VIBBES KADA VK Testimonial Part 8

142. My caretaker has a headache problem, he gets a severe headache. Yesterday he got the same pain it was just starting; I gave him water charged with Pain Care Serum before it becomes severe. Within 15-20 min his headache was gone and he was happy. So VK did the magic again.

143. Miraculous experience of VK: Yesterday late afternoon I began to feel pain in the left kidney, which begins to increase slowly. My mother gave me a light for 15-20 min on kidneys but more on the left kidney. After dinner, it begins to pain a lot. So much that I had 2 take 2 painkillers, but didn’t help.

I told my bro Ramandip and checked with Nishi Ji too and started taking PCS. But my pain kept increasing. Nishi Ji advised me to do VO healing and later my bro Ramandip sends VO healing too. During this time I increased my water intake and began to drink charged water, but the pain increased further. I must say each time after healing the pain didn’t subside but increased. I know I have kidney stone pain…I had it 20 yrs back too. I come to the point where it was difficult for me to do anything for myself. I became totally helpless. Now it’s midnight. I didn’t want to wake up any family member…was just praying that somehow night passes and shall handle in the morning. Later when reported to NIshi Ji, she asked my bro if she could heal me. After the healing, the pain increased further. That point Nishi ji asked me to report to Sharat Sir.

Meanwhile, I contacted Sharat Sir and he rightly said must b kidney stone and asked me to take Neeri energy charged water, which I did. But the pain didn’t stop at all. It reached a point whereby I felt like my kidney was going to explode, I was in great pain. I tried to beat the pain by apologizing to my kidneys. But nothing helped. It was 1 am in the morning. At this point, Sir told me I’ll do something. He assured me, I will feel better instantly. I was very relieved but also thinking will it really happen? Is it really possible because my condition was very bad, I was in real pain? After he did healing he asked how do I feel? I told him now it’s reduced by 10%. He said it will be better soon.

True enough, then a miracle happened… after 5 min the pain begins to subside and I began to feel better n better and within 10-15 min it totally disappeared. I was amazed. I was so happy I felt very light and told Sir there is no pain and I am feeling well now…it’s like nothing happened.

Thank you Sir for coming to rescue me. I have no words to express gratitude for this wonderful experience. Thanks to VK miraculous performance. After this experience, my faith in using VK strengthened manifold. I would like to request all newcomers not to doubt VK cosmic energies and use it religiously for healing. Today morning I woke as nothing happened and went out for a ceremony at the temple early morning. Though the pain started again but subsided after I reported to SIR. Also visited the doctor for X-ray etc and he refused. I must say if there was no help from SIR I have no idea what will happen to me. SIR thank you with folding hands for your Altruistic love, care, healing and saving me at such odd hours.

144. Experience of a VK user: Two times the same incident. We were out of town once and suddenly my husband complained that something bit him. I started healing by rotating on the affected area & he was fine the next morning. The same thing happened at home once and it was a honey bee. This time he could recognize the same pain & I healed, gave Zapper Healing via VK too and he was fine in hours time!
So happy that I have my friend VK with me.

145. VK & audio experience- I am listening to audio by Sir for happiness from a family from a week. It has such a great positive impact that even if I am stressed from work, I listen to it & then even though I am tired, I am smiling while working at home. There has been immense change has it raises my vibration instantly & could feel changes around too but most importantly in ME thank you sir for your blessings in different forms and this time in the form of audio.

146. VK experience-From couple of months, my back was aching and I used to do healing & used to get relief but again it used to start paining after some time. I kept on healing on & off when it used to pain. Finally, I asked Sir & he suggested to take fem serum. I took daily charged water of fem serum & I am amazed that I have no back pain from approx 21 days. Thank you Sir & VK for healing! A ton of gratitude to you!

147. VK Experience: Yesterday my niece had difficulty passing urine and was going to the toilet every now for the last 3 days and without clearing the bladder fully. I sent the healing twice to her for Golden Sunrise to UTI (urinary tract infection) and for kidneys too. I also advised her to drink lots of water to wash out toxins from the kidneys. She also drank charged alkaline water. After a few hrs when I asked she felt relieved n said she did not have to go to the toilet for 3 hrs. When I called her again after 2 hrs, she said: Uncle no sign of UTI, it has worked…as a Miracle. No symptoms left.

148. VK blessings: Seeing the critical situation of my brother in law, where doctors had almost quit to relief him from a death taking disease, I asked Sharat sir for help. He did not wait even for a second and started sending the energy of Maha Mrityunjay Mantra’s energy to my brother in law and even asked this healing in his group too. In the span of a few days, my brother in law started showing good signs of recovery and came out of danger, In a month time his daughter was about to get married. It was a very difficult situation for the family to face But DIVINE THANKS to Sharat Sir for inventing VK and making us independent to heal, healing him and requesting his group people also to send healings. The family cannot thank enough for this blessing. Thank you Sir.

149. VK experience: Went somewhere & while returning needed auto but nothing was working, walked approx 1 km & was very tired. Then requested VK & got auto & at a reasonable rate too. VK rocks again.

150. I will like to share another like case. My wife had a frozen shoulder and she was not able to raise her left arm more than 30 degrees. She did all the medication and massage without any positive results. People around suggested whatever best they could propose. A famous Ayurvedic Vaid, who was treating my colleague’s mother for the same ailment for the last 8 months required another 2 months to show results. An acupressure doctor could not give any assurance. Allopathic had a surgical solution which was just not acceptable.

I kept quiet during her pursuit and suggested to go to Sharat Sir when she had consulted all. I have this bad habit of letting someone do the best before I give my suggestion. 1st session with Sir….. 5 min of healing…Eureka!!! She was fit to rotate her arm like there was never a problem with it. Only 1 sitting and she never had the problem till today (after 3 years). Consequent to that my colleague who was getting his mother treated by Ayurvedic Vaid got her treated by Sir. Because of her age, it took 2 sittings and she is well with her arm too. Infinite Thanks are not enough to Sir.

151. Golden Sunrise to All. Another Experience-on 6th November I was in my office when I suddenly got a major cervical attack. I collapsed, totally blackout, I was unconscious for some time. Friends put some water on my face & I started shouting with severe neck pain & headache. I was still feeling dizzy also so they sent me back home. Next day, Dr. asked for a neck X-Ray & according to the report, I have a cervical problem in my neck. Also, the size of my neck bone has enlarged due to which all problems are arising & my 2 fingers of the left hand have become numb. Dr. asked for bed rest for at least a week & gave a neck collar which I was supposed to wear 24hrs for at least a month with so many tablets…

But yesterday I visited Sharat Sir for healing. And it was really a miracle as with just 5min of a healing session, my neck problem has 90% cured. I am not wearing collar anymore, I am moving my neck 360 degrees wherein I was unable to move it even 1%. My mom shocked to see me like this when I came back home. She had tears of happiness in her eyes & gratitude for Sir. Thanks a lot to God for blessing us with Sir & thanks a ton to Sir. THANKS THANKS THANKS.

152. Success story: I had requested for clearing blockages in me, to my surprise my relative was very sweet to me with whom I had a negative relation for some days, also met some sweet neighbors.

153. Two simple experiences today: 1.Today morning I had a pigeon flying in my room. This happens once in a while. Sometimes even 5 of them enter. Making it go out is a task as it keeps fluttering the wings and I get scared not of the pigeons but nothing should happen to it while it goes out. Also, there is a belief that pigeons or crows coming through the windows are angels of our ancestors. So I never did anything to stop. Generally, it takes me 15 min to make them go out safely. Today morning I just came out of the room… I gave a request to VK… Please let it go out safely. After 2 min I went into the room thinking I have to find where it had as there was no noise. And hurray it had already gone out and walking on the window parapet.

In the afternoon one friend called saying that she had to take her child to the doctor and already she missed the appointment thrice. Always the child used to refuse. Today the child went away. The doctor’s appointment was at 4.30 and till 2.30 the child didn’t return. His phone was ringing with no answer…she called me and said now can you do some magic he has to take the session this time. I went blank wondering what magic she expects my last moment. I just gave a request to VK that the child should come home safely where ever it is and get ready to go to the doctor. At 5 pm she called me that he came back in 15 min after the call and she was at the doc. I was using VK only for the healing of disorders. Since the last 2 days, I realized there are so many things which get simplified with just VK commands. These are actually simple things however the results are surprising and exciting too. Thank you Sir for creating VK.

154. I was not able to breathe in the morning as my one nostril was blocked due to cold. I took the ENT serum and was fine in 15 min. One more VK experience – we went to a family function and while leaving realized that my husband’s phone is missing. We requested VK and I asked my husband to check near the dinner table but it didn’t work then I went and checked again and it was lying under the chair. It was not possible without the help of VK. Thanks VK and thanks Sir.

155. I would like to share my experience of yesterday. I had a presentation to a large group of bankers in Egypt and in the morning I was unusually very nervous and uncertain about it. I have done many presentations in the past but yesterday I was feeling totally stuck. Thanks to Vrindaji’s advice I charged water with Mimulus with VK and kept sipping through the day. Also, I requested Vrinda ji for healing at the time of the presentation. By then my time was up I was completely relaxed and delivered the presentation very successfully without any issues. Thanks to the amazing creation by Sharat sir and Vrinda Ji’s advice and help.

156. VK is doing amazing miracles. Four days back I sent healing energy to my mother. Blood clotted in one of her fingers during doing household work. It just takes one hour to heal. Another one I got cold with running nose 2 days back. I took ENT Serum charged water. I got relief from running water from the nose. Now I am counting more miracles happening. Thanks Sharat Sir. Thanks VK.

157. VK experience – A person on the road side was trying to start his bike however it was not working, I requested VK and sent Golden Sunrise and was amazed to see that it started within a minute.

158. I needed to go urgently for some work but there was no water supply for the last 24 hrs ran the motor no use. Irritated to my best. Removed my VK and placed it on the water tap saying 1 bucket of water now. To my surprise motor from where not pulled 1 and a half bucket of water. Tested the tap later there was no supply. I reached 30 min late for my meeting but it would not have been possible otherwise. Thank you VK, Sir and cosmic energies.

159. Yesterday evening I posted about a 15 years child who went violent. This child lost his father a few months back and revolts against his mom. Yesterday morning he lit some newspapers and created smoke in the house and locked himself…did not allow the mother to enter the house and started breaking electronics items. He stopped having food 48 hrs and water for 24 hrs. No one could help. His mom called me at 8 pm yesterday to do something but she had already called a psychiatrist for his hospitalization. After receiving advises in our group…I started sending the energy of Golden Sunrise and Shield of Seven Rays to both son and mom. I also send RESCUE and Calm Down Serum.

At 10 pm the child was calm he started listening to his mom. Had water and juice. Totally under control. Though he is hospitalized as he became very weak. I continued sending healing additionally with Ignatia in the morning. His mom now called me saying that he hugged her and started eating and listening to her. I could make out the difference in her voice last night and now. It’s another miracle with my friend VK. Thank you VK. Thank you Cosmic energy. Thank you Sharat Sir. Thank you Payal, Sarla and Mayuri for year prompt guidance. I wish I can bless many to recover.

160. My VK experience:-My father was discharged from the hospital yesterday as I had mentioned yesterday within 3 hrs of requesting for healing in this group he was discharged and his reports are much better than the doctor expected. Gratitude to Sharat Sir and VK for helping me in this tough time. Gratitude to Nishi ji for guiding us. Gratitude to the perfect health I am getting and improving each day. Gratitude to each organ, cell, the molecule in my body for functioning properly and for the best of my health. Gratitude to Hanuman Chalisa, Shirdi Sai Baba and Mahamrityunjay Mantra for bestowing good health to me. Gratitude to golden sunrise.

161. One main VK experience is I had slipped disc and was on bed for 8 months, I recovered but has lingering Sciatica pain. Due to this I always liked to straighten my back and lie down. But now the pain is much reduced and I don’t lie down too often. Yes, I fully agree with you Nishi Ji and Vikki Ji. As a beginner, we must accumulate experiences by practicing as much as possible. We will definitely get results if we practice. We have to make efforts.

162. Today it was a very tiring & hectic day full of stress. While coming back to home from the office, I was in the cab at around 12.30am. I suddenly started feeling very low, anxious, severe headache & cervical pain started. I was blank & about to cry as didn’t understand what happened all of a sudden. Then immediately I took my water bottle & charged it with Sai Baba ki Udi ki energy. I drank that water & within 5min. all pains, uneasiness& everything vanished. After that, I spent my 45min in the cab singing songs… Thank u Baba. Thanks Sir. Thanks a lot to VK.

163. My daughter had final practical Yesterday, doing assignment for 6 weeks, at the hospital. She had severe headaches and hay fever when she left. Through EC and normal requests to VK  I kept sending Golden Sunrise, Shield of seven rays and Pain care serum a few times whole days and her headache was gone and managed her exam. At dinner, she told us a beautiful story. Her supervisor gave her B grade for all assignments and she was not happy. But when her Professor came and discussed her six weeks progress, she told her supervisor to review and give at least A grade for few. She told my daughter she will give A grade for some assignments. Finally, The Professor talked to Hospital staff and they told about her supportive and proactive approach for 6 weeks. Finally, before leaving, her Professor instructed to upgrade her marks to “A” Grade.  Thank you to VK. Thank you to Sharat Sir for VK. Thank God for choosing me to own VK. Thank you my bro for guiding me to VK.

164. Vk experience: My son pranshu was waiting for his posting in Delhi as he got appointed as an assistant manager in a bank. I requested Sharat sir for healing. Sharat sir told me switchword on EC and do activate it daily twice…I am doing it regularly. Today he got an appointment in Delhi at Navada near our residence Dwarka..he needs blessings of all of you.

165. My car broke down a week back. The service people came checked the vehicle and put an estimate of Rs 18K. I said I will call them. Asked VK to energize car with Golden Sunrise, all clear Serum and energy of automobile engineer to get the vehicle repaired. Did it for one full week today took for service. All clear serum just cleared it all for 3K. Even my driver was a bit taken back about the result. Thank you Sir Thank you VK.

166. Today’s VK experience – door lock was not opening and has jammed. I tried making it balance but not happening. I have been wearing VK so I just requested on thought to smooth it and free it and while affirming it I feel the energy and my hand and was feeling some different kind of heat energy and within next movement, it smoothens the lock and it opened. Thanks My buddy VK, Thanks CE, Thanks Sir.


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