VIBBES KADA VK Testimonial Part 3

41. VK Experience Yesterday We were waiting to meet an officer outside his office for last one hour Then I requested VK that officer should call us in 5 min and magic happened just 4 min we were welcomed. Thanks VK Thank you Sharat Sir.

42. Though it has been few months my husband has been seeing me using VK but he wore yesterday. He knew a few achievements too Specially of Rakesh sir, he is making way to clear the jams. Today when he was stuck in jam, he thought of taking help from VK and imagine what, it just cleared, as of specially only for him, he was so happy to share it. Thankuuuuuu sir.

43. VK conditioning Hello friends!!! Could not stop posting this!!!

I daily use my VK for safe, smooth and clear traffic in the morning and evening while driving.

Again I daily use my VK for safe, comfortable and clear parking for my car while driving to home.

Today I traveled by Metro from Faridabad to Rohini. And there is walking distance from Rohini West Metro station to my home.

Here comes VK conditioning:

I was requesting my VK for safe, comfortable and clear parking while walking to home. I forgot that my car is already in the parking and I am walking. Kindly friends don’t laugh on my this act. Really I just love my VK.

44. Another update…I have a phone interview scheduled for today. But this morning I felt that I need to prepare more and requested VK to reschedule the interview. But later I prepared well and was ready. But guess what? I did not receive the call, instead received an SMS that we have to reschedule the interview to another time. He also insisted that he is still interested in the discussion…my VK is on fire.

45. Today I officially witnessed VK’s magic. From out of nowhere a squirrel came to our living room and was sitting on the closed window not knowing how to get out. I was as afraid of the squirrel to go near it. I was sitting across the living room in my room with a full view. The squirrel could get through the grill gate but it couldn’t see it because the curtain was covering it. We both sat in terror for over 30 mins. Then it occurred to me to request VK. I requested VK to show the squirrel the way and make it go out. Within a min, the squirrel stopped shaking and went through the grill gate.

46. VK Experience: Last night it was raining very heavily at Chandigarh and due to some urgent work I have to leave for someplace, at 9.45 in the night. There was a stretch of 2 km on the road where water was logged due to a poor drainage system. My car got stuck in that waterlogged area where it seems to be impossible to cross that road. Suddenly I got the idea to ask help from VK I kept one of my hand on VK and requesting or safe rescue from that situation.  Friends my car came out from 3 feet deep water without any harm and safely. Where all vehicles were trapped inside the water only my car came out safely. Thank you VK for rescuing me last night. Thank you Sharat Sir for inventing VK.

47. Today I went to an apple service center for my phone… I got the number 166, the ongoing number was 136.. 30 waiting each person was taking minimum of 20 mins… It was crazy… I requested my friend VK…Believe me, most of the people were not there…They might have gone here and there…My number came in less than half an hour…thank you VK for saving my time…Everyday we see miracles with it …Thanks a lot to Sharat sir for making it and giving it to me…Thank u thank u thank u.

48. A friends daughter got a scholarship worth 7,00,000. Then Visa and now visa for the rest of the family. All leaving next Friday for further studies. Amazing amazing amazing achievements with VK.

49. VK experience my sister wanted to keep a puppy as a pet she was very scared of dogs for one week I gave healing through VK of Aspen, Rock Rose, and Mimulus!!! Today she holds the puppy in her hands n loves it like her baby!!! My sister lives in Dubai and I gave her energy from Delhi.

50. I m really grateful to my two hands which help me in making healthy food which my family enjoys…With them, I do all my household work which again is for the family. I really thanks VK n sir for healing my hand….sir my stitch is going to cut tom…adn my hand is better now…as we cannot fight with our destiny …If problems have to come …They will come but VK really reduces bigger ones to a single dot….thanks sir …
Thanks VK.

51. A quick share of VK magic. I had some medicine which was creating a lot of problems and immense acid formation leading to zero appetites and henceforth weakness, I recalled Sharat sir told me to put alkaline to balance acids. I healed it with the second dose. Surprisingly it tasted sweet and am feeling bitter too…Thought to share it with VK family.

52. Sometimes we feel that some things happened automatically & not coz we took help from VK Recently, we went to a plc for dinner & I just asked VK for us to enjoy the dinner. We got a perfect table, yum food & DJ was also v good & all in all, we enjoyed a lot!

After a week or so, my hubby went to the same place with his friends & didn’t enjoy well coz didn’t get the table, had to eat standing, entry was a big problem, DJ wasn’t good & food was also not good. It was the same place, so is it possible that so much different experience at 2 instances. It was all thanks & many thanks to VK, Thank you Sir, for thinking of me worthy enough to give this magic wand to me Many thanks to God who got me in touch with sir & in turn closer to God & making me shine, shine & always shine!

53. My brother had pain in his leg and knee since long sent him PAIN CARE Given once, his pain went away in a week’s time…

54. Today I have to sit to eat my Akashana’s (fast) food suddenly I have a lot of pain in my teeth.  I don’t eat anything then I asked VK within two minutes. I have no pain I take my food properly. CHAMTKAR ho Gaye. Thanks VK Thanku Cosmic Energy Thanku Sharat Sir.

55. VK blessing… My mother in law was in immense pain in the lower abdomen. It was unbearable for her, cried with her tears, pleaded for relief… Pain care serum and injection of a pain killer VOVRON settled the pain in the half-hour that she again went into the kitchen to work.

56. VK Experience of distant charging Good evening everyone. I would like to share my experience with Sharat Sir’s divine healing. I live in Mumbai. Last evening I was suffering from terrible stomach and trapped gases, Severe palpitations, Giddiness, and a horribly coated tongue. Normally I take a few doses of my Homeopathic medicines and I am fine… But nothing was working with me. Thought I was going to get a heart attack, I was really bad. I was eagerly waiting for my VIBBES KADA. Suddenly it struck me to message Sir, and he asked me to fill a bottle of water. I had to wait for 5/6 min and was then instructed to sip the water every 5 mins for one hour. I set my alarms and sipped water every 5 mins for 1 hr. And believe me, all the discomfort started subsiding….

I was 70% better in one hrs. Again Sir asked me to fill a bottle of water, and after 5/6 minutes he told me to drink it every hour… Another 2 doses and I slept. Got up this morning, fresh and could do all the household work. I finished the remaining water and have not had any signs of discomfort as yet. I could also eat a good meal. Thanks to Sharat Sir for the Amazing healing. My tongue is not coated and the horrible taste is gone. No palpitations wow…Feel so good. Thank you again, Sharat Sir, for your selfless desire to help and heal people. Gratitude

57. An amazing achievement friends/moms. I was keeping busy for two days and my baby was missing me so much was cranky too Just an idea clicked and requested VK to give her mama energy to soothe her and make her sleep Though it happened but still I couldn’t believe  Repeated again today and it happened again I can’t thank enough Sharat sir… For passing on your efforts and creativity in the form of VK to us.

58. A friend of mine had spent a good amount correcting his tennis elbow, where a simple request to VK for his relief made him fine. Though he kept wondering how it healed NOW but praised his own self of Good care he had been taking of his elbow. And I smiled just like u did.

59. However today I am working on a bit serious issue. One of my other colleague broke his leg yesterday which we came to know in the evening. Recommended by another who knows abt VK, he requested for healing his fractured bone so that there may not be a need to pass a Rod to support. I hope to get a positive result but it will be known the day after tomorrow. It will be really exciting to share it with all here.

60. In a league of healing with VK, curing patients have become so regular that I feel so common to mention it that it’s nothing like to mention these obvious issues. Like yesterday my colleague complained about his stretched nerve at his waist area. It was persisting for a week. Jokingly another of my buddy asked me to heal. In the next 10 minutes, my buddy was stealing away his eyes from me, as my colleague who was in pain was rolling his waist round to find if he ever had pain there. I always enjoy the look of surprise in their eyes.

61. Past few days I was going somewhere had to reach by 1 and there was full jam but used affirmation… MAKE MY WAY TO MY DESTINATION and a person came out of his car and made the way clear to reach my destination. Otherwise, it would have taken one more hour to reach.

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