Switchwords For Getting Desired Job

This Video is very intense and created to get your desired job (if you deserve it). You just need to watch this video to increase your probability to get your desired job soon. Just watch this video twice a day or as much as possible. No need to chant any switchword of this video. Just watch and enjoy the results.

Switchwords For Getting Desired Job

I have used these switchwords in this Video


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  1. I am a CA final aspirant.i have been working very hard to get my degree but somehow it’s taking a little time..
    I am in an ongoing quest for a job with a good salary and iess than 9 hours working so that I can continue my studies with job.
    Please guide me through.

  2. Respected Sir,
    Good Afternoon!
    I am Sindhu. I am in search of a Government job, In this November last week, written exams date is announced in one of the University. i am preparing well but im week in 1st paper (General paper). I wanted to get selected in that written test as well as skill test. i want to choose right answers in written exam. what should i chant. Please help me with the switch word to get selected as top 5 in the list.

  3. my married life is not going well and also want growth in my carerr please suggest switch word for my happy married life.

  4. hello sir/mam
    my brother is trying for job and giving so many exams but only 3 , 4 marks he s missing the job so please suggest any switch word for his career.

  5. One lady anju kailash saraf ran away with my hard earned money n after 2 yrs she started drama of excuses. Please let me know how fast I can get back my own hard earned money .

  6. Hi Sharat sir,
    My name is Malini. I am finding it quite difficult to find stability in my career and seeking a well paying one with a permanent profile. Currently unemployed. Request your help to find a very good job soon. Please help me.
    Thanks and regards

  7. Dear Sir,
    I lost my job since 1 year. Till today I’m not getting any job in spite of giving me lot of Interviews. I’m seeing your videos 2 times a day since today. Sir how long will it take to effect on getting the job. Little odd question, but I need a job to balance my life. So saddened of not getting job in spite of having solid 14 years. Those who don\t have any knowledge in this world they are surviving and leading happy life, why me Sir.

    • No one claims or says when you will get attuned with the energies of this video. Once you get attuned you will get the job.

  8. Hi Sharath Sir,
    I am in search of a job, i have given a interview in one of the very good company. I wanted to get selected in that. Please help me with the switch word to get selected in it.

  9. Hello Sharat Sir,

    Two weeks ago I had cleared my interview, and also got to know that I had cleared all rounds.But stll I am not getting any call from the company regarding the offer. Please help me on this as I really need this job offer. Will you please tell me which switchwords I should chant ?
    It will be really helpful.

    Best Regards,

  10. Hi, I’m new to switchwords.
    Sir, for the last 12 years I’m working in a company where their is no prospects. I want to change company and get a better post but the problem is corruption, if you have any contact then you can get a good job in a good company.
    I’ve done my efforts applied some places but no response. Even I’ve tried with meditation to achieve goal, but nothing is working for me.
    Please help me I really want to have a better job with good prospects and great salary.
    Thanking you in advance.

  11. I have two interviews coming up and I am bit scared about facing interviews. Please give me some switchwords for getting success in my job

  12. Hello Sharat Sir,

    I am very new to Switchwords, though I have some basic knowledge about Kundalini and have also done basic level of Reiki.

    My son has written his CBSE 12th board exams this year. He says his exams went well, however he is getting very worried about his results. Even I am also becoming very worried now, we want him to get at least 85% to 90% marks for his future admissions. Please let me know what can I do to make this happen.

    Also he is preparing for several competitive exams as well as targeting to get admission in a very good university either in India our even outside India, provided he scores excellent and gets scholarship. What can I do to help him achieve his dreams?

    Request you to treat this urgent as his results are to be declared on the 26th May’18 (this month).

    Thanks and regards,

    • Hello ji,
      Whatever your son has written is already checked… Now you can not do anything for this.

      For other exams you can chant “REACH FIRST RANK NOW” as much as possible.

  13. Hi Sharad Sir,
    I need your help
    1)My company has given me work at home job i want that it will be extened for 10 years
    2)Our Land is going in Government Project my parents are not giving us part on this so i wish they will give some part of it because my parents hates us we are 3 sisters and 2 brother my parents hate daughters t, our sister they love their sons only and son in law . so please help that they also love us and give some part of land which is going in government project.

  14. Dear Sir,

    I am looking for a aboard job intensely, Please suggest me switch words fetch me good money making job.


    • For an abroad job in UAS chant “REACH USA NOW” as much as possible. Change the name of the country according to your wish.

  15. Dear Sir
    I have landed a new job and am finding it very hard to grasp all of the new information and be confident. Will chanting golden sunrise alone be helpful in allowing me to absorb information quickly and correctly and be a good leader in my new job and please my clients?

    Thank you for your help!

  16. Hello Sir,

    Golden Sunrise

    Can you please tell if I want job in particular company so what switch word shall I chant or write.


  17. Hello sharat sir,
    Can I use EC to find the job in particular company in particular city?

    Please advise


  18. can i watch this vedio for getting desired job on behalf of someone else? the parson is not even getting any job offer… and facing many obstacles…. i also want to use this vedio for my self simultaneously, can do that?

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