My Experiences with Magical Golden Sunrise and VK – Kuldip Singh

Experiences Magical Golden Sunrise VK

It all started in the Year – 2018 and what a way to start with the magical GOLDEN SUNRISE.

I was in the phase where I wanted to become the better version of myself.

To accomplish this task, I had all the different methods available to me right from Switchwords, Subliminal recordings, Astrology, the Law of Attraction, NLP, Hypnosis, etc.

By the way, I have tried all of these over the years and the results were zero or very minimal.

So, once you have all of these and see nothing is working you keep on looking for more ways or methods to achieve what you want.

We humans always want to do more, achieve more, and live our life to the fullest. I kept looking for more and started to search for a switch word. What better way than to search on Google?

Every day I used Google, and in the search result was For many days I didn’t even click on the link, then one day I clicked on it and told myself, let’s check this out what is this site? Why is every day it is appearing in my search results?

I kept on reading Article after Article and was totally amazed.

Wow! This is amazing! I read about VIBBES KADA – VK and the Cosmic Serums and everything on the website.

I checked the VK Forum too and for a month I was still in doubt, whether should I go for VK or not. Will this work or not?

Finally, I decided to get a VK. So now it’s May-2018 and somewhere at the end of the month I first saw and touched VK.

The first time, the first energy I gave to self-was magical GOLDEN SUNRISE and trust me I was in a trance-like mode. Wow! What is this happening? Is this even for real?

Now let me share some experiences with VK

At the office, my work was appreciated by everyone and even my bosses always told me that I have a very good chance to be part of the management. One of the heads before leaving the organization gave positive feedback for my work and recommended that I should be moved up the ladder.

All this feedback was given in January month and I was hoping that promotion was just coming in a matter of a few days but, to my surprise, nothing was moving and things got stuck somewhere. Weeks passed by then months.

I came across a GOLDEN SUNRISE switch word and the description of it really motivated me and I started chanting it. Whenever I got time I use to chant it regularly and at that time I was not a VK user.

Things slowly and steadily started to move and within a month and a half after chanting GOLDEN SUNRISE I got the much-awaited promotion letter.

This achievement with just chanting the switch word “GOLDEN SUNRISE” was unbelievable. Must check this GOLDEN SUNRISE SWITCHWORD MANTRA CHANTING.

Recently, we were working on a new project, and to progress further, we needed raw materials. It was our responsibility to collate all the raw materials and flag things on time but due to some circumstances, we could not flag things on time to the Client.

Now, the Client wants the work to start as early as possible, and still, we are locating for the raw material. There was a lot of pressure as we were already a little late. So, I requested VK in my own words to help me out in this situation.

I held VK in my hands and requested that “VK please help me find the raw material so that the work starts NOW, and everything should normalize and even the client is happy with the project progress”

Just a few minutes later one of my colleagues got an idea and we all started looking for the raw material in that direction and Voila! What we see are the things needed to start with the first set of deliverables.

VK just like always came to my rescue.

This saved us all and as requested VK, I wanted everyone to be happy and that’s what I got.

Experiences Magical Golden Sunrise VK

Let me share one more magical experience with you all

Relationships are the most complex things and sometimes there are relations that mean a lot to us and you would do anything to keep it in harmony.

A friend of mine who also holds a special place in my life stopped talking to me for some reason. It was in the year 2017- May that this person stopped talking to me.

Whoa! What to do! How do I start talking again? How do I normalize the situation?

All these thoughts started coming up in my mind.

Let me use LOA, yes! Let me search for some videos on YouTube about it. Voila! It’s so simple to let’s apply this. Few days passed by, weeks then months still no result. Frustration builds on (human nature), and I think I need to do more. Then came astrological remedies (upaay) excited! Ab toh baat ban hi jayegi!

Few days passed by, weeks then months still no result. By the way, energy circles to restore communication were already up on the wall to support me.

Multiple messages and emails were sent to my friend, but nothing moved this person despite doing all of this.

The same astrologer who gave the remedy (upaay) now tells me that I should no longer try and move on.

Interesting! All of this for nothing!

A few more days, weeks, and months pass by… I do nothing… I think it was the best decision as I got a chance to introspect.

It’s 2018 already and 13 months passed by. By the way, my VK has just reached and I was now a VK user.

Chanting GOLDEN SUNRISE has already made a positive mark so then, I thought why not try and use VK for this situation – Kisi ruthe hue ko manaya jaye?


I Kept on giving the energy for days, weeks, and months.

2 months later I got a push from inside, it was like the divine was pushing me to send a message to my friend, and finally I sent the message.

Finally, in the evening I open my Whatsapp and What do I see, I see a reply from my Friend.

Wow! Wow! This is pure magic!

What other modalities couldn’t do in 13 Months, VK did it in 2 months and finally, my relationship with my friend is good now.

One thing I must add is that whenever when we get into a fight and the communication stops between us and our near and dear ones we expect the other person to re-initiate the conversation and come and say sorry to us.

I think it is the EGO that blinds us, and we may lose the relationship.

My thought, in this case, was simple – Baat Karne se hi Baat Banti hai!

So, I kept the efforts in progress from my end and the result was, we started talking to each other.

There is no harm if I am taking the first step and re-initiating the communication, VK will do best for us.

Before getting VK my finances were really messed up, the ever-increasing debt ratio made it difficult for me to live my life peacefully.

Every month’s 50-60% salary would go into paying installments leaving me with very less or no money. At times I had to borrow money on my credit cards and pay the bills through credit cards. So, the credit card bills were also going up.

I thought of giving GOLDEN SUNRISE and TOTAL WEALTH SERUM to this situation and here as well things started to move. I started getting more ideas on saving money and now all my credit card bills are Rs. 0.

ALL CLEAR SERUM will also help in clearing the blockages if any that is stopping us from living an abundant life.

I am saving money and paying all the bills in cash or using my debit cards more often.

The situation is improving and financially at least I have some breathing space and all thanks to Sharat Sir and VK.

Let me share some more experiences

I and my friends were on our way to a party and it was monsoon season. Due to heavy rains, there was heavy traffic and we were moving like in inches.

We were really frustrated, and we could not even turn back so, we were stuck. I waited for some time thinking that it is usual traffic and we will move but, we were moving slow.

So, I thought of giving energies to the situation. I held VK in my hand and I requested GOLDEN SUNRISE and ALL CLEAR SERUM for the traffic situation.

Just a few minutes later the traffic started moving and we saw cops who creating a diversion for the traffic and we could now move a little faster.

So, whenever I am stuck in traffic I give energies, or I request VK to clear traffic or make a faster way for me in the traffic.

At the office, if we are late we must park the vehicles in the open as the parking becomes full. So, every day, before reaching the office I request VK multiple times to find me a perfect parking spot in our office parking, and when I reach I can see a spot vacant. This works every day.

VK Experiences with Pets

Many of us have pets and we love them like our family members. I have two lovely pet cats and VK works amazing with them as well.

Cats/ Dogs behavior is such that they will get into a fight and sometimes get hurt.

We can understand them to some extent and if the wound is visible we can act on it and treat them. But what about if they are feeling sad or depressed due to something and it becomes difficult to understand what is wrong with them.

Here we can use VK to give them relief. I sometimes don’t know what is upsetting my Cats, so I request VK in my own words to give appropriate energies and make them happy as usual. I also, rotate VK all over their body in case of any internal pains that they are suffering from.

Recently I did flea treatment of my Cats and due to the flea lotion applied all over the body, one of my Cat was acting weird, not able to sit in one position, jumping here and there as if something was bothering her.

I requested VK in my own words that whatever is bothering her should get clear NOW and she is back to Perfect Health and is happy as always and, I rotated VK all over her body. As always VK helped me here as well and it worked magically, and it calmed down my cat as if she got some relief and she could sleep peacefully.

Many of us when working with VK has one question in mind – How many times in a day should we give the energy?

Well, the answer is simple – The more the better!

Let me share it in a form of an example – Let’s assume Mr. A has been smoking for the last 10 years and now his health is deteriorating, and he wants to quit smoking for better health.

To accomplish this task, he will use various energies with the help of VK.

He has developed this habit of smoking for over 10 years and if he expects that he will be successful in a day or a week….well, it looks like a little unrealistic expectation.

It’s a process and it may take him months to undo this habit which he has developed over 10 years.

So, he will have to work more with the energy and keep on working till the time he completely quits smoking.

The more the frequency the sooner the result would be.

With VK I like to work as a scientist, keep on giving energy and keep on trying till the time the result is met. Thomas Edison also made so many attempts at inventing the light bulb and the result we all know. Don’t just give up too soon. Have Patience. You yourself are the best judge to identify how bad/worse is the situation and accordingly you can decide the energies and the frequency.

Sometimes VK will give instant results and in some situations, it will take time, as VK will have to work across all the levels.

In most of my situations, I have given a minimum of 6-8 times 30 minutes energies. For the relationship issue, I worked all through the day almost every day of the week. Also, in the process, I started to get feelings as if the divine was talking to me and telling me that I have given enough energy and I got a push that I should send a message to my friend and the result is what I wanted.

So, one should keep working and leave the rest to the divine and let the energies work for you, and when it is time the divine will communicate.

This is just the start of VK, I have started working with VK a few months ago.

Yes, there are days when I still feel frustrated with issues, but I keep telling myself that VK is there and will take care of things and try to move my focus out of the mental traps that we have created over the years.

Earlier experiences have taught me not to become transactional and we should keep giving energies to the situation that we are working on and leave the rest to the divine. A little more patience and persistence is what are required.

I now don’t even visualize I leave that to the divine VK as I know VK has the best visualization.

You can also read my one-month experience with VK in the Litairian forum, for this please click here.

I have a lot more to do and achieve a lot of things in life and I still respect the science of astrology and other modes of healing, but I think VK is enough for me.

A sincere thank you to Sharat Sir for creating divine VK and helping us out.

Thank you for going through my post!