VIBBES KADA VK Testimonial Part 4

62. If anyone feels tired all the time can take Alkaline Water charged by VK: This water gives instant energy and all kinds of health.

63. An experience with Study Serum: My son finds EVS a tough subject. He gets avg to below avg marks in the subject. Once he got 4 was very disappointed. But after giving him study serum he secured 9.5/10. His teacher was surprised she asked him did you cheat? he said no then she asked him all the questions. Guess what he answered them all correctly.

64. Experience of a Patient: Sir, Thank u Thank u Thank u So so so so so much. I am recovering super duper fast. I went for a check-up, Doc asked me to go ahead for my shower. I am so happy. Thank u so much for healing me this many times.

65. Sir one experience to share: Yesterday, I was charging my daughter with Mimulus suddenly added healing energies of Lord Krishna with it. There was a sharp increase in her confidence that my girl stood up for me with full boldness and confidence. There is an instant energy boost in this combination of Mimulus along with the healing energies of lord Krishna. I also charged myself in the same combination could feel the gush of energy and confidence. Thank you Sir.

66. Sir, you said no blind faith. But it is pure blind faith I am taking my life and this blind faith has really helped me to accept VK and the knowledge as it is. So in 40 days, I was able to acquire this knowledge. If I had questioned it once, the power will diminish.  Sir, I am leaving Bangalore, I don’t know what awaits me. But my energy has gone up and my Daughter after ascension has changed a lot. Now only situation needs to change. I will start doing ascension for others also. I would like too but am I too stiff now I don’t know. After my duty to Devi is over maybe she will allow me to go this line. Thank you Sirji for all the support and guidance.

67. VK experience: Last night I got allergy on my forehead and around 20 -30 big red spots occurred. I used VK on the affected spots for five minutes. I got instant relief and by morning only 5-6 left. Thanks to the healing power of VK.

68. A little nothing but a something: The casket in my 2 pressure cooker had loosened on the same day was having a tough time cooking for the last 2 day. Did 2-3 quick fixes nothing worked. Finally, VK came to rescue asked it to fix anyhow. And you know had a yummy arhar ki dal ready in minutes.

69. Thanks VK once again: From last one year my routine urine report was showing 4-6 PUS cells in it due to infection, but today it comes nil. I am so delighted. My ultrasound for the bladder was also perfect. It’s healing me.

70. My cousin’s daughter was ill for 4 days. Fever and stomach upset, vomiting, D-fev and Digee Both serums worked wonders in 1.5 days. Thanku Sir. Thanku VK. Thanku Universe.

71. An experience: Deeply wish to thank you Sir for healing my son. My son was not having proper food for the last six days. Was not able to find the reason. Did all I could. I called Sir for help that I had given him Digee Serum, ACS but the situation was not improving. Sir considered for a moment and said give him the energy of pudin hara (Mint) he is impacted by the summer heat. Sir sent him healing and parallelly I charged his meal within less than 20 min results was available. A child eating just half aloo parantha ended up eating 1 fruit bun, 1 bowl of curd, 1 mango and dal rice…it just amazed me. Sir your guidance and knowledge is truly a blessing to my life. Thanks a million for always being there and gracing my life.

72. VK experience: My friend’s 1 year old daughter was having a fever from last 4 days. Today he came to me to take her to the hospital, before going to the hospital I gave her D-FEV SERUM and energy of Paracetamol in water and let the baby to sip it. By the time we reached clinic, the fever was declining and when our turn came… in 30 minutes the fever was gone. The kid who was irritating earlier was happy and playing. I was thinking to sir and VK. Writing this from the clinic.

73. Yesterday Mass Healing experience: All started normally and I was rotating my VK, I was rotating the VK chanting with eyes closed. After a few moments, I saw on blinking of white/silver color with closed eyes. Then a few colors which I don’t remember. Then some tears came and my hand starts rotating fast n it all completed with satisfaction. Thanks VK, Thanks Sir, Thanks Universe.

74. Good Morning Sir. I want to share an experience with u. U know very well I am not a regular user of VK nor do I do any regular meditation. After a long time, I went for a meeting yesterday and the event budget was just not getting finalized… So then I decided to use my VK to make my client increase from 6lacs to 8lacs. After using VK now the client has agreed to 10lacs which was a surprise for me. And I also received an advance. I am so happy about this. And I was able to achieve this because I don’t add my mind to it. I just started to TRUST & BEGIN my whole journey. THANKS A TON FOR THIS WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE.

75. Today’s Experience – I started rotating after my prayer n request to my VK for showering GOLDEN SUNRISE energy to all. I kept on rotating with some tingling sensations on fingers and after 9 min I started feeling energies on fingers n hands and also some moving energies on my arms. I was rotating n rotating as the way it is driving my hand. Great energies felt. In between this I also got a view of the circle of members in the form of a circle and a triangle is shining like a bright green illumination with a dark green background. Overall a great experience. Thank u GOLDEN SUNRISE.

76. My husband had a muscle pull due to yoga. I gave him pain care serum. Within a day he got relief. Secondly, I lost my car key…requested VK to find it…Within 5 min I found the key. Hurray!!!

77. Sir yesterday when I was started rotating VK after a deep breath…I felt after even a few seconds that VK becoming like Lance and the font of the sentence which I wrote in the circle become big and shining. I was feeling so light and happy inside. Thank u sir thanku god thanku VK for such wonderful experience. Play Really we are truly grateful for VK in our life… I see these magic daily…. jitna gratitude hai VK and Sir ke liye utna kam lagta hai… thank u sir.

78. Experience of a VK user. Today did Golden Sunrise for my Aunt. She had lost a son who was 9years at that time 25 years ago. He drowned in a pool. While doing her Golden Sunrise too many black fumes smoke went. After that, she was found in deep water holding on to her son waiting for help. It was a heartbreaking scene to watch. The process stopped there. I talked to her she said it is true in am still holding on to my son so that he doesn’t sink to the bottom. I asked we can pray together to our deity Muthappan and visually think he has come to save you both that you both have come up safe and the deity is blessing both of you. Take Muthappan as your son, whenever you see deity you will see your son only. Today’s mass healing I added her in my prayers. After our healing, the process began wherein they are saved and blessed. Send tons of Golden Sunrise to the family. Now they are laughing in joy. Deity is with them, for my aunt she will see her son. Thank you Sir if I can wipe a mother’s tears I am content. Millions of thanks for coming into our family we needed you badly.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Sir.

79. Today’s Experience – my friend has frozen right shoulder n he casually asked me if anything can be done. I charged water for him with PCS n within 5 min he says kya kiya tune n his pain reduced.

80. Hello everyone. I want to share my exp of VK magic. My 19 yrs son Akshat was having severe itching problem in summers for last 7-8 yrs. He had too much itching that sometimes the rashes on his back and legs started bleeding. I tried almost every pathy for relief like ayurvedic, homeopathy, allopathy and unani too but in vain. Last month I asked Sharat sir and he suggested bach flower remedy, a combination of three medicines. I placed an EC and kept charging it 2-3 times a day. The humid summer is cool for him this time. I m so very grateful to sir for this priceless suggestions. Thanks sir Thanks VK Thanks everyone Thanks God.

81. First time in my marriage of 6 yrs I am going out on a trip with husband and in-laws to celebrate our anniversary on 5th Oct. I believe all this is due to some gratitudes posted by me and giving group calm down serum and one soul serum to VK… thank u so much Sharat sir n VK n all members for guiding me.

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