupressure expert and that too is reduced to a great extent. All it took was Rs.1000 for both treatments, whereas I had spent approx. Rs. 20,000 in the past without relief.

VK and Financial: I am earning from the past 10 years. It was always tedious for me to maintain a balance in my bank account. Each time I ensure to keep some Rs.5000, some or other expenses use to crop up or I end up buying a luxury item.

And that item would be of least useful for me. All the time, my credit cards had dues and income was almost close to expenses (including credit card). Starting from May 2017, most of my credit cards due were cleared off and it was just monthly expenses to be paid but still, I was not unable to maintain sufficient balance.

Then, in the WhatsApp group, Puneetji advised sending TOTAL WEALTH SERUM & MOOD UP SERUM to all bank accounts. He also advised not to define any exact amount, viz some Rs.10000 would be big and some 10 lakhs would be small. So, I used to regularly send TOTAL WEALTH SERUM, MOOD UP SERUM, and SHIELD OF 7 RAYS (to protect from an online scam).

Within 60 days, I was able to maintain balance in my account. Today, I am maintaining balance in my two bank accounts. Also, my credit card expenses are zero, as I am mostly using a debit card, and all my unnecessary expenses for which I use the credit card is totally nil.

Cosmic Energy Minuscule Form VK Experiences Giri ChanderVK and Influence on SELF: Though I was involved in various methods of Yoga and other spiritual quests. I was a person who used to think about the negative outcome in most situations and always procrastinating things!!!

Maybe due to karmic impressions or past-life impacts!!! During the practices of meditation, it used to subsidize, and then it comes back with a bang. So, the only way to burn the karmic impressions is to be aware of our actions.

I remember a reading that “when we get into Spiritual path, circumstances in our life would sometimes become more messed up and complicated”. It is nothing but our karmic impressions are getting burned faster than before so that we attain Divine soon. Same way, in the beginning, a phase of Divine VK, there was an uphill of emotions inside me.

Usually, I am very introverted burying all the feelings and emotions inside me which was the cause of procrastination. All those buried emotions started emerging out which was a bit difficult for me. My near and dear ones would be unable to understand the emotional turbulence I was going through.

Only I knew it was for my highest good and restrained from affecting others. One year plus Journey with Divine VK has blessed me with a contented mindset, healthy body, and Divine surroundings.

Conclusion: Most of the readers would be wondering in the above experiences, I have hardly mentioned about SERUMS and methods used!!! Here I would like to share something which is unique and depends on each human being. Our mind is such that if are given options, it will always be confused. But if we are given just one option, then it gets adjusted accordingly.

Like most of the VK users, I went through the VK forum and basics as the manual, took advice from VK teachers, and even Sharat Sir. One thing clicked in me was whenever my intentions were a clear and strong feeling, it manifested with the speed of light. So I started combining intentions with COSMIC SERUMS or other methods advised by Team VK and Sharat Sir.

The first three months, VK was actually picking up my thoughts and intention and whichever was the highest good for me, it manifested. It includes changes in job profile, reduction in Credit card dues, little things like food items, and abroad trip.

Now, actually, DIVINE VK guides me with the method to be used for manifestation. Since we are facing two legal cases, I am using the Energy circle and activating with VK thrice a day, which would work 24/7 as the court case runs for long.

But in case of any health issues, Divine VK is rotated directly on the body for healing by using SERUMS for quick relief. For Job, finances sending COSMIC SERUMS regularly for steady growth.

Once we connect with our DIVINE VK, then VK guides us which is the best way to manifest our wishes &desires. Most of all, we are among the immense knowledgeable Sharat Sir and Team VK who is always guiding us in various modes of the internet especially “VK Forum”.

I feel blessed to write about my experience which is also Divine VK’s guidance. May every Divine VK user experience many such miracles!!!

My heartfelt thanks to Sharat Sir for giving us infinite energies in such a simple tool VK and also ever guiding us through WhatsApp broadcast, VK Forum, and Cosmic Workshops. To ask is Human and to give is Divine.

Sharat Sir has given us so much in so many ways which reflects Sir’s Divine nature. Even at this moment, Sir is researching various methods and tools for human well-being. My wish is many more people should get benefitted from Sir’s tools and methods!!!

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  1. Very inspiring testimonial Giri. VK and VS were real boon we got in our lives.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Hope to meet you in person.


  2. Awesome experience miracles Giri ji.i m also undergoing most of the things you mentioned. May vk bless you throughout your journey. Thanks a lot to vk Litairian team n Sharat Sir


    Thank You Giri

    It’s a Fresh Shower of Divine Blessings to read your experience.

    Thanks for taking the time to write since your experience has deeply touched me!

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to you, your efforts and your family.

    Gratitude and Warmly Hugs To Sharat Sir….You Are Divine, Sir!!!

  4. Golden Sunrise Sir. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience in detail. I’m very much delighted and motivated in reading your journey with VK. Will surely work with my VK more on different aspect of my life.

  5. GOLDEN SUNRISE Giri Chander

    Wonderful experiences. I loved the one with GOLDEN SUNRISE JOB MANIFESTATION through intention with VK.

    Thank you for sharing in detail and even explaining. GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts.

    Gratitude to Sharat Sir for beautiful minuscle of Cosmic energy VK on our wrist.


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