Fear, Anxiety, Phobia’s Natural Instant Relief by Cosmic Codes

Fear Anxiety Phobia's Natural & Instant Relief by Cosmic Codes

What are Fear and Phobia?

The emotion you get when something around is dangerous is fear. Fear is an adaptive human response. Very minor people have it in different situations. Fear in its most severe form is a phobia. Phobias cause anxiety and interfere with normal life. Self-help and therapies can help cure different kinds of phobias.  People can overcome their fears. They are totally treatable.

Phobias are developed in childhood mostly but they can also develop in adults. A phobia is a very intense form of fear of something that actually may or not possess danger. Phobias can be of anything. The most common phobias are heights, tall buildings, dark places, closed-in places, water, insects, some animals, and various more.

Having a phobia is not easy. You may do anything to avoid going anywhere near it. For example, if you are claustrophobic you may climb 20 floors just to avoid the lift. You may decline a certain job if the workplace is a tall building. When you have a phobia, you may realize the fear is unreasonable but still, you can’t control your feelings.

Just thinking about any situation where your fear is involved you begin to feel anxious. The experience is nerve-wracking. Fear is when flying during turbulence or a storm but phobia is not going to a close friend’s wedding just because you will have to fly. Fear is seeing a fox terrier barking but phobia is avoiding a park because you may see a dog.

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Some types of phobias are:-

  • Arachnophobia – Fear of spiders
  • Atychiphobia – Fear of failure
  • Barophobia – Fear of gravity
  • Chorophobia – Fear of dancing
  • Dikephobia – Fear of justice
  • Epistaxiophobia – Fear of nosebleeds
  • Epistemphobia – Fear of knowledge
  • Geliophobia – Fear of laughter
  • Hematophobia – Fear of blood
  • Isolophobia – Fear of solitude, being alone
  • Noctiphobia – Fear of the night
  • Pathophobia – Fear of disease
  • Philemaphobia – Fear of kissing
  • Scoionophobia – Fear of school
  • Stigiophobia – Fear of hell
  • Vestiphobia – Fear of clothing
  • Virginitiphobia – Fear of rape
  • Etc.

Your body will respond immediately when it will be under fear. You have difficulty breathing, your heart pounds, you feel dizzy, your stomach churns, and you sweat, tremble or shake.

You feel like you’re losing control or going crazy. Like you’re going to die or pass out. You feel overreacting but can’t control yourself. The good thing is it can be cured easily. 

How Does Cosmic Codes Video Help You?

Watching this video twice a day or more can lead you to a phobia and fear-free life. This video has special cosmic codes that can clear and cure all kinds of phobias and fears from deep inside. This video also helps to clear all side effects and physical effects of fears and phobia and related medical treatments.

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