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Care Serum {CS} is the 5th serum on the list of our Cosmic Serums. This Serum is very good to care and helps in all kinds of cancers, tumors, fibroids, and side effects due to the medical treatment of...


Money Earning Ideas

40 Powerful And Best Affirmations For Entrepreneurs (Increase Your Business)

40 Powerful Best Affirmations For Entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurs Affirmations: Many of us did not have formal training and enough MONEY when we started working. At that time, we felt unworthy and unlucky....

Switchwords Energy Circle – Energy Circle for Money (Personal and Universal)

Switchwords Energy Circle EC for Money Personal and Universal
Money is our friend. But many times people have mental blocks in receiving money. So here I bring this MONEY ECs for All. The...

20 Abundance And Prosperity Affirmations (Train Your Mind)

20 Abundance Prosperity Affirmations Train Your Mind
The feeling of Abundance and prosperity is a powerful mindset for mankind. It is the birthright of every person but sometimes, we unknowingly get...

Bach Flower Remedies

Energy Circle (EC) To Resolve Relationship Issues Via Bach Flower Remedies

Energy Circle EC To Resolve Relationship Issues Via Bach Remedies
Resolve Relationship Issues: Moving ahead in the amazing world of EC, we introduce an innovative way to heal all kinds of relationship issues. A human...

White Chestnut Calm Down Persistent and Endless Thoughts

White Chestnut Bach Flower Calm Down Persistent and Endless Thoughts
White Chestnut: Keywords for this remedy are tyrannized by mental arguments, compulsive thoughts, fixations and mental and emotional overstimulation, and mental torture.  White Chestnut calms...

Hornbeam Can Help In Tiredness Weariness Procrastination And Sluggishness

Hornbeam Can Cure Tiredness Weariness Procrastination Sluggishness
Hornbeam: Keywords for this remedy are weariness, procrastination, tiredness at the thought of doing something, lethargic, groundless feelings of stress, anger, self-absorption, a chronic...