What is an Energy Vortex? Positive & Negative Energy Vortex’s Effects

What is an Energy Vortex Positive & Negative Energy Vortex's Effects

What is an Energy Vortex?

An Energy Vortex is a strong electromagnetic mass of energy that is constantly in flux, rotating inwards in an anticlockwise or clockwise motion. This energy vortex is invisible to the naked eye (unless the person is a clairvoyant), but most people can sense these energies in the form of positive or negative vibes, feelings, emotions, or mere tingling sensations.

An energy vortex can either be positively or negatively charged. Being an extremely strong energy force, it affects the nearby environment depending on its charge and the kind of energy that it constantly keeps releasing.

The amount of energy being released from a single energy vortex is more powerful than any of the earth energies combined, be it in the form of Geopathic Stress Lines, Hartmann Lines, Curry Lines, Ley Lines or Black Lines.

Vortex formed lights
Energy Vortex

An Energy Vortex not only keeps emitting constant negatively/ positively charged energies, but it also acts as a portal for negative/ positive, energies/ energy forms to flow/pass through. A person may get strongly affected at a physical, mental, or intellectual level without even realizing that the effect is caused due to an energy vortex.

There are two types of Energy Vortexes: one is negative and the other is positive. Lets read about them here:

Negatively Charged Energy Vortex

The Cause of Negative Energy Vortex

There can be multiple reasons for a negative energy vortex being created. Some of the most common reasons are:

# Nodal Point – A Negative Energy Vortex can get created over time at an intersection and nodal point of two negatively charged earth energy lines. It is most commonly found at an intersection point of ley lines.

# Black Magic – One of the most common reasons for a negative energy vortex to be created at home or the workplace is due to the effect of black magic. As explained earlier, an energy vortex also acts as a portal for the dark/negative energies to pass through.

Thus black magic and negative portals are almost correlated and if more than one negative energy vortex is found in a home or workplace then it can safely be assumed it is due to the effect of some sort of a dark ritual/practice.

# Crematorium – If there is a crematorium in the vicinity of a home or workplace then the possibility of negative energy vortex being in that area automatically increases.

# Untimely Death – In case of accidental, untimely, or unhappy death, a negative energy vortex gets created in that location.


Effects of Negative Energy Vortex

A Negative Energy Vortex will primarily suck/ drain all the positive energies in its vicinity while simultaneously emitting negative energies. The energy emitted from these vortexes affects our physical self at a molecular level.

Thus whenever one is in the presence of a negative energy vortex, the instant effect at a physical level may be feeling completely drained with lack of energy, uneasiness, aches in the nervous zones that are the head, neck, and back.

In the long run, it may result in a multitude of illnesses as a negative energy vortex attacks the very vital force that we are made of Energy. At a Mental level, one may immediately notice an instant rise in any of these negative emotions  Anger, Anxiety, Stress, Hatred, Fear, Insecurity & Jealousy.

In fact, during my consultations, I have observed, that when a couple/family says there is a lot of stress or a lot of verbal fights taking place in their home, upon further prodding, I have always found that these ugly conversations mostly take place in a particular location in those homes. Upon further checking 90% of the times that location coincides with a nodal point of a negative energy vortex.

Case Study of a Negative Energy Vortex

I was once called by a friend who had recently got married and moved to a 2BHK in Mumbai with her husband due to work. Both of them would spend their entire day in the office and normally have a good day, but once home they would start having disagreements over small issues which would ultimately lead to a quarrel.

These fights kept increasing and slowly their health also started getting affected. They were almost on the verge of contemplating divorce as they felt the marriage wouldn’t work out.

Coincidently I was in Mumbai for some work and I met up with this friend who told me this entire story and was completely shattered. So when I asked her where do they normally have these fights she was a bit taken aback as she had never given it a thought, but after thinking about it she realized that mostly the fight would begin in the kitchen and from thereon it would continue.

That’s when I explained to her about the effect of earth energies and vortex’s and volunteered to visit her home and scan the area for any negative earth energies.

Upon scanning her home I found multiple crisscrossing earth energy lines in the entire place and a big negative energy vortex in the kitchen. Being a healer I temporarily neutralized the effects of these earth energies and the energy vortex with the help of VIBBES KADA and asked her to observe for any changes.

Within a week of this temporary healing, she called back saying that they both felt much calmer and were surprised that energies could affect them in such a major way.

Effects Negative Energy Vortex Portal

As mentioned earlier, an Energy Vortex also acts as a portal for certain entities to pass through. There may be various kinds of entities that can pass/come through a Negative Energy Vortex Portal, some of the most commonly known are:

# Dark/ Evil Energies – As the name suggests, these are energies that are extremely bad which pollute/corrupt the environment with high amounts of negativity. A person whose room/home/workspace is infested with this energy generally suffers from unknown and unreasonable diseases.

Such a person may also feel extreme emotions such as anger or depression. A lot of times I have observed that people mistake it to be an effect of black magic (which can only be the cause of the vortex) or evil eye and try to find a cure accordingly. Most people continue to suffer for a long time as they are unable to identify the right diagnosis for the problem.

# Negative Spirits/ Bewitchment – As hard as it may seem to believe, there are numerous scientific pieces of evidence that suggest the presence of spirits around us. Evil Spirits/Ghosts are generally unhappy souls or souls that had a harsh/untimely death.

While most spirits choose not to harm us or create any nuisance, there are some that might cause a lot of trouble. Mostly these negative/evil spirits are sent through an external force such as black magic or Tantrik kriyas.

Rarely are there evil spirits that may choose to trouble a particular household unless there is some history of their untimely death in that particular location.

These spirits can gain easy access to your home/workplace through these Negative Energy Vortex Portals. In extreme scenarios (mostly during Tantrik kriya/black magic), the spirits are also used to possess or bewitch a person as targeted by the Tantrik.

Such a person slowly starts losing control over his/her own intellect and starts acting as per the desires of the spirit within.

Once possessed it is very difficult to break free from the clutches of the possessed spirit and it generally requires a lot of counter rituals to be performed. Such a scenario is very taxing on both the person as well as their family members.

# Animal Entities – Another way a portal can be used is to send Negative Animal Entities through various Tantrik kriyas or black magic. These entities are the lowest/worst form of negative energies sent to cause powerful psychic attacks upon their target.

Once attacked by an animal entity a person may feel extreme energy drainage, sharp pain in the body (mostly it is the nervous regions like head, neck, and back), temporary paralysis, sudden accidents, and in case of an extremely powerful attack it could also result in bleeding from the nose or other such body parts.

Positively Charged Energy Vortex

The Cause of Positive Energy Vortex          

Positive Energy Vortex, unlike the Negative ones, is very rare to find. Some of the reasons for the manifestation of a positive energy vortex are:

# Nodal Point – This is a common factor between both kinds of energy vortexes. A Positive Energy Vortex gets created overtime at an intersection/nodal point of two positively charged earth energy lines.

Some of the most famous locations where these positive energy vortexes have been detected are, “Mount Kailash, Stonehenge, Crystal Pyramid in the Bermuda Triangle, Pyramid of Giza, Easter Island, etc”.

In fact, you may be surprised to note that the distance from the North Pole to Mount Kailash, Mount Kailash to Stonehenge, Stonehenge to Bermuda Triangle, Bermuda Triangle to Easter Island, and finally Easter Island to the South Pole is the same – 6666 km.

In fact, Mount Kailash is also termed as the axis Mundi or the central point from where all other vortexes are connected. Also, there are 5 major Shiva temples that can be found from the Kedarnath to Rameshwaram on a single longitude. Such alignments between science and geography can’t be ruled out as mere coincidence. Mount Kailash 6666km

# Ritual Practice – When a positive ritual is continuously practiced in a certain location, a positive energy vortex can get created in that location. These rituals can be Homa/ Havan, Prayer Meets, healer’s conclave, Group Meditations, etc.

kedarnath to rameshwaram temple in one line
Kedarnath to Rameshwaram Temples in one line

# Spiritual Locations – A sacred place often visited during a pilgrimage, due to the constant ritual practice is a place where Multiple Positive Energy Vortexes can easily be found.

In such a location one may feel that the mind automatically/easily calms down and at a physical level they may feel completely relaxed and energized. This one of the major reasons why most religions in the world also recommend a pilgrimage to be undertaken at least once in a lifetime.

# Moksha – There are certain places in the world where, when a highly evolved person attains nirvana/salvation/moksha, multiple positive vortexes get created. These locations also overtime may become places of pilgrimage due to its high energy levels and spiritual connection.

rainbow energy vortex
Positive Energy Vortex Power

Effects of Positive Energy Vortex

A positive energy vortex constantly emits a high amount of positive energy into the nearby environment. As mentioned earlier the energy released from these vortexes affects our physical self at a molecular level.

Thus in the presence of a positive energy vortex, at a physical level, one may feel completely relaxed and full of energy. Those who are clairsentient may also be able to feel a high amount of vibration or tingling sensation, especially around the crown/third eye chakra region.


At a mental level as well, one may feel calm and balanced. Such an environment is excellent for meditation and one may very easily be able to dive deeper than their normal experiences during meditation.

This is also why a lot of people visit spiritual locations in the Himalayas like Haridwar, Hrishikesh, or Uttarkashi seeking answers to their questions, never realizing that the answer is always within, and appears when the mind is at peace in such locations.

positive negative energy vortex effectsEffects Positive Energy Vortex Portal

Similar to the Negative Energy Vortex Portal, a Positive Energy Vortex Portal also allows certain energies/entities to pass through, but in comparison, they are all positive and the most commonly known are:

# Guardian Spirits – A Guardian Spirit is mostly an ancestor or a very closely related family member/friend who is our well-wisher. Such a spirit will always guard/protect the home/workplace from various forms of unknown attacks such as evil eye, psychic attacks, spirit attacks, etc.

A guardian spirit will also fill the place with positivity in the form of blessings and well wishes. It is always great to have a guardian spirit around you, taking care of you, without you even being aware of it.

# Holy Angels/ Deva – A Holy Angel/ Deva, is an extremely powerful energy being, that fills and showers the environment with positive vibes and energy. A place where there is a positive vortex is said to be constantly frequented by angels.

Needless to say, the energy vibrations of such a place only increase in time due to the constant visits by angels. The angels being very powerful also protect this environment from various negative forces such as negative spirits, black magic attacks, demonic attacks, animal entities, etc.

# Ascended Masters/ Deity – An ascended master is a person who has attained salvation/moksha and has ascended to higher spiritual level/frequency and a deity is a supreme power/ supreme being known simply as a God or Goddess.

It is very rare but not uncommon for an ascended master or a deity to visit places where there are positive vortexes. A place where such high-frequency beings even choose to simply pass through becomes blessed with infinitely positive energy and blessings for generations to come. In such a place negativity of any form ceases to exist and positivity thrives.

Thus it’s visibly clear, that we are certainly affected by energy vortexes. You can please check Sharat Sir’s 2nd invention VIBES SEEDER, which can not only protect us from the effects of negative energy vortexes but also help in creating positive energy vortexes, which as mentioned earlier is extremely rare, and to be created by an energy tool is even rarer.