Educational Stress on Students and Their Life

Education is an important input for the growth of a country. It makes the population asset rather than being a liability. Education in the initial years of one’s life bore him the fruits in the later years in terms of a good job and salary. Therefore, Children, right from their childhood, are sent to schools for education.

The schools teach them all the subjects but it sometimes fails to teach them good values. Nowadays schools are becoming a Hub of Educational Stress for Students. Stress can begin in elementary school with over-scheduling, tests, and even teaching for kids. We’re seeing more Anxiety in elementary students.

Educational Stress on Students And Their Life

Subjects that are not very important and are not in the use of children’s future are also taught. Teachers simply say that these subjects enhance children’s knowledge but rather than enhancing knowledge, it becomes a burden on tiny tots.

The schools should teach important subjects and values that one can inculcate in oneself to reduce educational stress. Students are also burdened by heavyweights of bags on their shoulders. This results in various problems including backaches.

The schools should lower this burden also. After all, they are human beings, not a machine. Not only schools but also parents force their children to get good grades and maintain a position in class which leads to pressure on the minds of small children.

After school, they have to study for long hours. They forget to play outside and sometimes also forget to eat the food properly. This results in the degradation of their health. They become lazy and ultimately become couch potatoes. Students spend a long time doing their studies as well as their homework.

Educational Stress on Students And Their Life

Schools give the students so much of a home task that they do not have time to take a breath. They are so engaged in their school work that they sometimes miss the joy and pleasure of being a child. Slowly and gradually a smile on their faces disappears. They became bookworms and their educational stress increased.

Stress is very much a barrier to a student’s access and participation in learning and constructive problem-solving. The stress triggers for each student are unique. Schools have become test-obsessed and high-stakes pressure cookers. They’re churning out ill-prepared adults short on originality and ethics and stripping humanity from kids.

Facing vicious competition to get into top colleges is one of the main reasons for educational stress. Many students are compromising their health and values to get ahead. Experts are even seeing educational stress levels increase at the elementary school level. Some educators are working to reduce the pressures on students. Some school’s efforts to reduce students’ educational stress but that’s not enough. Educational Stress on Students And Their Life

Easing Pressures of Educational Stress

School administration must adopt numerous changes, including eliminating student rankings. Teachers should be more conscious of students with many commitments. The teacher should be more flexible. They will not try to schedule multiple tests on one day. The school will let vacations be vacations and not assign a lot of homework or major projects over school breaks.

Among the other changes that were implemented:

  • Offering alternatives to traditional midterms
  • Reducing the weight of exams in course grades
  • Offering yoga to faculty and students
  • Creating a committee to address plagiarism
  • Surveying faculty and students about stress levels and causes
  • Parents also have to be part of the equation.

More Educational Stress Busters

  • One of the first ways to address educational stress is by listening to students.
  • Ask students to name one thing in the school they would like to change and explain why.
  • Administrators also can set up a “fishbowl” in which students sit in the center of a room with a facilitator and the faculty listens to students’ comments.
  • Administrators also can help reduce the stress teachers are feeling about student performance on high-stakes tests.
  • Restructuring the school day and reworking the curriculum are other ways to beat and reduce educational stress.
  • Block schedules can reduce educational stress because there are fewer classes and less homework.
  • Also, look at ways to improve the curriculum and assessment so kids can get more out of their work and reduce cheating.

This concludes that children should not only have the right to education but also a right to live freely. Schools should lower the burden of studies and parents should also lower the pressure of getting an A1 in all the subjects, hope this will lower the Educational Stress on Students. We have a switchword video for Educational Success, must watch this on behalf of your child or tell him/ her to watch.