VIBBES KADA VK Testimonial Part 6

102. Yesterday midnight around 12.00, my family in Mumbai reached their apartment, it was locked and Daughter’s roommate supposedly didn’t leave keys, they called she didn’t answer mob…it was again panicky… Where to go..? I took VK in my palms and devotedly prayed… and that roommate girl was asleep with an ear infection, worked up and opened the door…in 15 min they were inside…..VK clearly heard my prayers and did what was to be done.

103. During my shifting from LGF to SF…everything was perfect but I couldn’t trace my Najafgarh plot Documents inspite that I searched thrice full Almirah, I was extreme panicky as it was nearly worth 2cr and all files POA papers were gone, means I am finished…consulted Nishiji, She sent healing as well as told hold VK and pray Hanumanji… I did and within 30 min recovered papers from unexpected envelop.

104. I have CTS (carpal tunnel syndrome) problem. My hands get numb if I do little more work from routine. As my maid is gone from last month my days are going very hectic. On Dussehra day I had very badly hands numb. Even after taking medicine. I was not getting relief at night. I requested VK, again and again, to get me relief and make me sleep and within half an hour I got asleep and when I woke up I was fine.

105. Golden Sunrise Sir! I am sending you a message right from Kashmir, couldn’t stop sharing my blessings with you. I am a new VK user sir, hardly 15 days I have not only taken but known about VK. But the experience I had is commendable. Me and my family, together approximately 15 people had plans to go Kashmir, on the way, where it was just about 3 hours to Pehalgaam we were stopped by some people. They were throwing stones at us and wanted us to go back. I had just known about GOLDEN SUNRISE. We were three VK users in our group, all three of us started sending the energy of GS to the situation. You won’t believe sir, out of 5 cars only our car got the way out of the disturbing area and we reached our destination SAFELY. I can’t thank you enough sir. Thank you Sir. Thankuuu for inventing VK and giving us a chance for healing and helping ourselves and making us independent of self-protection too.

106. I too charged water with eye care serum 2 days back I was very sleepy and with pain in eyes in office in the morning. And was thinking about how to come out as I can’t sleep in the office. In one dose I was ok.

107. I would like to share one more good experience: I had a severe throat infection, was unable to eat or swollen anything. I energized water with ENT serum and BECKAC tablet healing and drank that water throughout the day. And I am all right within one day. Generally, it takes 7-8 days for me.

108. Yesterday I was having a severe headache. I woke up at 4 in the morning and could not sleep. I took some pain care serum water and slept peacefully. Would like to share here one more achievement: My mother has skin cirrhosis past 15 years. Severe itching and shedding of dead skin were a major issue. And any time body pain is her problem. She keeps applying oil to the skin for relief. I have given her BEAUTY SERUM healing and PAIN CARE SERUM. Yesterday she told itching has reduced by 50% and even the pain reduced. She has not taken a pain killer from the past 2 days.

109. Golden Sunrise! My experience with an aged lady who was paralyzed by cerebral atrophy for 5 years. I am sending healing energies with guidance from Nishiji. Last 3-4 days she was complaining of chest pain. With the energy of Pain Care Serum, she is completely relaxed with no pain now. Thank you God Thank you VK.

110. Gratitudes to the Bach Flower Remedy taught by Sir. Bach flower medicine of flowers for improvement of mental and physical health is a boon. With no side effect and thru VK we can make a difference for our own self. GOLDEN SUNRISE and Bach flower remedy bring the result in a month or so. Bach Flower tones down the edges of our behavior and those of others to whom we wish a change. We can give a helping hand for our close ones to break the pattern of behavior we and they are stuck him.

Just a pure VK user thought needs to be there, they need help and I can help them. By helping your near and dear ones with GOLDEN SUNRISE and Bach Flower you are mostly helping yourselves to a better life. Bach flower remedy to oneself helps to remove many illnesses and keeps us healthy. They can also be given to small kids too. VK gives the benefit of Bach Flower without taking a single pill (physical dose). GOLDEN SUNRISE and Bach Flower makes your thoughts to expand and brings the family closer.

111. Thank you to Sharat Sir and VK I would like to share that with the grace of God and healing power of VK I am free from any tumor reoccurrence this time…I am using VK from last 5 months for my cure of bladder cancer…It really helped and I am healed now…..Thanks to VK and its creator…

112. I would like to share my experience with VK. I was trying to contact a person from 7 months, but he was avoiding me, yesterday I gave request to VK to get me connected. And it happened. The person replied to the mail and my work is done.

113. After Nishi ji guidance I give the energy of Golden Sunrise to her by charging her coconut water and med with it and after taking it just only once she was feeling so much better than anything else. It was a miracle because before that her fever was 100.5 and after few min, no fever and she says give me chapati to eat. Thanku Sir for inventing Vk. Thanku Nishi ji.

114. There are two Dengue Patients of our society and they were admitted in the hospital. Platelets were speedily decreasing as usual in Dengue Patients. Only 50,000 in one of the patients. Other is somewhere 90,000. I started healing both of them with Zapper healing (9 volts 10-kilo hertz) two days back i.e. on Saturday. Amazingly results came out. Today morning I came to know that both patients started recovering and platelets started increasing in both the patients. One of them is about to discharge from Hospital.

115. Yesterday night my husband had a bad stomach ache… as during fast heavy food does not suit him… he ate his pain medicine but then too stomach was continuously paining… as last he decided to go to the hospital  to have a painkiller injection… I  made a Digee Serum and asked him to drink… and thanks to VK and Sir he slept nicely and in the morning he said he was fine and could sleep well. And another experience: I was traveling alone from a Full Moon Meditation session just now. And I felt someone was following me. I didn’t know what next. Was just holding VK and said GOLDEN SUNRISE to me. And that guy took a diversion before my lane. Reached home safely. Thank you VK. Thank You Sir

116. Sharing the latest VK experience with you. My office’s main domain Server got infected with the virus and unable to start. I had taken the necessary steps to start it. But no result. The situation was very critical for me. Then I requested to VK. within 5 min my server was started successfully. Thank God. Sharat Sir, VK. My boss always says that Baldev you have some magic tricks. Thanks again Sharat Sir

117. We have a bus from Ooty to Coimbatore – I didn’t have breakfast, Then from Coimbatore to Vizag 27 hrs train Journe, I didn’t felt eating,  I just had bananas at around 5 I think and I requested VK to charge water with all proper nutrients so that even if I didn’t have any food all needs are met and to my wonder I didn’t felt eating, In this 30 hrs long journey I just had 3 bananas 3 bottles of water n a pack of biscuit,  After that yesterday I reached at 3:15 and has some snacks at 5:30 Rawa dosa and a piece of idlI and I reached 5:30 today morning, I asked for bread butter in morning in train but I just has one slice and I didn’t feel like eating.

118. My brother had pain in his leg and knee since long. Sent him PAIN CARE Given once, his pain went away in a weeks time…

119. Today I have to sit to eat my Akashana’s  (fast) food suddenly I have a lot of pain in my teeth.  I don’t eat anything then I asked VK within two minutes. I have no pain I take my food properly. CHAMTKAR ho Gaye. Thanku VK. Thanku Cosmic Energy. Thanku Sharat Sir.

120. The yesterday touch screen of my phone got broken n all said in office that display also got damaged. I went to the market for repair n on the way I prayed to VK that pls my mobile gets repaired within 1000rs. In market one shopkeeper asked for Rs. 1400 and then other one asked 1800. Then I tried the 3rd shop and to my surprise, he asked just 550. He said the display of my mobile is ok only touch screen will be changed… thanks to VK and Sharat Sir.

121. VK experience: I was suffering from indigestion and acidity so I charge water with digee serun and pantosec DSR…. got relief within 15minutes. Yesterday I gave beauty serum to my niece and when she woke up in the morning her rashes on her face were gone.

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