Master Switchwords: The Soul Mate of All Switchword Phrases

Master Switchwords: – The Subconscious mind is a recorder and collector of all your life experiences, good or bad. This collection of information is the root of all our habits and fortune. Although it seems like a bad thing, the subconscious mind is doing this out of convenience.

Since we introduced these negative thoughts and constantly reinforced them, the subconscious mind is doing us a favor by making them routine. The only way to reset the subconscious mind so it doesn’t continue to reinforce these habits are to reprogram it or at least short circuit the habit loop. One way to do this is with Switchwords.

What are Switch Words?

Switchwords are Solo Words and are often found in various and unlimited combinations. They are Solo-word affirmations. Unlike the conventional affirmations that enclose declaration that sometimes your subconscious does not consider is true, Switchwords, bypass the interpretive aspect of your mind and engages the subconscious mind straightly, thus making the most wanted result a bit more involuntary and without conflict.

Switchwords go through the subconscious mind in ways that permit them to work more successfully than just affirmations alone. This means that you can make changes in your habits and fortune. Click Here to learn everything about Switchwords.

There are two types of Switchwords:-

  1. Basic Switchwords: – Each Switchword of this category used for almost single issues and fulfill a few desires.
  2. Master Switchwords: – Each Switchword of this category used with almost every switch word phrase (SWP). Everyone can use these Master Switchwords without any hesitation. These Master Switchwords are the true companion of all switch word phrases. Here is a list of Master Switchwords with little details:-

Master Switchwords The Soul Mate of All SWP

List of 12 Master Switch Words

Master Switchword ADD has Red Color Energy and uses to increase what you have no matter what it is. ADD helps to increase the percentage. ADD creates more power and force in every switch word phrase.

Anything you want to magnify and plus use ADD. ADD helps to set in motion your work. ADD helps to support, push, uphold, promote, encourage, strengthen, reinforce, buttress, boost, increase, improve, enlarge, amplify, and fortify whatever you want.

Master Switchword BRING has Green Color Energy and used as a manifestation switchword. BRING helps you to unite and connect with your goal and finish what you started. BRING helps to shorten the time period for any goal and manifest quickly.

Master switchword BRING helps to build, produce, create, form, generate, attract, and pull towards you miraculously. BRING unites you to your goal and makes an easy pathway between you and your goal. Master switchword BRING makes sure that the Universe must deliver all their goodness at perfect time. BRING makes you a magnet for all goodness.

Master Switchword CHARM has Pink Color Energy and helps you to manifest your heart’s desire. Everyone has something in their deep heart to manifest. CHARM helps you to attract your deep desires those are sometimes unattended by your day to day work pressure. Use CHARM to fulfill your inner wishes.

Master Switchword DIVINE has Violet Color Energy and creates miracles of all types. Use DIVINE with any switchword phrase and you will notice the difference. DIVINE also means to rise above the ordinary and excelling in every aspect of life.

DIVINE stands for “EXCELLENT”. To do any work excellently well and to achieve outstandingly, we can chant DIVINE. When you say DIVINE, even impossible things will become possible. DIVINE creates luck and a miracle.

DIVINE protects us from everything that is not universal love. Master switchword DIVINE opens our hearts and unites us with divine love.

DIVINE helps against anger, hate, envy, jealousy, suspicion, and revengefulness. DIVINE cut off from negativity. SW DIVINE is used to call forth extra personal ability. Master switch word DIVINE is used for extraordinary accomplishment, multiple intensity, increase enlightenment, and brightly focus on positivity.

DIVINE helps in cleaning and makes the switchword phrase more efficient. DIVINE clean up a mess and put it in optimum order. I use DIVINE at the end of my every switchword video. 

Master Switchword DONE has Greenish Yellow Color Energy and helps to meet a deadline. DONE helps to keep a resolution and build willpower. DONE creates completion. SW DONE gives an instant solution to any work and issue.

DONE creates a guarantee. DONE helps when you are not in the mood to finish your workout, this one is great to make your mood.

Switch word DONE helps to increase endurance, make a long-distance seem short, generate, radiate, and experience love and acceptance. DONE finish all works quickly.

Master Switchword ELATE has Orange Color Energy to turn a setback into an uplift. ELATE has the power to revive and restore anything. Master switchword ELATE helps to recreate a lost relationship, name, fame, love, health, wealth, and prosperity. ELATE helps to restore ill organs too.

Master Switchword LOVE also has Pink Color Energy and helps you to manifest your heart’s desire like CHARM. LOVE helps you to finish any work more politely, graciously, and with ease. LOVE eases the pressure. Use LOVE to melt down all hurdles and obstacles.

Master Switchword NOW has Blue Color Energy to act on good impulse. NOW helps to relieve procrastination. SW NOW helps to make sure your destiny gives you only good things at the right time. NOW create calmness and relaxation.

NOW helps to eliminate past traumas, wounds, diseases, and karmas. Switch word NOW speed up things which are stuck into and due to bad memories.

Master Switchword Reach has Purple Color Energy to remember something forgotten, to find lost or misplaced articles, to solve a problem, and to invent. REACH helps to find anything and anywhere. REACH is more concerned with the effort.

When some problem smash your head REACH always helps as the solution is within you. Sometimes your mind is completely confused about whether to do this or do that, then REACH will work.

When you fix a target and not able to reach the target even after attempting 4–5 times then you say REACH. REACH will bridge the gap between yourself and the target. To get spiritual insights too, we can use REACH. REACH repair things, give an idea, and find what you’re looking for. REACH increase your memory. Read more about REACH here.

Master Switchword SUNRISE has Golden Color Energy which helps to eliminate laziness, lethargy, stress, anxiety, darkness and, procrastination. SUNRISE creates hope, new energy, optimism, fulfillment, and a source of life.

SUNRISE creates happiness for our inner spirit and tunes us with our truest Self. Switch word SUNRISE un-hides things and events which are sometimes fade behind negative shadows.

SUNRISE creates strength and purity of spirit. SUNRISE creates a perfect balance between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. SW SUNRISE creates action, vibration, and rays of hope. Switch word SUNRISE also creates life and the fruitfulness of the spirit under the nourishment of GOD.

SUNRISE creates success, radiance, and abundance. SUNRISE gives you strength and makes sure that no matter where you go or what you do; your positive and radiant energy will follow you and will bring you happiness and joy.

People are drawn to whom those regularly use SUNRISE. SUNRISE makes your mind so that you can always see the bright side and you bring such warmth into other people’s lives.

SUNRISE has beautiful warm energy which will get you through the tough times and will help you succeed. Switch word SUNRISE creates and enhances your position, your highest qualities, and achievements.

SUNRISE creates stability and open one’s eyes to those who are going on the wrong path. SUNRISE also creates abundance and stop losses. SW SUNRISE alone has enough power but if you want to enhance more chant “GOLDEN SUNRISE“. 

Master Switchword THANKS also has Green Color Energy to cease regretting. THANKS has a powerful way to close up all arguments. SW THANKS create many options and solutions. THANKS assure all things arrive with many options and faster.

Master Switchword TOGETHER has Sky Blue Color Energy and helps to master any activity. TOGETHER is also used to become single-minded when you need to be. SW TOGETHER helps to do anything.

TOGETHER unites mind, body, and soul to get things done quickly. TOGETHER unites earthly and divine energies to get things done quickly. SW TOGETHER unites you and goal to get things done quickly.

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