VIBBES KADA VK testimonials

21. I was planning to travel to Spain and I didn’t get my visa and I was quite close to my travel dates… I asked Sharat Sir for EC and asked VK to activate the EC… Yesterday I got to know that the visa is done… Hopefully, I will get it before my travel date… Thank you Sharat Sir and VK.

22. Although I am late in sharing my one of the VK experience but it is better late than never. One day I took my son’s scooty for tyre replacement to the tyre shop. The mechanic was struggling to open the nut of axle but he could not. Then he thought of using pneumatic nut runner. I was holding the handle of scooty. When he applied the nut runner the tool got slipped from his hand and it hit me on my foot badly.

I got a red mark on my skin and the pain was unbearable. I was not able to even walk properly. I came home after a tyre change and requested VK for pain care serum and placed the VK for 10 min. On the wound and after 10 min. the red mark on the skin and the pain got completely vanished. THANK YOU SHARAT SIR for providing us the magical VK. THANK YOU VK.  And like Rajeev mentioned, VK is helping us in solving many things which come in our daily life. THANK YOU SHARAT SIR THANK YOU VK.

23. Calm down serum— this is an effective serum for those who are very short temperd. By taking this serum regularly the person becomes very calm, understanding, and a good listener. My husband is taking the serum from last 15 days and now everyone can see this wonderful change. I am very happy. Thanks Sharat sir. Thanks Sir for helping me out with my teenage child. Really Sir it a blessing for us to know you and get all help we can from you! Thanks once again Sir!

24. I was having pain in my throat due to tonsils from last 3 days I started taking ENT serum and Pain Care Serum from yesterday night and my pain is gone in the morning itself and tonsils are also less inflamed now. Thank you Sharat Sir for these magical serums… 🙂

25. With the help of Sharat sir, I am regularly giving him rescue medicine as well as healing their Kidney & BP, for the last 3 days there is an improvement in their condition but he is still in ICU, Devender ji, it’s because of the Vibbes group we will be doing our behind the scenes job, Manan is continuously informing me about his father’s condition & he has thanked all of us for making effort in his father’s recovery, but still the job is not completed till his father joins his home back.

26. Hi Dear Friends! I would like to share one amazing healing experience (all thanks to the Vibbes Kada). Some days back my daughter fell sick with very high fever (must be above 105′) and severe throat infection. It was past midnight and no medicine was working on her. We were very very tensed, as there was no medical facility available in the town we were staying. Then I remembered that Sharat had once mentioned that Pranic healing (with immediate results) too can be conducted with the help of Vibbes Kada. So, I started the healing with the Kada, cleaning the throat chakra, solar plexus chakra, and the basic chakra.

Then I energized these chakras with the Vibbes Kada. And to our surprise and relief, my daughter’s temperature came down to 99′ in half an hour’s healing time. I repeated this healing the next day as well and by God’s grace, my daughter’s temperature came back to normal and her throat also got completely healed, by the end of the next day. My heartfelt thanks to Sharat for providing us this divine healing instrument……….Thanks Sharat Bhai………….

27. Pranic Healing with the help of VIBBES Kada (as taught by Sharat Bhai) – VERY VERY EFFECTIVE: Hold the Kada in your hand and focus it on the person whom you want to heal (the patient may or may not be physically present in front of you). Now ask the VIBBES Kada to cleanse the aura of the patient (visualize the aura getting cleaned – 5 minutes). Now, ask the VIBBES Kada to cleanse the seven major chakras of the patient’s body (visualize this as well – 5 minutes). Now, ask the VIBBES Kada to provide the required positive energy to the chakras that need the energy (5 minutes). This 15 minutes’ process once in a day cures any and every problem that a person may be having and keeps the person protected from negative energies and diseases.

28. A quick remedy for patients with excess pitta problem (causing skin infections & allergies & hyperacidity) in the body – Take a glass of normal water and charge it with the energy of Jau (barely) ka Sattu with the help of VIBBES Kada. Now drink this water, you will see instant relief in your problem within 5-10 minutes.

29. Amazing healing experienced at the Maun Sadhna Camp on Sunday: My brother (Ashu Chawla) was having severe pain in one elbow since many days and had to get it oiled, massaged and bandaged every day. Some days back, the other elbow also started paining. On Sunday, he attended the Maun Sadhna Camp and instantly felt an 85% relief in the pain. He is no longer requiring the massage and bandaging of his elbows. All thanks to Sharat Bhai……….

30. The magical Heart Serum: I was unable to sleep for some days and used to be wide awake throughout the night. Even during the day time, I couldn’t get any sleep because the moment I used to lie down, I was experiencing severe palpitations. I was planning to go to a doctor to get some medicine for this sleeplessness. Then I remembered Sharat Bhai and asked him as to how my situation can be cured. Sharat Bhai suggested that I should start taking Heart Serum. And to my surprise and relief, I could sleep the same day when I started taking this magical serum! My heartiest thanks to Sharat Bhai to have prepared such wonderful solutions for the benefit of humankind. Thanks a TON…….

31. I want to share something, may be it would b beneficial 4 others also. Some days back my 3yrs old nephew was suffering from high fever (104°). My sister had tried syrup but no result. Then she called me for his healing. As the situation was quite serious, I was unable to decide what to heal with, so I called Sir for help but failed to contact him. Finally, I requested Sai Baba to handle everything& charged water wid the “ENERGY OF SAI BABA’s UDI”. I also started giving this energy directly to my nephew.

Do I need to say anything else??? In the morning my sis called me& told me that he is now perfectly alright….. 🙂 So, I’ve revealed that when u are in trouble& u don’t know the exact treatment, medicine or energy to heal the person with, simply use the ENERGY OF SAI BABA’S UDI with full faith& see the results. Thanks, Baba & thnx Sir for this Vibes Kada.

32. ONE OF THE MIRACLES OF VIBBES KADA (FOR GIRLS) Magic of FEM SERUM…I was in the office when that horrible pain in the stomach & other targeted area started. No medicine was with me and I was not in a position to even stand. Suddenly Sharat Sir’s SERUMS came to my mind & I charged water with Fem Serum. Within just 10-15mins, I got relieved from all my pains & enjoyed my that tough day as normal one. THANKS TO SIR!!!

33. Coming back to my latest achievement, ye share krte hue I really feel blessed that I am having Sharat sir in my life. Meri cousin sister ki shadi ko 9yrs ho chuke h but maine uske ghar me kabhi peace nhi dekha, daily ladai arguements tonting lga rehta tha. Jiju b always apni mom ki hi favor lete the and everyone was always against my sis. She was not even allowed to step out of the house. They never involved her in any decision. But by God’s grace, after using kada, within a month uske ghar ka love and peace wapis aa gya.Ab sab ek sath pyar or shanti se rehte h. Today the entire sitaution has changed from negative to total positive (touchwood). On behalf of my sis, so many thnx and regards to Sir from the core of our heart. She’ll always b grateful to you Sir…

34. ANOTHER MIRACLE OF VIBBES KADA…Ye to sab jante h k cosmic energies k miracle daily hum sab ki life me hote h but may b due to shortage to time or some other reason, har koi apne experience yaha share nhi kr pate. I appreciate agr zyada se zyada member apne experience yaha share kre, isse hum sabko ye pta chalta h k hum cosmic kada se aur kya kya kr skte hi.

35. GIRLS SPECIAL….! I’m back again with another small story of vibbes kada. One of my close friend who belongs to a typical orthodox and conservative family secretly started using kada since 1yr.The girl was not even allowed to wear jeans or go out of the house alone. Infact, after so many degrees in hand, she was not allowed to go outside for any job. But yesterday i was shocked to know that her parents not only gave her permission for the job but also allowed her for the NIGHT SHIFT. Isn’t it great… Me & my friend had lost all hopes but Sharat sir was always there to motivate us in her case. Although, it took a little bit of time as our aim is to change the mentality/outlook of our elders but it has finally started. But it’s just a beginning, abhi baht kuch change krna h, rite sir…So many thanks to SHARAT SIR for making this complicated life so easy for all.

36. Serums are the results of hard working of Sharat Sir ji on basic benefits of Cosmic Energies & the perfect use of Vibbes Kada for the purpose of healings. Here I want to share my experiences related to serums. The first serum is Perfect Health Serum it is a unique serum for all kind of health problems and I have used the serum on my uncle’s kidney shrinkage problem. I have charged water bottles with Vibbes Kada for last one weak & the result is amazing. His kidney has shrinkage from normal 1.25 to 10.25 and using Perfect Health Serum therapy his kidney goes to normal at 7. He is suffering from the back pain & the tiredness but now he is energetic and feels better. Thanks of Sharat Sir for his amazing health serum.

37. Here is another Result of Perfect Health Serum; My Mother in Law is suffering from Right knee joint pain from the last two years. She was taking regular treatment from the doctor and has no relief. I have charged water bottle with the Perfect Health Serum for the last three days now, she feels better and happy. Here I suggest one point that if we will use a cotton wet cloth with the charged bottle water and put the same on painful organ results comes very fast (As per Sharat Sir Advice).

38. With due respect and submission of my teacher Sh. Sharat Sir ji, I take this opportunity to share with all, my recent achievement with the Vibbes Kada. It all happened on this Sunday when I visited my uncle’s place to ask about his well being as he was suffering from a kidney ailment and by the grace of all Mighty was healed by myself. I found him quite healthy and was satisfied. During our conversations, mu uncle mentioned about his 37 year old son (My cousin) who was down with depression as the doctor diagnosed. He was under medication by a psychiatrist just out curiosity I try my card diagnostic on him.

I must first tell you that I have my professional card with “Antha karan” sign printed on it. I asked my cousin to hold the card between his hands & tell how he felt, to the shocking surprise to all of us present there his condition become alarming. Holding the card he went in around sitting on the sofa. On asking what rubbish he was acting, he stopped and stuck his tongue out, his eyes were flapped up and he needs horror sounds. With the grace of “Sh. Sharat Sir Ji”, I use able to detected that my cousin was possessed.

I could sense a “JINNY” inside the man. The scenario was spine chilling to my uncle’s family. They tried to intervene but I abstained them of doing so. With two Vibbes Kadas in my hands, I dared to ask the soul if he agreed to ascend. My cousin did not speak, I asked once again and he started dancing in Bhangra Stance. I then ask him very strongly that would the Soul agree to be ascended willfully or shall I liberate him anyway? Only then he started crying like a child and gave his agreement. I was more than ready to do so, requesting to the Kadas instantly, I started the ascension process.

I can swear to the God it was a storm of energy mattered by the Kada within a minute by cousin vomit. I once again restrained my aunt how was trying to help him and let him alone. He vomited for the second time the process was on. My cousin convulsed and vomited for the 3 times profusely. I felt the emission of the energy had stopped form my left Kada. My cousin skunked back and calm down by now. I asked him how he felt. He replied in a normal voice that he is feeling good now. I requested to my kada to fill in positive energies in counts complete self and asked by an aunt to give him some water. I knew by now that his negative procession of my cousin has been ascended for good. Confirming to my belief, next morning my uncle informed that my cousin was more than normal on the next day. He was energetic and was ready for his work before time. I fully thanks to the “VIBBED KADA” & “Sharat Sir Ji” under whose guidance I was able to perform this occasion task. JAI HO.

39. Flap Down Serum – It’s a unique serum for those who look fatty. I have taken this serum for 15 days and lost 2 inches. I have started eating more than my normal diet. Thanks to Sharat Sir.

40. Miracles of Vibbes Kada (Pain Reliever) on 8th May 2013, I have received a call from Jalandhar (PB), from my Bhabi whose mother had severe pain on her right side of the ribs, moving towards backside. She also experienced numbness on her right leg. She was taking medicines from last 6 years regularly but without results. On that day I have suggested making a bottle of water charge with Magic Reiki & Pain Care Serum with the help of “VIBBES KADA”. Her mother took the water on the first day she did not eat properly and have rest all day. The second day she felt very good as she did not feel any pain under her ribs and back. As per her latest report “She has now resumed her daily work without any pain or problem”. Here I wish to mention my Guru Ji Sh. Sharat Sir, who makes all the Serums & teach us how to help others with the “Vibbes Kada.” Once again I wish to thanks Sh. Sharat Sir, Jai Ho…

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