How to do Reiki and Other Healing Attunements Using VIBBES KADA

How to do Reiki and Other Healing Attunements Using VIBBES KADA

Thanks to Sharat Sir’s constant and tireless efforts to make Healing as easy and simple as possible for Mankind; we can now also do attunements of various healing modalities using VK.

What is Attunement – Shaktipath

“Attunement” in healing is a process that allows the teacher/ master to open the energy centers of the receiver/ student and help him/ her gain the ability to channel divine energies using which they can heal themselves or others. This process is also known as Shaktipat in Sanskrit, where Shakti means “(psychic) energy” and Pata means “to fall” from higher to lower, in this case simply a transfer of energy from the Guru (Master) to the Shishya (Disciple).

There are various healing modalities known to be present on earth today and one can attune all of them using VKs. However, one must follow the guidelines as mentioned below and not practice attunement to another person simply for fun or experimentation with VKs.

How to do an Attunement Process using VKs

  1. You will need to use 2 VKs for this process.
  2. There is no prerequisite therefore if you are not a master of the healing modality you can still attune anyone.
  3. Tell the student to sit quietly, in a relaxed and comfortable manner on a chair in front of you with their eyes closed. Also, tell them to focus and meditate on their Crown Chakra. You may also play a piece of soothing or meditative music in the background to create a tranquil environment.
  4. Now you stand behind the student and request VKs (holding 1 each in both hands) to “kindly attune <student full name>, with <degree and healing modality>, example, Dear VK, kindly attune Mudit Agarwaal with Level 1 of Reiki. Repeat this request 3 times.
  5. Now keep standing with your eyes closed and try to feel (if you can) the attunement process being initiated through VKs. The process is generally completed within 5 minutes, but it is advisable to follow your instinct (example, if you feel the energies are still passing through the VKs then continue the process for a few more minutes).
  6. You can follow the same process for remote attunement as well. For remote or distance attunement, visualize the student sitting on a chair in front of you and follow the same attunement method as mentioned above using your VKs. At the time of attunement, it is good if the distant person also sits on meditation.
  7. You can follow the same process to attune yourself. For this, visualize you are sitting on a chair in front of you and follow the same attunement method as mentioned above using your VKs.
  8. After the attunement process is complete, give gratitude to VKs for assisting you in this divine attunement process. Also, give thanks to Sharat Sir, all the Masters of attuned modalities, and the student.
  9. If you have more than one student, then do the above process separately for each student. You can do it back to back.
  10. Now ask the students to gently open their eyes and become aware of their surroundings. You may now congratulate all students for having been successfully attuned and share experiences if they want to.
  11. Once the excitement reduces, carry on with the class and teach the student, how to use this newly acquired healing ability.

How to do Reiki and Other Healing Attunements Using VIBBES KADAPoints to Note While doing Attunement

  1. Please note that once the attunement is done, one must teach the student the complete process on how to channel the energies, else the student even though now attuned with divine energies will not know how to use them.
  2. It is extremely important that we follow the above point and one must not simply do attunements for fun or experimentation as the student may not even know how to call upon these healing energies.
  3. Always ensure to follow the necessary hierarchy of attunement as required in the healing modality that you plan to attune.
    1. For example, You must not attune a student with Level 2 of Reiki without first teaching and attuning them Level 1.
    2. Or you must not attune someone with Level 1 of Karuna Reiki without first attuning them with Level 1 & 2 of Reiki.
  4. Also, ensure to maintain the necessary gaps as prescribed in a particular healing modality between 2 attunements.
    1. For example, It is advisable to maintain a gap of 21 days between Level 1 and Level 2 of Reiki.
    2. Unfortunately, there are some masters, who for commercial gains, even provide attunements from Level 1 of Reiki to Level 4 within 3-4 days.
    3. This can largely affect the student at an emotional level and there have also been cases of severe anxiety, depression, anger outbursts, and madness due to sudden and forced attunement, without giving the receiver time to adjust/ get used to the spiritual energy.
  5. Please do not try to attune yourself or others with healing modalities that you are not sure or aware of. Basically, do not experiment without having proper knowledge of the healing modality.
  6. One may use VKs for the attunement process of any level/ degree except for making self/ others a master, as it requires one to be really worthy and capable to become a Master.
  7. Always use 2 VKs to do any attunement.
  8. If you feel scared of backfire of negative energy then take Shield Of Seven Rays.

Benefits of Using VK for the Attunement Process

  1. As VKs are doing the attunement for you there is no scope of error and the receiver is blessed with complete, unadulterated, and pure energy.
  2. Your energy is not depleted or affected in any way as the attunement is now being done by VKs and not you.
  3. Please do not follow the above process for mass attunement.
  4. You can also get positive effects in your energy system.
  5. The attunements can now be completed much faster and easily without following much complex yogic steps as required in certain healing modalities.
  6. There are no side effects of any kind when an attunement is done using VKs.
  7. You can easily attune yourself in any healing modality without the need for a master/ teacher. (But don’t forget that a master/ teacher has a special role in your life).
  8. If you are previously attuned in any healing modality then it is good to take that attunement again and again because all attunements are done in the presence of very high frequencies so with VKs, now it is very easy to stay connected with high frequencies.
  9. With the above technique, you can save lots of money too.

What kinds of Modalities you can attune using 2 VKs

Using your VK you can attune anyone with any healing modality. For your reference, below I am sharing a list of some of the most common healing modalities:

  1. Abundance Prosperity Reiki
  2. Abundance Flush Empowerment
  3. Abundance Maintenance Attunement
  4. Agape Reiki
  5. Alchemy Reiki
  6. Akashic Record Flush Empowerment
  7. Ama Deus Shamanic Healing
  8. Ancestral Healing
  9. Ancient Egyptian Reiki
  10. Angel Flames Reiki
  11. Angel Light Healing
  12. Angel Reiki
  13. Angelic Reiki
  14. Angel Stone Attunement
  15. Archangelic Flames Initiation
  16. Archangelic Reiki
  17. Ark Vidhya
  18. Ascended Masters Attunements
  19. Ascension Reiki
  20. Ashta Lakshmi Reiki
  21. Atlantis Master Healing System
  22. Attraction Reiki
  23. Aura Flush Empowerment
  24. Aura Reiki
  25. Avatar Mastery
  26. Ayurveda Reiki
  27. Balancing Multi-Dimensional Energies
  28. Balance Reiki
  29. Blockages Clearing Maintenance Attunement
  30. Blue Star Reiki
  31. Brahma Satya Reiki
  32. Celtic Goddess Empowerments
  33. Celtic Reiki
  34. Chakra Flush Empowerment
  35. Clear The Path Reiki
  36. Crystal Face Glow Attunement
  37. Crystalline Reiki
  38. Diamond Reiki
  39. DNA Flush Empowerment
  40. DNA Reiki
  41. Dolphin Reiki
  42. Dragon Empowerment
  43. Earth Star Chakra Activation Maintenance
  44. Erotic Reiki
  45. Ethereal Crystals Attunement
  46. Ethereal Flowers Attunement
  47. Ethereal Gems Attunement
  48. Ethereal Healing System
  49. Etheric Cord Flush Empowerment
  50. Fairy Light Reiki
  51. Fairies of Prosperity And Happiness Reiki
  52. Fire Serpent Reiki
  53. Full Spectrum Healing
  54. Fusion Reiki
  55. Ganesha Empowerment
  56. Gayatri Reiki
  57. Gemstone Elixir Therapy
  58. Goddess Abundantia Abundance Attunement
  59. Goddess Fortuna Luck Ray Attunement
  60. Gold Reiki
  61. Green Tara Reiki
  62. Happiness Flush Empowerment
  63. Happy Reiki
  64. Harmony Empowerment
  65. Hawaiian Reiki
  66. Healing Flush Empowerment
  67. High Vibration Maintenance Attunement
  68. Holy Fire Reiki
  69. Imara Reiki
  70. Indigo Reiki
  71. Intimacy Flush Empowerment
  72. Intuition Booster Attunement
  73. Intuitive Reiki
  74. Kali Ma New Moon Empowerment
  75. Karmic Reiki
  76. Karuna Reiki
  77. Karuna Ki Reiki
  78. Kriya Yoga
  79. Kundalini Reiki
  80. Ki Manna Reiki
  81. Kundalini Activation Attunement
  82. Kwan Yin Reiki (Quan Yin Reiki)
  83. Lama Fera
  84. Lavender Flame Reiki
  85. Laxmi Reiki
  86. Lemurian Reiki
  87. Lightworker Animal Empowerments
  88. Lord Maitreya Healing Program
  89. Lotus Reiki
  90. Love & Peace Alignment
  91. Love Flush Empowerment
  92. Magic Reiki
  93. Magic Spell Removal Maintenance Attunement
  94. Magnified Healing
  95. Mahikari
  96. Mayan Reiki
  97. Medicine Reiki
  98. Melchizedek Method Reiki
  99. Mental Flush Empowerment
  100. Meridian Flush Empowerment
  101. Merkaba Healing
  102. Money Blessings Of Kuan Yin Empowerment attunement
  103. Money Flood Empowerment Reiki
  104. Money Freedom Empowerment
  105. Money Reiki
  106. Money River Reiki Attunement
  107. Narayan Reiki
  108. Negative Frequencies Protection Maintenance Attunement
  109. Past Life Clearing Maintenance Attunement
  110. Past Life Reiki
  111. Planetary Reiki
  112. Positive People Empowerment Attunement
  113. Pranic Healing
  114. Prosperity Reiki
  115. Psychic Protection Flame
  116. Psychic Reiki
  117. Purple Reiki
  118. Pyramid Reiki
  119. Rainbow Reiki
  120. Reiki Healing Attunement
  121. Reiki Psychic Attunement
  122. Ritual Reversal Maintenance Attunement
  123. Run Valdr (Runic Reiki)
  124. Sahaaj Yog
  125. Sai Baba Reiki
  126. Satya Reiki
  127. Seichim Reiki
  128. Seven Rays Reiki
  129. Sexual Flush Empowerment
  130. Shamanic Reiki
  131. Shiv Yog
  132. Soul Healing Reiki Attunement
  133. Tachyon Reiki
  134. Theta Healing
  135. Tibetan Reiki
  136. Tiger Reiki
  137. Trauma Clearing Maintenance Attunement
  138. Twin Flame Reiki
  139. Unicorn Reiki
  140. Usui Reiki
  141. Violet Flame Reiki
  142. White Light Reiki
  143. Zen Reiki

And All The Other Healing Modalities…

Some More Points to Remember:

  • If you want to get added some other healing modalities in the above list then please share them with us in the comment box below.
  • You as a VK user know the water charging method, please remember the above process does not intend to use it in water.
  • You can charge water with the energy of any healing modality of the above list.

Thus, an attunement/ shaktipat is an extremely pure and divine process, that is not to be mistaken as an equivalent of a healing process. Utmost care and caution need to be taken before one decides to follow this process. Please click here to know more about VIBBES KADA – VK.