Miracles Do Happen When You Work With VK (VK Experiences by Sonia)

Miracles Do Happen When You Work With VK Experiences by Sonia

Golden Sunrise!

Beginning with how VIBBES KADA VK came into my life and a miracle happend, I would love to share my wonderful experiences with VK.

I am practicing different healing modalities for 3 years to help my friend and relatives through healing. VK came as a Divine blessing for my family and helped us when it was most required and I got my first VK in July 2017 from Sharat Sir.

In 2017, my elder daughter lost her interest in studies and started making excuses to skip her school classes. She didn’t want to do anything including studies. She became very aggressive, and hyper, started arguing and shouting on small things, refused to have a proper meal, milk, and other healthy food. She was totally against us at that time for no reason. She finished her first term examinations and her results were really pathetic.

Since childhood, she was a brilliant child until her 5th standard. But after my 2nd baby, she started feeling neglected, as I had to be with my 2nd baby all the time. It was fair on her part as till the age of 10 yrs, she was the only child who got love and affection from all family members all the time.

Now when she is 11, she has to share my love with the other child which was probably disturbing her. I tried to heal her with many healing methods such as Reiki, Crystal healing, and covered her with White light and Shield. I even tried to talk to her to sort out things but all in vain.

One day I was very restless as I was unable to figure out how to help my daughter. I sat down and started praying to God to show me the path and help me to get my daughter back to that earlier happy child. I felt more helpless, in spite of being a healer, I am unable to heal my daughter.

I started browsing Google and read about several methods of healing. I read about Switchwords but I was a little doubtful as I never tried them before. Around 27th July 2017, I was reading about Switchwords and came across Sharat Sir’s profile and VK as well.

It was around 3 am that day when I read about VK. I immediately called my husband as he works at night and told him about VK and asked him to get more information about it.

The next morning, I called Sharat Sir, and simultaneously, my husband sent an e-mail to Sir asking for a VK. After 2 days, I went to Sharat Sir’s residence and got my VK personally.

Sir suggested using “Calm Down Serum” and “Study Serum” for my daughter, which I started. After a week, I felt my daughter was also affected by certain emotions and behavior. So, I started reading about all Bach flower remedies on the Litairian website.

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I chose 5 – 6 different Bach flower remedies for my daughter and started charging the water with these remedies using VK. Within a week I could see a change in her. I got the confidence and felt happy that now I am on the right path.

I was in continuous touch with Rakhi Ji for VK learnings. I also charged my daughter’s books, stationery, etc. I was doing my VK experiments on her. Her 1st term exams were in August. She showed improvement in her studies and exams.

She started showing interest and concentrated on her studies. She started completing her school work. She even agreed to go to tuition for Maths subject. Fortunately, I got a good maths tutor for my daughter. Even her tutor was happy to see that she was practicing well.

This was my basic reason to buy VK and I was very happy to see her coming back to normal life. She started having healthy foods and milk. I charged her milk, her favorite healthy mix Bornvita, other edibles, her clothes, uniform, etc. with Study Serum using VK.

I started talking to VK as my friend. Within a month of getting my VK, I felt as if VK is also talking to me and I am getting all my answers from VK. I started requesting VK for the well-being of my daughter in my own words. Sharat Sir told me to request VK for anything in my own simple words and see the magic. I happily shared with Sir that VK is talking to me and I am getting answers.

In this way, I connected to VK very quickly and easily. Everybody was happy in my family looking at the instant change in my daughter. And now she could be easily handled as a child.

Then I got my 2nd VK. I gifted it to my daughter and she wears it all the time. She, otherwise, wouldn’t wear any bangle or wristlet for more than 30 min., but she never removes VK from her wrist. My daughter has changed totally and all the credit goes to VK. She likes to help others with her own VK. She asks me questions about what energies and serums can be used and give healing even to puppies.

At the end of Sep 2017, I felt something was not right and probably some negativity in my home. It was disturbing us and I felt something was messing up. I shared it with Sharat Sir and Sir said – we cannot control other negative energies but we can make our shield strong enough so that negative energies couldn’t disturb us.

So, I started giving “Shield of Lord Hanuman” as Hanuman Kavach with VK. I protected my family and home with “Shield of Seven Rays” and “All Clear Serum”. I charged my floor disinfectants and other cleaning materials also.

At the same time, my younger daughter who is 2.5 yrs of age now, started getting sick frequently. Medicines were not giving good results, so I had to change her medicines frequently in every 2 days.

Then I gave her the energy of Maha Mrityunjay Mantra with VK. After this, she started recovering and fever came down. I was doing whatever Sharat Sir was guiding me and gradually, things came back on track.

In the first week of Oct 2017, suddenly we thought of renovation at home as we were facing a seepage problem with one of the walls of the house for the past 13 years. Due to this recurring problem, we had to repair that wall many times.

This time I requested VK to fix this issue permanently. This work of renovation got delayed due to some issues for 2-3 days. I was confident that everything will happen for the highest good and I was regularly requesting VK and chanting Sharat Sir’s switch word “GOLDEN SUNRISE” with VK.

I was using Total Wealth Serum, All Clear Serum, and Love Serum for my finances for the easy flow of money and continuously chanting Golden Sunrise. I requested VK to help that all work is completed perfectly with good labor and fewer expenses. All the leakage issues in our house got rectified and the whole house got renovated in 2 months period smoothly.

Miracle Do Happen When You Work With VKAnother experience with VK. We had a full-time maid in the house who had stolen my husband’s expensive watch. And we came to know about the missing watch after 15 days. We were sure that our maid took that watch.

But still, we were so helpless that we couldn’t ask her to leave the job or inform the Police. I felt I got messages from VK that she can harm us or can make more losses if we ask her to leave forcefully. Most of the time, my husband stays out of town on business.

I had a word with Rakhi Ji and she asked me to stay quiet, be alert, and request VK for the highest good. Surprisingly, at the time of renovation, my maid took 2-3 leaves without informing us.

I became very upset as the renovation was going on and I had to take care of my kids and top of that all household work was pending. I asked her to leave the job and she left us. I was happy as I was praying to VK to do good to us for domestic help. And luckily within a few hours, I got another maid.

Another incident happened, around Karwa Chauth, my husband went out of town on a business trip. Generally, before leaving, he would inform me about his hotel stay and schedule. But at that time as we were busy at home, so we forgot to discuss these things. He left on Friday and we were in touch that day.

The next day, I didn’t have any communication with him till Saturday afternoon. I thought he might be busy so he didn’t call me. In the evening, I tried his number many times but it was not reachable. I was a bit scared at 11 pm in the night I was not aware where my husband was.

I didn’t even have any hotel or his office number. I didn’t tell anyone about this, not even to my mother-in-law to save her from getting stressed. Somehow, I spent that night but by Sunday morning, I became out of control and I posted in our VK Whatsapp training group that “I need help” explaining my situation. Immediately, Rakhi Ji replied to chant “REACH NOW (husband’s name) WITH EASE” and she called me within 5min. I shared everything with her. It was Karwa Chauth on that Sunday and the time was around 12 pm, we were trying to figure it out.

One of my friends is in Police so I talked to him. I have a group of all my healer friends so I pinged in that group as well for help. Rakhi Ji guided me to give the energy of “All Clear Serum” to my husband to clear all the hurdles on the way to reach us and ask VK continuously “REACH (husband’s name) NOW EASILY” and protect husband with “SHIELD OF 7 RAYS”. From 11.30 am to 1.30 pm, I continued my healing, and then suddenly I remembered that last night I got a call from an unknown number.

I immediately called that number back and the number was of a hotel in Pune. I asked the receiver about my husband and he transferred the call to my husband who was in a room at that time. My husband shared that his number was not working properly and he was stuck in a business meeting the whole day, so unable to call me. I thanked God and VK immediately, who helped me to REACH my husband.

I still remember before that incident happened, Rakhi Ji used to tell me not to get stuck with procedures for everything while using VK. She used to tell “Don’t think what is right and what is the wrong way, instead use your own intention/ words with VK”.

So, I requested VK to show me the correct path if I am lacking anywhere. I think whatever happened to me in the case of my husband, must be to make me understand that only simple and our own language is more than enough with VK to surely get the best results. After this, my faith in VK became stronger and I start realizing that life is so easy with VK.

Now, I wanted to start my own healing center to help other needy people. On the 28th or 29th of Nov 2017, I planned to open my center after discussing it with Sir. I started my center on 2nd Dec. with the help of all my VK team and my Gurus. I put a message in all my groups that free healing will be provided to all 2 days prior to opening.

After broadcasting the message about free healing, nobody called me or turned up for healing within those 2 days. I was so upset and disappointed. But the next morning of 2nd Dec 2017, the day of the Full Moon, immediately when I woke up, I got a feeling to heal the intention that I am healing people today and the session is going on very well. So, I gave healing of All Clear Serum, Total Wealth Serum, and Shield of 7 Rays with my VK.

After some time, I got 7-8 calls for healing, and that day I gave distant healing to around 20 people. I did scanning with VK to understand the problem of the patients. I had already learned Scanning with VK from Sharat Sir, so I used that technique.

When I spoke to the patients about their problems, they were surprised to know that I diagnosed their disease correctly. Some of them felt the energy on the affected part of the body. I gave VK charged water. I used “All Clear Serum” and “Hanuman Chalisa” for 2-3 cases of black magic with the guidance of Sir. It showed good results. It’s been 45 days, I am running my healing center and the results are very good using VK.

Here I want to share 2 of the cases I healed with VK and got instant and good results. The first case was of a lady who is one of my family friends. She is around 50 and was suffering from depression and on medication for the last 4-5 months.

I asked her to meet once but she was reluctant to come. So, I started charging water for her for 15 days with Rescue Remedy and All Clear Serum. Then she finally came to my place. I did VOB (Vital Organ Balancing) with the guidance of Sir using All Clear Serum, Balance Serum, Mood Up Serum, and Golden Sunrise.

She was very happy to share that she was relaxed and had a sound sleep of 4-5 hours without medicines and getting good results. She was continuously taking charged water and took another healing after 15 days. Now, she is perfectly fine and not taking any healing or charged water or medicines anymore.

Another case is of a newly-married girl who was not happy with her in-laws and not getting a job. Everything was going wrong in her love marriage. Her mother contacted me and shared that she visited many astrologers and they said – things will not change for her daughter for the next 1 year. She was totally hopeless. I started charging the water with VK for that girl daily with Alpha Women Serum and Total Wealth Serum.

After 15 days, she started giving interviews for the job. I asked her to chant GOLDEN SUNRISE and I was giving her Alpha Women Serum, Balance Serum, Total Wealth Serum, and Golden Sunrise. I gave One Soul Serum to her and her husband for a better relationship.

I also requested VK to make their relationship better. She shared that every Saturday, the situation gets worst up to the level that she thinks for a divorce. I asked her to chant – GOLDEN SUNRISE MY SATURDAY IS BALANCED starting from Thursday. On the very first Sunday, she shared that her Saturday went very well without any fight with her husband.

So, nowadays I keep on doing experiments with VK. If I read anything new in an article on “Litairian.com” or Litairian Forum, I must try it without fail. I have started chanting switch words with VK. I am giving switch words by Sharat Sir, especially “GOLDEN SUNRISE” to my clients as well and I am getting quick results.

There was a lady who was facing issues in her married life. After chanting the switch word “GOLDEN SUNRISE”, she felt a good change in her life within a week. Similarly, there was a girl who was looking for a job but not getting opportunities, so I asked her to chant the switch word “RUSH WOLF NOW” and within a week she got interview calls from 2 companies.

At this stage of life, I can’t think of my life without VK. For each and everything, I use VK. I don’t even remember if anything is there left at home which I have not charged with VK. When I cook, I charge food with Beauty Serum to enhance its taste, I charge drinking water with ENT Serum for the whole family.

I charge water with Alpha Woman Serum while bathing, I charged all my face creams and other cosmetics and I can see a glow in my skin, I charge all shampoos, and oils for healthy hair and I can see a change in the growth of my hair as I was suffering from major hair fall. I have charged all my medicines. When I go to the saloon for any facial or makeup, I charge their products with Beauty Serum and give energy to beauticians… 😊

I talk to VK about every small thing in my life. Now, I am enjoying my life a lot and I feel so lucky to have a VK. I feel that we don’t opt for VK, rather VK chooses its own user and I am lucky one. I want to help more people to make their life better as everyone deserves a better life. And this is my aim of life as a healer and as a VK user.

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