Vervain Bach Remedy Neutralize the Over-Excited State of the Person

Bach Remedy Vervain Neutralize the Over-Excited State of the Person

Vervain: Keywords for this remedy are missionary zeal, obsessive worry, fixed ideas, inflexible beliefs and convictions, fanaticism, and blindly zealous beliefs.

These are the precisionist kind of people with a keen sense of justice. They have the talent of cognition and are confident enough to put their beliefs into action. These people are full of enthusiasm and even get harsh about their ideas. 

They even may have an enormous wish to help others with their wisdom. And they usually do this by giving others their words while expecting others to be obedient in listening. They may take offense and get stressed if their thoughts are not accepted by others. They may find it hard to relax if they have put themselves under the stress. Here comes the need for Vervain, the remedy that helps to restore balance and make the person relaxed. Vervain augments the wisdom in a positive way to enjoy life and be happy.

These people are actually of strong principles and ideas of which they are confident to be right. They do not easily change their rules. They do not leave off their duties in any circumstances in which others might kneel down. But the problem arises when the denunciation of others affects them immensely.

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Bach Flower Remedy Vervain is the remedy for these kinds of people who feels unable to quit thinking about an idea or anything else. That thing may be stuck on their mind and hover repeatedly. Flower Remedy Vervain will help to slow down the obsessive thinking that they are practicing, to a normal state where they can let go the things and think more rationally than before.

The phenomenon which is usually seen in the Vervainian personality is that if they have an idea or they think something is not right and they have a way to correct it, they will not stop until every other concerned person concedes or accedes to their idea. These people have revolutionary ideas and are capable of thinking out of the box. They have a different aura and try to get the agreement of all concerned in their mission.

But sometimes trying too hard for a mission causes the results to be not as they actually wanted, which may lead to a lessening of followers of that revolutionary person. At that moment in time, they can get affected immensely.

In the negative Vervain state, they do not care about their own physical conditions, pushing themselves to the extremes till exhaustion. They are daring enough to take bold steps like leading in agitations, and creating traffic jams with their roadshows while not getting afraid of police or any other harm that can be done to them.

Here the remedy Vervain comes into effect to neutralize the over-excited state of the person. Vervain helps the person to think accordingly so that he can utilize his energy in desired fields rather than spending it on unimportant things. Also, after getting treated they would be able to understand others’ feelings and opinions more clearly and will alter their own argument to convince others. They will be able to inspire and even fetch more support from others which they could not get in a negative Vervaininan state.

Emotional Aspects and Symptoms of Vervain

Some emotional aspects of a person who needs Vervain are:

  1. frustration with absurdity
  2. sense of injustice of abuse
  3. accident-prone due to overenthusiasm
  4. ambitious desire to achieve
  5. adamant, emotional, and altruistic
  6. a feeling of having excess adrenaline
  7. a great spirit of adventure
  8. unaffected by adversity
  9. eager to give advice
  10. aggravating due to intensity or persistence
  11. aggravated by injustice and unfairness
  12. enthusiastic and passionate aggression
  13. strong sense of ambition
  14. analytical, ardent, bigot, and bossy
  15. answer back with a valid argument
  16. in defiance,
  17. enjoys arguments
  18. blunt, straightforward, bubbly, and conceited
  19. capable but fusses
  20. desires company
  21. desire to convert
  22. strong sense of conviction
  23. crazed and crusader
  24. critical of others
  25. enjoys debate
  26. delusions of grandeur
  27. determination, diligence, and disagreeable
  28. may appear to be disdainful
  29. dogmatic, and dominating
  30. great sense of duty
  31. eager, efficient, and egoistic
  32. empathic and endurance
  33. excess of energy
  34. enthusiastic, exactitude, and exasperation
  35. excessive, excitable, and extrovert
  36. fanatical, fervent, fiery, and increased
  37. fixed ideas and opinions
  38. headstrong and hyperactive
  39. unable to forgive an injustice
  40. talks with hands
  41. highly strung
  42. impetuous, idealistic, and overenthusiastic
  43. perfectionism, indignant, and infuriated
  44. inquisitive, intense, and keen
  45. knows best and leader type
  46. lectures out of enthusiasm
  47. lively, livid, and lustful
  48. martyr to a cause
  49. masterful, megalomaniac, and methodical
  50. bad memory as the mind is full of other things
  51. meticulous and highly motivated
  52. nervy, nosey, obstinate, and opinionated
  53. religiously obsessive
  54. philosophical with strong opinions
  55. pragmatic, precise, and principled
  56. purist, quarrelsome, and rebellious
  57. reformer, relentless, sincere, and sociable

Situation to Use Vervain

Situations, where you can use Vervain, are for people who are never resting, always tense and keyed up, and cannot relax even if they want to, people who “get by” on a minimum of sleep, believing that their cause is more important than caring for their own bodies, their movements are quick and their speech rapid. the person who pushes so hard that he sometimes creates a result that is opposite from his desire – turning people away from his cause and becoming labeled a “fanatic,” or even a “kook.”, one who suffers great inconveniences, is ready to be arrested, or even destroy themselves to get their point across people, who tie themselves to a tree in the forest, lay in front of an approaching bulldozer, or pour gas on themselves before lighting a match.

Vervain  as a Treatment

Vervain is used for aches and pains, and sleep issues, and reduces cancer risk, hypertension, restlessness, speech issues, stammering, seizures, infections, digestive dysfunction, upper respiratory tract symptoms, migraine and headaches, missionary tendencies, intolerant idealism, a need to improve the world, fixed ideas, inflexible beliefs and convictions, fanaticism, blindly zealous beliefs, excessive zeal, missionary tendencies that are pushy or insistent, pushiness, excessive enthusiasm, one-sidedness, preconceptions, lack of sense of proportion, stress, nervousness, and tension.

Pet and Vervain

If a pet is an enthusiast. Always want to be involved and highly strung. 

Affirmation and Vervain

You can choose some positive Affirmations along with Vervain. For example,

  1. I practice moderation in thought and action.
  2. I realize my ideals become real when others’ hearts are left free.
  3. I free my mental rigidity to melt in the rhythmic flow of existence.

VIBBES KADA – VK and Vervain

VK is one of the best tools to Mimic Bach Flower Remedy. You can use VK without any hassle and make the best use of the remedy Vervain for the ability to listen, the flexibility of mind, ability to allow others personal space, capacity to be oneself, respect for the feelings and opinions of others, dissolution of fanaticism, ability to relax, acceptance of life’s rhythms, tranquillity, moderation.

Vervain  and Cosmic Serum 

Calm Down Serum, Balance Serum, and Love Serum are the best serums that can be used with Bach Flower Remedy Vervain.

Dose of Vervain

The physical dose of a Bach Flower Remedy depends upon many criteria like age, intensity, and situation but with VK there is no need to set a particular quantity. Learn here how to use VK for BFR.

VIBBES KADA s one of the best tool to mimic bach flower remedy Vervain energies even without any problem or hassle for you.