What are Mantras and How to Get Mantra’s Energies & Effects Using VK?

What is Mantras and How to Get Mantra's Energies Effects Using VK

A mantra is a word or a prayer that is chanted or sung. In another way, we can say that a commonly repeated word or phrase is also called a mantra. Mantra is also called Mantram in Sanskrit. Mantras can be uttered aloud or recited mentally just like thoughts. Mantra sound has certain vibrations to worship God, Deity, and Goddess. Some mantras have been created for wish fulfillment. 

Mantra has spiritual powers. People chant sacred mantras to practice their religious rituals. Mantras are supposed to have magical energies. Mantras are found in Sanskrit, Pali, and many other languages. Only some mantras have syntactic structures and not all.

People hold Faith in mantras for the results as they chant. Mantra is chosen by a devotee on his own thus expressing the chanter’s intention. Mantra is also chosen by Guru. People chant mantras for health, wealth, peace, and spiritual process. The mantras can be spoken aloud or recited in the mind. Mantras are also silent instruments of meditation. 

How Many Times a Mantra Should We Chant or Jaap 

Generally, mantras are recited repetitively for an auspicious number of times from like 5, 11, 27, 51, 108 to 1008 also. The mantra Jaap is assisted by the rosary (mala) which contains 25, 54, and 108 beads. 

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Why Were Mantras Created

Many mantras are spiritually uplifting and have literal meanings. There are many mantras that vary according to the religion prevailing in a country. Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Japanese, and Zoroastrianism all have mantras that have deep rituals and effective results. Mantras have been created for diffident reasons:

  1. Many mantras (Vedic mantra/ Chalisa) have been created to please God, Goddesses, and Deity. These mantras’ names are derived from deities’ names such as Durga, Ganesha, Shiva, Saraswati, Hanumana, etc.
  2. Some mantras (ichchha purti mantras) have been created for wish fulfillment.
  3. Many mantras (kavcha) have been created to get security shields.
  4. Some mantras (shanti mantras) have been created to get peace and harmony.
  5. Many mantras (samridhi mantras) have been created to get money, prosperity, and abundance.
  6. Many mantras (pushti mantras) have been created to improve physical, mental, and emotional health.
  7. Some mantras (siddhi mantra) have been created to get supernatural powers.
  8. Some mantras (vashikarn mantra, akarshan mantra) have been created to control people.
  9. Many mantras (maran mantra, uchatan mantra) have been created to destroy enemies.

Science Behind Mantra

Chants create vibration and when something related to a God is sung, affects it in a positive way. This is called the Psycholinguistic effect. Regular use of a mantra is believed to wipe out fear, anger, depression, and many other problems. Mantra helps to boost mental power and gives strength to the body. It can improve memory and concentration too. Chants create thought energy in which the cells vibrate in a spiritual appeal. Read this Wikipedia page to learn more about mantras. 

Can I Chant a Mantra in the Mind-Only

Yes, you can chant a mantra in your mind only. But the sound created by singing a mantra aloud and the vibrations created by the chant affect your breathing, lips, tongue, mouth, and body as well. It’s a matter of choice and the needs of the person. 

Do I Need to Meditate While Chanting a Mantra

Yes, meditating with mantras is one of the most powerful ways to stay focused and quiet the fluctuations of the mind. A mantra is a tool for the mind which allows your awareness to more easily turn inward. Meditation is a special tool for beginners to stay focused and has profound effects on your brain waves. But with VK, you don’t need to sit in a meditative mode. Rather request VK to take you to the deepest level of meditation along with the energy of a mantra. How To Request VK For A Deeper Meditative Mode: Hold VK and say, “VK, take me to the deepest possible level of meditation.” Now allow VK to work for you and you sit calmly.  

Can I Chant a Mantra at Any Time

  • My answer is Yes and No too. You cannot chant some mantras at any time you like. You need to do the mantra chanting as is mentioned by the Gurus and Vedas. But you can chant some mantras at any time, e.g. “Namokar Mantra” in Jainism can be sung anytime but “Bhaktambar Stotra” for protection against enemies cannot be sung anytime. It can be sung before 12:00 p.m.
  • In some regions, some mantras are not allowed to chant anytime, specially during the menstruation cycle of a female. Neither can they touch a religious book or a yantra during these days. But once they are free of the menstruation cycle they can resume back on their ritual. However, mantras can chant in their mind. Read here: Why Are Women Not Allowed To Enter In Temples During Menstruation.
  • Some mantras are not allowed to be changed without taking bath or with old clothes. Some mantras have certain rules for chanting. Mantras should be chanted with FAITH on them and one needs to sit in a meditative mode to chant a mantra.

Do Tantric Mantras Work

This is a subject of controversy and not a unique practice in the world. Tantric mantras claim to enable heightened sexual energy to acquire supernormal, spiritual, and psychological powers. Most tantric mantras have been created to worship demons, evil spirits, and fierce incarnations of some deities. These mantras are used to influence people in negative ways e.g. to control someone, harm someone, induce premature death, stop some work, cease prosperity/ luck/ growth, separate two persons, etc. Must check out How To Remove Black Magic Using Hanuman Chalisa Mantra.

Do Shabar Mantras Work

Shabar mantras are mostly created in regional languages, styles, dialects, and slang. These mantras draw their origin in Guru Gorakhnath. However, later, Hindu and Muslim saints composed many more Shabar mantras. Almost all Shabar mantras are Swayam Siddh. They are already attuned by their creators. It simply means you need not do any sadhana to use, request, invoke, or summon them. For the first time chanting, many of them just need a specific day to chant like a full moon or an eclipse. Just after that, you can use them immediately.

Can I Chant a Mantra for Others

Yes, you can chant a mantra for your near and dear ones also. You can chant a mantra for family members and relatives whom you wish to see as beneficiaries of the mantra. 

How to Use Mantras

To get the maximum effect of a mantra chanting, one should have good intentions, correct pronunciation, and the force to chant again and again for a period of time. But knowing the meaning of what you are chanting, tunes your mind towards your goals. Also, must follow the following rituals:

  1. Learn a mantra from a Guru. Also, learn the correct pronunciation of the mantra.
  2. Sit on a mat or a rug.
  3. Hold your emphasis on the rhythm, correct pronunciation, and clear meaning of the mantra.
  4. Synchronize the mantra chanting with your breath and slowly catch the rhythm.
  5. Keep your eyes closed while chanting. This helps in stable focus.
  6. Calm yourself and breathe slowly and deeply.
  7. Relax as much as possible and be easy. Don’t be rigid. 
  8. Time will show results for sure. 

Note: There are no restrictions with VK. VK can be your Guru and Guide now as it sets you free from all the above-mentioned rituals.

Can My VK Give Me Energy/ Effects of Mantra

Yes, VK is powerful enough to give you the energy/ effects of any mantra. VK has the ability to mimic the positive energy of any mantra.

How to Use VK to Get Energy/ Effects of Mantra

With a simple request to VK, you can get all the positive effects of any mantra, path, stotram, holly book, and much more. Please check some methods here:

  1. If you want the energy/ effects of the Saraswati mantra for Rahul for his educational success, then simply hold your VK in between your palms and say a request to VK like: “VK, please give the effects of the Saraswati mantra to Rahul”, say this 3 times and keep VK aside or wear it back for the next 30 minutes. (If you want energy/ effects for you then simply say Me instead of Rahul). In these 30 minutes, VK will give all the positive effects/ energies of the Saraswati mantra to Rahul. In these 30 minutes, please do not give any other request to VK until urgent. 
  2. Another request could be like this: “VK, please chant the Saraswati mantra on behalf of Rahul“, say this 3 times and keep VK aside or wear it back for the next 30 minutes. (If you want energy/ effects for you then simply say Me instead of Rahul). In these 30 minutes, VK will chant the Saraswati mantra on behalf of Rahul. In these 30 minutes, please do not give any other request to VK until urgent.  
  3. Take a bottle of water, make an intention, hold VK over the water bottle and say, “Saraswati Mantra – Saraswati Mantra – Saraswati Mantra“, now rotate VK slowly over the bottle for 15-20 seconds. The water is charged with the energy of the Saraswati Mantra. Anyone can drink this mantra-charged water. Every person who drinks this charged water will receive full energy/ effects of the Saraswati mantra. With this method, VK is totally free to accept your next request. You can give a new request to VK or just wear it. VK is free even before 30 minutes. 

For other information regarding mimicking please read Some Basic Points for Mimicking with VK in the VK forum. Check here how beautifully Golden Rakhi has explained acupressure, acupuncture, reflexology & sujok using VK. In this video, you can get some practical ideas to use VK. 

Now read here the Direct Request Method to send energy by directly talking to VK, learning with Examples, Water Method to charge water or things, learn with examples, Photo Method, sending energy on a printed photo or on an image in a cell phone, and Paper Method, send energy with VK writing names of receivers.

Above in this article, I have explained how to get the energy/ effects of the Saraswati Mantra. You can choose any mantra according to your need and get its energy/effects using VK. For your reference, find here ⇓ the list of some useful mantras:  

  1. Saraswati Mantra is for students to study well and excel in exams.
  2. Chamunda Mantra to eradicate day-to-today hurdles.
  3. Hanuman Chalisa for protection against black magic and an evil eye and removal of the same.
  4. Sai Baba Mantra for job, wealth, success, and marriage.
  5. Laxmi Mantra or money, wealth, abundance, and fortune.
  6. Maha Mrityunjay Mantra for health benefits.
  7. Ganesh Mantra for good luck and wealth.
  8. Kleem Mantra for love and attraction. 
  9. Kuber Mantra for money and abundance.
  10. Karya Siddhi Mantra to get work done quickly.
  11. Durga Kavach for the protection.
  12. Navgrah Mantra to remove bad effects of all planets.
  13. Shiv Mantra to get blessings of Lord Shiva.
  14. Gayatri Mantra for peace and inner calmness.
  15. Om Mantra to awaken spiritually.
  16. Hare Krishna Mantra to increase love and devotion for Lord Krishna.
  17. Kali Mantra to overcome day-to-day hurdles and overcome enemies.
  18. Kal Bairav Mantra to destroy enemies completely.
  19. Shreem Mantra to get abundant money.
  20. Kaamdev Mantra to be more attractive.
  21. Santan Gopal Mantra to conceive quickly.
  22. Kamakhya Mantra to increase attractiveness and to get psychic powers.
  23. GOLDEN SUNRISE Mantra for overall growth, happiness, and prosperity in life.
  24. Dhanvantari Mantra for health, happiness, and well-being to prosper.

Some Benefits of Taking Energy/ Effects of Mantra Using VK 

  1. The list could be endless. You can choose any mantra to take the energy/ effects. If you are doubtful of the side effects of the selected mantra, you can add safety and security to your request to VK.
  2. If you use VK to get the effects/ energies of the mantra, VK sets you free from all the restrictions which need to be followed traditionally and religiously
  3. With VK, females can take the energy/ effects of mantra at any time in their mensuration time. Read more Why Women Were Not Allowed In The Temple.
  4. Rather anyone can use mantra energy with VK at any time.
  5. Taking a bath to use mantra energy with VK is optional not a compulsion. 
  6. If you use VK to get the energy/ effects of the mantra, then you don’t need to learn the whole mantra and its meaning or don’t need to worry about how many chants are required. You just need to say the title of the mantra while requesting to VK and VK will send the effect and benefit of the number of chantings needed by you
  7. No need of knowing the difficult words used in the mantra, just know the main purpose.
  8. No need to check your pronunciation of the words used in the mantra.
  9. Use any mantra energy at any time of the day, it’s an option to choose the time and not compulsion with VK. 
  10. No need for meditative posture. Rather, sit in a comfortable posture, the more comfortable you are, the more you can achieve a meditative mode.
  11. No need for religious rituals with VK and mantras.
  12. No need for any special atmosphere while using mantra energy with VK. 
  13. No need to have faith in VK or on the mantra. you only need to intend and make a request to VK. VK will do the rest. 
  14. You can chant the mantra with VK as well. Chanting after the request to VK is an option, not a compulsion.
  15. You can wear any type of clothes with the energy of a mantra with VK.
  16. As you know VK can mimic any energy and this is the most unique feature of VK. VK can mimic the purest form of anything on this earth including mantras. Mantras are developed in the purest energy which has some do’s and don’ts. Either you don’t know the exact meaning of the mantra or you don’t have time to chant the mantra. Either you don’t know how to pronounce the words, shlokas, or the verses or they are long enough for you to chant. Either you can’t sit in a meditative mode because of unstable focus or due to the uncomfortable sitting ritual of chanting mantras.
  17. Life these days is running like a horse and many of you don’t have time and clarity of speech to chant the mantra but VK is there for you. Use VK to get the purest form of the mantra by using its most special feature of Mimicking.
  18. This doesn’t make you dependent on VK even for your mantra chanting, rather it provides you the PUREST form of energy even without following the traditional rules and rituals of chanting a mantra. It sets you free from many restrictions and makes your life easy. Read Capability and dependency on VK.
  19. There is no restriction in charging any quantity of an item. You can charge a glass of water as well as a tank of water.
  20. Bulk quantity will require more rotations with VK and less quantity will require fewer rotations with VK.
  21. There are Edible Items like drinking water and food we can eat. Every edible liquid like water, coffee, milk, tea, juices, and every edible food like bread, biscuits, candies, chocolates, rice, pulses, flour, etc can be charged with any energy you want.
  22. All the organs of a human body can be rejuvenated and charged with a combination of Vital Organ Balancing and mantras of your choice.
  23. You can add the energy of GOLDEN SUNRISE with any mantra of your choice. 
  24. You can add any cosmic serum with any mantra of your choice
  25. Almost all mantras can be clubbed with Shield of Seven Rays

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