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Switch words are one-word affirmations, which were first given by James T. Mangan, in his book titled The Secret of Perfect Living. James Mangan expired in 1970. Later switch words were extended by many Masters with additional switch words and switch word phrases and those were not given originally by James Mangan. The additional switch words and switch word phrases were given by these masters based on their own testing methods and experiences.

Similarly, I have also given additional switch words and switch word phrases after testing them with methods known to others and methods based on my psychic abilities. I use Dowsing, Muscles test, Psychic Vision, Direct experiments on raw volunteers, and Tarot and Water Taste to test the working of switch words or switch word phrases.

The order of these single switch words when framed as a switch word phrase should be appropriate. When the single switch words are not placed correctly in a switch word phrase, the whole meaning changes and the results you get are not what you wish. Sometimes if the sequence or positions of single switch words are incorrect, you may end up giving a wrong signal to your subconscious mind as well as to the Universe.

Let’s take a simple example with the single switch words which are very commonly used: DIVINE NOW MAGIC and BEGIN.

If they are arranged to form a switch-word phrase in the following manners, what happens?


You can try chanting Type 1 i.e. “BEGIN DIVINE MAGIC NOW“. Do this chant for 5 mins continuously?

What happens?? You will notice your EGO setting in.

Now after a gap of 15 mins, try chanting Type 2 i.e. “DIVINE MAGIC BEGIN NOW“. Do this chant for 5 mins continuously?

What happens? You feel peaceful.

Why is the difference observed when the same single words are just rearranged in a different way?

My Explanation:

In Type 1, when you place the switch word BEGIN  before the switch word DIVINE, you go on a commanding mode to Divine. That means you feel you can command the Supreme Power. Chanting this continuously will get your mind in a condition where you may feel you are controlling the Divine. You want to control the Divine who actually controls all. This is totally tantric and black. A tantric is the only person who always says that “he has control over Divine Powers or in other words, he claims he is a Siddha of certain power i.e Mahakali, Bhairav, Durga, etc. “I have Maha Kali Siddhi (or another siddhi).

I have Maha Kali Siddhi (or another Siddhi). This sentence is most common for a tantric.  If you have ever met a tantric, you must have heard him say so.

In Type 2, when you place the switch word DIVINE before any other switch word, your mind goes into a requesting mode. You feel you are praying to the Divine. You are surrendering to the Supreme Power. Divine controls the 7 billion human population, all other living beings, non-living beings, the Planets, the Galaxy, and anything and everything in the Universe. This is a way of a devotee. A devotee never wishes to control the Supreme. A devotee always wants to live under the Supreme shadow. A devotee never tries to be a Siddha. He never takes the burden on his shoulders. He doffs down all of his burdens onto the Lotus Feet of DIVINE.

Divine alone can control and handle all of us together. Divine can handle the whole Universe in an orderly manner.

Can a human being control what Divine can control? The 1st type of switch word phrase is not a switch word way of affecting the mind to bring a positive outcome. It is actually a tantric way to affect the mind. BEGIN DIVINE gives a wrong message to our being.

The whole purpose of chanting switch words to train the mind to bring the desired positive outcome is lost in Type 1. Instead, it brings in a dangerous vice i.e. EGO. This is even worse because the EGO is against DIVINE.

In Type 1, the one person is thinking of taking the infinite unlimited responsibilities of Divine with himself/herself by telling the Divine in a commanding way via the word BEGIN placed before DIVINE.

In Type 2, we totally surrender to the Divine and request help from the Divine to fulfill our own responsibilities.

Which is a better way the two? Maybe your own answer doesn’t matter for anyone else but it always signifies your inner self. It shows you a mirror. It shows you, your own face.

If you agree with me or have another view please share it with me in the comment box below. If you think, I am wrong then please share your views with us and correct and enlighten us with your knowledge.

Even if billions of us come together, we cannot handle Divine, but Divine alone can handle all of us together in a beautiful way

In reality, we all want to pray to the Divine for magic or miracles. We actually want to request help from Divine humbly. But by doing the wrong placement of switch words, we end up commanding Divine. Unknowingly or innocently we make mistakes when we use wrong switch words or incorrect switch word phrases. Must read about switchwords.

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I humbly request to all,  that when you make your own switch word phrases, be careful with the sequence. What is it that you actually wish for or what help do you want from switch words? Think about this before you blindly make or follow others to switch words or switch word phrases. Switch word chanting is a wonderful way of changing the subconscious mind to bring amazing results, so use them wisely and wonderfully and experience beautiful changes in your lives.

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