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Lakshmi Mantra can create tremendous results to attain Huge Money and Wealth. Maha Lakshmi Mantra creates perfect frequency in the chanter’s Aura. This aura helps to find and attract more money. Once the Mantra for money is adjusted and aligned with the chanter’s energy, then it gives a continuous flow of money and wealth.

Most Popular Maha Laxmi Mantra to Attract Money


ॐ श्री महालक्ष्म्यै नमः

For adjustment and alignment, these Mantras take almost 40 days of nonstop chanting. But for some people, it takes a little longer. No one has a clear explanation of why they take a longer time for alignment.

As a bonus, at the end of this article, you can find and know How to Become a MONEY MAGNET in 40 Days. Now continue read to know the Top 10 Powerful Lakshmi Mantra:-

In this Article:-

Who is Goddess Maha Lakshmi – Mahalaxmi

In Hinduism, Goddess Lakshmi is a Deity of Money and Wealth. The first thing to remember, she is straightforwardly related to all worldly affairs. According to Hindu and Indian culture, she is Lord Vishnu’s wife.

She also plays a protector role for her devotee as Lord Vishnu does. She is as kind and protective as Lord Vishnu for the whole World. It is believed, her mantra for money gives endless wealth to live a perfectly prosperous and wealthy life.

She is specifically, the Symbol of Good Fortune in Hinduism. She is the Goddess of money, wealth, and good fortune. On the positive side, she represents good luck, success, prosperity, happiness, and luxury. Surprisingly she represents both material and spiritual prosperity.

In Jainism, Mahalaxmi is also a significant Goddess. She easily found in Jain temples. Her figures are imitated the gathered riches and monetary freedom of the Tamil Temples too. She is one of the main Goddess of the trinity of Hindu Culture. However, the other two Goddesses are Goddess Saraswati and Goddess Shakti.

How Goddess Laxmi Looks Like?

She is a fair and golden complexion female Deity. She has 4 hands. Sitting or standing on a full-bloomed pink or red lotus. She holds a beautiful lotus bud in one of her hand. Goddess is well dressed by wearing a Red Robe (Saree) or reddish-golden clothes (a symbol of power and prosperity), few Gold Ornaments, standing or seated on a Lotus Flower.

She holds Golden Pot filled with Gold Coins in her hand. Flowing coins from her hand show the abundance. In some figures, she holds Lotus Flower in her hands. She sits in the middle and two white Elephants shower Divine Water over her from both sides. Spraying water from them is the symbol of both material and spiritual prosperity.

It stands for charm, purity, and lushness. Important to realize, her four hands represent these four main points of human life:

    1. Dharma-Virtue
    2. Artha-Wealth
    3. Kama-Desire
    4. Moksha-Ascension

What is the Meaning of Lakshmi

Word Lakshmi is directly derived from the word Laksha (AIM). In the Sanskrit language, the meaning of the word Laksha is to Observe, Perceive, Recognize, and Aim. Therefore, the meaning of Lakshmi is to understand and know your aim.

Other meanings in local languages are auspicious, quality, lucky charm, aim, symbol, target, sign, good luck, feature, opportunity, etc.

Goddess Maha Lakshmi Mantra laxmiVarious Names of Goddess Maha Laxmi

In ancient Stotram, Text, and Sutras of Hinduism and Jainism, she has hundreds of names, and the most famous and commons are:

Padma, Kamala, Sri, Srija, Vishnupriya, Padmahasta, Padmapriya, Padmamukhi, Kalyani, Sridevi, Srividhya, Chanchala, Shreeya, Madhavi, Haripriya, Subha, Samruddhi, etc.

How to Start Lakshmi Mantra

  • Firstly, there are many types of Lakshmi Mantras. By all means, each Mantra creates its own vibrations. But at the same time, all of them give money, wealth, and prosperity.
  • People often start chanting her mantra from Friday. Some people start from Full Moon. They used to chant it with a rosary of lotus seed. If you don’t have a lotus seed rosary, you can use a crystal rosary.
  • You must know that the chanting of all kinds of her mantras gives money, wealth, power, good fortune, and prosperity.
  • There are lots of mantras and you would confuse what to pick or whom to leave. At that time just listens to your heart. Must be remembered, choose one of them and start chanting with full faith and discipline.
  • Another key point, counting of mantras depends on your needs. If your need for money is less then the daily 108 mantra chanting is enough. If your need for money is high then go for a daily 540 mantra for money chanting. In reality, the more you chant, the more you attract money. Money is the blessing of the Goddess of Wealth.
  • For the successful outcomes of mantra chanting, you only need full faith and regular chanting.
  • Although, Some people offer different kinds of Mahalakshmi Mantras according to your horoscope. But, I feel that Goddess Lakshmi is a merciful power of Lord Vishnu, therefore, you don’t worry about the ethics of the horoscope. You can also take a look at 10 Powerful Shri Sai Baba Mantra for Money, Success, Wealth, Marriage & Job.

List of Top 10 Lakshmi Mantra

1st Powerful Beej Mantra for Money


“Shreem” is one of the powerful seed mantra of Mahalakshmi. Few people also chant the Shreem Mantra as a powerful Switchword for money. In reality, switchwords are special English Mantras and very famous in western countries. Know more about what are switch words. Know more about Shreem Mantra‘SHREEM’ also works as a switch word and it is already added to my Switch Word List and Dictionary.

2nd Powerful Mahalaxmi Mantra to Remove Obstacle

“Om Sarvabaadhaa Vinirmukto, Dhan Dhaanyah Sutaanvitah, Manushyo Matprasaaden Bhavishyati Na Sanshayah Om”

3rd Powerful Lakshmi Mantra

“Om Shreem Shriye Namah”

4th Mahalakshmi Gayatri Mantra

“Om Shree Mahalakshmyai Cha Vidmahe Vishnu Patnayai Cha Dheemahi Tanno Lakshmi Prachodayat Om”. 

Above is the Mahalakshmi Gayatri Mantra. Uniquely, this is one of the most powerful mantra for money.

5th Most Famous Maha Lakshmi Mantra

“Om Shreem Maha Lakshmiyei Namaha”

6th Laxmi Mantra for Money with 4 Beej

“Om Hreem Shreem Kleem Maha Lakshmi Namaha” 

7th Powerful Laxmi Mantra

“Om Shreem Vishnupatinye Namaha”

8th Best Lakshmi Mantra

“Om Hreem Shreem Lakshmibhayo Namaha”

9th Goddess Kamala Mantra

“Om Shreem Hreem Shreem Kamale Kamalalaye Praseed Praseed Om Shreem Hreem Shreem Mahalakshmaye Namaha”

10th Tantric Style Lakshmi Mantra

“Om Shreem Hreem Kleem Aim Som Om Hreem Ka A Ee La Hreem Ha Sa Ka Ha La Hreem Sakal Hreem Som Aim Kleem Hreem Shreem Om”

Above is the Powerful Tantric Mantra of Maha Laxmi. In this tantric-style mantra, the creator has used and added many beej sounds together.

Laxmi Mantra for Getting Money Urgently

When you regularly chant Laxmi Mantra, it will arrange the Universal energy in such a way, your own energy field becomes much power to attract money, prosperity & the Divine Powers of Wealth.

Moreover, the chanting of this Mantra gives you an instant result. But, sometimes it takes a few days to get the desired results. Despite all, it is sure, and these mantras are always beneficial to become RICH.

Why Mahalaxmi is Worshiped in Diwali

It is said that Goddess Mahalaxmi visits each and every house, office, shop, factory, and other places where her Devotees worship her at Diwali Night to bless everyone with money, wealth, good luck, and prosperity.

Lord Ganesha is also worshipped with Goddess Mahalaxmi at Diwali night to remove all hurdles and obstacles of his Devotee’s path. It Raise-Up Your Money Field.

Benefits of Chanting Maha Lakshmi Mantra

  • Important to realize, there are some significant benefits of chanting Laxmi Mantras.
  • Firstly, chant any one of the above Mahalakshmi Mantra.
  • Secondly, once you decide on the mantra to chant, please continue with the chosen one for at least 40 days to get full benefits.
  • Must be remembered, sometimes Geopathic Stress does also responsible for poverty.
  • The benefits of chanting Lakshmi Mantra are getting immense wealth, money, and richness. 
  • Generally speaking, choose one Ganesh Mantra out of 16 Powerful Ganesh Mantras to chant with Lakshmi Mantra. This way of chanting helps you to attain more wealth in life. They both surprisingly give overall growth in life. On the positive side, Ganesh mantras can also create miracles in your life. 
  • The first thing to remember, for the full benefits of the Mahalakshmi Mantra, worship Goddess Lakshmi as she is your mother, who is always ready to Nourish Your Life With Her Blessings. In the long run, if you want good health with a prosperous life daily chant one health mantra too. Read about Best Mantra for Health.
  • On the whole, Total Wealth Serum is another useful and easiest way to attract money, wealth, and abundance in your life. 

Some Other Benefits of Maha Laxmi Mantra

  • I think you love to read Kleem Mantra (a powerful mantra to attract people). You can read here Shri Maha Lakshmi Aarti In Hindi and English.
  • On the positive side, you no need to chant any of the above Lakshmi Mantra if you are a VK user. Indeed, only Total Wealth Serum can fulfill all your money, success, and wealth-related worldly desires. In this case, you can mimic the energy of any of the above mantra. To know how to mimic read the whole description here at VK Tips 20. 
  • Mahalakshmi Mantras certainly increases chanter’s looks, youthfulness, and health.
  • Moreover, the daily chanting of any Mahalakshmi Mantra provides an abundance of money, finances, and also in relationships.

In addition, for a good job, one can surely chant these Mantras

  • These mantras truly increase money and richness in your life.
  • Another key point is, if you are a Businessman, you will find an increasing attraction of customers towards your business which will lead to huge wealth and money.
  • Promotions are very easily attained during the chanting of the Mahalakshmi Mantra.
  • Even though the Mahalakshmi Mantra can increase profits for the business. It also helps to attract more customers. Read here many solutions about money-related issues. 

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In the final analysis, regular chanting of this Lakshmi Mantra creates a Powerful Auric Field which attracts abundance and fortune easily. Wealth, fortune, luxury, cash, power, and prosperity are more easily attracted by the chanting of Lakshmi Mantra.


  1. Good morning sir , is listening to a fecorded mantra equally beneficial as chanting the mantra ? Is it fine if i chant around midnight ?


  3. Gurujee
    I would like to go for ohm sharing shrea namah. For the extra ordinary result how many jap (in minimum days) I have to do? Navratri is coming we can start from first day of navratra or from Friday.
    Please solve my query and reply.

  4. Respected sir i need money to start a online is minimum 5lakh.but i have no financial can u please advice me that which mantra is best for me and how many times to chant it the procedure for chanting.

  5. Good Morning Sir I chant 108×5 to mahalakshmi to gain alot of money to clear debt. Will I have money soon. I’m unemployed. Pls advise mantra

    • GM, yes it is possible but you need to do some work to earn money because without work money doesn’t shower itself from the sky.

  6. Sir kindly suggest me the mantra to over come my financial crises i have finished 40 days of pooja with the mantra om shreem maha lakshmiya namaha . Sir my credits r increasing n at off also problem no increaments n bonus is given even thou so much hard work i do but others r earning for that. At home also too much financial problems sir pls suggest me what i should do further wat mantra to chant to earn more money n clear my credits with a shoter period.

      • Thanks a lot sir from today only i start seeing this video. I need to clear almost 3 lakh rupees credit and my fly credits too i need to clear all my credits by this year end i dont no how it wil be resolved as my marriage is fixed next financial year april 2017 after clearing this i need to arrange some more money for my marriage i hope n believe so that this video wil work out v good for me once again thanks a lot sir for ur reply hoping for the best result sir.

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          Please include the benefits and sigficance of reciting laxmi kuber mantra..

          Please share the exact time and frequency of chanting laxmi kuber Mantra..

          Is it okay if we use our conscious mind and heart during The recitation of laxmi kuber mantra, picturing the image of goddess laxmi in our mind’s eye ???

          Is it neccessary to decorate their photos with flowers ? If we keep our eyes open…

          I appreciate your answers via wonderful posts of goddess Laxmi..

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  9. My actual name is Sonam Gyeltshen Sherpa,
    dt;of birth -January Saturday evening time 1974,
    I’ve large families to go ahead and my business is not going properly and there is every where maximum ENEMY and no body fan act to be friends but even from my own relatives enemy So what should I do or which God/Goddess should I pray and what kind of mantra I’ve to chant.for my better life.
    I need your help me to do favour me with money urgent to solve my problems.

  10. Hi Shart Sir:

    I read somewhere that “Om Kleem Shreem Brzee” amplifies the benefits of “Shreem Brzee”. Please could you state your opinion ?

    Thanks !

  11. Hello Sir,
    I belong a poor family. I have very big dreams but I don’t have money. I want to become a successful and very rich person for Complete my dream & also do work for poor people ( plans are ready for that like free food for all with clearance, every Indian face good food problems…. And lots more). Can you give me a shidh sabaar mantra or shidh mantra for that. I need immediately. Thank you. Jai Gurudev.

  12. DEAR Sir
    my husband work in a public company. we have i little son. neiher we have our own land nor house. we are worried about our future. Show us the right way………….

    • Don’t worry about future…we are still alive…Only God show us path…meditate and enjoy whatever life you have right now…never spoil your life in worries about future…

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  15. Gratitude for 30th May, 2016

    1. Thanks to time for penning down grats.

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    5. Thanks to hubby for showing his true self

    6. Thanks to the day for showing me the path for future healings.

    7. Thanks to me for understanding things and keeping quiet.

    8. Thanks to maturely understanding situations.

    9. Thanks to my married life.

    10. Thanks to hubby’s support always.

    11. Thanks to hubby for talking politely to me always.

    12. Thanks to hubby for using his wisdom always.

    13. Thanks to Baba for showering sad buddhi to hubby.

    14. Thanks to great shopping and vacation.

    15. Thanks to Sir for time and help always.

    • Sir can i chant on those my 7 days as i am nt supose to do pooja nor go inside the pooja room wat should i do wer i can chant this mantra and how.

        • Sir i have completed 37 days of chanting with full faith. Sir but not able to overcome my financial crises at home and my frnd to is suffering a lot my financial problems r yet increasing credits r increading n personal problems r also increasing day by day please help out sir…

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  17. Pranam sir. I need ur help. I’ve a little business but the condition of my business is very poor. I want lot of money in life. Which mantra is perfect ? Can i chant “Shreem Brezz ” 108*5/ daily for whole life ? i have to chant just two words – “Shreem Brezz ” right sir ? I chant “Shiva Gayatri ” on monday can i chant both ? Plz help…

  18. Greetings!
    I would like to help my son to get out from his vices.
    We need financial aid to redeem our mortgaged property
    A guide to help me find the right business to support my children.
    I just discovered this mantra today and started to listen the chant om shreem…
    Thank you

  19. Comment: sharath sir.. how do i pronounce the shree brzee mantra? are br silent letter? and can i use any rosary as we don’t have lotus rosary in Kenya.

  20. Namsate sir ji. Mai laxmi ji ki mantra ke bare mai janana chate hu . Hamare harat rhk nahi chal rahe business tha wo bhi bans ho gya koi paisa nahi hai new business start kiya hai aur loan bhi laychuke hai .kuch samaj mai nahi aa raha kaise paisa kamYe plz sir help us

  21. i do believe, i have had hope on a lot of free spell caster, but still no result yet i hope this change my life in 2days, cos currently am chanting the BUNE mantra from J. PIKEs 140 mantra world, and i will surely chant the SHREEM BRZEE mantra today am a real believer, i try anything i can lay my hands on, am from (AFRICA, NIGERIA) money has deprive me of a lot of things in life, and i believe that this is my TURNING POINT thank you SIR. GOD BLESS

  22. namaste sir I have been chanting the mahalakshimy mantra – money n health since 1st march, 2016. Now I feel n confident that very soon i wil strike lottery just to run my daily life as I now 68 years old. For ur info I am not crazy for millions if money but atleast strike malaysian currency myr 2 million so monthly l wil run my rest of life. Shal I chant forever? Actually if I have enough money I wil help particularly the young n poor children education.I wanted to do something for the them beside my daily expenses. thanks for ur advices n guidances

  23. Respected Sir, as per your guidelines I chant shreem bzree everyday.. In the above you have recommended us to fix a goal during a session of shreem brzee like 40 days.. So now my question is should I visualize my goal at the moment of starting shreem brzee or should I visualize it during whole chanting session of a day? With Regards.. Thank you

  24. Respected Sir,

    I have purchased a land seven years ago. Please help me with a mantra that will bring financial lift by selling this piece of land.

    Thanks and Regards.

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  27. Namaste sir. I am a mexican gril, and I am touch deeply by Indian culture, I just feel an enormous need to learn as much I posibly can abt the culture, faith, belives and gastronomy. But most important abt how to pray with pure love and respect. And incomparable faith. I want to get to know Goddess Lakshmi, and Ganesh. Please tell me how can I start, and how and when to fast. Thank you so very much! Yesenia.

  28. Hello Sir,
    I’m Financially very week and got good amount of debts on myself. it’s getting hard to run my family even. So i Have applied for loan so that i can clear my debts. But every time it gets rejected.
    So pls help with some solution, as i m too much disturbed.
    though me and my wife listen to the mantra (Om Shri MAhalaxmayi NAmah) everyday and wife also Chant mantra “SHREEM BRZEE” 108*5 and more everyday
    Pls help out with right solution

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    From last one month i have started estate agency business but still m unable to crack any deals.
    Please advice

  30. Sir, can I chant it for my father b coz he has lot of financial problems for past twenty yrs n now his money is stuck in property, which is taking time, my father had some money which we wanted to use to buy a house but my father listened to others and invested tht amount in some property hope we can get it bak by changing this mantra, which mantra will be most suitable and also my father dies some property dealing job but his deals never work out some problems arise everytime, I am married but can I still chant on his behalf

      • Golden Sunrise. I need healings for our over all well being . Financial, health , Prosperity, Abundance , Peace and Happiness , And all the Good energies of this Universe coming our Ways . Please bless my Family and fulfill all their dreams and give Good health and blessed long life . Thank you Thank you Thank you

  31. sharat sir garu namaskaram.i like laxmi mantra 108 chanting i need continues 1 hour chanting of audio+video how to get this one and where available please inform – my phone no 09704023758

  32. Can i recite these mantra on behalf of anyone
    And if i can so anything will be added in mantra or it remain same

  33. I am not getting any job..
    I am preparing for competitive but day by day losing hope and concentration…
    Please suggest me any mantra…please

  34. Hello. I am Mexican. I really want to do this correctly. First of all for respect and second for results. Since I speak spanish. Do you thing my pronunciation will help? Could you please type in the words of the chant so I can get a better idea on how to perfectly say them? Thank you so much for your time.

    • Dear Cesar,
      I think you should chant only “SHREEM BRZEE” Mantra which is very easy to pronounce and same time you get all the benefits of mantra and blessings of Goddess Lakshmi…

  35. namaste sir…. mujhe mantra main bahut jyada vishwas hai.. some time main kuch negative bhi ho jati hu… but but but phir mantra karti hu… sir please aap mujhe ye bataye ki mantra karne ka right time kya hai…. and mantra ke liye mandir main maa laxmi ji ka kya kya saaman rakhna chahiye

    thanx n regards

    • Golden Sunrise Astha,

      Ishwar kis samay sota hi aur kis samay jag raha hota hi agar aap vo bata sakti hi to main aap ko bata duga ki mantra kab chant krna chahiye…agar aap Maa Lakshmi ko Devi maan kar unki pooja krti hi to bahut kuch chahiye hota hi unhe khush krne k liye par agar aap unhe apni Maa maan kar pooja krti hi to sirf shudh bhav chaiye…Maa lakshmi ko apni Maa maan kr pooja kare…

  36. Namaskar,sir what to do in those three four days as I m used to to not pray then…plz let me know as I badly need to chat….this mantra!!!!
    Thnxs in advance

  37. You have provided the mantras and for how long to be chanted(40 days or longer). But at what time of the day, how many times a day. Is there any specific day yo start. What if no results are seen even after 40+ days. After how long not seeing the result should one quit.

    • Your doubts are much powerful than your faith…
      With faith you can start any mantra any time…
      I think you never ever look for the time when you want to meet your mother…
      Maa Lakshmi is your mother…
      Now move on with faith…

  38. I’m new to this but I believe it may work for me.
    How ever due to my ethnic origin as an African, I may not get the actual pronounciation of the mantras.
    Can wring pronunciation bring poor result.?

  39. “Om Shreem Maha Lakshmiyei Namaha” x 108 . in the morning and evening . i have used this and it works wonders. i got my stuck money . within chanting for just few days.

  40. Hi
    I like to ask u about the mantras u given above, is there any proper book for this? A small book likes mantras generally we got in store where all samagri we can buy related to pooja etc. Any proper book name if you can then suggest..???

    • Many books already published on this subject. I personally never use any samagri for pooja. I use to do everything in meditation.

  41. I found this from amish shah’s blog. The mantra he gives is ” Aum Gum Shreem Maha Lakshmiyei Namaha. He calls them the six power words or something. Would looking at a shriyantra and chanting this mantra be more beneficial. Thank you and God Bless.

    • Golden sunrise
      Sharat sir
      give me Lakshmi mantra to increase my source of income and abundant flow of money in my household

      • Golden Sunrise Sir
        I want the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi Maa to increase the stock
        items of my interest to sale goods to my customers in good quantity everyday.
        Thank you.

        • Sir I would like to heal my source of income area.. Thank you sir for your great help

      • Hello Sirji, GOLDEN SUNRISE !!!
        I want Wealth Healing for Continuous Abundance which will clear my all debts and it won’t be needed to take any loan furthermore..

        Deep Gratitude In Advance.. (for Day06)

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