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This Video is very intense and created for Educational Success. You just need to watch this video to increase your memory, concentration, success attitude, self-motivation for study. Just watch this video twice a day or as much as possible magically attract Success in Education. No need to chant any switchword of this video. Just watch and enjoy the results. Parents can watch this video on their children’s behalf.

Note: Anyone can watch this video to increase memory.

I Have Used These Switchword Phrases in this Video


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  1. sir
    my daughter has to appear for chartered accountancy final group exam in the month of may 20 . i need strong switch word so she rememberes all she studies and can recall on the day of the exam. moreover the paper is so lengthy she cant finish on time.

    • The above video has some strong switchwords to be successful in the exam. Ask your daughter to watch the above video minimum twice a day.

  2. Sir is this only for competitive exam? I mean may I follow this on behalf of my nephew who is in class 6 and his halfyearly exam just started……….

  3. Golden sunshine ☀️
    Will this video work if downloaded for offline viewing while in remote places where mobile network or internet doesn’t work?
    Best regards

      • Thank you so much for our reply Sir,

        Please let me know should I specify my daughter name and then start chanting or I can chant without mentioning name.

        Also let me know the beat procedure to chant….

        I am really worried on her studies. Please guide me sir.

        Thank you in advance.

    • If you have study much about your subject then this video will help you to clear your exam to ward off exam-related fears, stress and bad luck.

  4. Meri beti Madhavi Mehrotra class 10th C students topper banne k Liye konsa switch word use kare

  5. Dear Sir
    My daughter is in Xth std. She is slow in her writing and doing her school work so that she is not able to complete her work in time.. Also not understanding maths and so scorimg less marks. Pleas suggest me something so that she can do her work fast and scor good marks this year. Will be thankful for your good guidance.

  6. Hello sir
    Im New to this, and just saw the vidoe
    I wish my sons passes in all grades with good marks. He is a very clever child but concentration regarding studies is very poor

  7. Hello sharat sir i m very new to this. I have watched your exam success video . I want to do it for my husband as he is having his exam in june this year of UPSC n he is trying since two years to crack this exam. So please guide me

  8. Sir
    My elder daighter has 16 backlogs from her engineering .her friends even compleyed masters but she is here partying clubbing bavkanswering and abusing me .
    Plz suggest and help how to disvipline her
    Xnd make her finish her exams with jnterest.
    Always throwing tantrums and saying i am different i like freefom .smokes at 21 .
    Am vvv worried

  9. Sir
    I’m preparing for my final university examination. I want to top these exams. Please can u provide me with some switch words or any mantra that would help me.

  10. Hello sir.
    I’m preparing for my GMAT exam . plz suggest me something which will help me get success and desired result .

  11. Sir to get through upsc exam and to get desired job as an IAS officer, shall I have to watch the switch words for education video or switch words for desired job video? Can I watch the video on behalf of someone else who wants to succeed in getting the job by passing the exam?

  12. Sir to get through upsc exam and to get desired job as an IAS officer, shall I have to watch the switch words for education video or switch words for desired job video? Can I watch the video on behalf of someone else who wants to succeed in the exam and get the job?

  13. Hello Sir ,
    i All of your videos are amazing. Thanks a lot for the same.
    I am not able to view a few videos. Dont know the reason. I am in the need to view the above video.It gives a message saying access denied.Kindly resolve this for me.

  14. Dear Sharath Sir,
    Just saw the video . I hv a son who is 14.5 years old and out of school for the past 2.5 years owing to various issues. He is not diagnosed with autism or ADHD. Has an IQ of 100 . not interested in studies . is a slow learner. still unable to read and write. speaks ENglish. I am trying my level best to teach him at home. has anger issues too. very short fuse. wathces videos and cartoons the whole day. is still like a 10 year old. temper tantrums. I am losing hope each day of him even clearing his Std. X exams.
    can u help me in any way get him back to academics and improve his behaviourial issues?
    Thank u

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