Feeling Cloudy? Clear Your Chakras And Aura With Cosmic Energies And VK

Feeling Cloudy How to Clear Your Chakras Aura With Cosmic Energies VK

Do you feel stuck and feel cloudy or gloomy sometimes?

Do you feel you are just not able to decide where to move in life?

Do you feel lazy, low, and inactive many times?

Do you feel angry and aggressive frequently even with trivial or little things?

Some people find poor sleep or poor diet is responsible for this and some find high mental stress. Most of the time they are right but sometimes it is the effect of Energy Vampires who suck your energy or energetic blocks in your chakras. If you feel cloudy with low energy then this is the perfect time to use VIBBES KADA (VK) as a gift to yourself.


As you know VK has the ability to mimic all kinds of healing energies, can also give all cosmic serums to energy receivers, give the powers of all switch words, all affirmations, and much more. VK just channels required and needful energies in/ on a requested area when you place a request to VK. Click Here to know more about VK.

What do you feel during Healing through VK?

Most of the people who do not have VK are not educated enough to know, how it works. Therefore, they do not see any reason to spend their hard-earned money on something that looks very simple as a steel bangle. Most VK users feel the energy from VK when they use VK during charging things or while healing. The energy may be felt as slight pressure, tingling, heat energy, muscle twitches, or something similar in the hands or head.

The shifting cosmic energy through VK is often so noticeable that the person receiving healing can feel where VK is hovering above their body. Please do not raise a question; there is an exchange of energy when you get cosmic energy from a cosmic energy healer but no exchange of energy when you use VK. VK sends energy and not the person who is holding and making requests to VK.

Do Blocked Chakras Take Away Your Energy and make you feel cloudy?

Your chakras are the powerhouses of the energy system of your body. They get energy from various elements (tattva) and regularly send energy to your body, mind, aura, and to all of your energy systems. If these powerhouses get defused and malfunction, there is a low feeling of mental and physical energy.

Who is responsible for blocking your chakras and you feel cloudy?

90% of the time, you yourself are responsible for blocking your chakras and feeling cloudy. Your negative emotions like guilt, depression, jealousy, anger, fear, etc. pour their negative/ mud energy into the chakras.

The negative energy of your emotional system (electromagnetic energy) can block these chakras. When negative emotions are not cleared properly, they slow down your system to function inharmoniously, thus, your energy becomes dark, dusky, and slow and you feel cloudy.

5% of the time evil eye or black magic is responsible for these blockages. A combination of ACS of VK and the energy of Hanuman Chalisa can help to eliminate or reduce evil eye or black magic effects. For this, you can charge edible stuff like water and food and non-edible stuff like candles, lamp oils, incense sticks, dhoop, Loban, and sage with All Clear Serum and light them daily. Charge them once till they are used up.

Sometimes you feel fine and your chakras are clear and you have also checked that there are no evil eyes or black magic influence on you, and you still feel negative or low, especially at home/ workplace, then it can also be due to the negative energy of your home/ workplace. Read about my 2nd invention VIBBES SEEDER which works in amazing ways on its own to clear the negativity of a place.


When you wear VK, it already adds a boost to your complete system and works as a helper. VK starts to clean the mud and unblock the blocked chakras and energy flow. You actually don’t need to do anything in this process. VK itself can sense where the energy is blocked and why are you feeling cloudy. VK uses its wisdom to easily remove the blocks and negativity.

If required you can add certain Cosmic Serums and positive energies like Golden Sunrise with VK to fasten the process or if the intensity of blocks and negativity is high.  As I said, if you want to make this process faster you need to follow these steps.

  1. In 90% of cases, when the reason for chakra blocking is negative emotions, you need to use Balance SerumAll Clear Serum, with Calm Down Serum or Mood Up Serum, or Bravo Serum according to your emotional need.
  2. In addition, you can also mimic and take Chakra Flush Empowerment During the process of emotional release, sometimes, you might feel like crying. As you heal yourself, you will start to feel happy, clear, peaceful, and lighter. Read about EFT Emotional Freedom with the unique feature of “Mimicking” of VK as required. Know more about Mind And Emotions Discussions here.
  3. Your aura also carries a lot of negative energies that strike from your surroundings or that are attracted by the subconscious mind. If you are stressed, feel cloudy, and get depressed more often, it is possible that you have a cloudy aura and this cloudy aura makes you feel tired and foggy. Balance Serum with VK helps to clean your aura. When VK cleans up your aura, you definitely feel back in order. You will feel even more solid than normal because your aura expands and elevate to eminent vibration. This can also allow you to understand things clearly, and help to quickly connect with your mind at ease. You can also request Aura Flush Empowerment to VK to clear and cleanse your Aura.
  4. In 5% of cases, when the reason is black magic and evil eye you should use All Clear Serum, Shield of Seven Rays along with Hanuman Chalisa with VK. During the period of negative cleansing, sometimes, you may feel angry and frustrated without any reason, but after full cleansing, you will feel a complete sense of serenity, inner joy, motivation, and contentment.
  5. You can take Shield of Seven Rays regularly with VK to protect yourself from negativity.
  6. You can do VOB for your chakras directly rotating VK on your chakras or with easy ways on paper for energy receivers. All the organs of a human body can be rejuvenated and charged with a combination of VOB And Cosmic Serums Of VK to become healthy.
  7. You can do VOB for your chakras by directly rotating VK on your chakras or with easy ways of writing on paper for energy receivers. Learn about Rotations of VK to access the energies here in the 9th learning point of Basics of VK.
  8. VK, cosmic serums, and healing through VK can help you feel more clear right away. Many people report that they were feeling sluggish and stuck but are now feeling brighter and clearer.


To get the most out of your VK, practice more and more. Drink lots of water, it helps you feel emotionally stable. If you sense intense positive emotions apparently out of nowhere, know it’s a good thing through your VK.

Now it is your time to read some success stories from VK users, where they used VK for themselves or to help their dear ones. As a VK user, you can also share your success stories with us.


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