VIBBES SEEDER Provides total 48 Powerful Energies to remove all Vaastu & Feng Shui Dosha Faults




 Good News 

Today, I am happy to share with you my 2nd Superior Invention “VIBBES SEEDER”. I invented VIBBES SEEDER (VS) in December 2017, and launched officially in March 2018 a “State of the Art” Divine Tool, after the continued success of my first invention, VIBBES KADA – VK since May 2009.

VIBBES SEEDER has the potential to neutralize all Negative Earth Energies, resolve all Vaastu Doshas and Feng Shui Faults completely.

VIBBES SEEDER is a one-stop complete solution to help you achieve harmony at your home and workplaces, to take care of Vaastu and Feng Shui faults, without the use of any expensive tools, without any rearrangement of furniture or rooms, and without any reconstruction of the structure (home or workplace) and in-fact, now no need to break a single brick of your premises.

VS is the result of my knowledge on the subject for the past many years and the number of experiments conducted by me for months together.

VIBBES SEEDER is manually attuned by me with a total of 48 Powerful Energies including Cosmic Energies to successfully defuse the riskiest and dangerous Geopathic Stress Lines permanently and much more.


If there is a Place (Premises) where you spend the maximum and MOST important time of your life, it is your HOME, WORK, or BUSINESS PLACE. The place where you spend more time is always close to your heart and the atmosphere of that place always impacts your life the most.

A healthy and perfect home is a place, where prosperity should dwell in terms of good health, constant money flow, harmonious and loving relationships, happy conversations, peace of mind, and so on. Home has one family or extended family staying together as joint families under one roof. 

A rich, successful, wealthy, and perfect work or a business place should be one, where people have good health; the team is proactive, cooperative, and progressive-minded with a positive mindset towards their goal.

Please Note: Income, wealth, and money flow also depends upon the mindset of a person, in that case, one would change the mindset by doing this Money Magnet Program.

The place should be prosperity-driven and conducive for all. The energy in a work or business place should be free and positive to attract prosperity. A workplace or business office should be loved as a second home.

It is a challenging task for a common man to resolve these issues of Geopathic Stress and Vaastu Doshas without taking the help of several experts in their respective fields. This is because people residing or working in a place would be dealing with a combination of Earth energies.

This would mean lookout for multiple solutions to be placed in one place or to make several rearrangements in the same place. A place may have a lot of issues like negative vortexes, other negative earth energies, and many directional issues too.

So, sometimes it would even mean that you need to CHANGE the place itself and hunt for a NEW place that is free from these many negative or unwanted energies.

  • Will it be not tedious to make so many changes?
  • Will you be able to bear the financial burden of re-investment?

So, how about having a single customized solution for your home and workplace, which continuously gives out 48 powerful energies to the place where it’s installed, without even making any changes in the place.


VIBBES SEEDER works on a place for which it is customized. After installation, VS works to emit 48 powerful positive energies in that place. If people living in that place were previously affected by the negativity of that place, they will not be affected by that negativity as the place is now filled with positivity when they stay in that place.

However, if there is already damage that happened to health, career, or relationship due to the past negativity of the place before the installation of VS, it may be possible to improve the situation. This improvement may take time.

If required, you can use VK to improve such situations because VK and VS are a wonderful combination for a better life. You must read the testimonials at the end of this article to get insights on beneficial effects after the installation of VIBBES SEEDER.

When people move out of this place for work reasons or other reasons temporarily or permanently, they may not get the benefit of VS remotely because VS is customized to emit energies only to that place.


Do you want your place to be PROTECTED from all negative influences and unwanted external forces? If there is any negativity coming to your place, do you want Protection?

If your answer is YES, then I am here to help you with the latest, one of its kind, a complete single solution called VIBBES SEEDER, which provides multiple SHIELDS to your premises. Vibbes seeder home Sharat Sir

VIBBES SEEDER Provides These Protections To A Place

  1. Protection from Black Magic and its all Effects.
  2. Protection from Evil Eye and its all Effects.
  3. Protection from Evil Energies and its all Effects.
  4. Protection from Dark Energies and its all Effects.
  5. Protection from Psychic Attack and its all Effects.
  6. Protection from Negative Spirits/ Energies and its all Effects.
  7. Protection from Bewitchment and its all Effects.
  8. Protection from Animal Entities/ Ghosts and its all Effects.
  9. Protection from Negative Energy Vortex and its all Effects.
  10. Protection from Negative Things and its all Effects.
  11. Protection from Negative Energies of Past Events/ Memories and its all Effects.
  12. Protection from Residual Negative Energies from Spirits and its all Effects.
  13. Protection from Electromagnetic Radiations/ Fields (EMF) and its all Effects. (VS will not remove EMF but it will only remove all kinds of negative effects of EMF from the place.)
  14. Protection from Electrical Radiations (ER) and its all Effects. (VS will not remove ER but it will only remove all kinds of negative effects of ER from the place.)
  15. Protection from Harmful Ultraviolet Rays (UVR) and its all Effects. (VS will not remove UVR but it will only remove all kinds of negative effects of UVR from the place.)
  16. A Protection from Harmful Infrared Rays (IFR) and its all Effects. (VS will not remove IFR but it will only remove all kinds of negative effects of IFR from the place.)
  17. Protection from Microwave Radiations (MR) and its all Effects. (VS will not remove MR but it will only remove all kinds of negative effects of MR from the place.)
  18. Protection from Hartmann Lines/ Grid and its all Effects.
  19. Protection from Interference Lines/ Grid and its all Effects.
  20. Protection from Ley Lines/ Grid and its all Effects.
  21. Protection from Curry Lines/ Net and its all Effects.
  22. Protection from Geopathic Lines/ Stress/ faults and its all Effects.
  23. Protection from Benker Grid/ Cubes and its all Effects.
  24. Protection from Water Veins and its all Effects.
  25. Protection from Sick Building Syndrome and its all Effects.
  26. A Protection from Bad Neighbor Syndrome and its all Effects.
  27. Protection from Influences of Misalignment of Chakras in Vaastu Purush.
  28. Protection from Negative Energies of the Wrong Vaastu Construction and its all Effects.
  29. A Protection from Negative Directional Energies according to Vaastu and its all Negative Effects.
  30. Protection from Negative Energies of the Wrong Feng-Shui Arrangement and its all Effects.
  31. Protection from Negative Energies of the Wrong Color Arrangement and its all Effects.
  32. A Protection from Negative Planets Dasha (Time period) of the place and its all Effects.
  33. Protection from Negative Energies of the Wrong Arrangement of Five Elements and its all Effects.
  34. Protection from Negative Energies of Incorrect Brahmasthan Doshas and its all Effects.

VIBBES SEEDER Office Sharat Sir

Everyone wants a place that BRINGS immense happiness, a constant flow of wealth/ money, perfect health, loving relationship, proactive nature, conditions, and situations that increase peace of mind and all other good things, feelings, and emotions. 

Please Note: Income, wealth, and money flow also depends upon the mindset of a person, in that case, one would change the mindset by doing this Money Magnet Program.

You must enhance your personality and live a fulfilling life through Mindfulness.


Once a VIBBES SEEDER is placed on your premises, it will create and emit many types of positive energies to the place where it is installed. So here is a list…

  1. VIBBES SEEDER Gradually Creates Positive Vortexes for the Holy and Guardian Angels.
  2. VS Gradually Creates Positive Vortexes for the local Deities.
  3. VIBBES SEEDER Gradually Boosts Up the Power of Brahmasthan (Center of the Premises), which is the core of overall well-being. It is said that if you have the most powerful core, then you can have the most abundant and happiest life. The Aura of the premises gets a powerful strength once the core is boosted up sufficiently.
  4. VIBBES SEEDER also Balances the Presence of Five Elements in the Premises.
  5. VS creates a Powerful Protective Energy Circle around the premises to secure it from external negative energy influences.
  6. VIBBES SEEDER has the potential to raise the energy levels of your premises to plus 90% within a few hours of its installation.
  7. VIBBES SEEDER helps to flow natural Cosmic and other powerful Energies into and from your premises.
  8. VS is the most powerful tool available till date in the world to defuse and neutralize the Geopathic Stress Lines directly without any hassle, at once, immediately, efficiently, and eternally.
  9. VIBBES SEEDER eliminates all unhealthy and dangerous electromagnetic lines such as Hartmann lines, Curry lines, Interference lines, and Ley lines, Benker cubes, or grids.
  10. VIBBES SEEDER prevents the building from the bad effects of Water Veins.
  11. VS also eliminates the effects of harmful UV Rays, IR Rays, Electric, Electromagnetic fields (EMF).
  12. VIBBES SEEDER also eliminates Negative Vortexes, Dark Energies, Evil Energies, effects of Black Magic on a place, Negative spirits or energy, Ghost, Animal Entities, Bewitchment, and Bad neighbor syndrome.
  13. VIBBES SEEDER also eliminates the Global Geomagnetic grid, Geological faults, and all negative energy forms.
  14. VS also eliminates all the faults from all the 10 directions, faults of entry, and in front or near the entry of a premise known in Vedic and Modern Vaastu Science at one go.
  15. Every premise has some energy centers like Chakras and also has personal space of astrological Planets and Deity of that premise. A VIBBES SEEDER also eliminates negative energies from them and makes them more energetic and powerful for overall well-being.
  16. VIBBES SEEDER can eliminate unwanted energies from improper Vaastu Purush Mandala in a place.
  17. VIBBES SEEDER also helps you to do Tratak Meditation.

Hope, now you are aware that not only Vaastu Doshas but how much additional negative energies we may have around us in the form of Geopathic Stress, electromagnetic radiations from the earth and other sources, negative directional energies, irreparable, evil spirits, negativity from things, pasts and emotions and much more.

VIBBES SEEDER DIVINE SHARAT SIREveryone deserves and looks for a perfect home filled with peace, love, laughter, joy, and communication. So, if you are too wondering to change your life in a better way by changing your situations.

If you too want a flourishing life, peace of mind, a happy family, harmony in relationships, a home full of life and colors, good fortune, and success in all walks of life. In short, if you want a blissful and beautiful life, then your search is over now… VIBBES SEEDER is there for you!

Note: VIBBES SEEDER is an 8 x 8 inches wooden frame with a steel component. The Steel component is attuned by me with 48 powerful energies. The wooden frame is to holds the steel component and for aesthetic purposes.



You Are At The Right Place For A Complete Solution For Your Home Or Work Premises!!!


If you want to get a VS, then please click here and fill the form, we will get back to you soon.


For any technical assistance or query, I and my team are always there to help you. Whenever required, I will authorize and allow one of my team members to provide you with further technical guidance related to the working of VIBBES SEEDER but home visit charges are always paid if/ where required. 

VIBBES SEEDER – VS Advisory Team Has The Following Members

Sharat Sir (Delhi-India)

Rakhi (Mumbai-India)

Mudit Agarwal (Goa-India)

If you have a question that you already have a VK, how will VS help you, then read here.

Don’t miss to read these testimonials on VS: Click Here

Before placing an order for VS, you must read the answers to these frequently asked questions here.

If you are already a VK or VS user, then please click here and fill the form, we will get back to you soon. 

(Please note there will be no refund of money after placing an order of VS in any circumstance. So listen to your heart first and then place your order.)

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    May i know does it remove strong negative planetary effects running in all the people of same family..does it prevent separation of husband and wife due to bad planetary dasa’s,does it prevent from financial losses ?

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  3. Sir,
    We r performing agnihotra homa in our farm. We have resonance point in farm. Can we place vibes seeder in our farm.does it enhance agnihotra healing energy.

  4. Sir,
    My name is Emmanuel Desmond, from the USA. I have been following u online. I am a man that somehow found myself in a world where people I encounter hates me with passion be it at work be it at home. I have spent almost 20000 dollars to fake spiritualists all over the world but they only take my money and run. I feel like I am living a life of curse. I do not have friends and nobody wants to be closer to me and I always wonder what is wrong with me, and I always ask myself, who am I? I even wonder if the name: Emmanuel brings all these to me. Everybody at my job hates me for nothing and wants me dead. Every decision I made end up in disaster. Sir need three of VIBBES SEEDER at least to start with. Thank you for listening. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Very Respectfully,
    Emmanuel Desmond

  5. Hello Sir,

    I have two questions :
    1-In which condition I need to do the re-attunement?
    2- If I use VS in one home and moved to another,or take it while in vacation to a hotel room, is that reduce it’s effect?

    Thank you

  6. Congratulations Sir for this amazing invention!
    A notification from this page lead me to read about VK and realized it’s benefits as well.
    Will get VK first and in about 6 month will definitely order VS (am moving to another country and new home).

    Thanks for your service to humanity 🙂
    God Bless You 🙂

  7. Sharat sir,
    I am a VK user and also made people buy and benefit from it.I am excited and happy about your new invention .I feel it looks too big on a wall,as shown in the picture above.Secondly, the price.I understand that many years of effort you have put into it.But it may not be affordable .Then……………. Your work has been serving good for people.What if people deserve that… but cannot afford

    • Dear Vijaya,

      Thanks for your wishes for my new invention. The size of VS is 8X8 inches. It takes me to attune one VS 5X more times than one VK. Now plz decide the price for one VS.

  8. How much is the cost for the vibes seedera. I found the original vibes kada a little too much for me right now.

  9. Congratulations Sir one more great invention for humanity. Vk and vibes seeder will create miracles doe the world.
    Thank u thank u thank u.

    • @Chetan

      I have VIBBES SEEDER since Dec 2017, and its a wonder invention. You can ask what you wish to know about.

  10. Heartiest Congratulations Sharat Sir for such powerful amazing creation and successful launch. Golden Sunrise for your efforts and Infinite Gratitude for your gift of VS to uplift mankind.
    I look forward to understanding more about VS and getting one soon.
    Thank You Sir !

  11. @Sharat Sir

    Blessed to be part of Divine mission. Thanks for VIBBES SEEDER. It has changed my life. The moment i got it in my hands, it was a wonderful experience, I felt a very high frequency. The way i pray and express gratitude to Divine i also express gratitude to both VK and VS in my life and your guidance . Thank you so much Sir. Your both inventions are most cherished gifts in my life.

    May DIVINE bless you happiness unlimited. May the light of VK and VS spread across the globe to change many lives !!

    GOLDEN SUNRISE BLESSINGS to you Sir. GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts for humanity !!

  12. One complete solutions to whole lot of problems. You always have such solutions which work on mass level either for human or his needs. How powerful your will for a happy life on Earth for everyone would be that you are creating such powerful, single use, easiest to use, versatile in performance, one-go solution for all problems inventions, VK and now VS. Heartiest congratulations for your new invention and GOLDEN SUNRISE for your efforts. May you keep easing out every single life on Earth like this NOW and FOREVER.

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