It is the Part 2 of VK FAQ

VIBBES KADA® (VK) is a healing tool that is attuned with 11 Cosmic Energies. These cosmic energies in VK help everyone in all situations. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions and their answers about VIBBES KADA® – VK which you need to know.

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Must Check: VIBBES KADA – VK FAQ Part 1

1What do you mean by direct request?

The direct request means, just that placing a request to VK directly. To know more check this Direct Request Method.

2An object is at distance, will it get charged with VK?

Yes, VK can send energy at any distance. Even when an EC, water, a person, thing, or building is not around you, you can still charge it just with a simple request to VK. You can even send energy with your VK for the success of events such as competitions, mega-events, fashion shows, celebrations, weddings, sports, games, dance programs, and so on even when you are not attending these events.

Just intend, VK will follow your request. To know the method: Direct Request Method.

3What happens when I place a request with doubt on VK?

Unlike other energy modalities, VK is free from a human Faith. VK doesn’t require your faith. Well, even doubt on VK is justified because there is so much fake, money-minting, useless products, and nonreliable modalities available in the market.

Many VK users have manifested their desires with faith on VK and even with doubt on VK. Sometimes with doubt, you may see the results later, not because VK is not working, but because of doubt, you yourself lack to take action on your desires.

There are so many testimonials available for you to read. Rest follow your inner guidance, it will never go wrong.

4What happens if I have fear while placing a request to VK?

  • If you have fear, you can still place a request to VK about your positive desires. You can also take BRAVO SERUM to remove your fears. Bravo Serum works on multiple levels. It can free you from known as well as unknown fears. If you are fearful about the outcome from your requests, just leave it to VK to work for you.
  • If you are fearful about VK itself, do not worry. VK is a divine tool attuned with cosmic energies. It is your friend even if you hold fear towards it. Talk to VK as a friend.
  • If you are fearful about mimicking any energy modality with VK, just remember that VK will follow only positive requests. And if you are fearful about unwanted effects of other energy modalities, just place the request of mimicking with intention safety and security. Here VK will mimic only desired positive effects.
  • If you have a fear of negative karmic effects from the energy receiver, do not worry. Here VK is the energy sender, you are only placing a request to VK. Also, remember negative karmic energies from the energy receiver will not affect the functioning of VK itself.
  • If the energy receiver has any evil or negative energies, you can still send energies from your VK to such receiver, as your VK will protect you from such evil or negative energies from the energy receiver. As soon as you place a request to VK for such a receiver, VK itself will sense this negativity even if you yourself are not aware of them. VK will immediately first send protective energies to you and your family and then follow your request to send energies to such a receiver.
  • If you are anytime fearful about effects from energy receivers, you can take SHIELD OF 7 RAYS for yourself regularly.

5Some VK users experience that VK listens to them even without placing a request to VK, is this true?

When your thoughts are clear and positive, VK will follow you anyways.

Place a request 3 times; the request goes from 3 levels… from your physical level, mental level, and spiritual level. If VK does follow your request just by thinking once then VK does not work for you because we human beings usually think 60000 thoughts per day or on an average one thought per second. Placing a request 3 times protects your VK to follow your every thought and continually work on your placed request. NOTE: Please remember one-time request placing means repeating a requested sentence 3 times.

Sometimes the wish is manifested just in a single request because it comes from your deep thoughts or directly from the spiritual level or needs very less energy to be manifested.

Sometimes the wish is manifested even without any request because VK is an intentional tool, it works on your clear and positive thoughts in your conscious or subconscious mind. Generally, it happens when you and VK are connected very well with each other.

6Why do we need to request again and again if VK has so much power and speed?

When you want a particular wish to get manifested, you make a plan. In that plan, there are various steps required and each step has its own requirement. Even when you work without VK, either you keep thinking more and more about your thought or you need to think again and again. The same is with VK. Read more here in detail: WHY DO WE NEED TO REQUEST THROUGH VIBBES KADA® AGAIN AND AGAIN.

7What do you mean by request 3 times to VK?

Request for 3 times means saying your intention for 3 times to VK. Why you place a request to VK 3 times read here: 3 times request.

8Can we take the energy of Shield of Seven rays in the water with VK?

Yes, you can take the energy of Shield of Seven rays in water also.

9I feel tired of chanting switchwords. Can I charge drinking water with switch word energy using VK?

Yes, you can easily charge water with the energy of switch words, master switch words, defusing words, or switch word phrases. To know how to charge water with the switchword using your VK.

You can even charge water for your dear ones who are in the same or different city or state or country with switch word energy. They will get the effect of these switch words when they drink this charged water, even if they are least interested in switch word chanting. Know the process here: Easy Ways to do Proxy Chanting of Switch Words & Switch Words Phrases.

10If GOLDEN SUNRISE is so powerful, do I need to buy VK?

GOLDEN SUNRISE energy is very powerful, so is VK. Not cutting on GOLDEN SUNRISE’s power and capability, VK has many special features like speed, time-saving, fulfillment of many wishes together, kids who cannot chant or know GOLDEN SUNRISE can use VK. VK provides Shield of Seven Rays, power-packed Cosmic Serums, mimicking, etc. You can chant GOLDEN SUNRISE to make way to get you a VK if required.

If you don’t have VK, you can chant GOLDEN SUNRISE for self or for others. But there would be a limitation, for how many people will you keep chanting and for how long. But with VK, you can easily send not only the energy of GOLDEN SUNRISE but also many other energies like Cosmic Serums, SHIELD OF 7 RAYS, crystal energy, pranic healing, reiki, access bars, acupressure and so on.

So one can use VK easily to send multiple energies to multiple people, events, situations in the same day and every day with easy ways of using VK. in fact, when you use GOLDEN SUNRISE energy with VK with any request, there is an enhancement of effect.

11VK can release negative emotions? What do I do if I have many negative emotions?

It is possible to release all negative emotions. Must Read MENTAL HEALING GUIDANCE BY SHARAT SIR for depressed or aggressive persons.

12Can I charge many required energies in a bottle of water together?

Any particular issue will need only a few energies to improve a problem or situation. So you can choose a maximum of 5 energies which relate to the same aspect in one water bottle. To know more about water charging methods using VK watch this video: Simple & Easy Ways to Charge Drinking Water Using VK.

13What are the best things to be charged with VK?

You can charge anything with VK. You can charge all edible things like water, milk, juice, oil, or any food items like sugar, flour, vegetables, fruits, candies, chocolates, pulses, full meals, etc.

You can charge any non-edible things like crystals, incense sticks, clothes, chairs, tables, books, pens, sheets, towels, cosmetics, shoes, perfume, oils, stationery, etc. Just be creative.

The list is endless. So just click and know How Many Energy Receivers are There While Using VK.

14Can we help multiple people with the same issues in one go using VK?

Yes, you can. Using VK, you can charge huge containers of water for the whole family, stock of foods, cosmetics, stationery of kids, etc.

  • For wealth, when you charge the whole drinking water tank with Total wealth serum, anyone who drinks this charged water will receive its energy.
  • You can send the energy of Success to a group playing a tournament.
  • You can send the energy of All Clear Serum to the families who are not able to resolve their property matters easily.
  • For an event like a wedding, a family function, a school/ college function, a meeting, a picnic, a kirtan, a kitty party, to be successful, you can send the energy of GOLDEN SUNRISE so that people get support from each other.
  • You can send the energy of Beauty Serum to the dancing skill of your children who are performing a dance show.
  • To protect a family, city, or country in trouble such as fire accident, earthquake, cyclone, pandemic, and other disasters you can send SHIELD OF 7 RAYS with VK to the whole group or community or nation or world.

15While sending energy using to multiple people, do they all get the same quantity of energy?

Sun shines for all of us and not just for me or you. We all get divided sunlight and heat from the sun. Same way, when you place a direct request to VK for multiple people in the same request, yes the energy gets divided among the receivers. See the examples here.

If you want that group of people should receive equal and full energies, you may choose to charge drinking water in water bottles or water tank. Here every person who drinks water from this charged tank or bottle will receive full and equal energy in every sip. There will no energy division from a commonly charged bulk food or water or shampoo or soap when a number of people use or consume them.

16Can we add the energy of switchword & mantra in water with VK?

Yes, we can add the energy of switchword and mantras in water with VK. Check the video here to explore more: Simple & Easy Ways to Charge Drinking Water Using VK.

17How can VK help us fight back the evil eye, black magic, or psychic people?

If you find such a person or negativity in your aura you can take Shield of Seven Rays. You can even check the presence of evil eye, black magic, voodoo effect in any person with the help of VK charged HANUMAN CHALISA water. This can also help to reduce and completely eliminate such effects from a person. Do you want to know more, then check the video in this article: How to Remove Black Magic & Evil Eye Using Hanuman Chalisa & VK.

18I always catch negative vibration or you can say an evil eye. I am unable to progress, can VK help me?

Yes, VK can help. Though just WEARING it boosts your chakras and auras, it will also help you attract good and positive people and events. You can also take SHIELD OF SEVEN RAYS to protect yourself.

19How do I know that I am under any evil eye, black magic, or any negative energy?

When we charge water with a HINDU mantra HANUMAN CHALISA and drink it, it tastes can help us know about the presence of any evil eye or negative attack. To know the full method please visit this link: How to Remove Black Magic & Evil Eye Using Hanuman Chalisa & VK.

20How can I clean up myself from bad, negative energies or impact of black magic using VK?

Charging water with the energy of the Hindu mantra, HANUMAN CHALISA is the way to know if a person is suffering from black magic, evil eye, or negativity and it is the solution as well. It will help you come out of the negative energy or impact of black magic. You can also take energies of All Clear Serum and Shield of Seven Rays. Check the whole method here: How to Remove Black Magic & Evil Eye Using Hanuman Chalisa & VK.

21I don’t know the Hindi language can I take the energy of Hanuman Chalisa using VK? 

Hanuman Chalisa is a 40 verses Hindi Mantra praising Lord Hanuman and seeking his blessings. Even if you don’t know the Hindi language, VK is there for you. You can get pure energy from the entire Hanuman Chalisa just with a simple request to VK. VK has a special feature to mimic mantras or any energy just by their titles.

22I am a feng shui and Vastu expert how can VK help me?

VK can help all energy practitioners and masters in many ways. For Feng Shui and Vaastu results, charge your gadgets, remedial items like wall hangings, bracelets, perfumes, salts, aroma oils, and other items using VK according to need e.g.

All Clear Serum to clean the area. Golden Sunrise to give happiness to the place. Total wealth serum to activate wealth and money opportunities. Must read Sharat Sir’s 2nd invention which can help to permanently remove all kind of Feng Shui and Vaastu dosha: VIBBES SEEDER A HEAVENLY SOLUTION FOR ALL BEINGS.

23If I have VK, can I use Reiki Energy even if I am not attuned in Reiki?

Yes, you can always mimic the energy of Reiki with VK. You don’t require any attunement from a reiki master to use reiki energy when VK is with you.

For example, many VK users are doing Reiki Psychic surgery, Reiki Session, and even Reiki attunements with VK, even when they are not attuned with any Reiki energy.

Rather when you use VK for mimicking Reiki practices, here VK is the reiki energy sender and not you. You are just placing a request to VK to send reiki energy to a receiver. So VK in fact will protect you from any negativity coming from the receiver.

Attunement of a person with Reiki requires a Reiki Master. Now, if you still want to attune a person with Reiki, and you don’t have a Reiki master, VK can help you to attune any person with Reiki without the presence of a Reiki master. Must read these articles to know more:

1. Learn How to Easily Perform Reiki Psychic Surgery Using VK

2. Reiki Side Effects Specially for Reiki Healers


24How can you attune someone with Reiki energy with the help of VK?

Not only Reiki, but there are also various healing modalities known to be present on earth today and one can attune all of them using VKs. Please note that VK does whatever you want, even attunement, so do not practice attunement to another person simply for fun or experimentation with VKs. Must read: How to do Reiki and Other Healing Attunements Using VIBBES KADA.

Do I need to be a Reiki channel to invoke the energy of it through VK?

No, you don’t need to be a Reiki channel or any other master of any other modality. VIBBES KADA has a special feature of MIMICKING any other energy either it is the energy of Reiki or any other modality.

It can mimic any kind of energy like ascended masters, mantras, ARCHANGELS, healing codes, and many more things. Even you can take the attunement of any energy modality with the help of VK. Read more here: How to do Reiki and Other Healing Attunements Using VK.

25How can we do Psychic surgery with VK?

Psychic Surgery – PS is taught under the Reiki Practice. You do not need any attunement of Reiki energy to do PS with VK. VK will use its unique feature of Mimicking to do PS procedures. For more information on Know about Reiki Psychic Surgery.

26How many issues can be covered in One Day using VK?

You can use VK for multiple issues in a day. But it is always good to write down your desires or energy requirements and evaluate them according to your real priorities.

It is like you have an invitation for a mega food festival. So how do you choose what should be your personal food platter? You will choose first what you are really passionate about, In the same way, understand that VK has infinite possibilities for you.

Now how about choosing first that you want? Like this, you would also love to help your family, friends, dear ones, and unknown persons too. Here again, you can decide how much it is important for you to use VK for yourself and how important it is to send energy to others.

Here you are your best judge. Make a list and decide accordingly your priorities. your short and long term goals, your health, relations, etc. The same list you can prepare for other people whom you want to help. VK will work round the clock on your requests. You can place requests back to back 24×7 to your VK.

27I want to get promoted to a senior level in my company. Can I request VK to replace me from my senior?

Yes, you can. Only if your approach is positive and you are deserving, VK will help you to get promoted to a senior or higher level. Even if you don’t get promoted as per your desire, don’t get disheartened, because VK will manifest only what is best and deserving for you.

Keep taking Total Wealth Serum and Alpha Male Serum or Alpha Woman Serum regularly, there would be better opportunities for you ahead in your life. Keep focussing on your progress.

28Can I charge electronics and machines with my VK?

Yes, you can charge electronics and machines using VK. VK users are using VK to improve the functioning of their electronics and machines, like to re-start a hung smartphone or a refrigerator or washing machine, improve battery life of electronics, reduce electric bills, etc.

Please do not use VK to charge a fused bulb. VK will not help here. Just replace the bulb with a new one.

In some cases like completely broken stuff, there may need to see a mechanic as well. VK cannot mend the broken or damaged thing but it can fetch you other important requirements. For example, if your mobile is broken and cannot be amended, VK can fetch you the best mechanic, a fair deal, a good discount, etc.

29What if we have given the wrong energy?

With VK there is no wrong energy, there is only positive or right energy. The choice of energy to be given may not be right but, as we know that VK emits only positive energy, even if some other energy is invoked, which is not relevant to a specific issue, it will give no harm.

Remember that if you send Key Pen Serum for high fever, it will be an incorrect choice as Key Pen Serum is for kidney and pancreas functioning. For fever, it’s D-fev Serum. But if in high fever if there are issues in urination, you can add Key Pen Serum.

You can read some more examples here: VK BASIC POST 10. You can always read the articles on Cosmic Serums to choose the right energy combinations.

30Can I help animals and plants with VK?

Yes, we can help all animals, plants, living, and non-living things with VK. Read this VK Tip 37: Enrich your GARDEN, some love, and care to plants.

31Can I send energy to people if I have their pictures on my cell-phone?

Yes, you can, check this Photo Method.

32Energies of masters/ mantras/ jaaps are so pure when invoked with VK, what happens if we don’t practice the actual ritual?

Any oldest ritual is not older than 3000 to 5000 years. Energy practice was possible even at that time. Energies were present at that time also, and even before those rituals. VK helps us to be free from rituals and old practices if we want to. It can help us speedy ways and save us so much time. VK can mimic any ritual, and it is a revolution in a person’s life.

If you love to chant mantras, Jaap, or do rituals, you can always do them. Do not practice such rituals with stress and fear in your mind.

33If I have to give energy to two people with the same name, how will the energy go to the right person?

When we request VK to send energy to a particular person, we hold an image of that person in our mind and VK follows our mind.

For example, we have a friend whose name is Amitabh, and we have Mr. Amitabh Bachchan too, the famous BOLLYWOOD personality in our knowledge. But at the time of need, we know that our FRIEND Amitabh requires energy and not the famous Bollywood personality. So the energy travels to the right person according to your intention.

34Can I energize my workplace with VK?

Yes, you can send energies to any place like home, office, workplace, school, classroom, meeting room, conference room, etc. with VK.

You can send the energy of GOLDEN SUNRISE and Total Wealth Serum to your workplace.

You can send All Clear Serum to a place for de-cluttering. Check Here: how to place a direct request to VK to send energies to a place.

35How can I gain more working knowledge of VK?

The simplest way to use VK is to talk to VK in your own language. You can gain more knowledge with VK by using or exploring it more frequently. The more you work with VK, the more outcome or results you will see. Use your creativity in situations to manifest more.

The more we USE and WORK with VK, the more RESULTS we see. The more we use our CREATIVITY in any situations and emotions, the more things we can manifest. The more we BEFRIEND with VK, the more achievements we can have.

So keep using, working, connecting, achieving, experiencing, creating with VK, and increase your confidence and knowledge.

36How can I have maximum benefits for one person having multiple issues?

You can use VK in many ways. Charge drinking water, cosmetics, foods. You can send energies directly too.

Be creative with all the knowledge and wisdom of VK. Charge products, water, EC, and every possible thing. Charge one thing or one water with energies related to the same aspect. For example,

  • Charge cosmetics with Beauty Serum to get more energy along with energized drinking water.
  • Along with Flab Down Serum make new exercise charts as VKcan give you the energy of even a small set of crunches or a yoga aasan or 1-hour aerobics and much more to loose weight.
  • Charge incense sticks and water tanks of the house with ALL CLEAR SERUM or mantras for protecting and clearing negative energies in the home for everyone. It will also work for each and every person living in it.
  • Charge your shoes and socks with the energy of COMFORT while traveling to avoid stress.
  • Charge clothes, water, all possible food items in the home for stronger immunity, and many more things.

If you want more ideas, check the VK Tips and share your own ideas and experience too on VK Forum.

37I am surprised how can a simple-looking Kada Mimic so much?

Yes, this simple-looking VK attuned with Cosmic energies has a unique and special feature called Mimicking.

It can Mimic all positive energy methodologies, mantras, mudras, yogic postures, colors, power words, it can even mimic after-effects of certain things like a laughter show, workout session effect, etc.

In the whole of the Universe, everything is energy. It means what we eat, drink, wear, think, feel, say, hear, do, everything is energy. All these are combinations of 11 cosmic energies already attuned in VK. So it is very easy for VK to MIMIC and make this possible.

38Can I get rid of the fungus, virus, and bacteria with VK?

It is possible to get rid of any bacteria, fungus, or a virus with VK with its feature of mimicking. Zapper energy technique is known to kill bacteria and viruses. There is a machine that passes low frequency current to kill the bacteria. But this is a costly treatment. As VK can Mimic Zapper Energy Technique, it becomes easy to kill bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungus infections with VK.

39 How does VK work with the Zapper technique?

In the Zapper energy technique, the current is passed to kill the germs. The current is measured in volts. For example, 9 volts 10-kilo hertz. When we request VK for this technique, it gives the energy of the current and not actual current. VK just Mimics the energy. Remember to have the intention of Safety and Security when you send the energy of the Zapper technique.

40Can I mimic the energy of a well-known person for his skills using VK?

Yes, you can mimic the energy of a famous person. Just be informed about the person’s good skills only and not all other skills. Mimicking with VK is a skill too. Use it well. Read here VK Tip 140: Mimic a Person’s Energy or Some Particular Skill of a Person.

41Can I Mimic the energy of any chapter or a book using VK?

Yes, you can copy the energy of any chapter or book. Read more here in detail.

42Why is the term “dose” used with VK?

“We take a dose of medicine. “Dose” with VK means the quantity of energy we should consume if we eat or drink some energized stuff. Like, taking a sip of charged water at one time is considered as one dose. And the next sip after 10 minutes is the second dose.

If you consume charged water in large quantities at the same time, then, it will too count only one dose. And with that one dose, you will get the same effects as you get a sip of charged water.

43Is the dose/ dosing frequency of energized water of an elder is the same as that of a kid or kids need less energy?

“Dose” of energized water depends upon the severity of the situation or illness. Any elder or kid can require any quantity of energy. So, age doesn’t define the number of doses with VK.

For example, a child with autism needs more doses of energized water than an elder for little indigestion. Or a long fight between a couple needs more dose of energy than a small fight of kids for a pencil.

Read this post for more explanation VK BASIC POST 13.

44What should be the dose of charged water to consume to get the best results in any case?

In any chronic case, drink charged water for a minimum of four times a day. But if it gets acute for some reason then increase the dose to 1 sip after every 5-10 minutes.

For example, In the case of chronic asthma, 4 sips (dose) in a day are enough. BUT in the change of weather or pollution or due to any other reason the case becomes acute then increases the dose from sip to sip after every 5-10 minutes.

In addition, you can apply charged water (or some cream or lotion) on the chest of the person and do Vital Organ Balancing of the chest area with required Serum energy to get fast relief.

45What is the VOB process with VK?

VOB means Vital Organ Balancing using VK. It is a special way of using VK where you can energize any body organ or system using VK by continuous energy process.

You must daily energize your own body organs with the VOB process.

In this, we hold VK with our 5 fingers and rotate VK on Vital Organs of the body. While rotating VK on Vital Organs of the body we can use any energy of required Serum, mantras, and even GOLDEN SUNRISE.

VOB is meant for Vital Organs in the body. These vital organs are the heart, brain, liver, kidneys, pancreas, stomach. But you can do a VOB process for all organs like eyes for better vision, scalp for healthy hair, face to clear acne and dark patches, knee for pain relief. You can rotate VK on any painful part of the body with the required energy. Read more here on VOB and experiences by VK users in this article: Vital Organ Balancing (VOB) For Health Using VK.

46Is distant Vital Organ Balancing possible with VK?

Yes, VITAL ORGAN BALANCING is possible in distance as well. You can use pictures, images, dolls, pillows to send energy. You can also write the name of the organ and person on paper and do VOB.

You can do VOB for a person who stays in a different city or country, just by writing their name on a paper and do VOB in easy ways. 

Read more about how you can use VOB easily: Some Easy Ways of Doing Vital Organ Balancing – VOB.

47Is VOB with VK is meant only for Vital organs?

VOB is practiced by a healthy person to maintain his vital organs in good health. An ill person can also do VOB to achieve good health and balance of their Vital Organs. In this process, VK can be rotated on all other parts of the body as well.

You can do VOB to remove dark patches on the face, shape up your body to remove extra fats, energize your scalp for healthy hair, energize your joints for a flexible body and so on

Check how you can do VOB on the face and other organs. Read experiences of VK users on how they explore VK on the skin and other body parts: How to Heal, Revive and Cure Any Organ Simply Using VK.

48Can VOB be done through a water charging?

No, you should not charge water with VOB. VOB is a process where you hold VK and send continuous energy. To know the process of VOB and its benefits, read here: Vital Organ Balancing -VOB For Health Using VK.

49Can I drink the whole bottle of VK charged water at one time in one go for the faster result?

When we take a sip of water at one time, it is considered as one dose. So, either you take a sip or consume the whole charged water at one time it is considered as one dose. How about drinking sip to sip at regular intervals and use charged water efficiently?.

50Once a bottle is charged, is it the bottle charged or the water with VK. Do I charge the water/ bottle again?

It is the only water that gets charged and not the bottle. Once you have consumed the charged water, fill the bottle with new water and charge again. Charging empty Bottles will not help. You have to charge only water, consume it, refill it, and again consume it.

If you have charged a bottle full of water. You consumed water half or more/less, and then you filled it with uncharged water, please charge the water again. Freshwater will require charging again. You will obviously charge the water with the same energies, that you did for previous water.

51Is remote and proxy energy sending possible with VK also?

Yes, it is possible with VK also and this can be done at any distance irrespective of time.

52How do I place a request to VK?

You can simply talk to VK in your own words. VK understands all languages including the language of your heart.

You can make a specific request also to VK. Many times your question becomes your answer for a VK request. Must read how Your Question is Your Answer While Using VK?

You can also place a request to VK to send specific energies to energy receivers. It is very simple just watch the videos in this article. You say your request to VK for 3 times. VK starts sending energy as per your request: Must read: How to Send Energies with a Direct Request to VK.

53Why do I place a request to VK 3 times in one go?

We place a request to VK 3 times. Here the request to VK goes from 3 levels… from your physical level, mental level, and spiritual level.

If you don’t say it 3 times and VK follows your request just by thinking once, then VK may not work on that request for you. This is because we human beings usually think 60000 thoughts per day or on an average one thought per second. So, placing a request for 3 times will send a message to your VK to follow the requests that you really want.

NOTE: Please remember placing a request for once means repeating a requested sentence 3 times.

To learn more watch the 3 videos in this link which gives examples of VK requests and how it should be done. Must check: How to Send Energies with a Direct Request to VK.

54What are the ways to get connected with VK?

There are 4 ways to get connected to VK:

  1. Touch VK with your either hand or fingers wherever VK is. It may be in your wrist, neck, or even away from your body and say your request mentally or loud.
  2. Hold VK in your palm and fold your hands as you pray.
  3. If you are busy in some activity and your hand is not free, just LOOK at VK and place requests.
  4. If you cannot even LOOK at VK, just connect mentally. VK is listening to you as you are in its touch. Read more here.

55What if my goal is time-bound?

VK will work on NOW. We do not know what DIVINE has decided for us but we can request for the best. So we can keep requesting to VK as often as possible, even in a time gap of 5 or 10 minutes.

56Does VK have any time restrictions to work for a person unlike the practice in other modalities?

When we go to an energy practitioner, he gives an energy session like in Reiki, Pranic healing, or even acupressure sessions until a certain period. He cannot extend or hold a session for more than 40 minutes.

So, this restricts a person from sending energy to you. Neither he can concentrate for so long nor can he hold a stable mind. But VK works as an energy practitioner, rather much better, and is free to follow your request again and again. VK will never get tired, nor will the energies ever stop.

There are many benefits while practicing different modalities through VK requests. VK can follow any number of requests back to back. You can allow VK to work on a request for 30 min. You can do many requests for psychic surgery to VK on the same day for many people. Read these articles, how easy it is to practice other modalities through VK mimicking with full protection to VK users.

1. Learn How to Easily Perform Reiki Psychic Surgery Using VK

2. Learn How to Easily Perform Acupressure, Acupuncture, Reflexology & Sujok Using VK

57Are there any Do’s and Don’t s about VK?

Yes! Do’s are limitless, be creative with your thoughts, manifest, and work in new ways to explore VK more. But Don’ts is just ONE, never request for any negative works as it is attuned in such a way that it doesn’t follow those requests which might harm someone. Read more here: Some Tips for You Before Wearing & Using VK.

58Can someone use VK for a negative request?

VK cannot be used for a negative request. VK has an energy lock, which does not allow it to follow any negative intention or request.

59I requested VK to help, the pain vanished in a spec of time but came back again Why?

When we make a request for any energy, we intend the results in NOW. If we add the feeling of FOREVER with NOW, the pain will go forever. Also, if the first request is attached with a sense of fear, it might make the pain re-occur as you are attracting it by thinking about it again.

Read some examples of what should be your intention to VK about time.

There is more need for energy or some other issue is attached to this pain. In this case, you can request VK to guide you further. You can even increase the frequency of sending energy to resolve the pain or issue. Read here: How Many Times in a Day (Frequency) to Place a Request to VK and For How Long?

60What do you mean by detachment with the result?

When we want some wish, we attach some feelings with it. Good feelings will accelerate the goal but bad feelings might defuse it back.

Understand VK works even beyond the law of attraction. It will bring what is best for you. Read the below article for real-life situations, what happened when people got too much attached to the results, and how VK helped them.

So, if we just say our request and hold ourselves back and not attach ourselves with results. We let Divine show us what he has thought for us, allow VK, and its wisdom to work for us then our wish might get fulfilled soon.

Secondly, maybe what we have asked for, is less than what we deserve. If we stay detached from the result, we might get something bigger. We need to understand that VK does best for us even if WE don’t know. Just stay detached and allow VK to work for your best. Must check: VK Beyond the Law of Attraction with Examples.

61What do you mean when you say allow VK to work for you?

To allow VK means to let it work through its wisdom. To allow means to give permission. Here, we do not give permission to VK to do something for us but here allow means you do not interfere with the VK’s energies.

Interference means that you may be with your negative thoughts, fear, doubt, or attachment with the outcome. You may stop energizing your wish when you feel dishearted, hopeless, impatient, and stay in complaining mode always. 

Other’s negative suggestions and your past experiences de-motivate you and thus spoil the manifesting process.

Energies have their own wisdom and intelligence to work for your wish. They need their own time to arrange things for you. To understand this concept with example please read here: VK WORKS WONDER WHEN YOU ALLOW IT TO WORK FOR YOU.

62How do I allow VK to work for my wish?

After you have placed your request, do some action and mental work. Stop your worries and get into action mode. The action involves planning, arrangements, settings for your wish. And mental work involves staying happy, excited, and content with whatever it may come. All we know is best is going to come. 

63What is a child-like attitude with VK?

A child has pure, clean, good, positive thoughts. A child is happy, excited, joyous for his demand. A child is free from the question of HOW will he get what he wants. A child is free from ego and pride. A child is innocent, patience, and hopeful than elders.

Just say your request and wait with a sparkle in your eyes for the best outcome. All it requires is to be like a child to request to DIVINE through VK. And to know more read here: Be a Child When You Place a Request to VK.

64How do I stay doubt free while working with VK?

When we take any action for our goals, we keep checking the results too. The checking of the result might get attached to doubt and fear. Try, not to do so. ALLOW the energies to work.

With VK, Just place the request to VK and forget. If you find the result, be happy. If you need to send more energy, do it. Remember to ALLOW VK to work for you. Let it use its wisdom to bring the best deserving to you.

65When I place a request to VK, I keep checking for results and become anxious. How can I avoid it?

When you have pain in your body, you eat medicine. Right? After you eat the medicine you wait for the relief. You do not track the medicine, whether it is on way or already reached the painful part of the body. Neither you have a doubt that it will give you relief or not. You trust the medicine wholeheartedly. Medicine has its way of working.

Same way, when we place a request to VK, it has its own wisdom and intelligence to work. None of us know which way will the results show up. Just ALLOW it to work in your next goal as well. Stay de-attached with the result. You can take Bravo Serum first and then start the process of your next/ actual goal.

66When can I see the effective results after I start using VK?

Energy starts working right away when a request is made to VK, some requests can manifest in a day, some in a while. It depends upon some factors like the intensity of the case, person’s desire, people connected (if any), belief system, blockages of a person by negative thinking, and many such factors. The more creative you are, the more it creates your confidence, and faster you can see the results. You must know:

  1. It may take a week for VK to build a hut and months to build a bungalow. So keep sending energy 2 to 4 times a day.
  2. It may take a few weeks to months to find and get married to your dream lover. So keep sending energy to your wish till you get married to your perfect partner.
  3. It may take 8-9 months to deliver a healthy baby, so keep sending energies to a pregnant lady’s womb and her child inside the womb.

67What do you mean by “putting logical mind off” with VK?

“Put your logical mind off” with VK because the mind looks for reasons, tries to make sense out of the topic, draws conclusions on failures or experiences, reacts, gathers facts, analyses, and also tries to justify.

With VK we should have a child-like attitude and children don’t know anything mentioned above. They only wait for what they want. You should just work with patience for your goal to get accomplished.

68If I do not get the desired result, do I need to check or change my intention?

If you do not get the result of what you requested for then first check if the request was positive or negative. Then check if you were clear about your intention, did you place 1 request or 2 by mistake.

You can also check if the outcome would make every connected person happy, though there may be many such reasons, All you need to do is, be clear about your goal and then place the request. 

69I gave the energy of Gayatri Mantra to my knee pain but it gave no or fewer results, why?

Gayatri mantra works for mind and soul, until an illness connected with mind and soul, this mantra cannot help. Likewise, MAHA MRITYUNJAY MANTRA cannot help in mind or emotion-related situations, it can help in survival if needed and DIVINE wishes.

70How many people can use one VK at one time? Can 2 or more people give their individual requests to VK at one time, one by one? Whose request will it consider?

VK works on one request at a time. So only one person who touches it last can request VK.

Whenever any other person takes the same VK or touches it, VK will follow requests from that other person. Any number of people can use the same VK throughout the day. But only one VK user can request to VK at a particular time.

It follows the request of the person who touched it LAST. VK cannot work on the request of every person together. It will work only for the person who touched it last.

71What evidence is there to show that the VK works?

Evidence for the working of VK is from the VK users themselves. You can read testimonials from VK users

You can also read VK Success Stories shared by VK users regarding health improvements, wealth, mind, relations, addictions, job, recovery of stuck money, reaching to the lost things, student success in exams and career, finding a soulmate for marriage, manifesting birth of a baby, meditations, beauty enhancements, blooming gardens, happy pets, happy couples, property matters resolved and many others on VK forum.

You can read VK Tips which are written by VK users based on their experiences.

72Can we find a raw steel bangle which is not VK?

The respected Sikh community of India also wears the same steel bangle. But it becomes VK only when attuned with Cosmic Energies by Sharat Sir. It is not available anywhere else in the world. Also note, that if someone claims that they are able to attune VK, even that can be fake. If taken from Sharat Sir, it is VK, and only then is VK.

73Can VK help me find a loving partner for my marriage?

Yes, it can help you in finding a loving partner for marriage. VK follows your intention. Make sure that YOU are clear about it. If a person is not deserving of you and is also unwilling to marry you, VK will not help you to force that person for marriage. Rather, in this case, allow VK to find you a partner who is best and deserving.

While finding a partner, if there are one or more proposals coming to you before the right person comes to you, do not feel upset or anxious why your marriage is not happening. Work with patience and wait for the right partner. It is good to Remain Single Until You Find Right Person Who Puts Effort Into Loving You.

Must use these serums Bravo Serum, Beauty Serum, and Alpha Woman Serum or Alpha Male Serum before proposing a partner.

Read this wonderful experience of a VK user’s wedding bells: Wedding Bells With VK and GOLDEN SUNRISE Project.

74Can VK help to release negative emotions?

Yes, VK can help to release negative emotions. VK users are using VK to release their sad feelings, anxiety, depression, anger, past hurts, lust, ego, excess pride, insecurity, inferiority complex, fear, phobias, hatred, jealousy, etc.

While you are using VK to release trapped negative emotions, you may also use VK to focus on a new happy life.

You can do this self-reading meditation of releasing negative emotions with love: Self Reading Meditation – Release Negative Emotions Thru Love.

75I take so much energy with VK but nothing happened. Why?

Good that you are taking energies with VK, but also check your intentions. Must check What to do When You are Not Getting Results With VK?

Another good reason can be missing on ACTIONS. You take so much energy, did you take appropriate action as well? Yes!! Action is also required along with requesting energy. For example:

  • If you want money or prosperity, you are taking energy through VK, but are you open to receive opportunities, are you ready to work on your ideas, are you communicating to the people in your network, learning new skills to prosper, are you planning your investments for business, are you improving your presentation skills to clients or investors, are you doing an appropriate job search.
  • If you want to get married and you are sending energy from VK to find you your soulmate, your action will be… Hunting for the person on the internet and social network. Apply on matrimonial sites, search for an appropriate mate. Talk or meet new people you come across. The person can be around you or can come up through any of the above-mentioned ways. So, take action as well, find, hunt, look, wait, and finally decide if you meet the right person.
  • You can be clear about what action is taken and does it match the energy requested.

Read more about taking action here: What is The Best Way to Work with VK.

76I am requesting energy through VK, then why is it necessary to take action also?

We are here in this life to do actions/karmas. VK will help you to manifest your desires, but it is also important to take your actions.

Do you want to know what are the benefits of taking actions along with VK requests? Read here:

  • When you come into action mode, you become sure of your plan for your wish.
  • By taking action, you will become fearless.
  • You will be free from the doubt of receiving the result of your wish.
  • You will have great confidence in you, and your wish.
  • You will have more faith in the DIVINE.
  • You will be excited to work on your desires.
  • You will be happy to see the result.
  • You will be proud of your ACTION made by your own self.
  • Divine has the ultimate power and wisdom to give us the best deserving results of our wish.

77Can I send energy to a person against his/ her will?

Yes, you use VK to send energies to a person against the will of the person ONLY if it is for:

  • The best of the receiver.
  • If you want better of the recipient than he himself.
  • If the desired outcome is positive.
  • If the request made to VK is for the receiver’s highest good.
  • A child can send energy to his/her parents for their good.
  • If it’s for the highest good of one and all, one can think good for anyone.

78Do I need to take permission from the person to whom I am sending energy through VK?

No, we do not need the permission of any person to send energy through VK. There can be many situations, just listing a few below:

  • If you want to make a mentally disturbed, sad, depressed, crying person, happy, and joyful using VK, you don’t need not take his permission.
  • A sick person, in physical or emotional pain, only wants relief, so you can take that decision to send energy without permission.
  • When a person is cheating, betraying, backstabbing, back bitching, fraudulent, and hurting you or dear ones. You should just send them energies for their safety using VK, without waiting for anyone’s permission.
  • If a person is in need of money or in huge debts, please send energies for his wealthy life. Here again, you need not take anyone’s permission.
  • If you know a person is under the influence of evil eye or black magic, you can help him without taking his permission.
  • When a child feeling lazy to study, crying, cranky, stubborn, fearful, scared, or sad. You need not wait for his/ her permission to send energies.
  • A person in a coma will not get up or wake up to his senses to give you permission, so please do not even wait.
  • A newborn child can not give you permission.
  • Some addictive persons will not allow you to help them with de-addiction. You can just help that addictive person even without anyone’s permission.
  • You need not be a relative, friend, near and dear one to send any good, positive, happy vibe to anyone. We are one and you can think good for anyone.
  • Sometimes the mind and body are not ready to receive energy, due to certain habits, stubbornness, belief system, superstition, and negative attachments, thus they may not give you permission but our soul always wants best for us. At that time, for the highest good of the soul, you can send energy to the receiver.

79What do you mean by distance or remote energy practice?

Distant or remote energy practice means that you can send energy to a person or situation from any distance. A person just needs to intend that his requested energy is reaching to the receiver who is at distance. For example, you can send energy to your friend in the USA from India.

Distance energy sending is not a new practice. This is practiced for many years. VK can also send energies to any number of receivers to any distance. As compared to other modalities VK can send the requested energies at a much faster speed.

80Can I attune a person in any energy modality using VK?  

Yes, with VK, you can attune a person in any energy modality such as Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Magnified  Healing, etc. Check this beautiful article to know more: How to do Reiki and Other Healing Attunements Using.

81Can I do Vital Organ Balancing distantly using VK? 

Yes, You can do Vital Organ Balancing (VOB) using VK directly or distantly too. Read these 4 articles to know more about VOB:

1. Vital Organ Balancing – VOB For Health Using VK

2. Some Easy Ways of Doing Vital Organ Balancing – VOB

3. How to Heal, Revive, and Cure Any Organ Simply Using VK

4. How to Use Vital Organ Balancing & Cosmic Serums Together

82What are the key features of VK which makes it different from other modalities?

There are so many different, unique, and special features of VK. Some are: you do not need to have faith in VK. VK will follow only your GOOD intention. VK is the safest energy modality. Cosmic energies in VK has to speed up manifest your desire much faster than you can think of.

The mimicking abilities of VK will amaze you beyond your imagination. VK works 24X7, nonstop for years, ages, and even beyond generations. There is no need to recharge or re attuned VK. VK it does not accept or follow any negative request. Your upcoming generations can use VK. It is simple to use. VK saves time and money.

If you want to read in detail, please click on this article: 25 Amazing and Extraordinary Features of VK.

83How does VK work at mind, body, and soul level?

  • The Divine Cosmic energies can help mankind, animals, plants, and other all living & non-living things, at all levels including physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, relationship, financial, and all other levels in all walks of life.
  • Physically it can reduce/ eradicate pain, illness, heal wounds, dimmer the scars, manages weight issues, vanishes cramps, can provide strength to the body, essential nutrients, etc. not only upper layers but VK works on deep down at cell level of a human body.
  • VK can work on emotional issues like sadness, depression, mood swings, aggression, fear, laziness, dullness, etc which our mind is making us slave of.
  • VK can help you in being smart, humble, compassionate, passionate, kind, sweet, nice, joyous, happy, and what all positive you can think of.
  • When you want to make your soul happy, you follow your passion, hobbies, do what you like.
  • Maybe for some reason, you haven’t lived those soulful deeds yet. VK can fetch you peace and joy of the soul, make your soul happy to the core, can help you to live any soulful act like pursuing your hobbies which you always want to live, meditative depth, etc.

Eventually, if you notice, if your body and mind are happy and healthy, your soul is happy AUTOMATICALLY.

84I am an astrologer, how can VK help me?

VK can help you in astrology as well. You can place an appropriate request to VK to fetch customers, to guide them with the best solutions, to make their future better, to save their money from being used in unwanted and silly rituals.

GOLDEN SUNRISE energy with VK helps all energy practitioners to enhance their practicing skills. Astrologers are already using VK to improve their prediction skills.

85VK chooses its user. What do you mean by this?

VK is a divine blessing. It goes as a blessing to its user. When someone asks for VK, it doesn’t reach him for some or the other reason. Sometimes some obstacles come in the way to get blessed with VK. Though VK is made for humanity, but who will use it, and when he will use it, it’s Divine’s will.

There are many VK users who did not have money. They chanted GOLDEN SUNRISE and made a way for VK to reach them. There are a few others who have a lot of money but could not get VK. It’s surprising indeed as VK is beyond the value of money. So Sharat Sir says VK chooses its user.

86Which hand is best while rotation using VK?

There are no such formalities or rituals with VK. you can rotate VK with any hand that you feel is convenient for you.

87Rotation of VK over a bottle of water should be near to the bottle or can be done from distance too?

VK can be used from any distance to charge a bottle of water. The water to be charged can be at any distance, even in a different country. If you are surprised, watch this video on how you can charge water using VK distantly.

88Is circular rotation of VK compulsory or we have to just make a movement of VK?

Rotation is one way of giving a movement to VK, you can swing VK over the water bottle, you can even spin VK on a flat and stable table. You can also focus on VK as you focus on a light torch. The energies flow from VK the same way as light flows from a torch.

89I am busy with guests but my stomach is aching and I cannot sit and use VK. What is the best I can do?

If you are busy, just touch VK and place a request. You need not sit and rotate VK. You can also tie VK on the painful area with a request to VK to remove/ release the pain. For example, tie VK in your lower clothes or belt if you have a stomach ache. Or prepare charged water and keep sipping every 5-10 minutes.

90Rubbing VK, rotating VK, just a touch, and making a request to VK, what is more beneficial?

Every action is equally efficient. Do whatever you find easy and best.

91How can VK be clubbed with the Law of Attraction?

It is very easy to understand how VK works with the Law Of Attraction. LOA says that BE what you want to attract. For example, Be a money magnet to attract more money now use Total Wealth Serum to be a money magnet. BE a loving person to attract a loving soul mate, use Calm Down Serum with Alpha Male Serum or Alpha Woman Serum.

LOA brings us whatever we want to attract or whatever vibration we are at. Here, what VK can do is, it can trigger your inner energy to attract more prosperity, health, and luck into your life. It is the Master Key that can unlock the floodgates of this universal force to attract more power, health, and luck into your life.

The strong positive energy field of VK can make its user’s Aura super energized and align all the Chakras, balancing the Aura and thus manifesting all that he needs, with VK.

92I haven’t used VK for more than a year now. But now I want to use it, will VK work now after so long?

VK will listen to you anytime and anywhere. VK has always ready infinite energies to follow your positive request every time even after many years of without use. 

93Now that I have VK, can I avoid the advice of a doctor?

No, we do not advise you to avoid or stop seeing a doctor. Doctors have their own role, they might need to diagnose some clinical tests. Instead, with VK, choose the best doctor, use VK in difficult situations till you reach the doctor, get accurate tests done if required, get accurate reports, though keep sending energy with VK to get the relief to the patient and reduce unnecessary visits.

94As I have VK now, can I stop taking medicines?

NO, even if you have VK now, do not stop taking medicine(s). Leaving medicines might have withdrawal symptoms. Instead, keep using VK and slowly reduce your medicine to zero. Do not drop medicine as well as energy as you feel fine, keep taking energy with VK, and do not drop medicine without doctor’s permission, let doctor confirm that you do not need more medicine and then stop the medicine.

95How should I intend to release emotion?

VK emits energies when we place a request. We do not need to do anything in our minds. We only need to intend, VK will do his job and send required energies which will release the emotion. Do not put your mind in “how” will this happen, VK knows what to do with its intelligence and wisdom.

96As we can release negative emotions, can we infuse any positive emotion as well?

Yes, this is possible using VK. You can infuse any positive emotion like love, care, understanding, happiness, hope, courage, worth, acceptance, secure feeling, calmness, peace, trust, innocence, etc.

You can request VK to fill your mind with the energy of Master switchwords like GOLDEN SUNRISE.

You can even use the Mimicking feature of VK and request energy of Bach flower remedies, You can use Cosmic Serums like Bravo Serum, Anti addiction Serum, Balance Serum, Mood up Serum, Calm down Serum, Love Serum, etc. for infusing positive emotions. Be creative.

97I made some mistakes in the past. How can I use VK to rectify those mistakes? 

As we dig a pit, we keep digging it. We keep going down and down to find something. Go deep, if you know there is a benefit.

If something happened in the past that happened for a reason under some circumstances. If it were avoidable at that time, then that would have happened. So, what is the need to dig past? Power is in the present moment, in NOW and the future is awaiting. Instead of digging past, spend time in creating new. You have so much to live yet, create that.

If you dig past with VK, you will keep doing it more and more. Digging a pit might get you gold, but it is very rare. But digging past will only cover with dust. The more you clean the dust, the more it will come up.

According to LOA if you focus on digging all the time, you will get more probabilities to dig again and again. And if you focus on creating new things all the time, you will get more opportunities to create your life.

98My past was horrible, how do I take care with VK?

Know your emotions which are troubling you at this time and use required Cosmic Serums, mimic the energy of appropriate Bach Flower remedies, GOLDEN SUNRISE energy, release negative emotions, Shield of Seven Rays with VK.

VK is a blessing, not everyone has. Use it to create a beautiful life. Have an attitude of gratitude. VK will work on your positive intention and not on your greed. An act can be done knowingly or unknowingly but if you did it intentionally to disturb someone and you are not sorry for that VK may not help you.

99How to intend or make a request to VK?

When we talk or share our feelings with a person, when we spend most of our time with a person, they become our friends and listen to our hearts language. The same is with VK. Use it more and more, spend time with it, befriend with VK, and use the heart’s language to request.

100Is there any time duration for energy work and manifestation?

Time is an illusion. When we do the practice energy work or manifestation with VK, we do it with the feeling of NOW.

101Is there any side effect of VK?

Yes! JOY, HAPPINESS, CALMNESS, and PEACE are the few side effects of VK.

102Can I use a clay pot (matka) or glass vessel instead of a plastic bottle to energize water in it?

Yes, you can charge water in anything. Either it is a clay pot or glass vessel or anything else.