VIBBES KADA VK is a cosmic energy tool to help and manifest in any issue like physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, relationships, situation, living and non-living and much more.


These are only a few testimonies and many others are hidden into VK user’s heart.

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1. A miracle of Vibbes Kada (Soul Ascender -2) Three days ago, My Friend came to my home to meet me. His wife was not well. He told me that she has a problem in breathing and feels heaviness in her heart and body in the evening since last week. She has even gone for a medical checkup and the results were o.k. But she still has the same problems. I meditate to see what exactly is going on with her. In the meditation when I reached the front door of his house I was stopped by Negative energy. Suddenly I saw three more negative energies on the Left, Right & Back of mine, I was surrounded by them. I told them to have a conversation with me. They agreed and we sat near the front door of the house. I offered MUKTI for all. Suddenly they move up like rockets.

The whole incident was discussed with Sh. Sharat Sir, and he advised me that they will come back with more Souls for Mukti. The same happened. Then I commanded my VIBBES KADA to send the Souls to the Holy Feet of Shaheed Baba Deep Singh Ji. The whole process took only 10 minutes. Now she is feeling better. The problem was also because of the cough which was entering in her wind pipe and I have given ENT SERUM for the same purpose. Thanks to Sh. Sharat Sir once again for the VIBBES KADA and teachings. Jai Ho…

2. Miracles of Vibbes Energies (The Protector) during the usage of Vibbes Kada, we have all seen the magical effects of Cosmic energies emitted by the Kada. We have experienced its Curative blessings several times. We have also seen its role in the bonding of relationship. Then as a cleanser of Chakras, Spiritual body, but have we experienced its protective abilities?? Maybe yes…if not, let me share my experience.

A couple of days ago, I was alone at my home as my family was gone to my in-laws. It was around 3:40 am in the morning when my sleep was disturbed. If I remember it was a nightmare. I woke up, had some water and went back to bed. As I tried to sleep once again, I felt the presence of negative energy. I was sub-consciously alert inspite of feeling sleepy. As it happens, I was having goosebumps while feeling its confirmed presence.

I was drowsy and sleepy but rather automatically I reached for my Vibbes kada to make an affirmation to provide Shielding to my SELF. It appeared as if I was doing it in my dreams. Just within 30 – 35 seconds I felt a jerk. It felt as if somebody had kicked me on my foot and everything negative which was in my sight just faded away. I knew I had the Sheild. I slept peacefully after that. But just to tell you Vibbes Kada does a powerful shielding if requested for which is totally Negativity-proof. Astonishing yet a fact… be safe with Vibbes Kada… Jai Ho!!

3. VIBBES KADA & THE YOUNG GENERATION:-It feels so wonderful when you see your next-generation excelling and doing wonders. No doubt it applies to their academic achievements, but when somebody, like me, watch them practicing with Energy, it’s really a time to zoom with proud. It’s my daughter who made me feel proud like this.

During all these years my daughter – Sushmita, has seen me healing with Vibbes Kada and people getting cured (Obviously). It has converted my non-believer daughter to trust in what may be magic for her friends as they say. One day she requested to teach her how to use cosmic energy through the Kada and experimented on herself….Behold! She was able to cure her throat infection. She is a 19+ quiet natured girl and maybe because of this, she did not even inform me of her achievement. But then I came to know about it after sometime when she healed her mother successfully. Happy at heart I encouraged her and gave the text manual of Vibbes Kada to read and learn various avenues where it can be used.

Little encouragement brings big results. Using Vibbes Kada, Sushmita has not only got a list of patients healed by her but what’s fabulous for her is that she has increased her Height form 4’ 11” to 5’1” by using Cosmic energy on her structural hormones. This is rather a great achievement as human physiology asserts that the growth of the body slows down around this age. Thanks to Vibbes Kada and Super Thanks to the maker of Vibbes Kada – Our Sharat Sir ….JAI HO!!

4. It is always wonderful to read achievements through Vibbes Kada which are being posted by our friends recurrently. This gives all of us more confidence and direction to heal more and more people. Continuing this thread of magical healing, I would like to share my recent experience although it started 8 months ago. My brother’s wife residing in Kolkata was diagnosed having Tumor right at the time of her delivery and since the surgery might be dangerous, doctors suggested to abstain from the surgery till the delivery is done successfully. By the grace of God, she had a son and after 3 months, her tumor was detached. During the surgery, due to Medical negligence, she got an infection on her stitches which kept on aggravating with pus oozing out and soon there was a visible hole secreting pus cells.

Experiencing unbearable pain, she was again examined and operating 2nd time to eliminate the infectious areas. Her Office was kind enough to allow her to work from home so that her job does not get adversely affected. But her nightmare was still not over as after some weeks the same area started seeping out fluid like liquid to announce the presence of re-generated infection.

The doctors suggested that since she had undergone 2 major operations after her delivery, they shall wait for a month to plan their next surgery. My brother consulted me and I was shocked. I borrowed a day’s time from my brother and refuged to Sharat Sir. I consider Sir as my Guiding Star for all my doubts and dilemmas (I aspire to write a collection of remedies by Sharat Sir – Sharat Samhita). Anyways, after consulting Sir and keeping my God as a witness, I spoke to my brother and said “We have 1 month….God willing the surgery won’t be required”.

That day onwards I started healing my brother’s wife through ZAPPER technique. Zapper technique originally is an American technique in which Electric current is passed through the human body to eliminate all kinds of Bacteria through a machine. The current is passed in a low intensity and is beneficial to children as well as adults. Earlier I had learned this technique from Sharat Sir, who had re-invented its usage through energy and without a Zapper machine. But later on, as all of us know, Vibbes Kada does miracles and is compatible to perform any technique.

As expected, from the very next day, my patient started feeling relieved and restful. She often called to request me not to stop healing for a single day. God blessed and we were able to avoid the surgery as the affected area got dried up and the liquid flow stopped. By the end of the month, the hole like cavity which was formed was closed. I intensified the flow of current from 9V: 20KHz to 9V:40KHz. During her recent check-up, doctors declared her cured; of-course, they acclaimed that this is due to their medicines but she knows that she was taking these medicines for months without a result. Thanks to Vibbes Kada and thanks to Sharat Sir that this kind of achievement was possible due to his grace. I appeal to all that keep practicing with Vibbes Kada and keep doing miracles. For those who are still awaiting results are requested not to consider it as their failure and loose heart. Consult without hesitation. There might be small confusions or lack of effort. We all are Achievers and can do Magic. JAI HO!!

5. This might not be an excerpt from Ripley’s but surely I may give it a title of “Believe it or not”. Not only myself but anybody who is practicing with Vibbes Kada, comes across incidents which are beyond belief. I may narrate a number of such incidents, but this one is quite amazing in which I have felt, the real strength of my Vibbes Kada.

Now, won’t you call it amazing that recently, one fine evening around 4:45 pm, a friend calls me for help. I was driving to a customer when I received his call to listen to the problem. He informed that one of his close friend was in distress. His mother-in-law has been hospitalized and her condition is critical. On enquiring the ailment, he informed that she (his friend’s MIL) has been diagnosed with fibroids in the lungs and the doctors have cited her chances to survive is bleak. They plan to put her on Ventilator which again would be a bad indication. Now my friend’s friend was on his way to the hospital to give his agreement for the ventilators.

I did not know much that could have been said but told him that I shall try to heal her so that she may have a bit of comfort. I asked him to tell his friend to inform me about his Mother-in-Law’s status after one and a half hour so that if need be, I can change my affirmation. Then I pulled over to the roadside and started healing the lady with my Vibbes Kada. After healing, I went to my customer and attended his requirement as after all I had to finish my job also. In the process, I nearly forgot about this case.

At around 7:00 pm, I received a call from an unknown number. It was from my friend’s friend. He introduced himself to me and reported about his Mother-in-Law in a state of amazement. He told that, on being informed by my friend that somebody is healing his Mother-in-law, he risked to reach the hospital late so that in absence of his consent, the doctors may not put her Mother-in-Law with Ventilator. But when he actually reached the hospital, the doctors informed him that there was no need to put the lady on Ventilator as her situation was satisfactorily under control. I literally rebuked him for having risked so dangerously. But he was in such a state of surprise, that he listened to me without a complaint. He told me that by mistake he understood that his friend (our common friend) told him that since somebody is healing for his mother in law, he must not do anything for one and a half hour. So he deliberately went late to the hospital.

I was astonished on the person’s daring levels and was thanking my Vibbes Kada to make this miracle possible. But all the same, my thankfulness is incomplete without thanking the person who created this miraculous device – Sharat Sir. All the glories to him, we are blessed to be a part of this Mission-Miracle experiencing Amazing, Fantastic and Wonderful results of Vibbes Kada which contains 11 Cosmic Energies. But all the same, I would like to plead to our Respected Sharat Sir that we know that he is working very hard on the ENERGY #12 and as per my information, he has done it again. This Twelveth Cosmic Energy is supreme of all and above the rest of the 11 Cosmic energies that are roller costing in our world of Healing. On everybody’s behalf, I would ask Sharat Sir to comment and bless us with this new Aashirwad. JAI HO !!

6. A miracle of VIBBES KADA… The main purpose for me to take Vibbes kada was to help control my mother‘s DIABETES. She faithfully using on kada at least three times daily, and within six weeks she had lowered her blood sugar count by almost 100 points, and also her EYES improved so much that she no longer needs her glasses to read. I originally took vibes kada to use just on herself, and then I found myself sharing this wonderful gift with other members of my family and friends. Thanks Sharat Sir for this wonderful blessing.

7. A miracle of Kada for my client: Her own comments: I am fed up with Western medicine. I decided to try cosmic energy therapy after knowing about it. I have Fibromyalgia, dysthymia (depression), arthritis, and severe lower back pain from an accident. I wanted to try something that would work on my whole being, and not hurt me in the way some medicines can. WOW! I have not felt this good in an awfully long time, and that’s after just one treatment. The whole experience was amazing. I felt so relaxed, so calm. The only way I can describe it is to say that I was being “put back together again.” Varun was very gentle and friendly and explained everything to me before he started. The treatment took about an hour and was worth every penny. Again I’ll say, WOW! I am almost pain-free, I feel so much better about myself and I am calmer and more relaxed than I can ever remember. I will be having another treatment as soon as I can.

8. I love that Cosmic Healing doesn’t require complicated language and classification – it’s easy to learn, simple and most importantly, deeply effective. I love that Cosmic Healing impacts all facets of our Being and works on all issues (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) because it addresses the root and source of problems and dis-ease. I love that Cosmic Healing yields very quick results that are far reaching and long lasting. I love that one doesn’t have to understand medical science or know how energy healing works to receive amazing benefits. I love that Cosmic Healing doesn’t set expectations for its use; awesome results are the natural byproduct of Cosmic Healing. I live with one “foot” in the business world and the other in the “healing” world. I love that Cosmic Healing resides elegantly in both worlds; it fits wherever we are and whatever we do. Thanks Sharat Sir for your lovely support and guidance.

9. I am a trained Energy Healer and have been working with clients for over 10 years. As a curious student of Life, I’ve studied numerous modalities, using components of each to form a Healing synthesis. Each modality in my list is unique and wonderful in its own way. Cosmic Healing takes the best of these and synergizes them all into a comprehensive and profound healing tool for self-healing and working on others.

10Lastly and most importantly I truly believe that Cosmic Energy had saved my friend’s marriage. He and his wife came to a new level of understanding, peace, and love that they could not see developing at all without “Vibbes Kada.” I gave both of them the energy of peace of mind and energy of planet Venus. Dear Sir God Bless You. You have truly been a gift from the divine! Thank you very much Sir. Jai Ho.

11A chronic injury to one of my client’s right wrist had threatened his career as an artist to the point of having to quit for over 2 years due to disability. Well, I’ll tell you that his wrist is even 60% better within the first healing session and then everything healed just after 10 days of healing. Vibbes Kada has saved his talent.

12One of my client has suffered from severe episodes of low back pain for 20 years with a compression fracture and several herniated discs. She has been accustomed to a major episode almost every month for 5 years. After treating with Pain Care Serum, A.T.Tab and direct healing, she was healed completely within one month of treatment. Now think how lucky she is?

13. I learned about cosmic energy from Sharat Sir and he treated me, and I was hooked. I had never felt so relaxed and at peace. A few months later I became a Cosmic Healer, shortly thereafter all the while I was doing several series of treatments with Vibbes Kada and performing treatments. In less than 15 days of treatments with All Clear Serum, one of my client’s body was virtually healed of all seasonal allergies that he has lived with his whole life. This is priceless for him.

14. Another success story of Kada My friend’s dad (85 years old) had surgery on Nov 2013. After his surgery the medication made him disoriented. He did not know where he was, his conversation was not coherent, he did not realize that he had surgery and was not an ideal patient. He pulled his catheter out several times.  On 15th Dec 2013, his condition had not improved. He was on with nothing to eat or drink. I sent distant Cosmic Energy thru Kada to him the whole day, and the next day, he was allowed to have some bread and tea. The morning of Dec 17, his doctor was amazed at his physical condition and his spirit. His doctor said it was a “miracle.” He got to eat that day and, on Dec 19, he was released and went home. Thanks Sir, Jai ho…

15. Vibbes Kada has enriched my life, in more ways that I can say. I feel the difference it has made, and I know the potential it has for me, and those around me. Vibbes Kada has been a blessing and a positive experience. Vibbes Kada has helped give me additional tools to help myself, as well as those around me. It inspired me to go even further in trying to help others. The more Cosmic Energy in the world, the better the world. I wanted to share what happened yesterday while using Cosmic Energy on my 85 y/o mother. A couple of weeks ago my mother fell and broke her wrist so when visiting her yesterday I offered to do a Cosmic Energy treatment on her arm/ wrist… The insides of my hands actually vibrated with the energy during some points of the treatment. When I was done I asked my mother what she felt and she felt the heat through her cast and she said she felt the vibration too. Even an hour later she commented on how better her arm was. It was so nice to be able to offer this kind of healing to my mother.

16. This is a case history of a person name Riya, who had really bad Psoriasis on both of her arms and hands. She would scratch so much that it would bleed. Because she works with cleaning chemicals, this would burn the cracks in her hands and she would hardly be able to grab anything with her hands because it would hurt. She also had this on her legs. I have been sending long distant treatments to Riya daily for over a 6 month now. Her arms were the first to start clearing. This took a long time because they were so bad. Today most of the arms are clear. The hands took longer, due to the continual usage of chemicals, which makes it hard for the healing to take place. Most of the hands are clear today from the sores. She is now able to wear short sleeve shirts. The long sleeve shirts helped her to hide the sores but were very hot to wear all the time in Faridabad. I give her Beauty Serum and All Clear Serum. Thanks you very much Sir for great invention (Vibbes Kada).

17. I can never thank you enough for all your help with my asthma. This cosmic energy is phenomenal! I have improved at least 80% overall, some days I go down a little and some days I am as high as 100%, not too many 100’s yet. I was so bad that I could hardly walk 50 feet. I just couldn’t breathe. I was sure that I was going to die and was trying to put my affairs in order-but that’s hard to do when you don’t have the energy to think or make decisions. After almost 6 months of this I feel much much better. Anyway-Thank you more than I can tell you. (From one of my patient’s email). I give her ENT Serum and Mood Up Serum.

18. I healed a patient a few days back…he had severe pain caused by a scooter accident 25 years ago…after 25 years he still has pain in his right knee and lower back. Within 10 days of healing, he feels 90% better and just after 14th healing he had a complete cure with great happiness and smile on his face…I gave him direct healing with Pain Care Serum.

19. One of my client served as a Police Officer for ten years. While serving he was involved in a severe accident. Due to this incident as well as all the other day-to-day trauma and violence he was diagnosed with severe PTSD. Family, friends, and counselors helped him greatly with getting him back on track. His symptoms ranged from insomnia, night sweats, night terrors, anxiety, loud noises would put him on edge, and being constantly on guard. Over time friends, family and doctors helped him and the symptoms lessened.

However, he never felt full-back to “Normal” and he wanted that last little bit of back inside him. I tried Mood Up Serum successfully in many cases so I decided to give him the same. After a week his insomnia, night sweats, night terrors and loud noise anxiety all disappeared but he thought it was a coincidence and wouldn’t last. I then continue the same serum for two more months. Two months later he has no symptoms of PTSD. First time in many years he can get a good nights sleep. Thanks you once again Sharat Sir for this wonderful healing instrument, which has all the benefits without any side effects. Thank You Sir.

20. A few days back I met one of my old friend who had been having a difficult time following the deaths of his parents, even many years later and had struggled with anxiety and depression as well for even longer. I suggested that I can help him. I charged water with “Mood Up Serum” for him and also gave this serum remotely. Within a few days after start healing when I met him, he is warm, happy and feeling joyous. He claim even after the first day, he felt he released a lot of what was blocking him from being able to move on from the grief and pain. The following days only built upon his “letting go” and moving forward-even in other areas that he had problems with.


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