DIVINE is the master switch word and it helps to attract magic in life. DIVINE is the master switchword for Sagittarius Zodiac Sign. One can use it with any switchword phrase. Helps to lift up above the normal & average. Used for the quick result. Increase the excellence of all work. Helps to attract impossible but genuine things. Attract miracle & good luck. Helps to increase true love in our heart. Used to release hate, envy, anger, jealousy, suspicion, revengefulness & all kinds of negativity. Helps to induce power in all works.

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Switchword List By Sharat Sir

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Switchword Meaning
58 RELEASE RESISTANCES ON Helps to release blockages, negative energies, evil eye & bad karma effects. Unstuck & speed up life to move ahead. Improve overall growth. Helps in depression. Used to grow fast.
87 RAISE PROFITS Increases sales & money, Helps to attract more clients. Good for shopkeepers & salespersons. Helps to grow business and increase profits.
AAKASH Helps to vibrate high. Used to increase manifestation ability and wisdom. Helps to take care of thyroid, parathyroid, salivary & tonsils glands. Used to get a perfect body shape. Rectify behavior. Used in hearing loss & vocal chord issues. Also helps to increase Divine conne Read more about AAKASH
ABALONE Change negative to positive. Strengthens heart chakra. Improves physical endurance, intuition & harmonize relationship. Control emotional tides & sensitivities. Clear fears, sorrow, & negative emotions. Heal arthritis, joint, muscle disorders, heart &a Read more about ABALONE
ABIDE Increases power to bear something. Increases patience & tolerance. Accept and act in accordance. Stand to live with anyone. Helps to accept without objection.
ABSOLVE Helps to feel free from guilt, blame & responsibility. Helps to forgive past & people.
ACT Force to take actions. Increase motivation. Improve performance, play, work, triumph & reaction time. Dispel laziness.
ADD ADD is the Master Switchword and it induces more power in everything. ADD is the master switchword for Aquarius Zodiac Sign. Push, uphold & helps to set your work in motion. Helps to promote anything. Helps to strengthen, boost, increase, improve & enlarge eve Read more about ADD
ADD COUNT MAGIC NOW Use to attract new opportunities & clients for business. Increase more money & wealth quickly. Improve financial condition with ease.
ADD COUNT TOGETHER Increase inner power to attract money, wealth, & abundance. Improve harmony between the business partners. Also helps to increase financial condition. Attract more clients too.
ADJUST Helps to move in order to achieve desires & to become suitable. Create balance. Increase patience to bring a more satisfactory state. Helps to cope up with a relationship. Used to deal with & move on in a tight situation.
AGATE Helps to calm down tension or stress. Improve self-confidence with mental & physical balance. Helps to harmonize positive energies in the body & mind. Used to balance masculine and feminine forces. AGATE brings protection and prosperity for children. Helps to bring Read more about AGATE
AGNI Provides vitality to the body and mind. Increases enthusiasm, passion, courage & vigor. Improves digestion, metabolism & appetite. Dispel fat. Helps to reduce excess fat from the body.
AGRIMONY It is a Bach flower remedy. Used to dispel deep-rooted sadness, loneliness, dullness, & guilt. Increase inner happiness & joy. Helps to release the tension, anxiety & many other hidden emotions.
AIM Helps to achieve a purpose, intention & desire. Used for the desired outcome. The reminder of a goal. Increase motivation to do now & to move in the right direction & target.
ALERT Helps to be watchful, attentive & cautious. Increase awareness. Make more responsive, protective & agile. Used to increase focus, keenness, cleverness & hyper-intelligence.
ALFALFA Helps to bring good luck & fortune. Increase health & appetite. Remove poverty. Good for almost all digestive problems.
ALIGN Helps to support a person or cause. Increases in harmony. To bring everything in straight line. Used to arrange things in proper position. Force people to agree to change & alignment.
ALLOW Give, take & approve permission & rights. Used to increase willpower. Open oneself to Divine bliss, wealth & abundance. Make ready to someone available for you to do your work. Ready to release, admit & concede.
ALONE Used for deep meditation. Increase emptiness. By oneself, unique or exclusive. Something is confined to the specific subject or recipient, accompanied, solitary, unattached, disconnected.
AMALKI Promotes healthy hair growth. It refers to herb from amla fruit. Increases skin glow. Used for pimple, acne & constipation. Purify arteries and blood. Has anti-aging properties.
AMARANTH A magical herb for healing. Heal a broken heart. Used to control emotions & mental set-backs. 
AMAZING Used to create extreme miracles. Used to inspire. Create wonders, creative endeavor & astonishment. Works as an eye-opener. Helps to attract stunning, awesome & breathtaking events.
AMAZING SCHEME ENROLL BRING SWARM AMAZING SCHEME ENROLL BRING SWARM switchword phrase helps to bring more clients and students to make an event stunning and awesome.
AMAZONITE Attract abundance, new businesses & money. Helps for self-expression. Attract respect & grace. Balance the throat chakra. Helps in thyroid, nerve, brain & nervous system problems.
AMBER Increases positivity. Release negativity & negative energies. Ease emotional wounds, stress and emotional imbalance in any situations. Helps to manifest desire. Helps in thyroid, sore throat, arthritis, rheumatism, jaundice, joint pains, stomachache, blood & respiratory issues Read more about AMBER
AMETHYST Used for the transformation. Helps to release alcohol addiction. Increase spirituality & meditation. Improve psychic abilities & inner peace. Improve immunity, Give relief from stress. Helps to cleanse organs & produces hormones in the right amount. Can build-up Read more about AMETHYST
ANCHOR Used to increase stability & self-confidence in an uncertain situation. Attract support & security. Helps in correspondence with unknown. Used to hold your position. Increase security & firmness. Helps to fix your ideas. To be firm and brave is the need of the hour. Hold on and face any Read more about ANCHOR
ANGELICA Helps to remove evils and spirits. Increase protection, visions & psychic abilities. Used to release all negative energies. Helps to remove curses & evil spells around you.
ANISE Comfort sleep without nightmares, to call forth good spirits
ARCHANGEL ARIEL Induce positivity, optimism, strength & confidence. Heal animals. Increase affinity towards nature. Release fears & puzzling thoughts. Expresses the divine love & make us more compassionate.
ARCHANGEL AZRAEL Consoles from grief. Helps to unite with God. Ease the heavy feelings & heart. Ensures the smooth passage of Soul after death. Helps to grow in the spiritual path & to connect with God.
ARCHANGEL CHAMUEL Helps in any relationship issues. Increase bond of love. Helps to reunite, forgiveness & to reconnect with the source. Heals broken relationship. Also heals broken body parts and pain. Induce inner peace. Helps to realize t Read more about ARCHANGEL CHAMUEL
ARCHANGEL GABRIEL Used to increase inspiration, creativity, motivation and happiness. Used to get help in a problematic situation, in confusion, in pregnancy and birth of a child. Gives strength and courage to parents and artistic people.
ARCHANGEL HANIEL Increase intuition, inner joy & positivity. Guides in spiritual paths. Helps to reconnect with the higher self. Shows the path for the betterment of life. Gives New Hope in sorrow.
ARCHANGEL JEREMIEL Increase psychic abilities, messages in dreams and intuitive vision. Helps to reveal the secrets of the Universe. Increase clairvoyance, inner peace & lucidity. Helps to intercept angelic messages. Also release fears & anxiety. Strengthening heart desires. Helps to Read more about ARCHANGEL JEREMIEL
ARCHANGEL JOPHIEL Increase wisdom, illumination & positivity in life. Beautify thoughts, feelings & art. Release depression. Make us an optimistic person. Helps to understand life & feel Divine holiness.
ARCHANGEL METATRON Release past karma. Helps in solving problems. Helps to detach from things & material. Release negativity. Helps to break connections with living and non-living. Helps to focus, inspiration & motivation.
ARCHANGEL MICHAEL Give excellent protection. Increase courage. Life savior, Protects job, respect, reputation & family. Helps people to take care of their belongings. Protection from fear, depression & negative energies, Helps to cut from unwanted peoples. Always guide Read more about ARCHANGEL MICHAEL
ARCHANGEL MICHAEL SHIELD ON Helps to increase strong protection & security. Attract Divine help in any situation. Remove evil eye too.
ARCHANGEL RAGUEL Promote justice & harmony. Wipeout negativity, distress & conflicts in a relationship. Attract respect. Helps to easily handle responsibilities. Increase spiritual faith. Helps in the desired output of efforts. Maintains composure. Attract compatible persons in the life.
ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL Helps to heal mind, body & soul. Increase your healing abilities. Induce good health, inner peace & healthy habits. Helps to get the guidance in dreams. Helps to break the addiction. Improve self-healing & rejuvenation. Give comfort & health in traveling Read more about ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL
ARCHANGEL RAZIEL Helps to unlock secrets & mysteries. Induce calmness & peace. Helps to assure spiritual guidance, divine connection, grace & tranquillity.
ARCHANGEL SANDALPHON Increase inspiration, courage, glory & motivation. Helps to beautify music & other arts. Strengthening emotional power.
ARCHANGEL URIEL Helps to increase wisdom, Divine light, love, care & positive energies. Enlighten with true guidance & real path. Stop being judgemental. Reduce anger. Helps to finish the projects with Divine powers. Make responsible. 
ARCHANGEL ZADKIEL Boost memory thus helps to retain facts, figures, diagrams, charts, maps etc. Increase mercy, benevolence & forgiveness. Release the burden of hate. Build up confidence.
ARISE Helps to wake-up & stand up. Helps to move into the light. Eliminate dreamy state & illusion. Increase one's appearance & existence. Induce motivation to move upward & move ahead. Used to lift up the spirit. Helps to do actions.
AROUND Helps to elate awareness. Widen the view in every perspective & on all sides. Helps to influence others. Used to attract success.
ARROW Helps to point & choose the right direction. Move on target. Induce courage to move forward. Show up the straight path.
ASK Helps in manifestation & wish fulfillment. Increase believe in Divine. Used to attract opportunities & more choices. Used to attract fortune, set goals & pump up.
ASPEN It is a Bach flower remedy. Used to eliminate all unknown and unexplained fears. Helps to reduce normal to moderate fears. Helps to reduce the feeling of discomfort, nightmares, & feeling of butterflies in the stomach.
ASPEN ROCK ROSE MIMULUS Release all fears, shyness & trauma. Induce boldness, courage & strength. Boost confidence. Helps to move forward like a lion
ATTENTION Attract eyes towards you. Increase listening ability. Used to attract help & care in need. Increase focus & avoid carelessness.
BAJRANG MAGIC BEGIN NOW Nothing is impossible for Lord Hanuman. No evil can stand before Lord Bajrang. Lord Hanuman is beyond the limits. He can give beyond the limits. But he always grants genuine wishes. This switchword phrase is also used to increase courage and protection from evil things.
BALANCE Helps to reduce dizziness & vertigo. Reduce fear of Heights. Helps to remain upright and steady. Calm down nerves. Increase adjustment, equality & dependability. Helps to ease Meniere's disease. Increase balance of both the brains.
BAMBOO Used for fast growth. Helps to be different from others. Used to become unique. Use when you want to show up more. Increase the power, size & performance of the penis. Helps to increase height.
BE Used to improve health & wellness. Increase awareness to know your existence & identity. Induce positivity. Helps to manifest.
BE CHARM LEARN ELM Helps to increase a confident & attractive personality. Improve feminine beauty & strength. Release nervousness & feeling of overburdened in responsibility. Helps to start a conversation more confidently. 
BE REVIVE NOW FOREVER Used to normalize and revive any organ, for this, use the name of an ill organ after BE REVIVE and before NOW FOREVER, e.g. if you want to heal eyes then the whole switchword phrase should be like this:- 'BE REVIVE Eyes NOW FOREVER'.
BEAM Used to increase focus in any healing modality. Ray of light to brighten your day & brighten your mood. Smile happily in the light. Used to influence any person, for this chant 'BEAM' with the eye to eye contact.
BEE Helps to attract more clients. Helps to collect more knowledge. Helps to assure a successful social event. Helps to attract same minded people & friends. Helps to save more money.
BEECH It is a Bach flower remedy. Helps to ease false superiority & intolerant. Helps to stop blaming others. Release the strictness & hardness in behavior. Breakdown of any resistance & hurdle.
BEGIN Used to take action. Used with many switch word phrases. Helps to start to happen or exist. Assure new start. Helps to arise quickly. Helps to establish your first action.
BENEVOLENT Used to induce merciful, caring & sympathetic nature in people. Make its user generous, humanitarian, kind and helpful. Works on the heart chakra. Soften the voice, thought and emotions. Do not use on those who are already soft & kind.
BETWEEN Helps to create more space for anything. Used to Know the causes & reasons for an action. Connect two people telepathically. Helps to increase psychic consciousness.
BINGO Attract more happiness & joy. Helps to make an event or outcome more positive & successful. Induce more excitement to achieve goals. Helps to win a race, contest & lottery.
BLACKBERRY Helps to showoff. Increase royalness, wisdom & calmness. 
BLESSED Increase attitude of gratitude state of mind. Used to attract instant divine grace & peace. Increase appreciation & higher vibrations. Helps to enjoy the bliss of heaven.
BLOOD STONE Increase strength, power & honesty. Helps to remove obstacles. Attract more wealth & abundance. Work on root chakra. Helps in blood circulation & detoxify kidney.
BLUE Helps to cool down & ease aggression, anger, high blood pressure (BP) & hypertension. Works as antiseptic on the wound. Also cools down fever & inflammations. Helps to stop bleeding. Give relief from headaches. Increase instant tranquility. Decrease skin itching Read more about BLUE
BLUE SAPPHIRE Increase good luck, fortune, intution, clairaudience, communication skills, insight & inspiration. Work on the pituitary gland. Work as an antidepressant.
BLUFF Use when to want to be deceptive. Force to admit the truth. Helps to remove fears. Create illusion. Helps to hide your mistakes.
BLUSH Helps to improve a relationship. Bring affection into the conversation. Use when you want a heart to heart talk. Helps to increase the inner joy of your inner child.
BONESET Induce safety & protection from evil spirits. Move away evil.
BONUS Helps to get profits. Bring a reward for hard work. Attract unexpected money, gifts & abundance. Add value to something already expected. Helps to boost up desire. Helps to attract money & good things from unexpected sources.
BORAGE Helps to boost up your inner courage. Helps to protect outside the home. Induces psychic powers.
BOW Helps to soften the nature. Dispel arrogance & mental hardness. Helps to attract recognition and acknowledgment. Helps to heal up a broken relationship.
BOW CONCEDE CLEAR CENTRE Helps to forgive & leave past. Helps to move ahead. Clear the stuck situation. Release blockages. Ease burdens. Helps to break old patterns.
BOY Increase youthful. Helps to express admiration. Attract excitement for an action. Show wonders in a situation. Induce happiness & joy.
BRAHMA Helps to be more creative. Helpful for the inventors, designers, teachers, authors & artist. Helps to increase work productivity. 
BREAKTHROUGH Helps to achieve success. Used to release hurdles. Helps to propel in a particular activity. Receive new relationship. Helps to move ahead & forgive the past.
BRICKS Helps to shield up. Induce hardness & strength in nature when needed. Helps to protect. Helps in muscle growth.
BRING BRING is the Master Switchword and it helps to unite & connect goals. BRING is the master switchword for Taurus Zodiac Sign. Helps to manifest quickly. Helps to attract desires miraculously with perfect time. Master switch word for Taurus.
BRING MAGIC TAKE CHARM Clients Helps to attract more valuable clients to your business quickly. Increase more profit. 
BUBBLE Helps to rise above the surface. Induce excitement. Create illusion. Used to move beyond limitations. Create a soft shield for protection. Used to attract celebrations. 
BUCHU Helps in future prediction, tarot cards reading & crystal ball gazing. Induce easy sleep with prophetic dreams.
BUCKTHORN Attract good luck. Bring fortune in court cases.
BUDDHA Induce enlightenment, compassion, inner peace, joy, spiritual growth & understanding.
BUFFER Helps to avoid & release stress. Protect from harmful people. Also protect from fluctuations in finance and business. Ease out your stress with regular chanting or writing of this sw
BURDOCK Helps to repel negativity and evil from home. Helps in gout & arthritis.
BUZZ Helps to increase efficiency at work. Helps to move quickly. Induce thrill & feeling of excitement.
CALM Induce great mental peace. Increase stability. Used to release anger & nervousness.
CANCEL We have a better switchword than 'CANCEL' and it is 'CLEAR'. Please read about switch word 'CLEAR'
CANCER We do not use it. We also not to suggest or encourage to use CANCER as a switch word because it is also a name of a very dangerous disease. Some people suggest it for Planet Moon or Cancer Zodiac Sign. We believe why to use or chant a word which induce images & energy of a ridiculous&n Read more about CANCER
CARAWAY Helps to protect from negative creatures, wicked spirits & past negativities. Increase theft proof shield.
CARE Induce the sense of security & protection. Helps to maintain self-control. Helps to memorize subjects. Increase awareness & alertness.
CARE LOVE COUNT LEARN Helps to change negative behavior. Used for de-addiction. Increase the sense of responsibility, care & love. Helps to solve relationship issues.
CARNELIAN Helps to increase confidence & boldness. Remove stress, shyness & trauma. Helps to cleans toxin from liver, pancreas & body. Ease mensural cramps & arthritis pains. Helps to improve sexuality & reproduction.
CASCARA SAGRADA Helpful in court cases. Also bring wealth magically.
CATNIP Spiritually build up attachment between two people. Helps to attract positive people & good luck for your home, shop & office. Used for eternal friendship.
CELERY Helps to increase concentration, focus & alertness. Used for good sleep.
CENTAURY It is a Bach flower remedy. Helps the person to think for the self who never say no to other's work. Helps to stay away from selfish people.
CENTER Helps to be self-centered. Used to increase focus. Helps to be grounded. Increase balance. Work on the heart chakra.
CERATO It is a Bach flower remedy. Helps to increases self-confidence, self-trust & decision-making ability. Release lack of confidence & sense of anxiety.
CHAMOMILE Helps to increase good luck, good fortune & winning attitude. Used to go into deep meditation. Helps to attract love & positive atmosphere. Helps to clear curse & negative spells from the place.
CHANGE Helps to shift the energy quickly. Used to end-up arguments. Helps to eliminate negativity. Used to remove fears, doubts, emotional & physical pain.
CHARM CHARM is the Master Switchword and it used to manifest deep desires. CHARM is the master switchword for Cancer Zodiac Sign. Helps in skin, hair & nails related issues. Helps to create a secure life. Used to become more attractive, secure & calm. Ease Read more about CHARM
CHEERS Used to increase good luck, happiness, joy & best wishes. Helps to express inner happiness & to encourage for the same. If someone wants a success in any event use this.
CHERRY PLUM It is a Bach flower remedy. Helps to stay in control and let go. Helps to remove many fears like:- fear of losing temper, fear of losing control & fear of being rejected. Used to release frustration, violence & anger.
CHESTNUT BUD It is a Bach flower remedy. Helps to learn from past mistake & failures. Used to release the habit of not to learn from mistakes, not to learn from past failure & experiences. Helps to stop repeating the same errors again & again. Good for students, inventors, Read more about CHESTNUT BUD
CHICORY It is a Bach flower remedy. Helps to ease over concern nature. Helps to stop those who used to create drama & situations to attract people's attention. Stop people to portray themselves helpless. Helps to increase the ability to share love & care without any te Read more about CHICORY
CHIKWEED Helps to maintain a healthy relationship. Used to attract love, care & passion. 
CHISEL Used to create excellent things. Very good for artists, painters, authors, singers & musician. Used to change from ordinary to extraordinary. Cut away past ties.
CHLORINE Used to the mix-up with unknowns. A little bit helps to purify one's thought. Make a difference. Helps to easily share your creative part with others.
CHOOSE Helps to take the right decisions. Used to release which is not serving good. Helps to empower your inner self more. Helps to find out best from a situation. Used to release the unwanted. Helps to attract more opportunities. Helps to gain more votes.
CHRYSALIS To show your best, get acknowledgment, change or transformation
CHUCKLE Helps to create inward happiness. Used to change the mood from sad to joyfulness.
CIRCULATE Helps to move energy freely. Used to get in a new relationship. Attract new beginnings. Helps to spread your name & fame on all the directions.
CIRCULATE GIVE COUNT DONE Helps to attract money flow in the business. Used to increase sales & cash flow. Helps to attract more clients. Used to improve the financial condition in the business. Helps to increase business.
CITRINE Helps in mental & emotional cleaning. Used to solve financial problems. Helps to increase memory. Helps to increase self-discipline & confidence. Used to detoxify stomach & intestines.
CLAP Helps to attract appreciation for your work. Used to get attention. Helps to freely express thoughts & joy.
CLASSIC Helps to increase the value & decency of something. Used to show highest qualities. Helps to establish values. Helps to increase the price of your products. Used to make something more beautiful, smart, graceful in appearance & noticeable.
CLEAR Helps to wipe out the side effects of past actions, karmas & effect of surgery. Used to free from obstructions & unwanted energies. Helps to release anger & negativity. Helps to get the truth. Used to clear the past, clear blockages & letting go. Force to start a new beginning. Helps Read more about CLEAR
CLEMATIS It is a Bach flower remedy. Used to clear useless fantasies & dreamy state of mind. Work in the case of dizziness, vertigo, giddiness & laziness. Helps to live in the present moment. 
CLIMB Helps to shine more. Used to move up step by step. Helps to get a new position. Used to get increment & appreciation.
CLOUDS Helps to attract abundance & money in the time of tight situation. Used to an elevation above the surface. Helps to attract new things, ways & miracles. Do not use more otherwise you will become gloomy, sad & depress. Always use it with some positive switch Read more about CLOUDS
CLOVE Helps to attract wealth with ward off negativity from the place. Use to keep away harmful & adamant forces. Keep safe in the presences of the evil spirit. Helps to attract & magnetize opposite sex. Work as a painkiller in a toothache. Ease the mouth ulcer & swol Read more about CLOVE
COMFREY Used to get protection from physical harm, misplaced & theft.
COMPASSION Helps to increase sympathy, kindness, acceptance, care & willingness to help others.
CONCEDE Helps to admit the truth. Used to stop an argument, Helps to surrender ego unto the Divine feet. Helps to accept the existence of good & positive forces. Helps to unstuck the path & a situation. Use to improve a relationship.
CONCERNS Helps to focus on an interest & important issues. Used to involve in a relationship. Helps to set goals.
CONCERT Used to increase harmony between the crowd or group of people or a society. Used to solve any issue with mutual coordination. Helps to make an agreement in the favor of all.
CONFESS Used as ego burster. Ready to admit & realize the truth. Helps to release anger.
CONGRATULATION Helps to attract achievements, good wishes, increment & good fortune. Used to defuse depression & sadness. Helps to increase self-esteem, happiness & joy. Used to attract more joyful moments & smile.
CONSIDER Helps to be cautious for making the decision. Increase attentiveness & alertness.
CONTAIN Helps to hold something for the time being. Find the right accommodation. Used to embrace the present moment.
CONTINUE Helps to remain active. Helps to induce force in the action & progress. Used to remove obstacles. Feel the movement.
COPPER Helps to increase the love for home, for city & for the nation. Increase the passion, positive relationship, business, career & friendship. Helps in all kinds of digestive issues. Calm down the ego.
COPY Helps to multiple things & energies. Used to increase production in the factory. Improve fertility in both male & female. Helps to grow more.
CORAL Use when you need to be diplomatic with others. Increase in focus, visualization & imagination. Speed up the transfer of knowledge. Helps to strengthen bones & skeleton system. Used in Low BP. Helps to nourish blood cells & ease spinal disorder. Use Read more about CORAL
CORAL SUNRISE TOGETHER ELATE Helps to create a new divine life & attract new beginning. Helps to unstuck life. Use when you feel to fly high & move ahead. Force a team or a family to work together. Used to regain strength. Helps to restart a stagnant project.
COSMIC Used to be vastness beyond the earthly limit. Helps in meditation.
COUNT COUNT is a very good switchword for money. Helps to increase blessing. Force to do action towards work. Create unique values. Helps to release poverty. COUNT is used to attract money, wealth & abundance. Helps to remove bad habit of smoking. COUNT helps to build up Mill Read more about COUNT
COVER Helps to build a shield for protection. Used to release nervousness. Helps to ease society & family pressure.
CRAB APPLE It is Bach flower remedy. Used to clear pimples, acne & scars. Helps to stay neet & tidy. Helps to clean aura. Helps to release the need for perfection & self-hatred. Used to release the feeling of being unclean & compulsion of repeatedly&nbs Read more about CRAB APPLE
CREATE Helps to start anything new. Used to erase boredom & depression. Attract a transformation & opportunities.
CRYSTAL It is an amazing switch word to find out the truth & exact reason for an act. Helps to clarify things. Give a clear way. Helps to activate 3rd eye, 6th sense & intuition. Used to raise frequency, awareness & many psychic abilities.
CRYSTAL HORSE OPEN POSTPONE Helps to clear allergies, skin itching & negative blockages. Used to speed up things, project & life. Helps to clear a pathway for the success.
CRYSTAL POINT JUDGE ELATE Helps to release sharp pain. Used in the pain in limbs, headache, migraine, arthritis, cervical spondylitis, tennis elbow, physical injuries, knee pain, joint pain, rheumatism & slip disc. Ease a feeling of running ants, numbness & cramps. Helps in the&nb Read more about CRYSTAL POINT JUDGE ELATE
CURVE CURVE is the unisex switchword for weight loss. Always use when you need & get the perfect shape of something. Helps to make things more beautiful. Used with the weight loss program & switch words.
CUT Used remove & release negativity. Helps to cut & untie from the past & bad relationships. Used to moderate actions & things.
CUTE Helps to elevate happiness & joy of your inner child. Make a person clever, youthful & sharp minded. Used for self-seeking.
DAMIANA Helps to increase sperm count & egg formation. Help in erectile dysfunction and to attain orgasm. Used to increase blood flow in sexual organs & to increase sexual power. Ease the anxiety. Helps to boost up mood & well-being. Helps to remove exc Read more about DAMIANA
DANDELION Helps to activate supernatural powers. Used to bring good luck into the home & office.
DAWN Helps to bring new brightness, new hope & new beginnings. Used to start something new. Give light to the path.
DAZZLE Helps to expel & overpower the darkness. Use when you want to shine more. Used to increase brilliance & aura of a person, project or an art. Helps to increase publicity. It is a better switch word than RIDICULOUS. Both switch words help to promote your business or an art but DAZZLE do it mor Read more about DAZZLE
DEACTIVATION We have a better switch word than DEACTIVATION and it is CLEAR. Read more about CLEAR...
DECLARE Helps to overcome shyness & express clearly. Used to create possibilities in the sad moments. Also helpful in publicity.
DEDICATE Helps to shut off ego & to be kind to the world. Used to increase focus & concentration. Induce commitment & truth in the words. Helps to surrender unto the Divine guidance.
DEEP Helps to increase pleasure, satisfaction & calmness. Increase the attachment with things, persons or project. Used to enhance the quality of things & project. Helps to create love & affection.
DELETE Used to clear negative thoughts & emotions. CLEAR is a better switch word than DELETE. Helps to get rid of unwanted, unnecessary useless thoughts. One can use it when he/she wants to remove & eliminate something. Do not overuse it.
DELICIOUS Used to make things, events & projects more good for others. Helps to attract extreme pleasure, enjoyment, fun & appreciation.
DELIVER Helps to get things done & finish the work quickly. Used to induce hope & act optimistically. Used to give speed to the work.
DETACH Helps to withdraw & untie two things or two people. Helps to remove unwanted things. Helps to disconnect attachment of worldly affairs to move onto the Divine path.
DIAMOND LOVE PURE DELIGHT Helps to enhance charm, beauty & feminity. Used to increase overall personality, attractiveness, beauty, boldness, strength, gorgeousness & charm in the women's nature.
DIMINISH Helps to reduce & decrease anything e.g. body weight, body fat, size of tummy, breast, buttocks etc. Also, used to be gentle with others.
DIVINE DIVINE is the master switch word and it helps to attract magic in life. DIVINE is the master switchword for Sagittarius Zodiac Sign. One can use it with any switchword phrase. Helps to lift up above the normal & average. Used for the quick result. Increase the excellence of all work. H Read more about DIVINE
DIVINE LIGHT Read all the benefits of switch word DIVINE because it equally works as master switch word DIVINE. Moreover, it also increases brightness, Divine grace, higher intensity & protection into its user's life. Also, helps to increase frequency, enlightment & positivity.
DIVINE LIGHT SHIELD ON In this switch word phrase, we invoke Divine Light for protection, shield, security & safety from natural disaster, fears, evil eyes & negative energies.
DIVINE MAGIC BEGIN NOW In this switch word phrase, we surrender to the supreme powers and ask them to show & begin their magic to fulfill our wishes & manifest our desires with the Divine grace, love & care. You can use it for any desire or wish.
DIVINE ORDER The above two switchwords are very simple but very effective combination. They both together help to release any kind of physical illness and maintain DIVINE ORDER in chanter's body. Used to induce trust & faith in God. Helps to give valid & authoritative directions. Also helps to Read more about DIVINE ORDER
DIVINE PERFECT DNA This switch word phrase help in DNA activation. With the activation of DNA, one can raise frequencies & divine light inside the soul. Helps for upliftment & move ahead for the spiritual journey. Helps to reconnect to the source (Divine). Used to in Read more about DIVINE PERFECT DNA
DO Excellent switch word to force to do actions. Helps to eliminate laziness, sluggishness, delays & depression. Used to induce alertness, activates, energy & liveliness. Helps to finish a work & task on time.
DO CIRCULATE LOVE In this switch word phrase, we intend to conclude & release past. Helps to start a new beginning. Good for those who are searching for the affectionate love. Used to increase joy. Helps to improve life & hope.
DONE DONE is a Master switch word and it helps to build willpower. Used to get the quick solution to any issue. Helps to make mood to finish work. Helps to increase power & strength when a work looks tough or impossible. DONE is the master switch word for Scorpio Zodiac Sign.
DOWN Helps to slow down the speed of anything e.g. a project, an acute disease, negative emotions, ego, anger etc.
DROP Helps to release, let go & discontinue anything.
DUCK Helps to be patient. Used to find the right direction. Helps to make your focus inwardly. Helps to calm down & dispel hypersensitivity.
DURGA Helps to increase the power, strength & success. Used to overcome obstacles, hurdles, problems & enemies. Helps to ease body pains & all kinds of fears.
DURGA MAGIC BEGIN NOW In this switch word phrase, we surrender to the lotus feet of Goddess Durga and ask her to begin her magic to lift up our spirit & manifest our wishes too with her power, courage & strength. You can chant it for any positive desire and wish.
DYNAMIC Helps to boost up energy, liveliness, boldness & mental fitness. Stay active spirit. Make anything effective. Helps to be charged & feel refresh anytime.
EASE Helps to simplify, soften & calm down things. Used to free from difficulties. Work great with all other switch words too. Keep a situation, person & event under control. Helps to free-up tightness & toughness. Meltdown rigidness like butter.
ELATE ELATE is a master switchword to revive anything e.g. a lost relationship, an ill organ, a project, an event and much more. Helps to turn setbacks into upliftment. ELATE is the master switchword for Capricorn Zodiac Sign.
ELATE TOGETHER NOW With the combination of three master switchwords this phrase can give amazing results. It used to rise from past to new future, recreate things, attract divine help in getting things done easily, helps in new beginnings, to vibrate at the higher frequency & to inc Read more about ELATE TOGETHER NOW
ELEGANT Uses and meaning of switch word ELEGANT are same as the switch word CLASSIC, so go to the switch word CLASSIC and read.
ELM It is a Bach flower remedy. Used to increases self-confidence, focus & strength. When chanted, a person easily gets the strength to take responsibility. Helps to release the feeling of nervousness & overwhelmed. Also used to release lack of confidence and lack of focus.
EMBRACE Helps to be open to receive all good things. Used to release mental blockages, false beliefs & lack of love. Helps to unstuck life. Encourage to accept life with faith & love. Used to become enthusiastic & kind.
EMERALD Helps to understand your own or other's feelings and emotions. Helps to open the heart chakra. Used to erase the bad effects of Planet Mercury. Bring freshness, joy, happiness & vitality. Lift up the spirit to earn and live more. Induce peace, harmony & good sleep. Helps to Read more about EMERALD
ENABLE Switch words ENABLE, GO & DO have almost same effects with the little bit differance. Switch word ENABLE helps to empower a person. Helps to attract authority.
ENCHANTED Helps to bound, captivate & delight. Used to get attention. Make a person more charismatic.
END Use when you want to finish, close, & forget something. Attract conclusion in the situation of an argument.
ENDORSEMENT Helps to support & promote something like a product or an event. Used to get authorization and approval from other. Helps to create agreement.
ENGAGE Helps to show-off. Used to get the participation in an event, meeting or a relationship. Used to hold something.  Used to attract people's attention.
ENHANCE Switch word ENHANCE works same as switch word ADD, so please read switchword ADD.
ENROLL Helps to get support and funding for your ideas. Used to get details of a project. Also helps to increase motivation for work.
ENVELOPE Helps to be secure and protective. Used to hide secrets. Helps to increase the possibility to get priority.
EVAPORATE Helps to clear unwanted energies from the root or source. Used for energy transformation from negative to positive, from bad to good, from lower to higher etc. Its help to change the state of energy & situation.
EVER When you want to do or make something long-lasting, permanent and forever use the switch word EVER in your switch word phrases. Helps to make limitless and continue. Helps to keep going always.
EVOKE Used to ask Divine help. Helps to awaken and arouse something. Also helps to give rise to the energies. It helps to raise energy vibration too.
EXTINCT This defusing switch word is used to inactive, vanish and make powerless unwanted energies, things, events, and people.
FAVORITE Helps to make you special and unique. Used to get preference in the social gathering. Helps to get admiration from others. Also helps to be charming and alluring.
FIGHT Used to easily get out from a tough and tight situation. Helps to beat challenges and defeat your opponent. Used to win a competition. Helps to increase courage at the time of struggle.
FILTER Helps to remove unwanted things, persons and energies. Used to change your focus from wide to narrow at the time when you want to select one or few options, whereas many of them are ready to be accepted.
FINALLY Read the switchword END. Switchword FINALLY has the same meanings as switchword END has.
FIND Helps to get new ways, new persons or a new partner. Used to search attract new clients too for your business.
FIND ADD COUNT TOGETHER With this switchword phrase, we can explore new opportunities and find new sources of earning. Helps to increase in finance, money, wealth, abundance and product sales. Used to attract new clients to your business. In this switch word phrase, we used two master switch words Read more about FIND ADD COUNT TOGETHER
FIND COUNT FULL HORSE When the time is short and the aim is big and far away must use this switch word phrase. It helps to increase and attract money, wealth, abundance and cash flow. Helps to explore many areas where you can attract more money and get rich soon. Here the power of w Read more about FIND COUNT FULL HORSE
FIND DIVINE ORDER BE Most of the time switch word FIND is used to attract money and other things like money but here in this switchword phrase, we use it to get a perfect health and to release physical blockages too with the help of DIVINE itself. Helps to feel the Divine energy. Helps to change the destiny by releasing Read more about FIND DIVINE ORDER BE
FINE Helps to get admirable body shape. Used to be superior. Helps to induce satisfaction. Make the things and person more delicate and attractive. Helps to finish the things very smoothly. Used to overcome fears. Helps to get an alignment with others or the energies.
FLAME Helps to increase brightness in the time of darkness. Used to invoke Divine powers to burn out negative energies. Helps in the elevation of a soul. Also, helps to get depth in the meditation with the raising of higher frequencies.
FLASH Helps to get a quick charge up. Used to get a growth in the career. Helps to remove darkness from your life for a little while. If you want to clear darkness and get light for the longer period of time use the switchword GOLDEN SUNRISE.
FLOW Helps to the unstuck situations and get them in the movement. Used to break habits. Used to ease the blood circulation. Helps to get going.
FLOWER Helps to attract good fortune and abundance. Bloom up inner beauty. Make you prosperous. Used to open up for all the good things, energies, and persons.
FOR Additive, to raise higher position, support or encourage
FOREVER Switchword FOREVER has the same meaning as switch word EVER, so please read switchword EVER.
FORGIVE Helps to release anger and to let go of things. Used to release the feeling of revenge and ego. Use to improve any relationship.
FREEDOM Helps to get the power and a right to act. Used to cut and dissolve old ties, old partnership, old relations and bondage. Helps to grow up independently. Freedom from anxiety, sadness, frustration, uncertainty, anger, and worry. Freedom to enjoy, laugh, enthusiasm, hope, peace, and Read more about FREEDOM
FULL Used to get a state of the greatest strength and capacity. Helps to complete a task. Used to grow fully with complete satisfaction. Helps in expansion and move beyond the limit. Used to make something perfect. Helps to feel certainty and less worried.
GANESHA It is a name of Hindu Lord Ganpati. His name as GANESHA used as a switchword. It helps to attract new beginnings, remove obstacles, increase knowledge, and wisdom. Helps to attract money, wealth and abundance. 
GARNET Helps to increase faith, love, devotion, and trust. Used to balance the emotional state of mind and hormones. Used in the issues of blood circulation, kidney, and paralysis.
GATHER Helps to bring people, event, and other things together. Helps to collect several things like the force, wisdom, people, etc.
GENIUS Helps to increase wisdom, knowledge, mental abilities and super consciousness. Used to raise intelligence and power of the mind to beyond expectations. Make a person mastermind.
GENTIAN It is a Bach flower remedy. Helps to increases faith, courage and trust. Used to release false illusions. Helps to overcome setbacks.
GET Used to attract success, achievements, understanding and knowledge. Helps to make things closers.
GIGGLE Helps to enjoy life with fun. Used to awaken inner innocence. Helps to change mood quickly. A very good switch word for authors and writers.
GIGGLE STRETCH BLUFF This switchword phrase helps to live a happy and fearless life. It also helps remove depression, release stress, induce inner joy and attract instant happiness. Used to expand your own happiness.
GIVE A wonderful switch word that helps to live a merciful rich life. It allows a person to share his/her happiness, joy, money etc. with others as well as also helps to attract the same. Helps to make a person more kind and wealthy. Used to grow above the limitation. Helps to increase f Read more about GIVE
GO Used to ease laziness. Helps to move forward. Put more efforts and force into any event. Helps to grow and progress with new enthusiasm. Use it when you want to successfully start something new.
GOLD Helps to make something valuable. Used to increase in physical strength. Helps to shine in difficulties. Can increase self-confidence, creativity, perfection, luxury, and money. Helps to achieve financial goals.
GOLDEN Helps to ease unwanted sluggishness, tiredness, trauma, tension, nervousness, dusk & procrastination. Induce hope, happiness, anticipation, vigor, completion, achievement & spring in life.
GOLDEN SUNRISE GOLDEN SUNRISE is the best and smallest switch word phrase of the world. In fact these days it is used as a single switch word. When people meet with each other they use it as a greeting instead of a good morning or namaste with the intention that May Divine Illuminate Your Lif Read more about GOLDEN SUNRISE
GOLDEN SUNRISE ADD COUNT NOW This switch word phrase helps to increase wealth opportunity, increase earning, abundance and more cash flow.
GOLDEN SUNRISE AGRIMONY GOLDEN SUNRISE AGRIMONY switch word phrase is used to release sadness, psychological disorders, feeling of guilt, loneliness and anger. After using this, one can express freely and truly revive from the dark life.
GOLDEN SUNRISE BEECH GOLDEN SUNRISE BEECH is an amazing switch word phrase to soften a strict person. It helps to induce more compassion in the heart. With the help of this switchword phrase, people see good things in others and also stop blaming others. Used to remove a sense of false superiority.
GOLDEN SUNRISE BRING MAGIC This switchword phrase helps to fulfill wishes easily. In this SWP we are calling GOLDEN SUNRISE to bless us a divine and magical life. It helps to change destiny to erase karma. While chanting of this SW you can connect with your goal and achieve it more quickly and faster.
GOLDEN SUNRISE CERATO GOLDEN SUNRISE CERATO switchword phrase increase confidence to take the decision. It induces faith in self. Used to stop over questioning, seeking others guidance, unstableness, confusion and holding the past.
GOLDEN SUNRISE CHARM GOLDEN SUNRISE CHARM switch word phrase helps to reconnect to your own deep desires. Helps to find a life partner, a desired home, a desired car etc.
GOLDEN SUNRISE CLEAR NOW GOLDEN SUNRISE CLEAR NOW switchword phrase helps to clear the mental pollution, negative thoughts and blockages. Anytime used to remove negativity from a person, place or an event. Helps to clear pending court cases and to settle down. Used to be mentally free, clear and calm.
GOLDEN SUNRISE COUNT ELATE NOW GOLDEN SUNRISE COUNT ELATE NOW helps to make a debt-free life. Used to increase abundance, finance and new business opportunity. With this, we request divine to give us more money and new sources of money.
GOLDEN SUNRISE COUNT TOGETHER GOLDEN SUNRISE COUNT TOGETHER switch word phrase helps to unite with your financial goals. Used to attract a good team for work. Helps to attract money with the help of your inner self and from the Divine light.
GOLDEN SUNRISE DAZZLE GOLDEN SUNRISE DAZZLE is an amazing switch word phrase to increase light, glow & brilliance of a person, a project or an art. GOLDEN SUNRISE has amazing magical powers and DAZZLE has amazing decency. Both switchwords together are one of the best companions for each other. Use them all the day or Read more about GOLDEN SUNRISE DAZZLE
GOLDEN SUNRISE DIVINE GOLDEN SUNRISE DIVINE switch word phrase is used for outstanding performance, connected to the source, attract divine help and to induce great hope.
GOLDEN SUNRISE DIVINE BLISS GOLDEN SUNRISE DIVINE BLISS switch word phrase helps to connect with the higher self. Used to induce inner joy, divine light, gratefulness and positivity. Helps to reach into higher realms and spiritual awakening.
GOLDEN SUNRISE DIVINE PEACE This switchword phrase is used to attain mental peace, calmness and tranquility. Helps to free from disturbance and stop excessive thoughts. Used to increase harmony with the Divine.
GOLDEN SUNRISE DONE This switchword phrase helps to get a solution. Also used to perform, finish and execute pending work.
GOLDEN SUNRISE EASE NOW This switchword phrase helps a person to come out of complaining mode. Also used to remove obstacles from your path and make ways for the new beginnings. Help to stay in a gratitude mode.
GOLDEN SUNRISE ELATE EYES This swichword phrase has a great power to solve many health-related issues. Used to improve health and vision of eyes. instead of Eyes, you can add the name of any organ which you want to improve.
GOLDEN SUNRISE ELM This swichword phrase can increase self-confidence and courage. Used to boost strength, focus, and responsibility. Also used to release many fears and shyness. Helps to complete the task on time and also improve management skills.
GOLDEN SUNRISE FULL COUNT This switchword phrase has a great power to improve money. It also helps to open new doors to prosperity, increase money, wealth, finance, abundance, new opportunities and cash flow. Helps to improve financial condition quickly. Also helps to open new sources of money.
GOLDEN SUNRISE HOLLY This switch word phrase is very good to release anger, ego, hatred, jealousy and envy. It helps to increase forgiveness and encourage generosity of spirit. Also used to make a person loving, caring, and kind.
GOLDEN SUNRISE LEARN NOW This switch word phrase helps to improve skills, creativity, educational success, memory, focus and ability to learn new things. Also work as an anti-aging phrase.
GOLDEN SUNRISE MUSTARD This switch word phrase helps to release deep depression and grief. Used to reconnect with the Divine source. Also used to release and clear dark energies, negative energies, shock and trauma.
GOLDEN SUNRISE NOW DONE This switch word phrase used to accomplish incomplete tasks quickly. Helps to get a new beginning and new opportunities. Also used to manifestation wishes. Helps to force to act now and bring change in the present situation.
GOLDEN SUNRISE OIL LOVE This switch word phrase encourages joy in life. Helps to release the strictness and rudeness from a person’s nature to enjoy life fully. Make a person jolly and happy.
GOLDEN SUNRISE RAINBOW JOY This switch word phrase helps to attract instance happiness, joy, and hope. Helps to release stress and anxiety, ease depression, mental shocks and emotional imbalance.
GOLDEN SUNRISE RAINBOW POPCORN This switch word phrase used to release habits of self-pettiness. It is good to raise the inner happiness and joy too.
GOLDEN SUNRISE REACH This switch word phrase used to fulfill personal goals quickly. Helps to create a clear intention towards the final outcome. Also helps to find lost things. Also used to get your aim, to get the desired money, to reach abroad, to get a visa, to get desired house, desired car etc.
GOLDEN SUNRISE ROCK WATER This switch word phrase used to release stubbornness, hardness and rigidness from person’s nature. Helps to induce inner joy and mental peace.
GOLDEN SUNRISE THANKS This switch word phrase used to get quick solutions and new opportunity. Helps to create new things and wish manifestation. Make a person more polite and gentle too.
GOLDEN SUNRISE TOGETHER It is a wonderful combination of 2 beautiful master switch words. In unity lies the victory to face any distress. Visualize we are all together, and we will always be. Helps to make everyone ready to face and change the situation for happiness of all.
GOLDEN SUNRISE TOGETHER DIVINE This switch word phrase helps to solve all kind of relationships issues. Used to restart conversation between two persons. Helps to develop a better understanding between people. Also helps to raise higher consciousness to unite the mind, body and soul. Good for married couples. Imp Read more about GOLDEN SUNRISE TOGETHER DIVINE
This switchword is very good for everlasting and eternal friendship. Helps to remain a loyal team member. Make a person more friendly. Also helps to strengthen lasting love between two persons. Helps to increase unconditionally love. Make two persons "Ye Dosti Hum N Read more about GOLDEN SUNRISE TOGETHER FOREVER
GONE Helps to dissolved negativity, bad energies and bad memories. Used to remove sad memories from your life. Helps to move on after a setback.
GORSE It is a Bach flower remedy. Must use it to release when there are extreme hopelessness, depression and all the time feeling of dark clouds and night in the life. It induces instant happiness, hope and optimism.
GRACE Switchword GRACE has similar qualities of switchwords BLUSH, CHARM, ELEGANT and CLASSIC, so must read them to understand 'GRACE'.
GRASS Helps to be grounded. Helps to attract comfort, resources and talent. Used to be adaptable and multitalented.
GREEN GREEN has similar qualities like switchword 'EMERALD' so read 'EMERALD'. 
GUARD Helps to protect from harm. Used to cover up something. Make a security shield for the safety.
GUIDE Used to get knowledge and understanding. Help to show the way. Used to attract Divine intervention, help, safety and guidance.
GUM It is a seed mantra of Lord Ganesha. Helps to attract new beginnings, abundance, prosperity, knowledge, wisdom and educational success. Used to remove obstacles and hurdles.
HALFWAY Helps to feel ease in a waiting and difficult time. Show hope in the middle of a journey. Helps to see less distance for your goals.
HAVEN Helps to create a safe and peaceful place. Used to get the favorable opportunities and Divine help.
HEATHER It is a Bach flower remedy. It can control overtalkative, chatterbox and attention seeker types people.
HELP Helps to overcome ego. Make a person down to earth. Make things possible and easy. Used to eliminate uncertainty. Used to get an advice and solution.
HERO Helps to motivate and inspire. Used to attract achievement and success. Helps to increase best qualities and helping nature in a person. Make you a role model for all.
HIDE This diffusing switch word helps to protect from criticism, cover you from harm and put you into the shade. Overuse of this switch word attracts negative effects such as defame, depression and sadness.
HIGHLIGHT Used to show up and draw attention. Helps to bring the spotlight and focus for a person, event and thing. A very good switchword for models, actors, singers, musicians, dancers, stage performers and other professionals who always need a attention of the media.
HO Helps to relax and release stress. Attract peace of mind.
HO GO CRAB APPLE Helps to ease skin allergy, eczema and skin itching.
HOLD Helps to increase the influence, mastery, power, support, and self-control. Overuse of this switchword can delay your projects, meetings and other things, so use it carefully.
HOLE Create a charm in females so that people attract towards you. Helps into the opening in something.
HOLLY It is a Bach flower remedy and used to release anger, hatred, envy, jealousy and distrustful state of mind. Bring peace, calmness and inner joy.
HONEYSUCKLE It is a Bach flower remedy and used to cut off and release past memories so that you can live in the present moment.
HORNBEAM It is a Bach flower remedy and used release tiredness, sluggishness, procrastination, weariness and stress. Helps to increase stamina and vigor.
HORSE A very good switchword to increase immense strength, force, speed and power. Helps to make your ideas more solid. Used to increase speed to move quickly towards the aim.
HUG Helps to express, give and get love, affection, care and appreciation. Used to connect deeply with your loved ones. Helps to increase oxytocin level in the body.
HUM It is a seed mantra for throat chakra. Helps in communication, creativity, truthfulness, integrity, expression and public speaking. It is associated with the neck, thyroid, mouth and teeth.
HUNDRED PERCENT This switchword has the same values and meanings as switchword 'FULL' has, so please read switchword FULL.
ICE CUBE Helps to make you calm and peaceful. Used to reduce physical pain and swelling.
IMMUNE Helps to stay protected and safe. Used to resist harm. Helps to increase the ability to counter-attack. Helps to assure safety from many physical illnesses. Increase your strength with regular chanting or writing of this sw. Get a healthy and joyful life.
INDIGO Helps to purifier blood. Calm down the mind and release many emotional problems. Used to increase spiritual perception and 3rd eye vision. Helps to calm down the nervous system. Helps in the elements of eyes and ears. Used to increase serenity, understanding, imagination and stillness. Read more about INDIGO
INDRA Used to win in the court case. Helps to be successful. Increase for security and aggression in war. You can use it in the government office, so that the officer or employ will do your work in high priority.
INTEGER Complete in oneself, unique, unattached
INTEGRATE Helps to increase the bonding and Harmony between people. Helps to unite a couple.
INTEND Helps to get the aim and purpose of life. Used to manifest wishes faster. Helps to increase the ability of planning, determination and focussed.
INVEST Helps to put efforts in a project. Used to increase devotion and appreciation. Use it carefully because overuse of this switchword can force you to take the wrong decisions.
JACKPOT Helps to get huge benefits and raises the frequency to attract in high quantity. Attract wealth and opportunities in abundance at once.
JADE It is a gemstone. Helps as a pain reliever. Expels kidney stones and cysts. Acts on Heart Chakra to remove mental blocks to receive love, care and affection. Manifests good luck and prosperity. Promotes self-sufficiency. Used to releases negativity. Helps to stimulate new ideas, Read more about JADE
JASMINE It is a flower. Helps as a mood elevator. Used to attract love and romance. Used in liver issues. Provide a good sleep. Helps to increases sexual desire.
Make a person more courageous. Give high inspiration and clear confusion or doubts.
JESUS Son of Divine. Helps to forgive self and others. Used to be humble, calm and compassionate. Helps in spiritual alignment and increase gentleness in behavior. Enhance the power of healing and wish manifestation.
JEWEL Helps to increase value, good feelings and self-proud. Increase the value and importance of a person or thing.  Used to acquire royal qualities and reputation. Helps to feel high in status. Raise vibrations, shine and magnificence.
JOG Helps to move to a task at a gentle pace. Used to enjoy with energy and changing focus. Helps to feel more stamina, energy and strength. Also helps to release restlessness.
JOY Best expression. The word itself bring a smile on your face. Helps to feel happiness from within. For a person who gets affected by criticism of others and feels depressed. JOY helps this person to feel good and happy. It helps to value self and others. To be blissful and rejoi Read more about JOY
JUDGE Helps to deal with all aspects of a thing, person or situation. Helps to interpret and correlate a set of facts and take a decision before conclude. Used to increase comprehension.
KAAM DEV KAAM DEV is a God of love and desire. Helps to attract life partner for love and libido. Increases sexual power, stamina, attraction, vitality and fertility. It has combined effect of two switch words in one word. Effect of DAMANIA and KLEEM can be achieved with the use of Read more about KAAM DEV
KEEP To possess or continue to possess a thing, person or position and to hold on safely.
KEY Helps to add value, gain importance, get power and position. Used to become authoritative. Helps to solve problems.
KLEEM It is a Seed Mantra of Goddess Mahakali, Lord Krishna and Goddess Kamakhya. With continuous use, it helps to attract love, fame, quality relationships, friends, passion and material wealth. Add Kleem Mantra before or at end of any Mantra to boost up the power of the desired man Read more about KLEEM
KRISHNA Hindu Deity symbolizing love and affection. Helps to create love, spiritual growth, reminds to perform duty without thinking of results/fruits, guides to righteousness, Saviour and protector in adverse situations. Increases spiritual awareness, knowledge and raises self-consciou Read more about KRISHNA
KUBERA Lord of wealth in Hindu mythology. Helps to increase wealth, cash, money, improve financial status, grow in business, increase opportunities, financial assistance and savings. For wealth abundance and prosperity.
KWAN YIN KWAN YIN or QUAN YIN is a Goddess of healing, love and compassion. Invoke her name as switch word to seek good health, love and her mercy.
L C Z Helps to reduce allergy of skin and respiratory system. Helpful for skin rashes, cough, cold, swelling due to allergy.
LAMINATE Used for protection and improve strength. Helps to see the surface and ground reality.
LAPIS LAZULI It is a gemstone. Helps to activate the throat chakra. Used for royalty, honor, spiritual power, meditation, higher guidance, intution, and vision. Helps to increase wisdom, inner self-knowledge and helps to be truthful. Releases stress and bring peace and harmony. Protect Read more about LAPIS LAZULI
LARCH It is a Bach flower remedy. Helps to raises self-confidence and self-esteem. Used to attract opportunities, growth and success. Removes fears to do a new task free of fear from past failures.
LARCH MUSTARD VIOLET WALL UP Combines of Bach Flower Remedies LARCH and MUSTARD with the color VIOLET helps to be bold and courageous in any stressful situation. Used to increase spiritual awareness and Divine connection. Helpful in the emergency and panicky situations. Used it when you want to be fearless and Read more about LARCH MUSTARD VIOLET WALL UP
LAUGH The switch word says it all. Laugh out in happiness and joy to feel good. To improve health, relationship, finances, release stress and worries. Helps to relax mentally and have peaceful sleep. 
LAVENDER Helps to be graceful and elegant. Helps to ease pain and cleanse the body. Helps to release nervous tension and neurological pains. Relaxes body and beautifies skin. Increases in femininity. Also helps to sleep better.
LEARN Helps to attract good things with maturity, to improve and rejuvenate life. Used to enhance skills and knowledge. Works like an anti-aging switch word as it provides youthful.
LEARN HOLE PRAISE Helps to have a healthy body and to keep loving the body. Used to attract youthful and healthy life. Helps to release negative emotions that are affecting health.
LEARN ON DNA Combination of switch word LEARN and ON with DNA helps to activate it, rectify mistakes and errors. Helps to rise above situations which seem impossible due to genetic defects. Rise with high frequency to remove illness and suffering. Feel divinely connected to own self. Helps in DN Read more about LEARN ON DNA
LEISURE Helps to feel relaxed from a hectic schedule. Used to feel rich with amenities, experience abundance and freedom of time. Useful for people who are too busy and miss to enjoy life and hobbies.
LIGHT Helps to sparkle and shine with spiritual awareness. Used to connects to the supreme soul and feel Angelic help around. Helps to reduce sad or negative emotions. Helps to feel less burden of responsibilities and negative emotions. Used to ease out a difficult situation to overcome t Read more about LIGHT
LIGHTNING Reminds a person about the presence of Divine forces, gives strength and enlightens. Helps to think of bright and new ideas. Increases spiritual inclination. Creates new power to renew life. Helps to progress at a great speed. Helps people who work with deadlines or targets. Motivates to fin Read more about LIGHTNING
LIMIT To organize a workshop with defining parameters. Used for de-addiction of abusive substances or habits such as alcohol, tobacco, lust, too much of online or social networking chatting, caffeinated drinks, bad or unwanted habits. To protect self from negative people and effects. To f Read more about LIMIT
LISTEN Helps to give importance to others, make own voice heard to Divine or Universe, to act with focus, to improve intuition, to hear the inner voice, to concentrate on work.
Lotus belongs to many Hindu God and Goddesses. Therefore LOTUS as switchword is very helpful when chanting or writing in the EC. It is Flower. Switchword LOTUS is good to attract the  Read more about LOTUS
LOVE This Master Switch word helps to manifest heart’s desire like the switch word CHARM. CHARM attracts from outside, LOVE attracts both from inside and outside of a person who uses it. Helps to finish any work more politely, graciously and with ease. Helps to ease the pressure an Read more about LOVE
LUM This seed mantra works as a cleansing mantra for Root (basic or Muladhara Chakra). Helps to be grounded, stability and patience. Raises energy for people who have low energy, suffer financially, experience fatigue and stress-related problems. Helps to finance and materialistic needs. It is associate Read more about LUM
MAA DURGA SHIELD ON This switchword phrase is infused with the power of Goddess Durga for a strong protection, security from enemies, divine guidance and to open new ways. It helps to protect you, your family and your belongings from evil eyes, from enemies, from any mishappening and court ca Read more about MAA DURGA SHIELD ON
MAGIC Helps to bring a change as if supported by supernatural powers, to make something happen beyond imagination. Useful to bring a significant change in a situation or a person. Can be used in a situation to bring a sudden unbelievable change. A change which gives surprises and joy Read more about MAGIC
MAGNET Helps to raise the extra power and charm. Connect with your life purpose, life path and self-realization.
MAHALAXMI Goddess of Prosperity in Hindu Mythology. Helps to increase wealth, abundance, prosperity, luxurious life, promotion, status and opportunities. Used to achieve financial goals. Also used for paying off debts, loans, business growth, business expansion and prosperous fulfil Read more about MAHALAXMI
MAINTAIN Helps to support a cause. Used to continue the flow of activities, to be in continuous good relations with others, to take charge of things or persons. Good for people who have multiple and big responsibilities. Useful for entrepreneurs, team leaders and family leaders.
MARVEL To be a person who is admired by many and to be unique. Used to achieve an iconic personality. Used for a person or thing to be unique and surprisingly admirable. To excel and be catch attention. Helps to perform extraordinarily. Increase the feeling of wonder.
MASCOT Good for leaders who lead and guide a team. To instill team spirit and work unitedly. To be a leader whom team would admire for motivating and keeping the team working with great enthusiasm. Can be used when you are organizing an event or product launch and organizing a function or a marathon event. Read more about MASCOT
MASK Helps to protect from fraud, cheat and to shield from negative influences. Helps a person to cover information or situation which would keep him/her safe and disclosing may harmful.
MIMULUS It is a Bach Flower Remedy. Used to be courageous and bold. Helps to releases all types of known fears such as fear of an illness, things, accidents, poverty, being alone or of misfortune. Helps to ease a person who feels nervous or stammers with known fears. Helps to overcome from Read more about MIMULUS
MIRACLE Helps to experience beyond limitations. Used for happening of something which seemed unachievable. Useful for a person who has lost hopes in mending a relationship. Helps to revive a person with a great financial loss, to recover from critical illness, to respond with hope, to face a tough situation Read more about MIRACLE
MIX Helps to attach or socialize. Useful for students or people who feel shy or are introvert. Helpful for shy people to mingle with others and feel the joy of companionship.
MONA LISA It is a famous painting. Useful to induce a smile to a person who is sad. Helps to cancel negative emotions such as anger and envy. Brings happiness and inner joy.
MOON It is a celestial body on almost every Planet. Helps to calm the mind, bring relief with ease and reducing heat-related health issues. Used to stop an argument or quarrel. Use switch word MOON whenever you want to add calmness, cooling, to feel peaceful and pleasant. Strong energy f Read more about MOON
MOTHER MARRY MOTHER MARRY is a Goddess of great love, wisdom and compassion. She specially protects women and kids when invoked.
MOVE Helps to progress with courage. To act on a wish with enthusiasm and more energy. Feel more powerful in continuing a task. Feel motivated to complete a project. Useful for anyone who is manifesting a wish or needs to act in a work or project. Be progressive with MOVE. Also used to c Read more about MOVE
MUSIC Helps to be in peace and harmony with others. Helps to experience inner joy and alignment with self and others. When a person feels lost, it will help to regain joy and normalcy. Helps to cope up in a tensed situation on in a relationship, finance and when there is a lot of worries. Read more about MUSIC
MUSTARD It is a Bach Flower Remedy. Helps to be positive when there are depression and gloomy feeling without knowing the reason. It helps to reconnect and feel good for people who feel disconnected from the light or their inner source of energies. Cuts a person from a dark and depressive l Read more about MUSTARD
N T Z This switchword is used for certain bacterial infections. Helps in diarrhea and dysentery. Also helps to reduce bacterial reproduction and thus it stops the infection from spreading.
NARAYAN Lord Vishnu’s name. Helps to gain justice, righteousness and to be truthful.
NARSHIMA The fourth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Helps to win over evil and restore righteousness. Whenever there is grave injustice done to a person, it will help to gain strength, power and win over. Also used to increase the ability to help others.
NEW Useful for people in discovery such as scientists, innovators, technical people handling a project, painters, creative artists, automobile industry, fashion designers, interior designers etc. Helps to generate ideas, create viable options and devise methods not known before.
NEXT Helps to complete one task quickly so that a new task can be taken. Used to look ahead to a new relationship. Useful for people working project wise for money, for re-marriage, for taking up a new job and to invite new opportunities in a business. Used to follow and attract new Read more about NEXT
NICE Helps to attract appreciation for to a task or work which would be acceptable. Used to feel great and satisfied with a work. Helps to be joyful and delighted. Used to feel good. Make more adorable, gratifying, acceptable and delightful.
NOURISH Helps to preserve a thought and expand it. Used to work to enrich a situation, things and relation. Helps to provide resources, to keep growing, to develop further in a business and relationship. Also provide healthy and youthful life.
NOW NOW is one of the best master switch word. Heps to remain in the present moment and speeds up a wish. Helps to act on good impulse, relieves procrastination, to make sure your destiny gives you only good things at the right time. Creates calmness and relaxes the mind. Helps to eliminate past traumas Read more about NOW
NUTSHELL Helps people to understand the gist of a situation or project. Used to be specific yet give important details. Helps to express accurately and fully through a summary. Useful for people planning an event or trip or business proposal. Helps to be comprehensive, expressive, specific a Read more about NUTSHELL
OAK It is a Bach flower remedy. Used for strength, wisdom, durability, purity, consistency and to stay grounded. Can be used for a stable growing business. For individual strength when a person feels lost and hopeless or feels that things are out of control. Also gives patience, fa Read more about OAK
OCCUR Used to bring attention to the mind and realize about happening of an event. Useful for reminding people what they should know about a responsibility or completion of a task.
Helps to be present and show existence. Also help to materialize.
OFF Helps to move away from an unwanted thing or person. Used to leave a habit or addiction. Helps to close an argument or unwanted thought process. Helpful when used just before sleeping to go into peaceful sleep.
OFFER Helps to share or give with happiness or in a deal. Used to sense an opportunity and give a help to other.
OIL Helps to remove obstacles or resistance to move ahead. Used to release anxiety, tension and fear to take the next step. Helps to ease constipation. Also helps to stop arguments.
OLIVE It is a Bach flower remedy. An excellent tonic for physically and mentally exhausted people. Helps to revive strength and get the energy levels back to normal. Brings faith to a person who has lost hope after a long struggle and does not feel the energy to start new. Helps the perso Read more about OLIVE
ON Helps to remain motivated in a new or existing project or work. Helps to get new ways of doing things, to be energetic and expand continuously. Used to continue with love and care in relationships. Used to keep a project or task moving.
ONYX A powerful warrior stone. Helps to throw out negative thought patterns. Used to connect to inner self deeply, gives intuitive guidance, make a balancing life and grounding. Gives freedom from self-doubt and anxiety. Helps in spiritual awakening. Soothes stress of everyday life.
OPEN Helps to allow new opportunities of wealth and work to come to you. Used to release resistance to a new opportunity and release mind blocks too. Helps to feel light and move with ease. Used to understand, allow things to work, to overcome fear to change and accept a change such as a change in the si Read more about OPEN
ORANGE As a switch word color ORANGE is used for warmth, cheering, and non-constricting. Used for freeing action upon the body and mind and relieving repressions. Stimulates creative thinking, enthusiasm and helps assimilate new ideas. Helpful in dealing with excess sexual expression. Read more about ORANGE
OVER Helps to finish what is unwanted, to stop disappointment and to release anger or frustration. To crossover to a new phase of life.
OVER MOVE ON HALFWAY Helps to speed up delayed goals, to keep moving with new ideas, to come out of debts, freedom from losses and to move towards profits in a business. Used to accomplish a task with ease. Helps to increases enthusiasm and motivation to complete a work. Builds patience to achieve a wis Read more about OVER MOVE ON HALFWAY
OWL OWL is a bird and it is used to sense new opportunities, increase intuition, wisdom and to have guidance. Helps as a navigator when a person feels hopeless and gloomy in life. Brings good luck and protects from suffering. Helps to be alert and pay attention to the situation. Helps t Read more about OWL
OXYTOCIN It is a Love Hormone. Helps to reinforce affection, love, fondness, emotional bond, and loyalty between couples. Helps to create hope, loyalty, and sympathy to help us form loving bonds with others. Enhances bliss of social interactions. Used to overcome fear, increase cou Read more about OXYTOCIN
PAINT Used for expressing thoughts to another person, to change a situation to something very different, to modify a concept, to cover old with new, to change life from dull to colorful and for enthusiasm at work or any task.
PARADISE Used to change a hopeless situation into hopeful, to restore one’s faith in Divine and in life. Helps to convert seemingly impossible phase into possible, bring happiness and hope to a person feeling low.
PASSION Helps to feel crazy to complete a task at hand, to increase enthusiasm and joy while working on something. Used to build determination and love to do a certain work. Useful for professionals, event managers, project managers, leaders, team to increase their focus.
PEACE Helps to calm down continuous and unwanted thoughts. Increase harmony in relations. Used to stop quarrels, fights and heated arguments. Restore normalcy in violent situations. Induce stillness and tranquility in the ever-chattering mind. Used to release mental aggression.
PEARL It is a gemstone. Used to enhance women’s beauty and charm. Increases faith, devotion, purity of heart, wealth and innocence. Useful to reduce high blood pressure, relieve internal fever, promotes muscle development, benefits reproductive organs, stabilizes emotion, resol Read more about PEARL
PERFECT Used for job satisfaction, to correct and do a flawless task or work or project. Used to be up to date or up to the mark and to meet full expectations of superiors at work.
Helps to get improvement in all areas of life.
PERSONAL Helps to focus on an individual level. Used to give importance to self, to be in self-pride, to be successful as an individual. Make a person unique and successful.
PHASE Helps to change or improve current situation of life and to be a part of change. Used to improve in parts and set goals.
PILOT Helps to lead a team. Used to know critical steps in a sample production. Useful for people in production or manufacturing industry to get know how of a process before scaling it up to big size order fulfilling and to decide on a path. Used to get control and take responsibility. He Read more about PILOT
PINE It is a Bach flower remedy. Helps to let go of those mistakes after the realization in people who hold themselves responsible even with minute mistakes and who pity themselves or don’t feel worthy. Helps to let go emotions of feeling responsible for those uncommitted actions. He/she will be ab Read more about PINE
PINK It is a color. Helps to restore youthfulness and brings a person in contact with his/her feelings. To attract romance, care, nurturing in relationships between spouses, children, friends and parents. Helps for peace and friendship in youths and adults. For femininity, increase emoti Read more about PINK
PLAY Helps to do a work with pleasure, to perform with joy, to increase consciousness, participate with enthusiasm and to enjoy leading a responsible position or character. Used to discover new things and expand consciousness.
PLENTY Helps to attract prosperity and abundance without limits. Used to get full resources for executing a task or event. Helps to attract more wealth, comfort, abundance and opportunities.
POINT Helps to remain focused. Used to reach a destination with easy directions. Helps to improve eyesight.
POLISH Used for completing the last task with elegance. Helps to finalize or completing a project or event or assignment with extraordinary inputs. Helps to make things more smooth, refine, elegant and clear.
POOL Helps to be in sharing mode. Used to share intelligence, work and resources. Helps to encourage teamwork and lead with team spirit.
POSTPONE Helps to delay and hold all unwanted. Used to let go of unwanted emotions.
PRACTICE Helps to work on improving a skill. Used to perform better in an event, project or competition. Helps to be better in any profession. Useful for models, sports person, research scientists, testing analysts, engineers and doctors. Helps to take action on the right time. Used to make Read more about PRACTICE
PRAISE Helps to be attractive, charming and adorable. Used to increase the worthiness of a person or thing. Helps to discontinue criticism. Also helps to receive appreciation, honour or compliments.
PRECIOUS Helps to feel respected, valuable, worthy, appreciated and honored. Used to get recognition for work. Helps to become an asset to a team or organization. Used to raise self-worth in a team or family.
PRESERVE Helps to maintain status or position. Useful for people in high position for their reputation. Helps to maintain family and friend's relationships. Used to keep an idea to the next event. Helps to feel cared, saved and protective. Helps to make something long-lasting.
PRITHVI It is an element EARTH. Used for being versatile, rich in resources, feel great, generous, tolerant and trustworthy. Helps to feel grounded and abundant. Maintain the balance between masculine and feminine energies. Used to attract prosperity and growth in every aspect of life. Read more about PRITHVI
PROUD Helps to increase the respect of self in eyes of others. Used to improve on self-worthiness, feel deserving and to enjoy what is achieved. Helps to feel appreciation for self. Good for students performance and business leaders while they present their work, for parents and spouses t Read more about PROUD
PURGE Helps to remove what is unwanted. Used to dismiss a negative situation. Helps to quickly remove the emotions of fear, anger, aggression. If you don't want to stop creating new life do not overuse this switchword.
PURIFY Helps to cleanse a situation, person and surrounding energies. Also helps to cleanse the mind. Used to harmonize relationships, enhanced meditation, release negativity, keep the mind free to receive good things, attract opportunities and good relations. Also helps to clean aura and other energy syst Read more about PURIFY
PURPLE It is a color. Useful for transformation at mind and spiritual level. Useful in melancholy, hysteria, delusions and alcohol addiction, Helps to bring spiritual insights and renewal. Slow down an over-active heart. Stimulate the spleen and the white blood cells (immunity). Bring Read more about PURPLE
PURPLE BUBBLE ON Helps to protect creativity, dignity and increases security with divinity. Used to get divine protection. Helps to increase spiritual awareness and astral projection. Used to improve psychic abilities. Establish an association with angels. Used to reverse curses. Get a pro Read more about PURPLE BUBBLE ON
PURSUE Helps to remain focused on a goal/target. Useful for students, youths, career-oriented people and people executing a task or event. Helps to hold on to a relationship.
PUT Helps to add efforts. Used to work with more speed. Helps to move a thing or person in an appropriate place or position. Used to improve a situation or place or person with efforts. Helps to improve and expand self-worth.
QUARTZ It is a crystal and a master healer. Used to harmonize and stimulates natural healing in body tissues and fluids to rise at the highest frequency. Helps to balance aura, open heart and inner consciousness to higher guidance. Used to enhance the power of prayers, healing and spiritua Read more about QUARTZ
QUENCH Helps for the satisfaction of a contribution, to feel good in completing a task, for job satisfaction or completion of a project. Also helps to find relief and break from the work.
QUEST Helps to find new ideas, increase knowledge, to find something new, to be curious. Can be used by people in the creative or technical field to expand their knowledge and improve skills at work.
QUIET Help to calm the ego or aggression. Used to work silently. It is good for those teachers who want their class to sit quietly, properly and listen to him/her carefully.
RADHA Helps to increase devotion, divine love and surrender. Used for divine and eternal love with the Supreme.
RAINBOW Used for a fulfilling life and balanced all the energies. Creates a sense of joy, optimism, peace and hope. Makes a person feel like a child. Helps to fulfill promises. Used to get harmony and create a colorful life. It has the energy of all seven colors. Balance your energies with Read more about RAINBOW
RAM It is a seed mantra for solar plexus chakra. Helps to increase strength, confidence, self-esteem and power of choices and fire. It is associated with the stomach, liver and adrenals. Do not overuse it if you are very thin and have a hot nature.
RAM GUARD ON Gives divine protection of Lord Rama. Also gives strength, courage, willpower and helps to remain truthful. Bring victory of good over evil.
REACH It is a master switchword and associated with zodiac sign Pisces. Helps to find a lost thing or person or place with ease. To achieve any aim or target. Helps to fulfill personal wish such as marriage, a financial wish of getting a specific reasonable amount, for completion of Read more about REACH
REACH FIND DIVINE COUNT This switch word phrase helps to achieve a financial goal, a new source of income, to get the desired amount of money with the divine help.
REACH FIRST RANK DIVINE This switch word phrase used for educational success and success in competitive exams and board exams. Helps to improves studies, focus and concentration. It is a very switchword phrase for the student.
REACH FIRST RANK NOW This switch word phrase helps to become a winner in any competitive exams, educational areas, any sport, and job. Used to get continue successes. Helps to improve the study.
REACH GOLD MEDAL DIVINE This switch word phrase used to achieve high aims and goals. Used for educational success, complete target, win competition, divine support and learning of new things.
REACH HOLLY LOVE SWARM BEE This switch word phrase used to attract a happy married life. Helps to increase the love bond between two people. Used to attract the spouse’s love. Helps to resolve conflict in a relationship. Also restore marital love from an angry partner.
REACH USA NOW This switch word phrase helps to get the visa and arrange other things to reach the abroad quickly. Instead of USA you can use or add the name of any country you wish to move permanently or visit there for a vacation.
RED It is a color. Brings warmth & energy, therefore good for fatigue, colds, chilly and passive people. It builds up the blood and heightens a low blood pressure. It energizes all organs and the senses like hearing, smell, taste, vision and touch. Helps to increases sexual des Read more about RED
RED CHESTNUT It is a Bach flower remedy. Helps to release negative emotions like fear and anxiety for someone who keeps worrying or show concerns for loved one to such an extent that they fill their mind with negative emotions about happening of undesired events in future. Releases negative emotions, worries and Read more about RED CHESTNUT
REFRESH Used for regaining strength, hope, new enthusiasm to start working again. Helps to get a new view or idea about the same previous situation. Also used to rejuvenate, restore, and strengthen the body, mind and soul.
REJOICE Used to experience joy and happiness within the self. Helps to free from sadness, grief, jealousy and sorrow. Replaces all sad emotions and makes a person joyful and active. Specially for a person who has remained in a stressful environment constantly or for a long time. I Read more about REJOICE
REJOICE PRAISE POSTPONE FORGIVE Helps to release unwanted or negative emotions causing biting, stubborn, traumatic or severe pain. Helps to get into joy and praise. Used for psychic stress, numbness, headache, migraine, pain in limbs, sensitivity to weather change, restlessness, joint pains, back pain, gout, cervical, spondylitis, Read more about REJOICE PRAISE POSTPONE FORGIVE
RELAY Encourage a person to move ahead, act further leaving behind past. Used to move one and act uniquely.
RELEASE Helps to experience freedom from control. Relieves a person who is excessively controlled by family members or superiors. Helps a person to reduce stress caused by holding too much responsibility.
RELISH Used to enjoy a situation, be delighted and experience pleasure in a situation or in the company of others. Attract great enjoyment, delight and immense happiness.
REMISSION Helps to cancel or remove an unwanted or negative status such as debt, illness, penalty. Helps in forgiving self, others and past to look next and new.
RENDEZVOUS Used for gain from companionship or getting together and benefit from the association. Used for business meetings with partners, investors or for business deals, getting into a new relationship, for working together benefiting through expenses, resources or profits.
RESCIND Used for successful restart or terminate old situation such as contract or agreement. Finish off something which is not beneficial anymore or will hurt or harm if continued. Helps in hair loss. Helps to restart life. Used to cancel, revoke, invalidate and undo something.
RESCUE It is a combo of five Bach flower remedy. Helps to relax, stay stress-free, induce focus and calmness. Used in an emergency, crisis, severe stressful situations, when there is no time to make a thoughtful decision, exam or interview nervousness, after an accident or bad news or breaking of rela Read more about RESCUE
RESCUE CLEAN UP Helps to come out of a traumatic relationship, to release past bad memories, to release anxiety from past arguments, to overcome sadness from losing someone permanently.
RESCUE SUNRISE GUARD UP Helps to be bold and courageous after past failures in business. Used to be brave after losing in a relationship. Helps to release insecurity in single or divorced persons. Helps to feel protected along with freedom from negative past. Used to increase courage, boldness, protection and security. Ins Read more about RESCUE SUNRISE GUARD UP
RESOLVE Helps in finding a solution, act to take a decision and come over a difficult situation. Helps to solve conflicts in a business proposal or deal or clear a misunderstanding in a relationship.
RESTORE Used to change an unwanted situation to previous balanced situation. Get back things to a normal functioning and condition. Used to remove unwanted feelings between people caused by mistake or with forgiveness to regain trust. Increase confidence, respect or love. Helps to get into Read more about RESTORE
REVEAL Used to find some information related to a person, place or concept or to understand a concept which is not understood otherwise. Helps to bring something or someone or some information into the notice of others.
REVERSE Helps to change an unfavorable situation into our favor. Used to neglect something or to put out of mind which is unwanted.
REVIVE Used to get back to the previous joyful situation, to revitalize and gain back what was lost. Helps to stimulate or energize to getting back into action. Helps to experience something in a new way. Useful for relationships, health and financial situations. Used to revitalize, r Read more about REVIVE
REVOKE Helps to terminate or cancel or withdraw a decision, contract or some unwanted effects.
RHYTHM Used for being with the flow, follow a pattern, enjoy what is happening and to improve work efficiency. Also increase joy and happiness.
RIDICULOUS Helps to attract attention towards a person or work, for recognition and to get deserving attention. Used to secure publicity and for quick recognition. But do not use it overuse this as this creates a negative image and fame.
RIVET Helps to remain attached or be with a thought, person or situation. To hold on.
ROCK ROSE It is a Bach flower remedy. Gives courage and serenity to a person in a fearful traumatic situation. Helps a person to be courageous from a past event such as an accident. A person to recover, who denies the joy of a passion such as driving due to a past accident. Removes fear Read more about ROCK ROSE
ROCK WATER It is a Bach flower remedy. Used to soften people who are strict with themselves and miss the pleasures of life. Broadens understanding and brings peace, causes self-realization of facts which one has not realized. Helps to welcome new insights, theories, and tho Read more about ROCK WATER
ROGER Helps to get information and explanation with understanding. Used to understand information to act further.
ROOT Helps to be at the origin. For growth and strength. To get access to an information or cause of a situation or behavior. Helps to be grounding.
ROSE Helps to be unique in style. Used to increase charm, passion, innocence, humility, appreciation, gratitude and desire. Helps to creates hope, to keep a promise, to start new, to be joyous, be in love. Used to attract a loving partner and good relationships. Helps to increase ro Read more about ROSE
ROSE QUARTZ It is a healing crystal. Stone of universal love. Helps to restores trust and harmony in relationships and encouraging unconditional love. Purifies and opens Heart chakra to attract love, self-love, romance, friendship, deep inner healing and feelings of peace. Heals emotional Read more about ROSE QUARTZ
RUBY RUBY is the King of nine gems. Used for immunity and sealed health. Helps to increase motivation, inspiration, knowledge, love, as well as enhancing self-sufficiency, confidence and holiness. Used to increased success in politics. Good for people in higher positions at high offices Read more about RUBY
RUSH Force to take actions urgently and in the emergency. Used take quick action overcoming obstacles and speed up work.
SAGE It is a herb. Used to remove negativity and cleanse a place. Removes negative energies due to evil energies. Helps in meditation, cleanses the aura, creates positive vibrations in a person and place.
SAI SAI is an Ascended Master. Helps to have faith and patience in any tough or unbearable situation and to have a miraculous change in critical health conditions. Alos increasing devotion, divine love and humanity.
SAINT GERMAIN SAINT GERMAIN is an Ascended Master. Lord of violet flame, freedom, alchemist and transmutation. Used for soul cleansing and victory and freedom from negativity. Helps to bring a positive change.
SAMPLE Used to exhibit qualities that would represent a group and to make an impression. Can be used for successful demonstration of a product or while representing a group may be in a conference. To gain importance and position.
SARASWATI Goddess of Knowledge in Hindu Mythology. Used to improve or increase knowledge, memory, wisdom and creativity in students. Used by professionals to have a deep understanding of the field. Helps to learn a new skill or language and study a topic in depth.
SAVE Used to keep away from negative things and habits including addictions to alcohol or tobacco and self-destruction. Helps to be protected. Guide to spend money wisely. Helps to preserve valuables things. Used to rescue someone in trouble and keep him/her safe. Helps to increase savin Read more about SAVE
SCHEME Helps to make a business plan, design a business strategy and plan a launch strategy for a product. Helps to increase product sale and increase wealth through planning. Used to effectively arrange, create and put new ideas or designs into the reality.
SCHUBERT Austrian Music Composer. Helps to be creative, inventive and receive abundance. Useful for artists and people in creative and invention fields.
SCLERANTHUS It is a Bach flower remedy. Helps to increase self-confidence and self-determination. Helps to makes up the mind to do things with definiteness instead of wavering and hovering. Helps to boost decision-making abilities and stability. Helps in the case of mood swings a Read more about SCLERANTHUS
SECOND WIND Used to renew or regain energy, hope, power and endurance for people who failed or couldn’t make it the first time. Used to rebuild a business again after loss or fall or debt, to start a new life after a broken relationship. To get back interest in life with new vigor. Helps Read more about SECOND WIND
SENSE Used to feel or perceive information and feelings. Helps to check a situation and observe with consciousness, recognize potentials, evaluate a financial situation or proposal.
SERENE Helps to relax and be calm in a tensed situation. Used to ease out financial worries and to stop worrying about the future. Make a sense to take it easy in a stressed situation. Helps a person to relax facing multiple issues.
SHAKE Helps to let go of negative energies and emotions in a financially stressed situation. Used to release negative emotions in a strained relationship. Helps to let go trapped emotions causing health problems.
SHANTI Symbolises Peace. Used to release anger and frustration in a relationship. Helps to cut disturbing old chords. Used to relief from stress causing situations. Restore normalcy in an outraged situation, feel relieved and contented. Used for peace in quarrels or heated arguments in a relationship or bu Read more about SHANTI
SHARP Used to analyze or make something with accuracy. Helps in preparing a business plan or strategy with understanding and details. Helps to be observant, so can be used in learning a new skill. Used for cutting negative chords or past unwanted energies. Used in any test which requires Read more about SHARP
SHED Used to give away what is negative and unwanted and remove ill feelings for others in a relationship. Helps remove past hard feelings in a business deal. Helps to protect and create a sense of security.
SHERLOCK HOLMES A famous detective from fiction stories. Helps to know the hidden truth, to unveil a secret, dig out information which is otherwise protected, find a cause of situation or receive help from someone who can find the cause with ease and to solve mysteries
SHINE Used for remove negativity. Helps to perform a skillful act with excellence. Helps to be centre of attraction. Useful for students and professionals to make an impression. Newly married woman or any married woman can also use this for creating her presence in the family. Helps to ra Read more about SHINE
SHIP Helps to analyze the depth of a situation. Used to sail through a tough situation. Helps to arrange support in form of people. Increase courage and faith in a difficult situation. Helps to be to collective. Used to absorb an idea. Increase money saving too.
SHIVA Lord Shiva is the destroyer of the Universe and evil forces as per Hindu mythology. Helps to attract and regain strength, power and good health. Helps to remove negative and evil.
SHOE LACE Helps to organize and prepare for a situation. Used for security and protection. Helps to remind commitments.
SHOULDER Helps to take and fulfill responsibilities. Used to understand clearly about the situation. Helps people to lead an event or project. Helps to lead a business project and to take care of family or near ones.
SHOW To express positive feelings such as respect, behavior, virtues and talents.
SHREEM SHREEM is a seed mantra of Goddess Mahalaxmi. SHREEM helps to attract money, abundance, wealth, finance and prosperity.
SHREEM - 528 SHREEM is a bija mantra of Goddess Laxmi and 528 is an Anglic number. They both together can help to attract money, wealth, financial successes and abundance.
SHREEM BRZEE SHREEM BRZEE are two seed mantras of Goddess Mahalakshmi and they both together used to attract abundance, successes, wealth and finances. They both can help to manifest positive desires. Used to achieve goals quickly.  
SHUFFLE Used to reorganize or re-create or change a plan or situation. Helps to change positions or roles. Useful for people managing a team or for event management. Helps to modify things or persons in a different position.
SHUT Helps to neglect negative words and to be unaffected by destructive criticism. Used to close an argument, stop focussing on negative and ignore what is unacceptable. Can be used in a workplace or in the family to remain neutral to criticism. Also help to close anything and force to end a process. Us Read more about SHUT
SILVER It is a metal. Used for adjusting, being flexible, graceful, attractive and to be pleasant. Used to enhance femininity, purity, strength and clarity. Has healing power for wounds and infections, internal heat regulation, circulation and hormonal imbalance.
SING Used to create strength, joy, respect, praise and happiness. Helps to attract people. Helps to connect deeply. Used to connect with Divine. Also brings in spiritual upliftment, harmony and deep satisfaction. Used to cure deep depression.
SITA For loyalty, to be a perfect woman and ideal femininity. Helps to have qualities with artistic aspiration, to nourish others and renounce beyond limitations. Helps to increase the power to work on oneself and tolerance.
SKY Helps to work beyond limitations, rise high, and excel in a performance. Used to remove barriers to functioning well. Used for achieving higher financial goals and to win a difficult game or competition. Helps to move above the surface. Used to open up dreams beyond limits. Helps to Read more about SKY
SLEUTH Helps to do a task with fun. Used for solving a mystery or investigation into a matter.
SLOW Helps to do a task with attention and patience. Make a person to be caring in a relationship. Helps to work gently. Helps in the case of high BP, hypertension, and loss motion.
SMILE SMILE is an act of inner happiness. Helps to feel happy, to breathe in positivity, to feel good, to release unwanted emotions and be light. Used to change to a good mood and to express joy. Helps to attract people and good things.
SMILE ROCK ROSE DONE This switchwords phrase helps to overcome hardships. Also good to raise your consciousness to experience more joy. One can use to reach goals more easily.
SNAP Helps to act instantly and immediately. Used to give attention to a different situation. Helps to increase instant focus and attention.
SNEEZE Used for removing unwanted or negative. Act instantly to remove unwanted. Avoid to overuse it as it creates an ill effect on the ENT system and heart.
SOAR Helps to move to a higher position. Used to increase the speed of any work. Used to rise high and remain there without much efforts. Helps to do something more than usual.
SOIL Helps to create a base for growth. Helps to have resources. Used to join together to create a strong foundation.
SOMEHOW Used for making it happen. Helps to manifest money in urgent situations. Used to complete a task without worrying about the details. Helps to complete an act or a task by any means.
SOPHISTICATE Used for increasing worldly knowledge and experiences. Helps to achieve success with style. Used to become famous and attract great success.
SPARK Helps to create an intense feeling in a relationship. Used to increases efficiency at work, facilitates change or transformation at a personal or professional level. Brings a change. Helps to speed up things.
SPARKLE Used for joy, happiness and merry. Helps to creates liveliness and excitement. Helps to be brilliant and successful. Used to increases enthusiasm in any competition. Helps to finish a project quickly. Used to attract good times, people and prosperity. Helps to stand out in the& Read more about SPARKLE
SPEED Helps to achieve and attract anything faster. Used for quick manifestation, invite abundance and be successful.
SPEND Dress up to look great. Used to be attractive, royal and charming.
SQUARE Used to achieve stability and honesty. Helps to increase spiritual connection with Divine. Used for virtues like punctuality and perfection. Helps to be straight, perfect, neat and clean.
STAR Guides with knowledge, shows the path of success, helps to perform better at work and attracts appreciation from superiors. Make a person more stylish, luminous, bright and glossy.
STAR OF BATHLEHEM It is a Bach flower remedy. Work as a shock reliever. Helps to come out of a traumatic situation like:- to regain balance after a huge business loss, cope up after the death of a near one, stand up after a broken relationship, regain confidence after an accident etc. Helps to feel light after a deva Read more about STAR OF BATHLEHEM
STAY Helps to handle a situation with a calm mind. Used to increase determination to achieve a financial wish, to hold on to a relationship and to remain connected with a wish.
STEADY Used to remain balanced in distress. Helps to move with patience and ease. Helps in achieving long-term goals. Helps to sustain and remain attached to a wish. Make a person steady, balanced, and force him to keep going.
STILL Helps to stop worrying and create a connection with Divine. Used to concentrate, observe, focus or pay attention on a task.
STRETCH Used to increase height in humans. Used to increase beyond a standard limit. Helps to expand moral values and intellect, gain spiritual knowledge, to feel happy for an extended period.
STRUCTURE Helps to create more support and to rebuild what is lost. Helps to create more safety, patch up something broken and a building of bones and muscles. Helps to execute a plan with team building. Used to expand, grow and increase intelligence and knowledge.
SUBLIME Helps to excel beyond limitations, reach great heights, get a promotion, rise higher than usual morally or spiritually. Helps in an extraordinary performance in any field. Used for noble achievement, to lift emotions, to increase intellect and achieve beyond calculation.
SUDDENLY Helps to speed up life, achieve any wish quickly and attract money faster. Used for a quick and immediate change of situation. It works as a table turner. Helps to attract unexpected happening.
SUDDENLY TINY SWEET CURVE Used for a slim figure or desired shape of a body. This switch word phrase works as a weight loss affirmation. Helps to lose excess fat or bulge. Helps to achieve a charming and attractive personality. Work great for a woman to look gorgeous and feel beautiful. Helps to improve over Read more about SUDDENLY TINY SWEET CURVE
SUFFER SUFFER is a negative switchword. We do not suggest it to use and chant because with this you will soon feel a deep depression. STAY is the better switchword then it. We suggest you to use STAY in the time of hardship and when you need to tolerate and accept something.
SUN SUN is the source of all light and life on the Earth. Use for male power. Gives strength, power, authority, high energy, healing and happiness. Helps to raise consciousness. Excessive use of switch word SUN may result in higher Ego.
SUNRISE SUNRISE is a master switchword and belongs to Zodiac Sign Libra. Helps to eliminate laziness, lethargy, stress, anxiety, darkness and, procrastination. Creates hope, new energy, optimism, fulfillment, and source of life.

Brings happiness for our inner spirit and tunes us with our tr Read more about SUNRISE
SUPREME Helps to reach the highest position and to rise high. Help to connect with inner-self with grace. Help to let go of all negativity and feel peaceful and joyful. Help a person who is sad or depressed to rise higher. Used to attract Divine energies for a work or for a person.
SURGE Helps to break barriers of the mind. To move through obstacles. Help to break barriers and remove obstacles in business and relationships. Used to move out faster in any stuck situation.
SURPRISE Helps to receive something unexpected. Used to receive unexpected money or gift with joy. Helps to find some unknown information with joy and feel awakened or amazed.
SURRENDER Helps to give up with trust. Helps to move without resistance. Used to accept and be in reality. Allow Divine support to work for you. Helps to trust Will of Divine.
SWARM Helps in teamwork. Helps to grow business with team spirit. Helps to multiply with support. Used to rise high together.
SWEET It helps to be pleasant, charming, authentic, acceptable, and natural. Do not use if you have diabetes as it will increase the craving for sugar.
SWEET CHESTNUT It is a Bach flower remedy. Helps in increase brightness of mind and optimism. Helps to keep your thoughts, words, behavior and habits positive.
SWING Helps to move easily from a situation. Helps to be bold to move out of a distress. Those who have vertigo problem carefully use this switch word.
SWIVEL Helps to remove unwanted from the body. Can be used for constipation and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). Helps to ease out something without much change in position. Used to remove worries and release pain. Do not use in the case of loose motion.
SWIVEL POSTPONE OAK Helps to shed of worries and be grounded. This switch word phrase can be used for the perfect health and maintain divine order.
TAKE Helps to lead with responsibility. Helps to be open to receive good things and good life. Used to be powerful to get, control and hold of a situation.
TAP Helps to explore new opportunities in any financial situation and to evaluate what is available in any situation. Helps to check ways to prosper in any situation. Used to attract Divine energies. Helps to modify and transform earthly energies.
TENDER Helps a person to be generous and be in a mode of giving to others. It can help to arrange something or negotiate a financial deal. Used to generously arrange something.
THANKS It is a master switch word. It is an expression of gratitude. THANKS is the master switchword for Leo Zodiac Sign. Helps to stop regretting and to close all arguments. Helps to create more solutions and ways for any situation. Helps to open more doors to reach a destination. Used to attract apprecia Read more about THANKS
THANKS GIVE COUNT DIVINE This switch word phrase helps to increase income and to pay off debts and loans. Helps to speed up stuck life. It takes a person to a debt free life. Used to receive abundance, money, cash and joyful life.
THOMAS EDISON A Genius inventor who invented the light bulb and phonograph. It can be used to think out of the box and discover new ideas. To get technical solutions. It will help to troubleshoot a technical situation with new solutions. It can help to perform extraordinarily.
TIGER EYE It is a gemstone. Helps to release fear and anxiety. Helps to take decisions with understanding. Gives strength, vitality, good luck and willpower. Activates Solar plexus and Root Chakra. Used to attract love. Helps to unlock hidden talents and attract prosperity. Used for psyc Read more about TIGER EYE
TINY Helps to reduce and release what is in excess. Help to reduce the size of body and excess fat and excess weight. Used to reduce negative emotions like ego. 
TOGETHER It is a master switch word. Helps to master any activity or skill. Can help to unite you with your personal and financial goals or any wish. Helps to become single-minded when you need to be. TOGETHER helps to do anything. It unites mind, body, and soul to get things done quickly. It also unite Read more about TOGETHER
TOGETHER DIVINE HARMONY Helps to increase peace and harmony in relationships. Used to unite a family or keep members united in a group. Helps to increase peace, love and harmony in a family and make their relationship healthy.
TOGETHER SWARM SCHEME Helps to increase clients, business, money, wealth, success, and wealth. Used to achieve business goals with divine support and team spirit.
TOMORROW To bring hope to a person who feels guilty or in sadness. Helps to release self-accusation.
TOO Helps to add more. Can be used to increase something which is required in the higher amount. ADD is a better switch word as TOO also gets into an excessive state.
TORQUOISE It is a gemstone and a color. It gives strength, wisdom, intuition, humanity and soothing to heart. It soothes a person with past hurt. Helps to balance physical, emotional and spiritual life. Helps to cheer up a person and protects from outside negative influences. Also helps to attract wealth. Goo Read more about TORQUOISE
TOUCH Helps to connect to people with compassion and love. Helps to establish connectivity to divine or purpose of life. Used to explore more. Helps to live in a present moment. Helps to increase affection and concern.
TRANSFORM Helps to change to a better state of mind and soul. Used to increases spiritual awareness. Can be used to change a business strategy to achieve better profits. Can help to change a person's mind to good. Used to convert a person’s stubborn ways to change into an easily accepting type.
TREASURE Helps to keep something more protected. Helps to increase value or realize its importance. Used to make things valuable, precious and important.
TRICKLE Helps to move slowly in one direction. Can help to achieve a long-term goal or wish with ease. Used to share and give with a gentle stream. Used to slow down the pace.
TRIUMPH Helps to be successful in any event, wish or venture. Can help to rise on top in a business, win a competition and stand out in a crowd. Help students in a competitive game or exam. Used to attract success and victory. Helps to come out on top.
TRUMP Helps to be a winner in spite of having opponents. It will help you to outrun your critics or competitors tactfully. Make you a winner and helps to be on top. Used to increase cleverness.
TRUST Helps to create awareness. In relationships, it can be used to increase bond. It creates a sense of reliability for partners be it business or family relationship. It brings hope to a person who is suffering to believe that good times are coming.
UBUNTU Helps to participate fully and willingly cooperate with others. Helps to remain united in a group. Helps a person to be a compassionate, generous and kind human. Used to instill a feeling of oneness. Helps to be in an attitude of sharing with others.
UNCLE Helps to be together with the idea or person. Helps to be aligned or remain attached to a wish or a person. Used to make someone aligned and responsible.
UNMASK Used to reveal, expose the hidden truth and secrets. Can also help to focus on what was neglected earlier.
UNPLUG Helps to come out of limitations or think out of the box when you are looking for solutions. Also helps to be with own self and detach from the external world. Used to think wild on an idea. Helps to remove obstacles and blockages. Used to retain things.
UNTHREAD Helps to cut unwanted past memories of people. Used to be free of unwanted emotions and negative chords. Can help to leave what is not required anymore. Used to sort out differences.
UP higher level of intensity, do something unexpected, move to high value
URANIUM Uranium has the largest atoms of the naturally occurring elements in Earth and has the huge energy to even fuel a missile or nuclear weapon. As switch word it can be used when very high energy is required. It can be used to sustain in a situation for a longer time. It helps to be strong and be Read more about URANIUM
US Helps to remain united. Helps to increase team spirit, increases a sense of oneness. Helps to achieve the outcome with unity. It instills a sense of being together and feels secure.
VARUNA It is an element Water. Helps to increase love between man and woman. Used to remove lethargic, inactiveness, slow, shabby and innocuous nature. Helps to increase money. Used to increase the beauty of the outer skin. Work great in the case of high BP, excess body heat and diarrhea.
VAYU VAYU means the Air. It also refers to a spiritual father of Lord Hanuman. It helps to sustain life and increase strength. Helps to speed up. Used to removes negativity and purifies the mind and raises consciousness. Helps to give protection to body and mind from evil influences. Also assists in comm Read more about VAYU
VERVAIN It is a Bach flower remedy. Helps to preserve the energy of an over excited person. Helps people who may be right but feel exhausted if people don’t follow their views. Used to understand other's view to alter his argument to convince others. Helps to neutralize the overexcite Read more about VERVAIN
VIBRANT Helps to feel highly energetic. It creates more passion to accomplish your goals. It helps to remain in high spirits and passionate.
VICTORY Helps to achieve the target. Creates the courage to get and reach favorable, positive and successful outcomes. Gives a sense of surety to fulfill tasks. Helps to move faster towards achieving positive results. Helps to act for a desirable outcome.
VINE It is a Bach flower remedy. It can be used for strict, dominating and dictating personalities who always keep on ordering to follow them like very strict fathers, abusive partners, autocratic bosses, teachers who do not allow students to voice their opinions etc. VINE helps such people to understand Read more about VINE
VIOLET Helps in the transformation. Helps in the case of delusions and alcohol addictions. Used to create spiritual insights. Helps to soothe the mind from emotional stress. Helps to stimulate the spleen and white blood cells increasing immunity. Helps to easily meditate, increase psy Read more about VIOLET
VOID Helps to be free of ego, unwanted people and negativity. Helps to receive new learnings completely and for perfect enlightenment. It also creates emptiness. It should not be used excessively as it may create loneliness.
VUM VUM is the seed mantra of the sacral chakra (swadhisthan). Helps to know our self. Helps in creativity, fun and increase self-worth. It is associated with reproductive organs and urinatory system. Helps to boost the power and energy of the sacral chakra.
Surrender. Divinity. It is one of the best switchword to remove and release spiritual blocks and ego. Helps to be in ecstasy. Helps to feel Oneness with every being and accept life as it comes. Switchword WAHEGURU helps to Read more about WAHEGURU
WAIT Helps to remain constant and hopeful. Used to be careful before taking the next step. Helps to hold on to a situation with patience. Helps in spiritual transformation.
WALL Helps to secure and protect from something evil or undesired forces. Helps to prevent from falling. It helps to raise the security and protection in bad situations.
WALNUT It is a Bach flower remedy. Helps people who get distracted from their decisions due to unwanted past influences or influenced by strong opinions of others in a situation like shifting to a new place, choosing a career, choosing a life partner or setting a new business etc. It also helps people whic Read more about WALNUT
WALNUT LETTING GO DONE This switch word phrase helps a person to move on from an unwanted past to a bright future. Helps a person to take new decisions confidently free of bad past. Used to boost confidence in a new setup or a new relation. Give a speedy life, positive approach and decision making&nb Read more about WALNUT LETTING GO DONE
WASTE This negative switch helps to attract abundance, wealth, luxury and huge money but overuse of this SW will lead you and your life to poverty.
WATCH Helps to remain alert and cautious. It helps to improve observations. It helps to enhance skills.
WATCHMAN Helps to remain safe and feel secure. It helps to be vigilant. It ensures protection.
WATER VIOLET It is a Bach flower remedy. Helps people who feel superior to others, who are arrogant, proud, egoistic and distance themselves from others or society. Helps to such people who remain aloof and do not interact with others and expect others to follow them. Helps such people to be graceful and at Read more about WATER VIOLET
WAVE Help to remain calm and energized in all situations or go with the flow. It also means to transfer energy. Make a person unstoppable, be constant in performance, to energize, lifted upward and new.
WHEELS Helps to move towards the goal. Can also help to understand the cycle of life and death. Helps to improve the power to understand. Used to move effectively and to push easily towards goals.
WHET Used to increase and stimulate the appetite for a thing or desire.
WHIMSICAL Helps to get odd ideas suddenly. Helps to get an unpredictable outcome. Helps to get innovative or never known before solutions. Make a person fantastic, joyful and unusual.
WHISK Helps to change with speed. It can help to change thoughts to new ones. To freshen up. Make things speedy.
WHISPER Helps to connect with spiritual guidance. Used to maintain secrecy. Helps to pay close attention. Make a person quiet.
WHITE It is a color. Helps to raise the vibration of one’s consciousness and the body. Used to bring harmony to all aspects of one’s life. Directing white into to a part of the body that needs healing is one of the fastest ways to bring about healing. Helps in Purifi Read more about WHITE
WHITE CHESTNUT It is a Bach flower remedy. Helps people with continuous unwanted thoughts and who mentally argue with someone, as a result, they cannot concentrate on their work. Used to calm such minds and allows to think rationally. Helps a person to choose between the thoughts and think only those thoughts whic Read more about WHITE CHESTNUT
WILD OAT It is a Bach flower remedy. Helps people who want to do great in life but do know in which direction to act and feel frustrated and confused. Helps people who get bored and do not remain firm on their decisions. Helps such people to achieve their goals. Helps them with new energy an Read more about WILD OAT
WILD ROSE It is a Bach flower remedy. Helps people who give up on situations and do not feel to take actions, feel a sense of being hopeless for a change, their limbs become heavier because of lack of desire. Helps such people to rejuvenate to a positive state of mind and makes them ligh Read more about WILD ROSE
WILLOW It is a Bach flower remedy. Helps people who have misfortune, blame others, keep complaining, feel victimized and envy others. Helps to build a sense of responsibility and face reality. Helps to rejuvenate and restore back their powers for a balanced life. Used to release bitterness Read more about WILLOW
WIND Bring the power to sustain in life, perform extraordinarily and to create an impact. Helps to move on with strength, feel vast in opportunities and clears a hazy path. Helps to do things extraordinary and mind-blowing. Make a person super creative.
WINDFALL Helps to attract unexpected money, a sudden increase in wealth, to receive a bonus or a jackpot prize. Used to attract abundance with surprise.
WINDMILL Helps to increase energy. Used to create a replenishing source. Helps to control powers and unseen energy.
WINGS Helps to expand, set new limits, reach new landmarks, to rise high, aspiration of soul, to think beyond capacities, to travel far with ease and to feel powerful with support. Used to rise higher. Lifted the soul.
WITH Helps to be together for a goal, to be accompanied, to possess something, to feel supported for reaching a target, to be able to exist, for connection and support. Make a person more satisfied, charming and work successfully.
WOLF It is an animal spirit. Helps to protect like a Guardian. Helps to take quick decision. Used to attract loyal and trustworthy people. Helps to connect with intuition. Used to cleverly speed up work. helps to increase wealth, abundance, strength and power. Use to be so Read more about WOLF
WOLF MAGIC BEGIN NOW In this switch word phrase, we ask the wolf to help us. This SWP helps to speed up work. Helps to be a savior in urgent matters. Helps to move out of distress and hopeless situation. Used for quick wish manifestation. Gives quick solutions. Useful for urgent health and financial mat Read more about WOLF MAGIC BEGIN NOW
WOMB Used to feel of protection and security. Helps to increase fertility and possibilities. Helps create love and union between masculine and feminine energy. Used to create family bonding.
WOMB SHIELD ON Helps to protect the womb, protect the mother and her fetus during pregnancy. Helps for a safe pregnancy and to feel protected in any situation.
YELLOW It is a Color. Used to strengthen nerves, mind and muscles. Stimulates higher mentality, speeds up digestion. Helps in scarred tissue healing. Useful to gain wisdom, be cheerful, curious, flexible and progressive. Helps to learn and gain practical knowledge.
YES Helps to be open to receive from Universe. Helps to be firm in decisions. Used to reduce hesitation. Give the confidence to move ahead. Helps to be aligned with goals and to attract attention.
YUM It is a seed mantra for Heart Chakra and very useful to be more loving and compassionate. Used to forgive self and others. Helps to feel peaceful. Used to resolve relationship issues. Helps to be open to receive love and care. Used to give and receive unconditional love. Helps in th Read more about YUM
Z R D Helps to ease bloating, gas & vomiting. Reduce acidity, stomachache, indigestion & heartburn. Increase appetite.
ZEOLITE Used to detoxifies body, purifies the mind, enhances response to healing and regulates the immune system. Helps to brighten aura. Used to increases awareness of your abilities. Also helps to attract wealth. Helps to build emotional maturity to handle relationships. Us Read more about ZEOLITE
ZERO Helps to create openness and wholesomeness. Used to attract infinite possibilities. Helps to live in the present moment. Used to have a balanced state of mind when there is a negative correlation between bad past and confidence to create future. Used to go deep into the meditation.
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