Effects of Master Switchword On The Physical Body

Switchword: Our body is divided into many systems. Each of our systems contains many organs and body parts. Some of our organs contribute to their role in more than one system. In another article, I described Master Switchwords thoroughly.

In this article, I explain the effects of Master Switchwords on the physical body system. Each Master Switchword is connected with one of our physical body systems.

Master Switchwords and Their Body Systems

ADD is a master switchword that helps to maintain The Digestive System. Chanting ADD switchword helps to break down food into absorbable units that go into the blood for supply to blood cells and growth of the body. Organs e.g. teeth, liver, stomach, intestine, etc.

BRING is a master switchword that helps to maintain The Respiratory System. Chanting BRING switchword helps to keep blood constantly supplied with oxygen by inhaling and removes carbon dioxide by exhaling. Organs e.g. windpipe, lungs, etc.

CHARM is a master switchword that helps to maintain The Integumentary System. Chanting CHARM switchword helps to shape and structure outer body covering and protects deeper tissue from injury e.g. hair, skin & nails.

DIVINE is a master switchword that helps to maintain The Endocrine System. Chanting the DIVINE switchword helps to rightly activate glands and their hormones that control processes such as growth, reproduction, and nutrient use by body cells. Organs e.g. adrenal gland, pineal gland, thyroid gland, ovary, etc.

DONE is a master switchword that helps to maintain The Excretory System. Chanting the DONE switchword helps this system to perform better for the purpose and process of discharging wastes. Organs e.g. sweat glands, liver, lungs, kidney, intestine, urinary tract, etc. 

ELATE is a master switchword that helps to maintain The Skeletal System. Chanting the ELATE switchword helps this system to perform vital functions such as support, movement, protection, blood cell production, calcium storage, and endocrine regulation and enable us to move through our daily lives. Organs e.g. bones, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, etc.

Effects of Master Switchwords On The Physical BodyLOVE is a master switchword that helps to maintain The Circulatory System. Chanting the LOVE switchword helps to the proper circulation of blood, nutrients, oxygen, and hormones to the entire body. Organs .e.g heart, vessels, arteries, etc.

NOW is a master switchword that helps to maintain The Nervous System. Chanting the NOW switchword helps to this rapid control system of the body. It reacts to inner and outer changes by triggering the correct muscles, nerves, and glands. Organs e.g. brain, nerves & spinal cord.

REACH is a master switchword that helps to maintain The Muscular System. Chanting the REACH switchword helps to give power to the muscle that permits handling of the surroundings, locomotion, and facial expression. Also, retain posture & make heat. Organs e.g. every muscle. 

SUNRISE is a master switchword that helps to maintain The Visual System. Chanting SUNRISE switchword helps to maintain vision, beauty, and health of eyes. Organs e.g. eyes, optical nervous, and optical parts of the brain.

THANKS is a master switchword that helps to maintain The ENT System. Chanting THANKS switchword helps to maintain the good health of ears, nose, and throat. Organ e.g. ears, nose, vocal cord, body balance system, throat, etc.

TOGETHER is a master switchword that helps to maintain The Reproductive System. Chanting TOGETHER helps to maintain the reproductive and sexual system of both men and women. It also helps to create and rectify sexual desire. Organs e.g. ovaries, uterus, vagina, penis, testes, prostate gland, etc.

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  1. Hello sir I have hole in heart and because of that my lungs are also effected. Please can you give any switch words for my problem.

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  6. Dear sir
    I had a stroke 8 years ago which has affected some functions of my body and also has resulted in asymmetrical body.The left half is a bit less grown(including bones).Which mantra can I use to heal my brain and get a symmetrical body and have divine healing?

  7. i had a pituitary tumor doctor operat that three year ago…after that my pituitary not working…..i am taking steroids…..some time i feel tumour is return …i am taking homeopathy madicine also please help me……..

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    a family member has very low self esteem and is constantly comparing himself and becoming anxious and upset for not succeeding in his life with his job, family and home. Please can you suggest switch words or phrases which I can chant on their behalf.

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  9. THANK YOU SIR my name is s.vimalkumar i am having a problem in sexual impotence and i am terribly addicted to masturbation.i am feeling guilty and unhappy but i want to make a new life with my wife.my wife is a gods gift for me. eventhough i can understand i am still cannot control masturbation. i need a strong powerful switchword for my weakness.please help me sir. i want to be a good human being and a good husband for my loveable wife.some unwanted rubbish scenes that i seen before my marriage are teribly affected my mind. so i am suffering to ged rid of it. but my mind is still unstable.please sir help me thanks divine

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