10 Unheard Facts of Jesus Christ’s Life

    10 Unheard Things of Jesus Christ Life Marry Christmas To All

    Around the world, Christians and other devotees are celebrating the birth of Jesus. Jesus came into the world to show people the Right and Divine Path. There are some interesting facts related to Jesus’ life that are not known to everyone. Let’s know about them:

    Jesus Got His Name From An Angel

    Jesus got his name from an angel. It is mentioned in the Bible that an Angel went to Mary, the mother of Jesus, and told her that you have the special Grace of God and he is with you. Mary got nervous after hearing this but the angel told her that you need not be afraid. You will give birth to a child whose name will be Jesus. His kingdom will never end.

    Jesus’ Surname Was Not Christ

    Many people think that Christ is Jesus’ surname but it is not true. In the first century, people did not have surnames in Palestine. At that time people used to identify children in the name of parents. The word Christ is derived from the Greek Christos meaning Messiah.

    Jesus Was Not Born On 25 December

    The whole world celebrates the birth of Jesus on 25 December, but there is doubt about his birthday on 25 December. Long ago Christian leaders such as Hippolytus and John Chrysostom observed the date of December 25, and finally, the date was chosen to celebrate. There are many differences among scholars regarding the date of Jesus’ birth. Some people say that Jesus was not born in the winter season but in the autumn season.

    Jesus Had Many Siblings

    According to Matthew’s Gospel, Jesus had many siblings. The names of the four brothers are James, Joseph, Simon, and Judas.

    Jesus Was A Carpenter

    According to the Gospel, Jesus used to work as a carpenter in the beginning. Jesus’ brother Joseph was a carpenter and it is said that Jesus learned this work from him. Later, the people of the city came to know him also as a carpenter.

    Jesus Was Very Simple In Appearance

    Although there is not much information about the physical appearance of Jesus, it is said that he had simple features.

    The First Miracle Of Jesus

    We all know, Jesus performed great miracles. He performed his first miracle during a wedding ceremony in Kana. Here he made water out of liquor. Jesus’ glory started spreading everywhere after this miracle.

    Jesus Spoke Many Languages ​

    In first-century Palestine, Jews usually spoke the Aramaic language. And Jesus also spoke the same Aramaic language. Although, according to Matthew’s Gospel, Jesus had knowledge of many languages ​​including Aramaic, Hebrew, and Greek.

    Jesus Was Not A Vegetarian

    According to Matthew’s Gospel, Jesus was not a vegetarian. Gospel mentioned that Jesus too used to eat meat like the rest of the Jews. Jesus used to eat fish regularly.

    Jesus Fasted For 40 Days

    According to the Bible, Jesus fasted for 40 days. Usually, at the time, in that region, there was no ordinary person who could keep fast for so many days.

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