VIBBES KADA Beyond the Law of Attraction with Examples

VK works at a deeper level

Is VIBBES KADA VK a Genie in our lives? Some say Yes…while some are sad. Here is a real review of VIBBES KADA Beyond the Law of Attraction with Examples.

At what level VK works?
Does VK work on ALL our wishes?
Will VK remove all the problems in our lives?
Will VK get every wish fulfilled?

These are the common questions people have before they request a VK in their lives. Not only this, some keep thinking about these questions even after they get a VK.
And the questionnaire increases……

Does VK follow the law of attraction?

Does VK follow the Law of Karma?

If VK is an intentional tool attuned to cosmic energies from the Universe, then it should fulfill every intention of the user. Right???

Now think about what goes in an intention and how does Law of attraction work?

When a person holds an intention for a certain wish, he/she actually vibrates at a certain frequency in the mind, both at the conscious and subconscious levels.

As the wish gets stronger, the person starts vibrating at a higher frequency than before. The higher the frequency, the faster the manifestation. The frequency of vibration reaches at a point, where Universe starts responding to this frequency. The frequency of this person gets aligned with the energy in the Universe. The Universe starts making ways for this manifestation. The frequency of vibration further increases and things required for manifestation reach the person. The universe arranges and rearranges people and situations in favor of a person’s wish. The person takes more action to fulfill the wish. Finally, when the person reaches the highest frequency and does all actions, the Universe delivers the wish as desired. This is how probably the Law of Attraction works.

So what happens with the VK user when he/she runs his/her intention with VK? VK starts raising the frequency of vibration of the user. VK works on the mind of the person. It also works around the situation, on the people who would help or be a part of this manifestation. VK takes the wish of the person to the Universe. VK works as a medium between the user, his or her wish, and the Universe.

When the intention is very clear and positive, VK works faster on this intention and makes the wish manifest as it was desired.

Again we come back to the same question, so is every intention fulfilled? If NO, then why NO? VIBBES KADA VK Beyond the Law of Attraction with Examples

Let’s see below what actually happened with a few real-life examples…

  1. There Might be an Unclear Intention Knowingly

Example 1:
A VK user approached us that her husband is facing a lot of office politics and she is unable to manifest a new job for him. In discussions with her, we could make out that sometimes she felt the situation in the office should calm down and be in her husband’s favor and he should get a promotion and at other times she was manifesting a new job. On asking her, why two intentions, she said she was not sure. Her husband told her he feels very insecure in his current job, he either wanted security in his current job or a new job in a reputed company. We suggested her to choose anyone… either peace in a current job or a new job. After 3 days she came back saying that he wants a new job in a reputed company. We suggested her to hold only this intention strongly with VK and energize it with TOTAL WEALTH SERUM and GOLDEN SUNRISE. After 9 days, she came back to us happily saying that he got a call from a very highly reputed organization. It was a real-life example and we learn…

As the intention becomes clear and strong, VK makes way for that clear intention and a new opportunity comes in

VIBBES KADA Beyond the Law of Attraction with Examples

  1. There is a Main Intention Towards the Goal and there is One More Intention Running in Parallel Which is also Related to the Same Wish, but the Person is Unaware

Example 2:
A VK user was staying separately away from her husband and her children for many months due to some personal indifferences. The in-laws were sometimes supporting her to come back and would back off at other times. Her husband used to interact with her but did not allow her to come back to her marital home. During counseling, we got to know that she was thinking about going back home on one hand, while on the other hand, she was scared to take responsibility for her children as she took up a job while she was separated to support herself financially. And now she didn’t want to lose her financial independence. Her financial insecurity and fear to cope with the responsibilities of her children were coming in way of manifesting her wish.

Sir advised her to release the fear of responsibility and insecurity feeling simply by requesting VK to release these emotions. She continued this for a few weeks along with other energies suggested by Sir based on her situation. Her husband started taking an interest in her and her children got reconnected with her. Her in-laws met her along with her husband and took her back with love and respect. The moment she released her fear of taking responsibility needs to be shed and increased her trust in the Universe, things changed for good. It was a real-life example and we learn…

    Analyse your thoughts and release negative emotions

VIBBES KADA Beyond the Law of Attraction with Examples

  1. Obstacles in Manifestation Due to Turbulence in Own Mind

Example 3:
A VK user was manifesting her wedding. In her manifestation, she wrote her partner would have a big home with luxuries. We discussed with her that focus should be on the person and not so much in finances. There was already a proposal for her. The prospective groom had a big house with luxuries and multiple businesses. She started liking the person She kept meeting him and started liking him more. But at the back of their mind she was thinking about how to adjust in such a big joint family, will there be a separate home and business, and will he speak up to his father to separate businesses.

Her parents told her she should not think about adjustments in the joint family but just go with the decision as she likes him and they were financially well off.

One day they wanted to match horoscopes while exchanging information, her parents got to know that the groom is not of the same caste as theirs. Suddenly the parents backed out of the same proposal. We guided her to ask for signs from the Universe if they were best partners for each other in marriage. She did the exercise and the answer came NO. She accepted the guidance from VK and refused to marry him. She still met this guy, as she felt emotionally attached to him. We asked her to take SHIELD OF 7 RAYS. Later she came to know that the big house was owned by the prospective groom’s father who had 5 heirs including this person and the parents were not willing to give the son his share. Her prospective groom was not able to speak up to his parents regarding his finances.

Her reluctance about finance manifested in the form of parents backing off and VK signaling a NO. Sir advised her to move ahead. She released her emotions from this person and started looking for the next prospective who would be a perfect one for her. She disconnected from this guy completely. She continued with her Golden Sunrise manifestation with edits to include some more points that she should get a partner who would stand up for her and her family should happily accept her choice. She started receiving more proposals and one of them matched her dream partner manifestation. She got happily married to him and the whole family supported her through her decisions. It was a real-life example and we learn…

Listen to your intuition and calm your thoughts to manifest what you actually want. Take guidance from VK and trust the results

VIBBES KADA Beyond the Law of Attraction with Examples

4. What Happens When You Have 2 Different Intentions WHICH ARE NOT ALIGNED IN THE SAME DIRECTION FOR A SINGLE GOAL While You are Using the Law of Attraction and VK

Example 4A:
VK user was professionally qualified. The management of the company where he was working was facing financial problems. The VK user started using TOTAL WEALTH SERUM. He approached Sharat Sir for guidance, he had two intentions, either to jump on a higher position with another reputed organization or start as an entrepreneur. Sir advised him to take a SHIELD OF 7 RAYS for his career.

The VK user still had double intentions….he was open for both a better job or to start as an entrepreneur. A day came when he had to resign in the next few months because of the financial crisis at his organization. He came across a team of people of similar backgrounds who were setting up a new company. The best part was this team didn’t have a partner, who would have the expertise that this VK user had. The risk was to remain without pay and equity until the business catches up. Another opportunity was to leave the city and go for a higher-profile job with a lot of family adjustments.

The VK user asked for guidance to VK and he discussed it with Sharat Sir. Finally, a situation came when he himself resigned and joined a group of Entrepreneurs.

He remained without pay/profit for months. He was dependent upon his savings so far. He increased his doses of GOLDEN SUNRISE, TOTAL WEALTH SERUM, and SHIELD OF 7 RAYS TO HIS CAREER. A fortune hit him and he started getting money from other unexpected sources. His company started performing well and he is rising high with finances.

Here he had two different intentions one was a better job with immediate pay and perks and the other with a buffer period with no pay and high risk but something where he would reap high profits at some point and even pay salary to others who work with the team as employees.

VK took him to the best option among the two good opportunities. VK guided him and opened opportunities for him on the business side. VK also took care of him with financial support from other unexpected sources until he could establish his business. His business is growing well much more than his expectations. It was a real-life example and we learn…

So when as a VK user you have 2 intentions, where both are good for you, VK chooses what is best among the two and takes care till you reap the best one

Using Law of Attraction

Example 4B:
VK user was staying with her only child at her parent’s place. Due to some in differences, her husband left them and she shifted to her parents. She started healing her relationship with VK even while her husband filed a divorce case. Her parents and her extended family advised her to get legally separated. She still continued healing.

She had a question to us if she loved him so much why VK was not helping her? Why VK was taking her to the courts for a divorce? Sir advised her she should continue the healing and trust Divine and VK. A day came when her husband offered a high alimony amount for legal separation. She still continued her intention for a happy family with him. She could see her case moving towards divorce and her family being happy on her separation. She cried her heart out why her husband didn’t have any feelings for her and her child.

She kept asking this to VK. She was scared to even go to the courts. Sir asked her to take BRAVO SERUM and use it more just before the next hearing, she took the courage to speak to her husband and asked him to spend some time. She was surprised he agreed. He was calm. She showed him photographs of their only child. He expressed that he felt guilty that he could not support the child as a father. Her hope never faded. One day she met her husband’s friend. She narrated her story to him.

He came like an angel to her. She continued her healing with more determination. Her husband’s friend met his lawyer and convinced him that separation is not the solution. Tactfully her husband’s friend started counseling him and his lawyer handled the case in such a way that finally he withdrew the divorce petition and realized his marital responsibility. They were united again, this time with a stronger bond with the learning of past mistakes. Her parents also welcomed her step of reunion. It was a real-life example and we learn…

If there is clear intention with high determination and patience along with trust in the cosmic energies in VK and Divine, VK holds your hands and takes you to your desired wish

VIBBES KADA Beyond the Law of Attraction with Examples

5. What Happens with Counter Energy While Manifesting with VK

Example 5: A VK user was engaged in a job. She was doing very well. She was manifesting her success in her job using VK. Whatever she thought in the job happened the way she desired. She was very well appreciated. She became a favorite of her superiors and her team. But in the mind, she always had a fear that her husband and her in-laws would not allow her to continue looking at her success. She manifested a lot of success but lived in fear. Slowly her fear increased. This fear also manifested and her husband and in-laws actually got together resulting in forced resignation to her job against her wish. She was not allowed to do any interaction with her professional friends. She felt blank and trapped with emotions…how did it happen??

Sir guided her to release all her negative emotions. She followed Sir’s guidance and get the same job again. This time all thoughts were positive and she created a lot of energy with VK. GOLDEN SUNRISE opened new channels for her. Her courage increased. Her husband and her in-laws realized that she would be happy with the job. They became more compassionate to her. Her husband took her hand to his heart and said we all are with you in whatever you feel happy to do. Her superiors themselves approached her to offer a new role where she could spend more time with her family and yet deliver great value to her organization. After that, she is climbing success steps with both families and her team supporting her with love and care. It was a real-life example and we learn…

Manifest with positive thoughts. Do not allow fear to act as a counter energy in your manifestation. Be happy while manifesting

VIBBES KADA Beyond the Law of Attraction with Examples

6. What Happens if You Attach Yourself too Much to the Results

Example 6: A VK user was harassed by in-laws and her husband also started misbehaving with her. She started healing her relationship with her husband and in-laws. After a few weeks there was some change but again the harassment increased. The husband was changing but in-laws got them separated in the same house. The husband started talking about divorce. Even her parents tried but all in vain to rebuild the relationship. She kept on healing her relationship without any ego to the extent that she forgot what is self-respect. Sir asked her to surrender to Divine. But she could not.

It was getting too much for her. The mental harassment affected her health and her whole life.

Finally, her husband and in-laws pushed her out of the house. Sometimes she felt that it was a one-way love affair so she should get separated but at other times she would remember some good moments with her husband and again feel to unite with him. She got confused many times but still could not conclude. She used to feel he is the only one who can be her soul mate.

Still, she continued healing for a few weeks. Sometimes she would feel it’s not worth living life. There was no purpose in life. Why is she alive with such injustice? Sir asked her to surrender again. But again she could not. Sir asked her to buy a new doll and write her name on the doll and give it to him. She bought a new doll and wrote her name on the forehead of the doll. She bought a new piece of cloth and wrapped it around the doll. On the cloth, she wrote Sharat Sir and Divine. She requested VK to help her to surrender. She gave this doll to Sir and said: “I am Surrendering Now”.

After 3 days her husband called her and abused her so much that she could not stop crying. She called Sir, he asked her what do you want. She said, “I want a new life and a new person in my life.” Sir asked her to manifest what she wanted in a new partner. While her case was in court, she met a beautiful person who changed her way of looking at her life. He was exactly what she wanted in her life. Her divorce was fast and smooth. She got divorced and she married again to her soul mate in the real sense. They both love, respect and take care of each other and their families. He has become one with her parents and the same for her she feels united with all in-laws side family. She is happy and grateful to Sir that he made her decision easy with the surrender exercise and even after going through tough times, finally she got much more than she expected.

They both love, respect, and take care of each other and their families. He has become one with her parents and the same for her she feels united with all in-laws side family. She is happy and grateful to Sir that he made her decision easy with the surrender exercise and even after going through tough times, finally she got much more than she expected. It was a real-life example and we learn…

Do your best but surrender and detach yourself from the results. Allow VK to make your soul happy

VIBBES KADA Beyond the Law of Attraction with Examples

The Conclusion

The outcome is sometimes saddening or frustrating or just not acceptable as the person was expecting highly that his/her desire will manifest in a certain way like the breaking of first marriage beyond her control.

The desire/wish is actually a result of thoughts from the mind. Our minds are very calculative. The wish manifestation starts after the mind calculates based on past experiences, current situations, fear of future and uncertainties.

As the person walks on the journey to manifest, situations keep changing. The change in the situation again influences the mind to recalculate. The recalculation may alter the desired wish placed earlier.

The mind is always in a reactive mode. For every action happening in the surrounding, the mind starts analyzing and recalculating. The mind just wants adjustments around the changing situations. The mind does not understand if the wish is good or bad for a person. So when a wish does not manifest, the person collapses with depression.

However, VK works at a deeper level. VK listens to the soul and not to the mind. The soul knows very well where it would be happy. The soul decides its path based on its own happiness. Soul also knows the path it has to take, what karmic lessons it already learned or yet to be learned and where to proceed.

VK only works for souls happiness. The outcome manifested by VK is cherished by the soul. However, the mind is still unhappy.

Technically a person feels like a computer system that is hanged, nothing is moving as per his/her desire. This state remains until the mind and soul are not united. The mind has to accept, what the soul feels happy about.

VK works to restore this hung state and brings the person to a happy state both at the mind and soul levels.

prana energy soul

Why does the System of Mind Remain Hung for Some Time or a Long Time

This is because the VK user is yet to surrender to Divine and VK. When a person starts manifesting, he/she remains attached to the results. The hold of VK user’s mind to the wish is so strong that the person forgets/fails to realize what is really good for the person at the soul level.

The moment, there is surrender, things manifest faster and the system of the mind and soul gets united. This brings eternal happiness. The surrender should not be superficial, but it should be from deep within.

The act of Doll actually made her surrender. She could not surrender as such, but with the doll, she could put her mind and soul together. That event united her mind and soul, and she realized what happened was the best for her. After that event, her life changed and she started getting success and happiness for whatever she did.

So when you think VK does not work with the Law of attraction, and destiny is finally governed by the Law of karma, it’s actually, that VK works for the soul’s happiness.

In this journey of life and death, we actually live the journey that the soul wants. And VK makes our journey easier at the soul level. It helps to manifest what the soul wants. It helps the mind and body to unite with the soul.

The journey of the body and mind may sometimes feel tough, but it is actually like a hung computer system, waiting to rebut and restart to walk with the soul. VK helps the user’s body and mind system to rebut/restart so that it can walk with the soul happily!!!

Sharat Sir says  “Suli ko katta bana deta hai VK”……means if you feel you are crucified on the cross with your life problems, VK will make you feel them as a tiny thorn. The problems which seem to be huge in the journey of the soul can be felt as small as a pinhead with VK.


I can say this


!!! OM SAI RAM !!!

Thank you Sir for making VK, helping the soul to travel its journey with peace and happiness. GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts in serving mankind.