VIBBES SEEDER® (VS) Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

VIBBES SEEDER VS Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Why do I need VIBBES SEEDER – VS?

If the members in your home or workplace are suffering from acute illnesses, if you are facing heavy financial losses, heavy debts, stuck business, losing business deals, deteriorating relationships, and a lack of peace, leaving you clueless about what to do, whether this situation has persisted for years or emerged shortly after relocating to a new place.

If you are suffering due to Geopathic Stress, electromagnetic radiations from the earth and other sources, negative directional energies, irreparable Vaastu doshas, evil spirits, negativity from things, and emotions? You would desire to have a SHIELD for your home or work premises.

If, you want your place to radiate immense happiness, a constant flow of wealth/ money, perfect health, a loving relationship, proactive nature, conditions, and situations that increase peace of mind and all other good things, feelings, and emotions.

If you are looking for a one-stop complete solution to help you achieve harmony at your home and workplace, to remove all the Vaastu and Feng Shui faults, without the use of any expensive tools, without any rearrangement of furniture or rooms, and without any reconstruction of the structure (whether it be your home or workplace) and in fact, without breaking a single brick of your premises.

If this is your case but you are not getting a complete solution from any of the experts, then your wait is over… VIBBES SEEDER- VS IS THERE FOR YOU!!

How will I know if my Home or Workplace is adversely affected or needs a VS?

You can read an article on VIBBES SEEDER – VS and analyze and compare your situation with the information mentioned there. And, if you too are suffering from the same conditions and situations, then VS is the solution for you.

What does a VS look like?

VS is an 8 x 8 inches wooden frame with a steel component. The steel component is attuned by me with 48 powerful energies. The wooden frame is to hold the steel component and is for aesthetic purposes.

A VS has a provision of two holes at the back of its frame so that it can be hung on a wall on nails like a wall clock. Alternately, it also has a central screw stand near the bottom of the backside of the frame, so that it can be placed on any supporting base like a wall-unit shelf, an open showcase, or on any side table. VIBBES SEEDER TOOL Sharat Sir

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How will VS help me? How does it work?

VIBBES SEEDER (VS) works on multiple fronts simultaneously.

  1. Firstly, VS operates by establishing a robust shield around the premises to ensure continuous and comprehensive protection.
  2. While many yantras, pyramids, and other tools may offer positive energies or absorb negative energies, none of them possess the ability to fully harmonize the Vastu of a premise. Unlike these tools, VS effectively balances all the Vastu and Feng Shui energies at an energetic level.
  3. Next, VS proceeds to neutralize the impact of various negative earth energies, including Geopathic Stress, Hartmann Lines, Ley Lines, Curry Lines, Black Lines, and more.
  4. Furthermore, VS effectively eliminates or defuses any negative vortexes or other detrimental energies present on the premises, including the effects of UV, IR, EMF, and similar influences.
  5. With its 48 powerful energies, VS continuously emits positive energies within the premises.
  6. Subsequently, it creates positive vortexes throughout the designated area.
  7. VIBBES SEEDER further enhances the energy levels of the Brahmasthan (central area) of the premise, as well as the energy levels of all 10 directions, thereby strengthening the entire space.

Upon installation of VIBBES SEEDER, it immediately initiates its operation, encompassing all the aforementioned functions and more, within moments or seconds, because it processes at exceptionally high energies and frequencies.

How soon will I feel a difference in my situation after the installation of VS?

VS starts working within moments of it being installed/placed in the home/ workplace. However, each individual place is influenced by its unique set of energies. Therefore, the time required to feel the difference will vary for each specific environment. In fact, if VS is installed in both the home and workplace, individuals may experience different sensations in each location.

During our experimentation, we observed that individuals residing in homes affected by black magic, evil entities, or negative vortexes experienced a significant difference and sudden relief within a few hours of installing VS. Conversely, in homes affected by Vaastu dosha, Earth Energies, and similar factors, the effect was immediate, but the noticeable change took a few days to manifest.

Nevertheless, individuals with heightened psychic abilities, capable of sensing, detecting, or observing changes in energies, will likely feel the difference within moments of VS being installed on their premises.

Is there any ritual to be performed while installing/ placing a VS at my place?

The installation of the VS at your premises does not require any special rituals or practices.

  1. Upon receiving your personal VS, do install it near the entrance, in the hall, drawing, or living room on your premises.
  2. Additionally, please ensure that there is a free space of 1 foot in front of the VS wherever it is placed. It is important to note that VS should not be kept or placed inside closed cupboards or drawers.
  3. It should not be placed or installed in front of a mirror.

Do you need to do anything after placing VS on a premise?

Once you have installed or placed the VS at your location, it will begin functioning automatically by emitting the necessary energies.

  1. There is no requirement to make any requests or perform any actions/rituals for its operation. This remains true indefinitely. I personally attune the VS to a specific address for your lifetime and even beyond. It will continue to work for that particular address as long as it is placed there.
  2. Once the VS has been attuned to a specific address by me, there is no need to re-attune it. It does not require any additional energy from other tools.
  3. The energies of the VS do not need to be cleared or cleansed. It naturally maintains the purity of its energies on its own.
  4. To ensure its efficient functioning, simply wipe off any externally accumulated dust using a clean, dry cloth. This can be done at regular intervals based on the cleanliness of the location, such as once every 2 or 3 days, or once a week.

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Why VS when I already have VK?

VIBBES KADA – VK is a powerful cosmic tool that offers multiple benefits to transcend our daily lives. However, to use VK, it requires placing a request each time. Through extensive research, I have discovered that there are more than 40-50 energies, including Vaastu, that impact a home or workplace daily. Just imagine the amount of time that would be consumed by placing requests to VK for each of these 40-50 points every single day.

Furthermore, it has been found that in the case of negative vortexes, black magic, evil entities, and similar influences, these negative energies persist constantly and require a continuous supply of positive energies to completely neutralize or eliminate them.

After nearly a year of dedicated experimentation, I have developed this incredible cosmic tool that can emit powerful energies continuously (24×7). Its purpose is to effectively neutralize, diffuse, and completely eliminate all negative energies affecting a home or workplace. All a person needs to do is install a VS on their premises, and the VS will take care of the rest.

Do I need to get VS re-attuned or re-energized?

  1. VS is attuned for a lifetime, so there is no requirement for re-attunement or re-energization from an energy perspective.
  2. In addition, I took great care to ensure that this cosmic tool itself remains durable for decades without any damage. To achieve this, I conducted extensive testing on various materials and ultimately chose high-quality wood and stainless steel to construct VS. This selection guarantees a long lifespan for the product.

Why is there a limit to the distance of VS?

Imagine if a single Wi-Fi router or a lone mobile tower could provide coverage for an entire state, country, or even the entire world. While it may be enjoyable to envision, we all know that each device has its own limited range where the signal strength remains optimal before gradually diminishing.

Through our experimentation, we observed that VS operates at its peak within a maximum distance of 500 square meters. Beyond this range, the energy levels begin to decline. With this in mind, I decided to establish 500 square meters as the maximum coverage area for a single VS. This ensures that its performance remains optimal at all times, as the purpose of having a permanent solution would be compromised otherwise.

Therefore, if a home or workplace exceeds 500 square meters (for instance, 800 – 1000 square meters), it is advisable to install an additional VS to ensure optimal results.

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What if I want to change the address that VS is currently attuned to?

If you are planning to relocate your home or workplace to a new address, it is important to note that VS will only need to be re-attuned to the address to function effectively in the new location.

Whether you are shifting within the same building to a different address on the same floor or moving to a different floor altogether, your VS will require re-attunement of the address to align with the energy of the new address.

To initiate the re-attunement process for your current VS at the new address, you can follow the same procedure as described for placing an order. Please provide the details of the built-up area of the new address during this process.

  • The ENERGY EXCHANGE for re-attuning a single VS to a new address within India is INR 2500/-. There is no need to send back your VS to me; I will re-attune it remotely from my location.
  • For re-attuning a single VS to a new address outside India, the ENERGY EXCHANGE is 35 USD/-.

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What if I renovate my home after placing VS?

  1. If you have carried out renovations in your home or workplace, such as adding extra walls, pillars, or new furniture, and the total area remains within 500 sq meters, there is no need to re-attune your VS. It will continue to provide the same effects at the same postal address.
  2. In the case of expanding your current home or workplace within 500 sq meters of the same postal address, there is no requirement to re-attune your VS. It will still emit energy consistently, covering the new renovations at the same address.
  3. However, if the expansion of your current home or workplace exceeds 500 sq meters, you will need to place an additional VS for every 500 sq meters to ensure a continuous flow of energy throughout the entire area.
  4. Please note that your current VS will only have effects within 500 sq meters at the same postal address. It cannot be re-attuned for expansions beyond 500 sq meters at the same postal address.

Can I place a VS attuned to some other address on my premises for it to work distantly?

VS will only function when it is placed on the premises or address to which it is specifically attuned. If you place the VS at a different location outside the address it is attuned to, it will not work for that particular address.

It will not emit any energy or function in an address to which it is not attuned. Therefore, it is essential to place the VS on the premises to which it is attuned for it to operate effectively.

Can VS be de-attuned or can anyone add more energy to an already attuned VS?

No one can de-attune or remove energies from a VS, as it is securely locked by me. Similarly, no one can add additional energies to a VS, as it is also locked by me.

There is no need for re-attunement in a VS, except when it needs to be relocated to a different address or premises. In such cases, I can unlock the energies and re-attune them for your new address. Once the re-attunement is done, it will be locked by me again, as explained above.

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Isn’t Vastu the most powerful earth energy?

Apologies for debunking the misconception, but it is important to clarify that Vastu is not synonymous with earth energy. Vastu Shastra is a traditional Hindu system of architecture that is often referred to as the “science of architecture.”

Vastu focuses on optimizing the utilization of energies that flow around the earth from the northeast to the southwest. Its main objective is to achieve a harmonious balance within the premises, rather than adding or removing specific (negative) energies from particular zones or directions of the property.

In contrast, VS offers a different approach by balancing the energies of a home or workplace at an energy and frequency level. It ensures that the residents receive the maximum benefits.

Interestingly, even if a premise is not considered favorable according to Vastu principles, the installation of VS can automatically bring balance and vitality to the space.

Is it mandatory to have faith in VS for it to work?

VS is a personalized and programmed tool that is attuned by me. Once it is placed in the premises to which it is attuned, it will begin functioning and emit powerful energies.

The effectiveness of VS does not rely on faith or intention from any individual. It operates automatically without the need for any external intervention.

Are there any specific areas within the mentioned premises where it is not advisable to keep the VS?

There are no specific restrictions, limitations, or requirements regarding the placement of a VS within the premises. However, it is generally advised to avoid keeping the VS in the bedroom due to the emission of high-frequency Divine Energies.

Additionally, it is strictly prohibited to position the VS in front of a mirror to prevent any reflection. The recommended locations for keeping the VS are near the entrance, in the drawing room, living room, or in the hall room.

Do’s And Don’ts With VS

We should always keep the VS clean and protect it from dust. Hence, we need to regularly clean the VS at least once a week or as per the need with a dry cloth.

Vibbes seeder faq sharat sir

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Can I use VK to mimic the healing effects of VS for my premises? Do I still need VS?

Based on my experiments with VK before the launch of VS, I would like to share the following information:

  1. Yes, you can use VK to mimic the healing effects of VS for your premises. However, it is important to consider your own limitations in this process.
  2. When you request VK to mimic the effect of VS for your premises, VK will send energy continuously for 30 minutes, as it is designed for auto-healing for that duration.
  3. After the initial 30 minutes, you will need to place another request to VK to continue the flow of energy similar to that of VS.
  4. I conducted several experiments with VK using ALL CLEAR SERUM, SHIELD OF 7 RAYS, and other energies. While VK can clear many types of negative energies and doshas in a premise when a request is placed, it is necessary to make this request daily.
  5. If you stop sending energies to the same place, the unwanted energies can return, the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiations, Vaastu doshas, and Feng Shui faults can reactivate, and negative vortexes may form again.
  6. Temporary relief is not the ideal solution for any premises. What is needed is a continuous and uninterrupted flow of positive energies. This can be achieved by using VS.
  7. Additionally, what about healing during sleep or at night? There will be a significant gap in healing through VK, which may lead to the re-emergence of unwanted effects mentioned earlier.
  8. Relying on a temporary solution through VK by mimicking the effects of VS may not provide long-term benefits.
  9. Globally, people from various fields are still seeking a comprehensive and single solution to raise the overall and complete energy of homes or workplaces, addressing the negative and unwanted effects as described above.

I am currently living in a rented house and frequently move due to transfers. Is it advisable for me to use VS?

VS can be particularly beneficial for individuals who frequently change their homes and reside in rented properties. Here are the reasons why:

  1. When you move into a rental property, you may not be aware of the energy imprints left behind by the previous tenants. These residual energies can have an impact on your well-being.
  2. As you transition to a new place, your own energy needs to adjust and adapt. With VS, it’s like carrying your own self-contained ecosystem that can help harmonize and balance the energies around you.
  3. There have been cases where previous tenants may have experienced negative energies or disturbances, such as black magic, which could still affect the current tenant. VS can help address such issues.

  4. Whether you are relocating to a new place through renting or buying, VS can provide support and assistance in adapting to the new environment.

  5. In the event of shifting to a new address, VS offers the option of re-attunement for a nominal fee, ensuring that the energies are aligned and beneficial for your specific location.

  6. Therefore, considering your situation of frequently changing residences, using VS can be highly advisable to help maintain a positive and harmonious energetic environment wherever you go.

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Why is VS so expensive?

Alright, let me first ask you a question. Have you ever consulted vastu experts, astrologers, geopathic experts, feng shui experts, or any professionals regarding issues such as black magic, vaastu dosh, wrong directional energies, etc.? Have you tried any of the remedies or solutions they provided?

If your answer is no, then I would like to inform you that a typical consultation fee for such experts usually ranges from Rs. 21,000 to Rs. 51,000 (300 to 800 USD). Additionally, if you opt for solutions to address Geopathic stress lines, Banker Grid issues, or Vaastu Dosh rectification tools like Yantras, Crystals, Copper Strips, Pyramids, Protection Kavach, Yagya, etc., the cost can amount to approximately Rs. 100,000 to Rs. 250,000 (1500 to 3700 USD). Lastly, if you consider the expense of reconstructing or renovating your home or office according to Vaastu principles, it can range from Rs. 100,000 to Rs. 500,000 (1500 to 7700 USD).

Therefore, if you calculate the total amount spent on resolving all the building’s issues and Doshas with the complete solutions, it can reach around Rs. 250,000 to Rs. 800,000 (3700 to 12000 USD), depending on the size of your premises. This amount is approximately 6 to 8 times higher than the cost of VS.

VS is manually attuned by me with 48 powerful energies specifically designed to effectively neutralize various negative energies.

Furthermore, during our research, we discovered that most people are unaware of the other earth energies that affect us daily, apart from Vastu and Feng Shui.

We were surprised to learn that individuals tend to spend a significant amount of money solely on these two aspects (Vastu and Feng Shui), whereas VS can help balance, neutralize, protect, and provide a positive influx of energy to a home or workplace at a comparatively negligible cost.

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