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An Expert Consultant for Scientific Vaastu, Feng Shui and Geopathy Stress with over two decades experience. He use his intuitive abilities of Clairvoyance, clairsentience, and knowledge, generates accurate reading with latest dowsing equipments. A senior member in core committee of Litairian. He is a Master of Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Magnified Healing, Prarthna Dhyan Practitioner, Bio-Etheric Healing, Cosmic Healing, Hypnosis, Past Life Regression and many more. He has conducted various workshops, seminars, camps across India & has given a number of talks on topics that assist in self-help and personal growth for Chinmaya Mission. Managing Director at Advaitaa Group based in Goa.


What Are Auto Suggestions? How Does They Affect Your Life?

Auto Suggestion is a powerful mind technique that relates to all implications. It is also connected with self-motivation which gets in touch with your...

Money Earning Ideas

Switchwords to Get Back the Money – Money Recovery Energy Circle

Switchwords to recover money get back Money Energy Circle
For how many times and for how many reasons have you ever given money to someone as a loan? Have you been kind enough to...

Power Booster Video to Develop Success Attitude (12 in 1 Combo)

Power Booster Video to Develop Success Attitude 12 in 1 Combo
Develop Success Attitude. Be More Successful. Attracts Successful Life. Enjoy Your Victory Over Difficulty. Success is not only an achievement, but it is also in attitude....

Let Money And Wealth Control Your Dreams

The toughest point you can do is to control that which you feel you can have according to a number of money people at...

Bach Flower Remedies

Star of Bethlehem Easily Cure Trauma, Shock and Their After Effects

star of bethlehem bach flower remedy
Star of Bethlehem: Keywords for this remedy are easily insulted, oversensitive, unhappiness, grief, nightmares, psychic shock, excessive need for comfort, and energetic trauma. It...

Chestnut Bud Helps To Learn From Past Mistakes And Failures

Chestnut Bud: Key Words for the people who need this remedy are: fail to learn from mistakes-past experiences, repeating errors without learning from them,...

Scleranthus Boost Decision Making Ability With Stable Mind

Scleranthus: Keywords for this remedy are indecisiveness, “can't make up your mind“, flightiness, rage, unhappiness, inconsistency, instability, inner turmoil, erratic and unreliable behavior, fickle-minded, and...