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What are Switchwords?

Switchwords are the WORDS that can quickly switch your energy from one dimension to the other dimension. It means that words have the power to change your energy. All words can become Switchwords. All words have some power to become Switchwords. So it is very simple to understand that those words which have the power to switch your energy are called Switchwords for you.

Mental Frequency Changes Through Switchwords

Switchwords are seed-beej mantras in English. In Hinduism and Buddhism, there are many mantras are created with the help of seed mantras e.g. in Ganesh Mantra “Aum Shreem Hreem Kleem Glaum Gam Ganapataye Vara Varada Sarva Janamme Vashamanaya Svaha” is created with seed mantras like Shreem, Hreem, Kleem, etc. All Swicthwords are seed mantras in English. Don’t miss to take a look at a vast switchword list & dictionary.

List of switchwords by sharat sir

And Same rule applies to things, persons, movies, songs, and feelings as well. Things which can switch your energy is a Switch Thing for you. A person who can switch your energy is a Switch Person for you. An event or a past feeling which can switch your energy is a Switch Feeling or a Switch Event for you. A movie or a song which can change your energy is a Switch Movie or a Switch Song as well.

The past feelings, events, and situations can be your own feelings, situations, or events or of some other people whom you know or must have observed or shared a similar feeling or heard too with.

Switchwords: Understand With Real Life Example

  1. For a lady, her husband can be a switch person. His charming looks, caring nature, positive attitude, or husky voice, anything can switch her energy.
  2. For a mother, her child can be a switch person. His/ her smiling face or a tight hug, a win in a competition, or a comfortable sleep in her lap can switch her energy.
  3. Friends too are good Switch persons. Looking at them or just thinking about a friend can Switch your energy. Their caring attitude, tight hug, warmth can remind you of these feelings at the time of need. 
  4. For a religious person idol of Deity is a switch thing for a devotee. Praying them, visiting them, practicing spiritual practices, or worshipping them can switch their energy. 
  5. For a true follower, the words of his/ her master are a Switchwords.
  6. For a mother, a past event, situation, and feeling of her child can be a Switchword. Like when her child won a competition and she felt proud.

So many words, things, persons, movies, and songs can become Switchwords, switch things, and switch persons. Switchwords, switch things, switch persons, switch events, switch feelings are very quick and effective to create a new life and switch from pain, defeat, trauma, or failure to a new better life. Same way movies and songs too can be Switch movies or Switch songs as watching favorite or effective movies or listening to favorite songs too can Switch your energy and can be your Switch word.

List of Switchwords by Sharat Sir

What are the Switchword Phrases?

Switchword phrases are the phrases made out of combinations of a few effective Switchwords without using and following any grammatical rules.

Switchword phrases have energies of combination Switchwords to attain desired results. Many Switchwords can be clubbed together to create a Switchword phrase in order to acquire the power of many Switchwords into one phrase for quick results.

What is my Research in Switchwords

In my research, I found that there is long and short both type of Switchword phrases, where long Switchword phrases have reduced their power and can create more confusion in your mind, and then Switchword chanting becomes a waste of time and efforts. So creating a shorter possible Switchword phrase(s) helps to attain success soon.

This is also approved by many switch word practitioners. I strongly suggest using one-word Switch words than long phrases.

Must know that Switchwords were created to use one word to get what you want. Maybe a Switchword phrase of 2 or 3 at the most can be used but I would stay away from using more than 3″. I truly believe that connecting a multitude of words can take away power and focus from the intention of your goal.What are switchwords

Beware of so-called Switchword gurus who have no idea what they are doing and have swayed away from the true intent of Switchwords as the creator intended them to be used as.

If you are not getting the results you are seeking, it’s probably because you are using too many words that are creating more confusion rather than being precise with your intent. I believe Simple is better.

The Universe does not need to have many words to know what your intention is. Focus on one or two words and this can work for a majority of your situations. More so because it will be easier for you to focus your intent. I’ve been using Switchwords for over a decade now and mostly just used one word or maybe two, and they WORK!

It is best to break what you want into smaller chunks and focus on one situation at a time instead of trying to have 3 wishes come true with one long Switchword phrase. This isn’t going to work and if you have been doing this and haven’t received the results you are looking for, this is most likely the reason why.

James T Mangan Invented Switchword Concept

Switchwords: What are They & How to Use Them

Who is James T. Mangan

James T. Mangan (1896-1970) was the first person who did a lot of research on Switchwords and understood the Concept of Switchwords and its working.

He also discovered that how a person can use his/her subconscious mind to fight with their fears and live their wishes.

James T. Mangan, after his long years of research, discovered that few words can switch your energy system. With this change of energy system your aura, situations and surroundings can also be changed. These particular changes are very helpful in changing your whole life.

Respected Naran Sir is also promoting, working, and expanding switch words. He already helped innumerable people with his guidance on Switchwords, numbers, Bach flower remedies, and healing frequencies. He too has a great contribution to the switchwords world along with many more healing modalities.

How Switchwords affect our Life?

Here I present a total of 6 ways how a word can switch your energy from one state to another state. Every person has a total of 3 mental states. They are Positive, Negative, and Neutral. Each word has some power to influence and in the below list you can check them with the example:-

  1. Negative energy to positive energy e.g: when a person is highly negative then Switchword GOLDEN SUNRISE can instantly change his/her energy system, aura, situation, and surrounding.
  2. Negative energy to neutral energy e.g: when a person is highly negative then Switchword SMILE can help but for a few seconds. These kinds of Switchwords are called defusing words. They often nullify your negative energy but unable to create abundant positive energy. 
  3. Neutral energy to positive energy e.g: when a person is in a normal mood then Switchword RAINBOW can activate his/her mood and lift up his/her energy system, aura, situation, and surrounding. 
  4. Neutral energy to negative energy e.g: when a person is in a normal mood then Switchword DANGER can turn down his/her energy into sad and fearful alertness.
  5. Positive energy to neutral energy e.g: when a person is in a positive mood then sad news on TV/newspaper can turn down his/her energy into a worried mood but maybe just for a few seconds.
  6. Positive energy to negative energy e.g: when a person is in a positive mood then sad news about his/her close one’s sudden death or accident can turn down his/her energy into a sad and depressive state.
What is switchword

What are the Benefits of Switchwords

  1. They are very easy to learn and apply.
  2. Switchwords are not messy like many other healing tools.
  3. With Switchwords no need to use imagination.
  4. Switchwords are like single-word affirmations, therefore, there is no confusion about which tense to be used as is the case in affirmations. (In affirmation we can affirm in many tenses and there are lots of theories about which tense you should affirm in) “So No Tense No Tension.”
  5. With Switchwords there is no need to memorize long decrees and affirmations.
  6. A single Switchword can change your energy system to permit the Universe to fetch out your wishes, your desires, and your needs to materialize.
  7. Switch words are words, which when used can switch a person from a negative frequency to a desired higher frequency.
  8. Switch words work on the subconscious mind and can bring the desired outcome.
  9. And Switch words can be used either by writing them on a paper or by chanting in mind or loudly as many times as possible depending upon the need of the situation.
  10. Switchwords can be written in Energy Circles and broadcasted.
  11. One can do Switchword healing for another person by way of PROXY chanting.
  12. It is important to use the right switch words to get appropriate results.
  13. Single words as switchword are easy to use and work amazingly.
  14. There are some switch words that work in almost all situations and they are called Master Switchwords like GOLDEN SUNRISE, DIVINE MAGIC BEGIN NOW, LOVE, etc.
  15. Master switch words can be used alone or in combination with other switchwords.
  16. Here you can find a complete switch word list with their application.
  17. Do explore them in your daily life and share your experiences on my Facebook group GOLDEN SUNRISE too.

Do You Know?

All Bach Flower Remedies, Homeopathy Remedies, Herbs, Colors, Exclamatory Words, Wow Feelings, Name of Deity etc. can become a Switchword for YOU. 

How to use SwitchwordsWhat are the Benefits of Switch Person

  • The switch Person is well connected to your heart.
  • A switch Person can give you emotional satisfaction with his/her hugs and lovely talk.
  • A switch Person can be present and listen when you want to change your energy system.
  • Switch Person can give you the right suggestion and open up your mind, up to a great extent.
  • Anyone can become your Switch Person e.g. your teacher, your classmate, your friend, your neighbor, your colleague, your spouse, a child, etc.

Benefits of SwitchwordsWhat are the Benefits of Switch Thing

  • Any stone, any color, any other material thing can become a Switch Thing for you.
  • Switch Things are easy to find.
  • A holy place can also become your Switch Thing.
  • Most people have their Deity’s Idol as a Switch Things. They wear the pendant, talisman, and other things as Switch Things.
  • Pets are living beings but they can become your Switch Things.

Many VIBBES KADA users also use their VK as a Switch Thing. They call VK their buddy. (VK can also give them abundant healing support during need).

Switchwords: What are They & How to Use Them

Benefits of Switch Memories/ Events/ Situations

  • Switch Memories is already there in mind to recall.
  • Switch Memories has already given the desired feeling.
  • Switch Memories are good in holding hope.
  • Switch Memories are doubt-free as they are already manifested feelings.
  • Switch Memories are good at creating and achieving new wishes.
  • Switch Memories have a powerful feeling in them.

Magic Switchwords

How to Find/ Recognize Right and Powerful Switchwords for you

It is very easy to find Switchwords that suit you best. Here are a few steps:
  1. Know what you desire.
  2. Choose your priority out of your list of wishes.
  3. Decide what you want to change in your life.
  4. Now look into your past and search when you were in a happy and positive energy system.
  5. Collect all and only good moments.
  6. It can be similar or any other event in the past in which you were happy.
  7. Find the word which changed your energy system instantly in the past For Example:
  • Maybe in the past, your spouse called you “Honey” and you blushed a lot then HONEY is your Switchword to attract more and similar moments in your life.
  • Maybe your mother called you with your NickName “Angel” and you smiled a lot so your nickname ANGEL is your Switchword to get Divine Blessings.
  • Maybe your father motivated you by addressing you “My Einstein” then EINSTEIN is your Switchword to accomplish any task with ease again.
  • Think of a time when your grandfather gave you a buck or coin and you felt like a billionaire, if this happened in your past then the name of your Grandfather is your Switchword to attract more money NOW.
  • Maybe having a good time with your friends in school or college made you Giggle. So now GIGGLE can be your switch word if you are sad.
  • Maybe eating chocolate pulled you out of your sad moment then CHOCOLATE is your Switchword now if you are sad.
  • Maybe your child had always good results in the past, he came home shouting at the top of his voice and excited to share his result. Now those emotions can switch your energy in creating his bright future again in life when he steps into financial growth.
  • Maybe you have watched a movie which is related to your dreams now. Watching that movie again can switch your energy now too.
  • Motivational songs/ videos too can switch your energy to your desire.

Switchwords What are They & How to Use Them By Sharat Sir

If you still cannot find a good Switchword for you then ask a Switchword master who will give you some Universal Powerful Switchwords which are best fitted for most people or help you to find your own Switchwords.

Your own Switchwords can change your energy system so quickly and internally motivate you to do your work more easily.

Your own Switchwords also help you to recall your good times and memories. With this recalling, your energy can switch so quickly that you can be master of the art of finding your own Switchword with the help of the above technique. Also, remember these events, feelings, words could have been a success in someone else’s life. You can anytime have that same feeling in your life too. 

Switchwords What are They

Please do not avoid the Presence of Geopathic Stress in your home. It can be a serious cause of many of your problems. The above-shared information is my point of view after long research and experiments about working, using, and expanding the concept of Switchwords.

The symbols which are attached to a particular healing system and which require attunement will work like switch words only when it is attuned to that person. So if a person wants to use Reiki symbols as switch words, he would require prior attunement with Reiki.

However, VK users can get the effect of such symbols simply by requesting the energies of Reiki symbols to VK. VK can mimic other healing practices including Reiki without any need for prior attunement with Reiki.

But this is not true for Bach Flower Remedies, Mantras, or healing codes. A person will get their effect just by chanting as there is no attuning required.

switchwords benefits work power

Some people have this question reading my multiple posts…

Can Cosmic Serums be chanted as switch words? Can VIBBES KADA or VK be used as a switch word? My answer is both YES and NO.

YES for VK users:  Cosmic Serums made by me can ONLY be accessed with VK. So a person with VK can chant Cosmic Serums to get its effects. Just to take the energy, a VK user can take any Cosmic Serum by requesting VK 3 times.

NO for non-VK users: A non-VK user cannot receive the effect of COSMIC SERUMS or of VK even if they chant 1000 times. It would be a waste of energy and time. To get the effect of COSMIC SERUMs, you should be a VK user. Using pictures of VK or just by calling VK randomly without possessing a real VK or not being the last person who touched a particular real VK will not give the effect from VK.

I believe that you know how to chant GOLDEN SUNRISE switch word mantra for Easy Manifestations. Now, look around you to search what is best for you as a Switchword, Switch Person, and Switch Thing for You. You can find them easily. You can use them easily.

This article is my vision for Switchwords. Must read some articles on switch words. 


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