It is the Part 1 of VK FAQ

VIBBES KADA® (VK) is a healing tool that is attuned with 11 Cosmic Energies. These cosmic energies in VK help everyone in all situations. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions and their answers about VIBBES KADA® – VK which you need to know.

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Why did Sharat Sir work so hard to invent VK?

Since 1997 being in the energy field and practicing more than 55 energy modalities, Sharat sir found that these practices are not safe, requires time in cleaning and sending energy, needs good focus, passes negative energy of the receiver, imbalances the aura and chakras of the sender, karmas of the sender get also affected and there were many more setbacks.

He didn’t want to practice this way of energy transmission anymore. He wanted to have a 100% safe energy modality, which could be easy to use, save time, energy & human too.

He wanted something which could send non stop energy on its own with no rituals, re-attunement, or recharging. So, his deep desire, pure intention, strong determination, concern for humanity, and scientific attitude led to a unique blessing called VIBBES KADA.

As he received the blessing, he conducted countless experiments to make it what it is and launched in 2009. Just a few words above cannot define his work. To know deep and details about his hardship, read here:




  1. Sir,

    I find this subject fascinating. I have a question that most people might find strange however since we are dealing with a subject that skeptics and most religious zealots would not even address I am compelled to ask any. I am after all a person with great curiosity. Can this very special tool mimic energies that cannot be proved to exist but are possible in the mind of the user? For instance the legendary story of the 7 energy stones created at the beginning of the physical universe of which only 6 are known. Mind stone, Power stone, Reality Stone, Soul stone, Space stone and time stone. Can the Vibbes Kada mimic the power of any of these even though they may only be extant in the users mind? Also this can mimic the energy of any angel? There are 4 angels known as the omni-potent angels who watch time and the expanding universe. Can these powers be mimicked? I would love to own one of these just for healing my family members and myself. Would this help me to become free of a terrible relationship where my partner has become abusive both verbally and psychologically? I am in such a relationship with a Philippine woman who no person would believe me when I say she is mean, cruel and abusive when we are not in public. She has caused me anxiety which has made my hypertension even worse.

    • Get a VK and try to mimic the power of any of these stones even though they may only be extant in the user’s mind.

      Yes, VK can mimic the energy of any angel.

  2. After wearing vk, how many days I expect that it work on my stomach problems which are in high extreme. I have worned vk 2 days ago.

    • Dear its work within a minute after wearing. Plz join VK forum, you can find all your answers there, use search option of the forum.

  3. Hello sir,
    I want VK….I usually read your explanation…I feel very relaxing …. There are too many ups and downs in everyone’s life…. everyone wants solution for thier problems…form of reiki, Bach flowers remedy, switchwords, divine magic, spiritually, crystals,Vastu, astrology, black magic,.etc…there are too many paths to get needs…..I collected all basic guidance about all those ….but I choose VK for peaceful life for me and family….I thought PEACE and HARMONY is best thing in the word…may I know how to buy VK ??….Thank uou

  4. Suppose I wish to send healing to two or more people, do I need to wait 30mins between each request?

  5. Please email me the process information for purchasing VK. How to pay? Where to send payment? Where to send measurement? Anything else to send to you? How much time for shipping?
    Thank you.

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