Reiki Side Effects Specially for Reiki Healers

Reiki Side Effects Specially for Reiki Healers

Reiki Side Effects Specially for Reiki Healers: – Reiki is a Japanese healing therapy for the mind, body, and soul. It is channeled by Laying on Hands. We all know that unseen “Life Energy” moves through us and make us alive. When this Life Power is low then we are more inclined to get wiped out or feel stressed, and in the lowest condition, we get ill.  

A Reiki healer whose Life Force Channeling Ability is high will heal and help us many times to recreate our fitness and health. But unconsciously a Healer gets some side effects during healing. Let us know about some side effects of Reiki.

The saying Reiki is made of two Japanese words – Rei which signifies “God’s Insight or the Higher Force” and Ki which is “Life Power”. So Reiki is A Profoundly Guided Life Energy Vitality. A treatment feels like a grand sparkling brilliance that courses through and around you. It treats the entire individual including body, feelings, psyche, and soul-making numerous valuable impacts that incorporate unwinding sentiments of peace, security, and well-being. Numerous have reported marvelous results.

Reiki is a basic, common, and safe strategy for profound recovery and changes toward oneself that everybody can utilize. It has been viable in helping for all intents and purposes each known disease and ailment and dependably makes a gainful impact.  It additionally meets expectations in conjunction with all other restorative or remedial procedures to mitigate symptoms and push recovery. 

If we consider Reiki as a religion, in today’s world there are loads of Reiki healers. By joining every one of them another enormous religion could be shaped.

Reiki is one of the best healing therapy for self-improving yet in the event that we discuss the improvement of others then Reiki gets to be the most exceedingly awful recuperating therapy. Here I am talking about any kind of Reiki and other healing therapies that need attunement and your direct focus. After reading here you can very well understand why I am using cosmic healing through VIBBES KADA instead of Reiki even though I know more than 55 healing therapies.

Reiki Side Effects: Know-How

As you know that each session of Reiki healing is about 15 to 45 minutes. Now assume a Healer passes Reiki energy to a patient for 30 minutes. In the beginning, when Reiki Healer starts healing, he invokes and makes some symbols on a patient and afterward passes Reiki (sometimes without symbols). At that time there is an invisible connection that is made between healer and patient.

With this connection, a patient gets 100% Reiki Energy because at that time Healer’s full concentration is on the patient or healing. At the point when Reiki has been summoned then, Reiki energy enters into the healer’s Crown Chakra and course through Ajna Chakra – Throat Chakra – Heart Chakra and towards the palms then stream into the patient’s body.

Once a connection is made between healer and patient, the patient eagerly receives healing energy 100%. At that time healing with full concentration, Reiki Healer doesn’t get any side effects and works as a decent channel.

The problem arises when the healer’s focus distracts after 5 minutes. Around then because of the healer’s low fixation, the stream of Reiki through Crown Chakra gets bothered additionally and the stream of Reiki energy from the healer’s hand gets likewise disturbed and low.

At that time if a patient’s necessity is high, then the patient is receiving 100% energy. Assume due to low focus between 5 to 10 minutes, Reiki energy flow comes down to 90% in the healer’s chakras. Then what happens? The patient gets the remaining 10% of energy from Healer’s Aura.

Reiki Side EffectsWith the same pattern after 10 minutes, Reiki energy flow inside the healer comes down to 80%, 70%, 60%, and so on. But the patient still receives 100% energy from the healer’s aura (in fact you can say that the patient sucks energy from the healer’s aura).

A Sound Reiki Healer can survive for a few days in that condition but a normal Reiki Healer gets sucked within two or three sessions and feels extreme tiredness and stress. Now you can understand why a healer itself is trapped in disease or negativity.

And moreover, some people are Energy Suckers and they can also wipe out your Vital Force just after the healing session. Many healers use Amethyst Stone for protection but you need Shield of Seven Rays for Complete and Quick Protection from Energy Suckers.  

Conclusion: For doing Reiki healing, a healer must have full concentration and if there is a lack of concentration then avoid doing other healing because Reiki creates some side effects. But I have another way of healing via VIBBES KADA (Cosmic Healing) for the world’s safest and most securest healing therapy.


  1. Must say that if one is truely connected to ones guides, angels & source one is merely acting as a hosepipe- transmitting source energy not ones own at all. At the end of a treatment one ought to feel energised – not drained as the healing energy is passing through one! If one DOES feel drained then it is time to set up a field around one, make the affirmation that, ” Only love goes in and only love enters.” Using crystals, such as Amethyst or Apophylite under the couch will help to distance the healer from the receiver and negate any possible taking on of symptoms etc. from the receiver. they do not block ‘feelings’ which help to give helpful information about the receiver. Hope this helps? In love

  2. Hi, my name is Nikki. I was just looking at your Reiki Side Effects Specially for Reiki Healers article. Whatever you describe actually happened with me just after doing Reiki Healing. It is sad to know that but this is a truth. Will you suggest me any safe healing method because I am always interested to heal others…

  3. Thank you so much for this wonderful insight. Very well explained. Lots of things fell into places after I read this…

    • Dear Ashok,

      plz watch my SW video for Money-Wealth and Success twice a day for long period of time to change your destiny forever…

      Thanks and Regards,
      Sharat Sir

  4. Following on comments from Satyanarayana Sir and Sharat Sir, I could not resist joining the thread. Allow me to introduce myself for Satya Sir, I am a humble student of Sharat Sir since 12 years and by his grace have learnt a lot from him. During my tenure of learning, I used to wonder that even after learning 5 – 6 Energy healing techniques, I was never advised for Reiki. So one day I asked Sharat Sir that I wanted to learn Reiki and he said “Come on !! Nobody goes to school again after Graduating. You don’t need it”. Later on I came to know that I could do all kinds of healing, that a Reiki Healer could do, in a much more safer way. Believe me, I have been fortunate enough to cure various patients successfully without using Reiki.

    Then came the Magic wand – Vibbes Kada. I must share Sharat Sir’s great philosophy in making Vibbes Kada. He conceived that there are so many who cannot attend classes and practice regularly and religiously; but still out of need or ambition, they aspire to be a Healer. Sharat Sir, made Vibbes Kada to create a Healer in everyone. The most amazing fact about owning a Vibbes Kada is that one need not has to be a healer….No course…..No attunement…….Only belief and desire is required. Any one can have it and use it very easily. It is so easy to use that my daughter cures herself and others at various times using my Kada. After being awarded this Kada, I need not use my own energies. This wonderful wristlet has an infinite supply of Cosmic Energy which can be used to cure any kind of patient or situation safely without affecting our own energies and aura. Numerous testimonies may speak their stories, but I am really blessed to have this Kada. All my respect to Sharat Sir.

  5. Thanks for your comment Mr. Satya, Glad to know that your queries have finally been solved.
    Like most of the healers, I also faced the same problem of tiredness, fatigue, anxiety, and other side effects after healing processes many years back (some time I had caught same disease of my patient).
    Around 7 years back, one day during meditation, I received a clear vision what happen during healing and how we caught side effects.
    Then I decide to search something different for healing without side effects (because healing is my passion).
    Around 5 years back, I received 16 divine cosmic energies from Universe(God) out of which I have put 11 energies in a kada (wristlet) so that like me, people can also use that cosmic energies for an easy, simple and safe healing.
    Such wristlet is known as VIBBES KADA OF COSMIC ENERGIES and hundreds of people around the world are solving their problems very simply and safely using this Kada.
    When we charge a water bottle with Reiki, it takes around 5 to 7 minutes, but via Kada we can charge within 20 sec. With Reiki we only charge via symbols but with Kada we can charge water with anything like medicine, mantras & paths, colors, energies of deva & angels, energies of aasan & pranayaam, affirmations, Reiki & others therapies symbols even without attunement and much more.

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  6. I am a Reiki grand master and also other master of other healing techniques since 1999, and have observed so many healers were feeling uneasy ness after their prolonged healings. When I have raised about this problem in some seminars no senior Gurus(Teachers) even tried to understand the constrains more over argued with me in this point. But my conscious did not accept their version. Now I am clarified in this point. Thank you very much.

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