Powerful Shri Sai Baba Mantra for Money, Success, Wealth, Marriage & Job

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Shirdi Sai Baba Mantra For Success, Money, Wealth, Marriage & Job

This post is about the Shirdi Sai Baba Mantra and How to Chant it to fulfill your wishes related to Money, Prosperity, Success, Wealth, Marriage, Job, etc.

Jai Sai Ram Sai Devotees…

In This Article: 

Today I am going to share with all of you some Powerful Sai Baba Mantras in English and Hindi. These mantras can help you get rid of your day-to-day problems. I am also going to share how to chant these mantras too. As Sai Baba promised his blessing always dwells on his devnust are strong in Sai then Baba takes off all the grief, misery, woe, misfortune, and troubles from you.

Please note that you can chant any Sai Baba Mantra whether you are a Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, etc. In other words, you just need a strong devotion.

Every Sai Mantra works for different desires but all Sai Mantras are meant to get Baba’s blessing. Firstly, we have to know Who is Sai Baba?

Who is Sai Baba

Everybody knows that Sai Baba resided most of his life in Shirdi. Shirdi is a small city in Maharashtra state in India. He left off his material body in 1918. Since then, Sai Baba is significantly known as a Great Spiritual Master, Sadguru, Saint, and Fakir. Moreover, his devotees believed and know him as the Avatar (incarnation) of Lord Shiva and Lord Dattatreya.

Surprisingly, no one clearly knows the birthplace and religion of Sai Baba. According to sayings and myths, some believe he was born in a Brahmin family and some say in a Muslim family. But till date, no claim is proven.

In short, as you know Sai Baba came to Shirdi at the age of 16th. When people saw him they all were so surprised to see his grace and divinity. He was sitting under the neem tree in meditation without taking any food or water for several days.

Ultimately, very soon he got the attention of the citizen of Shirdi due to his Divine and Charming personality. Later on, he spent his entire life in Shirdi.


What Are Some Teachings of Sai Baba

  • Sai Baba always motivated people to do charity.
  • Hence, he always wanted people to spread happiness and love everywhere.
  • He encouraged people to live simply.
  • Baba was a firm believer in unity. He believed that each and every being of the Universe has one Lord, therefore, we have to worship that one Lord.
  • He guided people to follow Bhakti Marg as it is the easiest way to worship Load.

There are some other teachings of Sai Baba too. I will write to them in another article sometime. Without delay, I am going to share the Most Powerful Shirdi Sai Mantra to fulfill desires.

Shirdi Sai Baba Mantra for Your Desires

1. Sai Baba Mantra to Miracles & Increase Devotion

!!! जय साईँ राम !!!
!!! Jai Sai Ram !!! 

This is the Most Common Mantra. Sai Devotees use it when they greet each other. This mantra can help you to increase your devotion to Sai Baab.

2. Lord Sai Mantra for Success

!!! श्री साईँ अपराजिताय नमः !!!

!!! Sri Sai Aparajitaya Namah !!!

This mantra is very powerful to chant. This Sai Mantra for Success can make you undefeated in all areas of your life. This means in every venture you can be successful if you recite this mantra with faith.

If I straightaway say, this mantra can also increase your ability to tackle any situation of your life with great confidence.

3. Lord Sai Mantra for Marriage

!!!  श्री साईँ प्रेमप्रदाय नमः !!!

!!! Om Sri Sai Premprayada Namah!!!

Don’t be disappointed if you are facing a delay in your marriage. Immediately, reciting this mantra with faith can help to get married soon. This Sai Mantra for Marriage can eradicate all the hurdles from the path of your marriage.

4. Shri Sai Mantra for Pregnancy

!!! ॐ श्री साईँ परमसुखदाय नमः !!!

!!! Om Sri Sai Paramsukhdaya Namah !!!

Motherhood is the most happier feeling for a lady. On the whole, reciting of Sai Mantra for Pregnancy can do miracles for you. If you don’t have a child then recite this Sai Mantra with full devotion and faith.

5. Sai Baba Mantra for Job

!!! ॐ श्री साईं तीर्थाय नमः !!!

!!! Om Sri Sai Tirthaya Namah !!!

Now, don’t worry if you are a jobless person. To get a good job, you just need to recite this Sai Mantra with full faith. This Sai Mantra for Job can shape your career in the right direction.

Now, recite this mantra and get the perfect job. Must read GOLDEN SUNRISE manifestation for a new dream job too. The Most Powerful Shirdi Sai Mantra helps you to succeed in job interviews.

Sai Baba Mantra for Money Success Wealth Marriage Miracles Job Health6. Best Sai Mantra for Money Wealth & Good Luck

!!! ॐ श्री साईँ लक्ष्मीनारायनाय नमः !!!

!!! Om Sri Sai Laxminarayana Namah !!!

Reciting this Sai Baba Mantra for Money & Wealth can provide you with money and happiness. It is a good mantra for every business person. In other words, this mantra can also increase positivity in the environment of offices, shops, factories, etc.

This mantra for money can also increase your magnetism for money, wealth, and good fortune. Take a look at GOLDEN SUNRISE Manifestation for a New Business.

7. Shirdi Sai Baba Mantra for Health

!!!  श्री साईँ मृत्युंजय नमः !!!

!!! Om Sri Sai Mrityunjaya Namah !!!

This Sai Baba Mantra for Health is working like Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra. If you are confused, about which Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra is best for chanting you can choose one out of seven Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra for health. By all means, this mantra can make you healthy and happy in terms of your body.

8. Sai Mantra to Increase Spirituality & Intelligence

!!! ॐ श्री साईँ ज्ञानवैराग्यदाय नमः !!!

!!! Om Sri Sai Gyanvairagyadaya Namah !!!

Reciting Sai Mantra to Increase Spirituality & Intelligence can boost your memory and thus make you a clever person. It can also give you a sharp mind. Indeed, it is a good mantra for children who are weak in their studies. Moreover, reciting this Sai Mantra can increase focus and concentration.

If you want to improve your child’s academic performance you can chant this mantra on his/ her behalf too. Read a few more articles related to Spirituality. This Sai Baba Mantra also helps you to get successes in your exams. Must watch a video that magically attracts Success in the Exam.

9. Shri Sai Mantra for Safety & Security

!!! ॐ श्री साईँ शरणागतवत्सलाय नमः !!!

!!! Om Sri Sai Sharanagatvatsalaya Namah!!!

Reciting this Sai Baba Mantra for Safety & Security gives a cozy feeling as a child gets in his/ her mother’s lap. Must be remembered, this mantra creates a shield around you to protect you from any kind of harm. Do check Shield of Seven Rays for Complete Protection.

10. Lord Sai Mantra to Remove Illicit Relationship of Spouse (Bring Back Your Spouse)

!!!  श्री साईं सत्पुरुषाय नमः !!!

!!! Om Sri Sai Satpurushaya Namah !!!

This Sai Mantra is very powerful. A husband or a wife can recite this mantra. When you recite this mantra, it will help to remove all illicit relationships with your spouse if he/ she has. The first thing to remember, this mantra leaves a positive effect on your spouse’s mind to get rid of the bad habit of an illicit relationship.

This Sai Mantra can significantly help to bring back your spouse who has left you for somebody else. Moreover, it also helps to stop your spouse from cheating & remain faithful to you only.

11. Sai Baba Mantra to Remove Problems

!!! ओम साई राम !!!

!!! Om Sai Ram !!! 

This mantra can be chanted anytime, anywhere, and is said to have the power to remove obstacles and difficulties from one’s life. It is believed that chanting this mantra with devotion and sincerity can bring peace, happiness, and prosperity in life.

How to Chant Sai Mantras

  1. Firstly, choose a mantra you want to recite according to your problem.
  2. Secondly, recite the mantra minimum of 108 times daily until you get the result. After getting the result you can decrease the number of chanting.
  3. In general, you can recite the mantra on any mala (rosary) to remember the counting. For successful chanting, it doesn’t make any difference if you choose a Rudraksha rosary or Crystal rosary, or a Lotus rosary. The only thing you need to be successful is your firm faith and high devotion.
  4. It is good if you start reciting the chosen mantra from Thursday or from Purnima (full moon) but you can start it from any day if you wish so. Most of the devotees easily connect with Sai Baba on Thursday (as they believe Thursday is Sai Baba’s day), if you feel the same then you can start reciting the chosen mantra from Thursday.

Benefits of Shirdi Sai Baba Mantra

  1. As a matter of fact, Sai Baba Mantras are very easy to use.
  2. As a side effect, the Sai Baba Mantra helps to create Happiness & Joy too.
  3. On the positive side, the above mantras have enough energy, of Sai’s blessings therefore, they can shape your life into a new and better direction with a positive mindset.
  4. Additionally, with the help of the above mantras, you can now tackle many problems with ease.
  5. We have already mentioned all the other Benefits of the Sai Baba Mantra with the Specific Mantra mentioned above.

Before ending the article, I request you to share your experiences with us if you choose and recite any mantra from the above list.

I wholeheartedly Pray to Sai Baba that everyone who has read this article gets what he/ she wants in his/ her life.

!!! जय साईँ राम !!!

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