Switchwords to Attract Soulmate And Dream Lover for Marriage Unisex Video

Attract Dream Lover Switchwords 

This Video is very intense and created to Attract Dream Lover. You just need to watch this video to change your destiny. Just watch this video twice a day or as much as possible to magically Attract Dream Lover. No need to chant any switchword of this video. Just watch and enjoy the results.

I have used these Switchwords in this Video


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  1. I am seperate from my husband from last 2 n half years. We will be getting divorce soon. I have 2 yrs old son. I am looking for a soulmate, a job and sant to settle my own business also. Can this video help me out to get my soulmate? Can i write the given switchwords from the video in my diary 28 times? Kindly guide

  2. Hello sir, I m chanting switch words “OPEN SAVE DEVINE DELIGHT” AND ” HO DEVINE LOVE REACH NOW TOGETHER” both from last 6 month for attract that man but zero result. Also wear rose quartz. What to do pls guide.

  3. Sir my son has just completed his Masters in Finance.Although it’s been over two months he still hasn’t got a job.He is a very good and intelligent boy and it breaks my heart to realise his emotions.Please guide as to what switchwords will help me to ensure his success.
    Please help.Regards

  4. Hello sir…my sister is divorcee…she wants to settle again…but not getting good aliance..she is in so much pain…she has one year old daughter…which video she can see to get good aliance as soon as possible… please help

  5. hello, i thought the person ii love also loves me, but he is continuously making me feel unwanted and rejected. i want to attract him. i want to chant SUDDENLY-CONCEDE-FIND-TOGETHER-BETWEEN-PEARL-EMERALD-BRING-HOLE-VENUS-CHARM-WITH(name of the person)-REACH-HALFWAY-SOMEHOW-NOW… please advice me. is it ok or beed to do something else?

    • i also want t kknow sharat sir, can i add the switchword ADD, LOVE here? and chanting 18 switchword in a phrase is ok??

  6. Sir,

    I need a job in my own field.I am a software engineer.I need a job very badly.
    I have been trying for 3 yrs.In every interview i am doing well and able to make interviewer happy but at the end i am not getting the job. My inlaws has done some kind of black magic on me so that i can not succeedin any way. Please help me out.

    • Golden Sunrise Priya

      How do you know you are suffering from black magic? Try chanting REACH CHARM(job) NOW.

  7. Do you take personal sessions for healing? If yes, I would like to meet you, please schedule an appointment for me. Send me your address on my email id. Thank you

  8. Comment: Together divine love ,
    Sharat sir , your switchwords are amazing for me. how ever ,I need your help for love here. On Feb 1 , I had a friend by the name of Shamkumar who contacted me daily thru face book for two months. The last msg was on 24 mar 2016. he said he was busy and he sounds very genuine to me. he said he loves me and he wants to see my parents to propose me. He is also 10 years younger than me and he told me , age is just numbers.He know all the truth about me , that im a single mother and i have only one son . I told the truth about myself on the 1st day it self .Now it has been 2 months he has not reply me . Any switchwords that can make him contact me immediately. he made his word hanging just like that.

    In delima and disappointed situation.

    from Neelam Veera

    • Golden Sunrise Neelam,

      Most of the time I notice these FB friends are not genuine…without knowing you personally, no one can judge you how good or bad you are, so these love emotion are fake and vanish very quickly. If you truly want a lovable person as a husband then I will help you to find that guy…

  9. I’m married for 20 years with 2 girls . Always having problem with my Husband . If has been 4 months he is not talking or taking care of us. What mantra can I use to bring back his love and care to family .

  10. 1. Thanks to time for penning down grats.

    2. Thanks to me for doing excellent work on Rio and ORI.

    3. Thanks to Alyssa and Greg and Jad for giving excellent feedback/comments for me now and forever.

    4. Thanks to perfect health of me and my near and dear ones.

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