VIBBES KADA VK is Loaded with 11 Cosmic Energies to Change Your Life

You are here because your good fortune and karmas are awakened. NOW your life is going to change in all manner. From NOW onwards, your life will be changed from negative to positive and Now, you can change the whole world as well.

Yes, it is possible with the help of a wonderful tool which is invented by me. I am happy to introduce you with this Divine tool called VIBBES KADA (VK) which has proved a blessing to humanity.


After working in the field of the holistic energy system, teachings, and having several experiences of the use of safe and unsafe ways of energies, I felt the need of the safest tool which could help me not only in manifestation but also should be the safest way of energy practice. Then, I was blessed with 16 special cosmic energies by Divine.

In May 2009, after long, deep, and intensive research and after several real-life experiments, I invented VIBBES KADA (VK), which can be worn and used by even a 3 years old child. Worldwide people have embraced the easiest and safest energy practice tool VK, as it does not include any risk of a backfire of any negative energy.

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The respected Sikh community wears a steel kada (steel bangle). The same steel kada is attuned by me with 11 Divine Cosmic Energies out of 16 energies present in the universe and then it becomes “VIBBES KADA (VK)”. It takes me several hours to attune one VK. These energies, present in the VK, are powerful enough to create a protective shield around the user and his family.

You can request for VIBBES KADA – VK here by email

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Vibbes kada vk image
A real image of VIBBES KADA – VK

Since the time VK has launched (in May 2009), I am working on VK, attuning it and giving it to others to help humanity as much as possible and it has changed the lives of numerous people. VK has blessed countless people with infinite happiness and success in their lives.

And the process of spreading happiness is still going on with the help and blessings of the Divine itself. Day by day, VK itself is choosing its user and reaching to more needful and blessed souls. Once VK reaches you, it will open the doors of Infinite Possibilities for you to live a better and prosperous life.

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Cosmic Energy is the highest form of energy. There are 16 Cosmic Energies that exist everywhere in the Universe. When the Divine Universe blessed me with 16 Cosmic energies, then I thought of sharing it with the whole of mankind.

These Divine Cosmic energies can help mankind, animals, plants, and all living & non-living things, at all levels including physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, relationship, financial, and all other levels in all walks of life.

VK is attuned with a SPECIAL LOCK wherein no negative request can ever be materialized with this Divine tool VK. (If you want to manifest negative wishes, please do not read further).


We can make infinite requests, 24×7, to our Divine VK as its energies are infinite and never get ended. The existence of cosmic energies in the Universe was still there even when the Earth was not formed. VK is attuned with these energies, so it is forever & it doesn’t need any further attunement or charging. VK holds 11 Cosmic Energies which exist forever in VK & our coming generations can even use it.

Do You Know You Can Attune Reiki With The Help of VK?

You will be amazed to know that you can also charge your clothes with Cosmic Energies

Key Benefits VIBBES KADA

Key Benefits of the VIBBES KADA


The unique feature of VK which differentiates it from all the other energy tools available in the world is “MIMICKING. VK can mimic (copy) any energy. We can copy the energy of anything through VK, viz…

This Divine tool can also mimic the energy of modalities like…

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VK is not restricted to only manifestations in the material world, for health and wealth but it is equally beneficial for spiritual growth and releasing karmas as well. We can now achieve…

  • A deep meditative level
  • Release negative emotions
  • Enhance good feelings
  • Achieve the level of inner satisfaction & serene which everyone wants in life and much more with this Divine tool VK.



Apart from making negative wishes, VK does not come with any restrictions. VK is…

  • Age-Free: Any person of any age, male or female, of any language or religion, can wear and use VK.
  • Religion Free: VK is a Divine tool, so people of all religions can use it.
  • Gender-Free: Male, female, or transgender, anyone can use VK.
  • Language-Free: No matter what is your language, you can still use VK.
  • Damage-Free: Even falling, taking off from hand, throwing, dropping cannot harm VK or its energies. No one on this earth can harm VK or destroy or de-attune it, so, we can say that VK is “Damage-free”. 
  • Depletion-Free: Neither its energies will be depleted, finished, or destroyed nor it will get de-attuned. VK can only release its energies if it is put to completely burn in the fire or broken into pieces.

Know that your relatives and friends are not far to be helped


Not only that person who possesses VK, but all his family members and friends can wear and use the same VK. VK works on the request of anyone who makes a contact with this Divine tool. Hold your VIBBES KADA in your right hand.

Do Check How People Are Using VK

Now visualize the person or situation or your affirmation chit or anything you want to send energies to, on your left palm. Now focus on your VK and make slow rotations with VIBBES KADA on the left palm for the next 5 min even watching T.V. or doing anything else. For other methods click here.

Using VK You Can Do Acupressure, Acupuncture, Reflexology & Sujok Without Touching


VK comes without any restrictions or boundation:-

  • After getting VK, we just have to wear it without performing any ritual.
  • We don’t even need to wash our hands or feet or take bathe before wearing or using VK.
  • We can eat anything (non-veg or alcohol) or can do our routine work while wearing or using VK.
  • We can use VK anytime, anyplace & while doing any activity.
  • We can wear it with any other jewelry or accessory on our bodies.
  • VK has some other positive effects like happiness, joy, relief, mental peace, ease, comfort, bliss, good fortune, etc.
  • It can be worn in any hand or both hands too.
  • The smallest VK is around 3.3 cm in diameter which can be worn in a neck chain too close to the heart chakra.

Place your VIBBES KADA at any body part it can help to ease your problem


  • After inventing VK, I then created Cosmic Serums”. Every Serum, itself is a complete set of energies, attuned in the Universe, by me, which works for a specific problem. Although Serums are not medicines or anything in a physical form, still every Serum is a solution of a particular section of problems for which the respective Serum has been created, viz Pain Care Serumfor all types of body pains or Total Wealth Serumfor complete prosperity and abundance.
  • There is no extra energy exchange (price) for Serums. Serums can be used only with VK.
  • With VK, we can use the GOLDEN SUNRISE with more power.
  • With VK, we can create a powerful SHIELD OF 7 RAYS (SO7R) as it provides us safety to a level beyond our expectations. The energy of SO7R can be used only through VK.
  • Vital Organ Balancing – A powerful technique for better health can also be possible through VK.
  • Never miss reading Energy Circle Working with and without VK.

Get A Sign From VK (A Unique Way To Use VK)

Helps Quickly – Easily – Instant results – Cell level possibilities

  • It can work on the cell level.
  • Holding VIBBES KADA just for 10 seconds, your Aura can boost up to 500% and increase your Chakras up to 300%.
  • Helps in everything like Slow Business, in Illness, Stagnant Career, Removal of Evil Eye, helps in Bitter Relationship, helps in Geobiological, Work Stress, and many more.
  • You are continuously bombarded with positive and negative vibes from many sources. The most powerful source of the continuous vibes is the Cosmos itself which includes the Sun, the Moon, stars and other planets, the Vaastu vibes of your place where you live or the workplace, the people around you, the electrical and electronic products, and so on.
  • The VIBBES KADA can transform negative vibes into positive vibes for you. It can influence your energy field positively and continue as long as it is with you. You can become the master of your life.
  • VK can trigger your inner energy to attract more prosperity, health, and luck into your life.
  • VIBBES KADA is the Master Key that can unlock the floodgates of this universal force to attract more power, health, and luck into your life.
  • The strong positive energy field of VIBBES KADA can make its user’s Aura super energized and align all the Chakras, thus balancing the Aura.

Perform Reiki Psychic Surgery Without Side Effects Using VK

Feel Power VIBBES KADA VKSome Other Key Benefits Of VIBBES KADA

  • Say bye-bye to stress.
  • It can trigger a body’s own natural powers for optimum health.
  • It can deeply penetrate into the skin, muscles, and underlying tissues.
  • It helps to improve the autonomic functions of the nervous system, the elasticity of arterial walls, blood circulation, delivery of oxygen, and nutrients in the blood cell.
  • It can reduce and ease the pain, muscle spasms, joint stiffness, sinus congestion, migraine pressures, chances of blood clots, etc.
  • It is a drug-free, non-addictive healing treatment and has no side effects. It is the easiest way of healing.
  • It can increase your prosperity magnetism, propel your career to new heights.
  • It can solve all your business problems.
  • It can protect you from an evil eye.
  • It can harmonize your relationships.
  • You can get the benefits of meditation even without meditating.
  • It can save you from Geo-biological stress.
  • It can trigger your inner energy to get what you want.
  • Reiki and other alternative therapies can become 10 times more effective and give instant results with the use of VK.
  • It can save you from depletion, tiredness, and negative energies of your patients.
  • It can save your time, energy, and money.
  • You can increase Divine blessings and Divine vitality into your food and water with VK.
  • It can also work on all non-living things.
  • It can increase the mileage of any vehicle and improve the efficiency of the gas cylinder as well.
  • It can also work the same on plants and animals. You can heal them as well with VK.
  • It can promote regeneration and fast recovery.
  • It can help to remove accumulated toxic energies.
  • It can dissolve the imbalance collection of blocked energies.
  • It has the ability to make you cheerful, playful, and happy.
  • It can help you to enjoy yourself like a child.
  • It can create your fundamental trust to be happy in life always.
  • It can create your ability to love other people and things in a cheerful, trusting, and interesting way.
  • It has been observed that using VIBBES KADA not only supports the development of the individual who wears it, but there are subsequently effects on other people as well who are frequently in touch with a VK user.
  • It can internally work on your growth and opportunities.
  • The VIBBES KADA can help to harmonize your life.

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You can also rotate VIBBES KADA on your palm to activate acupressure points


  • You can have optimum benefits of cosmic energies with VIBBES KADA if you charge your edible items and water within just 15 to 20 seconds. There is a wide variety of energy combinations in the form of Serums to gain health, wealth, and other benefits.
  • You can not only charge food items but can also charge cosmetics like oil, cream, lotion, aftershave, shampoo, toothpaste, etc. for beauty care.
  • You can charge your clothes, bed-sheets, pillows, books and study material of your kids, or anything available in your home.
  • You must know that you can materialize desired affirmations and wishes very easily. For this, write your affirmation on a paper. Now hold your VIBBES KADA in between both hands and make a silent request to VK 3 times, viz – “O VIBBES KADA or VK! Please materialize this affirmation for me/us”. Now leave your VK on your affirmation chit and it will send Cosmic Energies to the affirmation for the next 30 minutes.

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These are a few examples of requests to Activate VK for you or for others. You can create your own Requests according to your needs.

Place your VIBBES KADA on any body part to ease your problem

In a case of an emergency, where you cannot remove your VIBBES KADA for healing purposes, you can also place one hand on the VIBBES KADA and request to VK in the same way of repeating your request 3 times slowly. Then VIBBES KADA will send Cosmic Energies to the emergency situation for the next 30 minutes. You can send Cosmic Energies to anything from any distance. VIBBES KADA VK sharat sir


You can call upon effects for Archangels, Animal Spirits, Switchwords, Mantras, Healing numbers, Bach flower remedies, etc., anytime with or without VK. When you request VK for these energies, VK mimics for you exactly the way it is and even at a faster speed because VK is attuned with Cosmic Energies.

But I want to tell you one thing that you can get the benefits of VK, only when you have a real VK. If you randomly call VK WITHOUT having a real VK, you will not get the effects of VK. Using a picture of VK will also be a pointless effort. The picture of VK is not attuned with COSMIC energies by me so it will not serve the purpose.

You can request for VIBBES KADA – VK here by email

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VK Is For Everyone. But Please Do Not Take VK From Me If –

  • Spending money is your hobby, so you want to buy VK.
  • You are addicted to spending money unnecessarily, so you are buying VK.

Please Take VK As A Blessing Only If –

  • You want to change your life seriously.
  • You want to change the lives of your dear ones.
  • You want to save money.
  • You want to be an independent healer.
  • You want to improve your health.
  • You want to attract prosperity.
  • You want to make a difference in your children’s lives.
  • You want to strengthen your relationships.
  • You want to have a strong mental power to change your situation for the better.
  • You want to protect from negative influences.
  • You have the zeal to manifest your dreams.
  • You have that patience to work on your desires until you get the results.
  • You want to bless others with joy.
  • You want to spread more love.
  • You want to immerse yourself in spirituality.
  • And the list is continuing.

VK is a Blessing in my life and I want to bless every human being through VK

VIBBES KADA is a Work of Human Effort and not Mechanical. Therefore, No Wholesale Orders/ Requests would be Entertained.

Applications of VIBBES KADA are unlimited. It is your imagination and creativity to make it unlimited and more useful.

You can also take a look at my 2nd Superior Invention VIBBES SEEDER – VS.

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Please note there will be no refund of Money after placing an order of VK in any circumstance. So listen to your heart first and then place your order.

You can request for VIBBES KADA – VK here by email

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The above information is not intended to replace the advice of a physician.