Wild Oat Helps To Choose Right Life, Right Goal And Right Remedy

Wild Oat Helps To Choose Right Life, Right Goal And Right Remedy

Wild Oat: Keywords for this remedy are restlessness, lack of goals, anxiety, obsessive worry, discontent, frustration, indecisiveness, and lack of clarity.

There are certain people who want to do something prominent and good in their lives but do not know the direction which is the way to their goal. They just glide from one thing to another without getting a true call, which results in frustration and sadness.

In a Wild Oat state, the goal state is not clearly defined. For example, a person wants to be happy. But actually which deed will fetch his happiness, for instance, getting a high-paid job, owning a business, being with a life partner, some academic achievements, or finding a career is undecided. The person is in a confused state since the goals are not clear.

Actually, Wild Oat personalities are usually very intelligent. They can easily learn new things and achieve success. They are ambitious and even find unconventional ways to enjoy life. However, they are not happy because they do not remain firm in their decision. They constantly seek some better things from their present and ultimately get bored with their present profession. Due to this, they may not even find companies with which they can associate, because of the difference in their intellectual level.

When the people are at this stage, here the Wild Oat shows its effect. It helps to clear our goal and find the correct path for it, along with reviving us from a state of frustration and vague ambition to a clear determined state. The sense of purpose overwhelms us along with the way to put us back in touch with our previous insouciant and calm days.

Wild Oat acts as a remedy or as a catalyst to help people achieve their goals. It helps the persons wishing to gain good experiences and to enjoy life to the fullest. The problem arises when they have to choose the way to fulfill their wishes. Although their ambitions are strong, they are unable to choose one of the possible paths and that leads them to procrastination and resentment.

Here, Wild Oat comes into effect by pouring new energy and confidence in them to make a decision or rather set a clearly defined goal and start working on their goals. After taking Wild Oat a person will become more confident in making decisions along with being calm and balanced. He will start to rely on his own wisdom to guide his actions. Once he takes a strong decision like choosing a career for him, then even the most tempting idea will not be able to affect his decision. Must check Wonderful Tips to Manifest Your Desires Faster Using the Law of Attraction.

Wild Oat is a remedy that anyone can need, moreover, if a person does not respond to the selected remedies, give him Wild Oat for a week. Within a week’s time, it shows its effect and symptoms will float on the surface to clearly choose the right remedy. Wild Oat remedy can be continued as long as the person improves before changing to another remedy. Must check this Powerful Way to Achieve Specific Goals – Set Goal Smartly (5 in 1 Combo).

Emotional Aspects and Symptoms of Wild Oat

Some emotional aspects of a person who needs Wild Oat are:

  1. aimless and idealistic
  2. ill-defined ambition
  3. blockage of progression in life due to frustrated ambition
  4. boredom, confusion, and dilemma
  5. uncertainty at the crossroads of life
  6. unable to make decisions
  7. drifting in life with dissatisfaction due to a lack of direction
  8. unable to realize ambitions
  9. indecisions about life’s direction
  10. influenced from the path in life
  11. as though lost in a maze
  12. loses opportunity through the uncertainty of the vocational path
  13. retirement causing uncertainty about the future
  14. feeling lost
  15. lack of satisfaction with ambitions
  16. spiritless due to lost direction
  17. truth-seeking
  18. the uncertainty of ambitions
  19. unconventional due to creative
  20. futuristic tendencies
  21. wander aimlessly in life due to unfulfilled ambitions

Situation to Use Wild Oat

Situations, where you can use Wild Oat, are when a person is said to be “sowing his wild oats.” These people are “bachelors” in the field of vocation and can be described as stuck in a stage of delayed mental puberty-.occur during a “midlife crisis” or any time a career decision must be made – especially if many choices present themselves, in childhood when domineering parents refuse to let the child make any decisions of his own and thus weakened his personality development, for those children who are typically not members of gangs or even positive organizations – they bounce from one activity to another and are not capable for making a decision or finding their true place.

Wild Oat as a Treatment

Wild Oat can be used as a treatment for feelings of pointlessness, lack of clarity, lack of goals, self-alienation, crises related to new beginnings, life crises, depression caused by lack of purpose in life, conditions related to frustration, discontent and frustration with our daily lives, indecisiveness.

Pet and Wild Oat

If a pet loses direction or purpose, good for working animals or showing animals. 

Affirmation and Wild Oat

You can choose some positive Affirmations along with Wild Oat. For example,

  • I express my soul’s purpose in my life’s activities.
  • I choose to mould my purpose in life with determination.
  • I free myself to be clear about my life’s direction.

VIBBES KADA – VK and Wild Oat

VK is one of the best tools to Mimic Bach Flower Remedy. You can use VK without any hassle and make the best use of the remedy Wild Oat for clarity of decision, determination, clear goals, talents and ambitions, perseverance, lives a life filled with usefulness and happiness, lucidity, self-confidence, rootedness, and certainty.

Wild Oat and Cosmic Serum

Mood Up Serum, Balance Serum, Study Serum, and Alpha Male Serum/ Alpha Woman Serum are the best serums that can be used with Bach Flower Remedy Wild Oat.

Dose of Wild Oat

The physical dose of a Bach Flower Remedy depends upon many criteria like age, intensity, and situation but with VK there is no need to set a particular quantity. Learn here how to use VK for BFR.

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