Cosmic Serums : Solutions to your Overall Problems and Worries (List of All 30 Serums)

Cosmic Serums

Cosmic Serums are combinations of Cosmic Energies. These Serums are energies and not any liquid, solid, or medicine in physical form. All Serum are the energy packs and work on all levels of a certain problem. As already mentioned VK holds Cosmic Energies, these energy combinations are compiled by me in the Universe itself. 

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“After giving the precious gift of VIBBES KADA, I am very glad to introduce to you my latest and one more magnificent discovery called COSMIC SERUMS. {My feelings in words after launching the Serums, March 2011}. After the long, exhaustive research and hard work, I have been once again blessed by Divine for my new development, named “COSMIC SERUMS”. VIBBES KADA is a steel bangle attuned with Cosmic Energies and these energies are compiled in packs of energies called “Cosmic Serums” of VK. These Serums of VK are also a unique technique for accessing Cosmic Energies for better health and an easy lifestyle.Cosmic Serums

Sometimes, a person can be suffering from many difficulties in life. Either it may be illnesses in the body or problematic situations around. It becomes a little difficult when there is more than one problem to treat at a time. Keeping this in view, I have compiled problems of similar nature and made different Cosmic Serums for the different groups of problems. Cosmic Serums are helpful in all areas of life, whether illness in the body, emotion or mental issues or problem in a situation. 

These Cosmic Serums are divided into 3 categories- Physical Health, Mental/Emotional, and Wealth & Prosperity… Every Cosmic Serum includes accurate, intuitive diagnosis and deep energy-based help. All VK users must study these Cosmic Serums well and remember all information of each Cosmic Serum.

This would be helpful in remembering the solution to a particular situation or problem and which Cosmic Serum can be used in which condition appropriately. How to use these Cosmic Serums in many ways is guided in the next parts of the Cosmic Serums. Cosmic Serums are sets of energies which are combined in the Universe by me in such a way that One Cosmic Serum has a complete set of required energies which might be required in rectifying any one situation or problem. These energies will harmonize each and every aspect of the problem or situation and thus give the relief to the body at the cell level or situation at the root cause. 

For example, if a person is suffering from a normal pain or an infection or food poisoning or any other problem in the stomach area of his body, or there may be illnesses which have been there in the stomach from long past and are left unnoticed medically or will require lifelong medication to keep the body moving or working, he will either go for clinical tests and spend money or would hunt for relief measures in and out of home.

He would require different solutions for all above mentioned different issues related to one body organ, a stomach of a person. Though these situations would not occur together but there are different solutions for each problem mentioned above. But if the required Cosmic Serum of VK (Digee Serum here) is used to energize any illness of stomach mentioned here then only one solution ie. Digee Serum can be used for all the above-mentioned issues of the stomach and all the issues can be rectified from the root and cell level. 

Serums work on an entirely different frequency and Reiki and other healing modalities work on different. Most of the Healing Therapies are connected with the Frequency of and like Reiki. Most of the time they work from the body to soul and one can instantly feel the entry of these energies in the body so well but serums work from cosmic to the soul and to the body. The entry point of serum’s energy is not one’s body therefore no or very less feeling. They enter into oneself from soul point to the body and work powerfully.

Cosmic Serum includes accurate, intuitive diagnosis

A brief introduction of different groups of Cosmic Serums is as under:

1. Cosmic Serums for Health

This group of Cosmic Serums includes the solution to different physical problems. It covers almost all the major and most common diseases from which people are suffering nowadays. It can works within the body which identifies resolves and releases the underlying causes behind the problems, resulting in an overall healthy and disease-free body.

These Cosmic Serums can work on all the affected areas of the body including DNA, tissues, cells, organs, and bones. It can clear away present as well as past blockages in the body, increasing overall physical strength and provide abundant energy to the body. 99% of the diseases can be rectified with this group of Cosmic Serums by just drinking water, charged with the Energies of Cosmic Serums.

As you start using Cosmic Serums through VK. All you have to do is that you know about your illness and prepare water as suggested and drink it daily according to the condition of the illness. A person who is suffering from any illnesses or diseases from long past needs more energy and time than the illnesses or diseases of a person which are recently formed in the body. So please be patient and keep sending or consuming the energy till you start seeing the results.

As you see the result, please do not drop the medicines instantly because if you are consuming any medicine since long, please note that it has its own withdrawal symptoms and they might confuse you that from where all the new symptoms came from. You should reduce medicine slowly (with consulting your doctor) after using VK as your body will adjust accordingly to new changes. So we recommend that you should give enough energy and enough time to get a healthy and perfect body. Cosmic Serums for Health

2. Cosmic Serums for Mental & Emotional Problems

This group of Cosmic Serums includes the solution for every type of problems related to mind, emotions or feelings. We all know that our mind is responsible for the creation of our physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual reality. The mind controls our life, relationships, mentality, and nature. This group focuses on clearing the mind from negative and harmful thoughts, feelings and beliefs, releasing blockages of the conscious and subconscious mind so that we can get a healthy, positive, more powerful and a balanced mind.

One can change his over-all personality that he desires and transforms himself into a more happier, positive and more focused person who is loved and respected by all. Problems related to study like lack of concentration, clarity, poor memory skills, etc. can also be focused by these serums. Love related matters and other emotional aspects of life can also improve with it. It can permanently remove negativity from your relationships with other people. Cosmic Serums for Mental/Emotional Problems

3. Cosmic Serums for Wealth & Prosperity

Today, every person wants to live a wealthy, luxurious and successful life. These Cosmic Serums can make it possible to attain all these by releasing obstacles and negative energies and their effects on our surroundings. Then these blessings come in the way of your materialistic growth, resulting in overall financial growth, prosperity, and status in the society.

These Cosmic Serums are made for helping a person to benefit financially. Consuming these Cosmic Serums doesn’t mean that money will start flowing to us from the sky; it means that it will become easy to deal with our finances and financial plannings in many ways. We can start getting good discounts, we can get unexpected gifts, and we can watch our salaries and perks increasing, and so on. These Cosmic Serums can remove obstacles which were there in way of your financial success. Cosmic Serums for Wealth & Prosperity

Again Note: Cosmic Serums are special sets of energies compiled by me in the Universe in such a way to make your life easy and convenient, so it is our advice to read all Cosmic Serums again and again and memorize the Cosmic Serums, which you think are important for you, your family, your friends and for your daily needs. Now be ready to change your life through Cosmic Serums. 

Cosmic Serums

Conclusion about Cosmic Serums

  1. Our 30 Cosmic Serums are combinations of Various Energies.
  2. These Cosmic Serums are energy packs.
  3. They are not in any physical form like liquid, solid or medicine.
  4. These energy packs are designed to help and work on all levels of living and non-living beings.
  5. They are designed to resolve almost all the problems e.g. health, wealth, study, relationship, business, meditation and much more.
  6. To get any cosmic serum one should have VK.
  7. They are also helpful in manifestation.
  8. All sets of energies in Cosmic Serums are designed, combined and attuned in the Universe by me in such a way when you ask your VK to give you or anybody, a Cosmic Serum, VK will follow your request.
  9. Each Cosmic Serum has a complete set of required energies which might be required in rectifying the specific situation or problem or to enhance such desired qualities.
  10. With VK you can Download Cosmic Serums in any particular thing like water, food, cloth, etc.

Find Here A List of All Cosmic Serums (CS):-

  1. Perfect Health Serum {PHS} – Always Maintain Overall Health & Vigor (CS-1)
  2. Total Wealth Serum {TWS} – Attract Money Wealth Abundance & Success (CS-2)
  3. Love Serum {LS} – Create Real Love for VK Users (CS-3)
  4. Study Serum {SS} – Increase Focus Concentration & Memory (CS-4)
  5. Care Serum {CS} – Help in All kinds of Cancers Tumors Fibroid Cysts (CS-5)
  6. Digee Serum {DS} – For any kind of Digestive Issues (CS-6)
  7. Flab Down Serum {FDS} – For Easy Weight Loss & Thyroid Functioning (CS-7)
  8. Pain Care Serum {PCS} – For Any Physical or Mental Pain & Trauma (CS-8)
  9. ENT Serum {ENTS} – For Ears Nose Throat & Lungs Issues (CS-9)
  10. Heart Serum {HS} – For Any Kind of Heart & Circulatory Problem (CS-10)
  11. Beauty Serum {BS} – For Skin Hair Nails Teeth Care & Soft Skill Enhancement (CS-11)
  12. Key Pen Serum {KPS} – Care For Kidneys Pancreas Diabetes & Sugar Balance (CS-12)
  13. Eye Serum {ES} – For Healthy Eyes & Vision (CS-13)
  14. Fem Serum {FS} – Female’s Best Friend (Hormonal Imbalance)(CS-14)
  15. Men Serum {MS} – Male’s Best Buddy (Hormonal Imbalance) (CS-15)
  16. DFev Serum {DFS} – Use it to knock out any Fever (CS-16)
  17. Mood Up Serum {MUS} – For Cheerful Joyful & Happy Life (CS-17)
  18. Calm Down Serum {CDS} – Soften Ego Anger Hyperness & Aggression (CS-18)
  19. One Soul Serum {OSS} – Harmony Between the Whole Family & Team (CS-19)
  20. Anti Addiction Serum {AAS}- Remove Addictions Abuse & Bad Habits (CS-20)
  21. Baby Care Serum {BCS} – For Care of Little Angels (CS-21)
  22. All Clear Serum {ACS} – Clear All Negative Energies & Negativity (CS-22)
  23. Bravo Serum {BRS) – For Boldness & Courage (A Lion Maker Serum)(CS-23)
  24. Brain Serum {BNS) – To Ease Brain Related Issues (CS-24)
  25. Immune Serum {IS} – For Immunity Related Issues (CS-25)
  26. Weight Gain Serum {WGS} – Help to Gain Weight (CS-26)
  27. Gym Serum {GMS} – Increase Stamina Strength Flexibility & Energy of Body (CS-27)
  28. Alpha Male Serum {AMS} – For Drastic Personality Changes in Males (CS-28)
  29. Alpha Woman Serum {AWS} – Boost Your Charm, Beauty & Femininity (CS-29)
  30. Balance Serum {BLS} – All in One Solution for Body Mind & Soul Balance (CS-30)