What Are Bach Flower Remedies and How to Use Them With VK

Bach Flower Remedies – BFR: Dr. Edward Bach, a homeopathic doctor has made big research from 1920-1930 in England. He has found some flower petals as a remedy for some emotional problems of a human.

In This Article:

Bach Flower Remedies are natural healing remedies, out of nature, and plants. This works on the emotional state of a person. Each Bach flower remedy has its own specific qualities to heal either a person or an animal. There are many people who have different emotional aspects. They don’t know about their own emotional aspects and not only they are a little reluctant to live happy, peaceful but they don’t let even others live happily.

These Bach remedies are solutions to human nature and emotional disturbance. Humans have more negative thought patterns and negative emotions which can lead to illness in the physical body. Bach Flower Remedies have special solutions to rectify the thinking pattern and mind of a human that it helps a human to live happy and healthy. 

How to Choose Bach Remedies for a Person

In the Bach system, we believe that any physical illness caused in the body is due to some of the other emotions. Bach Remedies work on the emotional level, so we select the Bach Flower Remedies according to the emotion and not the physical illness.

For example, A person is suffering from asthma. Asthma is a physical outcome of emotion. To help a person suffering from asthma, you should check the emotion or feelings of a person and heal accordingly. There are 38 Bach remedies available to help a person to be healthy and fit using Bach remedies. There are many ways to consume the energy of Bach flower remedies.

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Medicine of Bach Flower Remedies

There are 38 Bach Remedies in all. These are available in the market as the tincture. Prepare the tincture of Bach Flower Remedies in water. Add two drops of the Bach remedy selected in the water. Consume it in water as medicine.

Energy Circle of BFR

  • Prepare an energy circle. VK users can use VK to draw the circle.
  • Usually, it is said that a maximum of 5 Bach Remedies can be used for one person but VK users can write down any number of Bach Flower Remedies selected for one person in the energy circle.
  • The name of the energy which is broadcasted should be written in capital letters so the name of the Bach Remedies should be written in capital letters.
  • Always separate the name of the Bach Flower Remedies by a hyphen.
  • The name of the people to whom the energy is to be given should be separated by commas.
  • Write down the name(s) of the person whom the Bach Flower Remedies is to be given.
  • Any number of names who need the same Bach Flower Remedies can be written in the energy circle.
  • The initial alphabet of the name of the person has to be in capital and the rest of the name should be in normal font.
  • You can write a GOLDEN SUNRISE in the EC to enhance its power.
  • Just a simple request to “activate the EC”, will activate your energy circle and you can change a person with Bach Remedies through the energy circle.
  • This energy circle should be paste on a fixed wall or a stable tabletop but VK users can carry this energy circle anywhere. VK users can even make a Bach Flower Remedies energy circle in a notebook and carry it anywhere in the world.
  • Any number of energy circles can be created for any number of people together to be activated through VIBBES KADA with Bach remedies.
  • Just one simple request is made to activate the energy circles; either it is one energy circle or many energy circles.

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Using Bach Remedies With VK

VIBBES KADA -VK has a special feature. It can mimic the energy of anything in the world. It can mimic the energy of medicines, herbs, oils, acupressure points, jogging, running, switch words, mantras, affirmations, etc.

So VK can also mimic the energy of all Bach Flower Remedies for you. We can prepare Bach Remedies at home with the help of VK.

  • Pour water in a glass or fill a bottle with water and infuse the energy of Bach Flower Remedies in water through VK.
  • Any number of Bach Remedies can be poured into one glass of water or one bottle of water.
  • Focus VK on the bottle of water and request VK to infuse Bach Flower Remedies in the water one by one.
  • Slowly rotate VK on water and mentally chant the Bach flower remedy you want to infuse in water. For example, you read and choose three Bach Remedies for Mr. XYZ. the Bach remedies chosen for Mr. XYZ are Heather, Willow, and Aspen.
  • Now focus VK on the bottle of water and say Heather 3 times, then rotate VK for 15-20 times. Do the same with the other 2 remedies. Your water is now ready with the energies of 3 Bach Flower Remedies.
  • Consume this energized water 4 or more times a day.
  • The energized water consumed once a day is counted as one dose.
  • This energized water is charged with the energies of Bach Flower Remedies until it is consumed.
  • Anyone can take this water that needs these particular Bach Remedies.
  • If someone doesn’t support you in drinking this energized water then you can charge chocolates, candies, or other such stuff for consumption. Energizing things for any change in human nature through Bach remedy and VK is not restricted only to water rather expanded to other edible stuff too.
  • Add the energy of the GOLDEN SUNRISE mantra in this same water to help a human to change his/ her nature along with Bach Remedies. Read here: How To Charge Food, Eatable & Other Things Using VIBBES KADA.

list of bach flower remedy, list of bach flower remedies, bach flower remedy list, bach flower remedies list, bach flower remedy benefits, bach flower remedies benefits, benefits of bach flower remedy, benefits bach flower remedies, types of bach flower remedy,For further knowledge and learning about Bach Flower Remedies please go through the following list of Bach Flower Remedies.

List of Bach Flower Remedies

  1. Agrimony – It is for those sad and guilty people who do not speak out their thoughts freely. They hold their thoughts in the mind, Read More Here.
  2. Aspen – It helps to cure fears that have no particular reason. For unknown & unexplained fears, Read More Here.
  3. Beech – Helps in superiority, intolerant, blaming & strict behavior, Read More Here.
  4. Centaury – For those Who Never Say No to Do Other’s Work, Read More Here.
  5. Cerato – Increases Self Confidence, Trust & Decision Making Ability Read More Here.
  6. Cherry Plum – Helps to Stay in Control and Let Go Things Easily Read More Here.
  7. Chestnut Bud – Helps to Learn From Past Mistakes and Failures Read More Here.
  8. Chicory – Helps To Share Love, Care with Ease & Without Any Term Read More Here.
  9. Clematis – Can Cure Useless Fantasies & Dreamy State of Mind Read More Here.
  10. Crab Apple – Can Clean Genuine & False Unclean Feelings Read More Here
  11. Elm – Increase Self-Confidence, Focus, & Strength for Responsibilities Read More Here.
  12. Gentian – Increases Faith, Courage, Trust & Release False Illusions Read More Here.
  13. Gorse – Helps in the State of Hopelessness & Induce Optimism Read More Here.
  14. Heather – Can Control Over Talkative Chatterbox & Attention Seekers Read More Here.
  15. Holly – Helps in Anger, Hatred, Envy, Jealousy & Distrustful Mind Read More Here.
  16. Honeysuckle – Cut Off Past Memories (Live in the Present Moment) Read More Here.
  17. Hornbeam – Helps in Tiredness, Procrastination & Sluggishness Read More Here.
  18. Impatiens – Helps Restless, Impatient and Irritated Person Read More Here.
  19. Larch – For Self Confidence, Esteem, Success, Opportunity & Growth Read More Here.
  20. Mimulus – Can Release Every Known Fear From Mind Read More Here.
  21. Mustard – Can Cut You From Dark, Negative & Depressive Life Read More Here.
  22. Oak – Helps You to Think More Rationally & Avoid Worthless Pressures Read More Here.
  23. Olive – A Great Tonic for Physically & Mentally Exhausted People Read More Here.
  24. Pine – Helps in Self Pettiness, Minuteness, & Worthlessness Read More Here.
  25. Red Chestnut – Release Worry & Over Concern About Your Love Ones Read More Here.
  26. Rock Rose – Helps in Fearful & Traumatic Mental Situation Read More Here.
  27. Rock Water – Soften Mental Hardness & Rigidness Read More Here.
  28. Scleranthus – Boost Decision Making Ability with Stable Mind Read More Here.
  29. Star of Bethlehem – Easily Nullify Trauma, Shock & It’s After Effects Read More Here.
  30. Sweet Chestnut – Shower Optimism & Brightness In LIfe & Mind Read More Here.
  31. Vervain – Neutralize the Over-Excited State of the Person Read More Here.
  32. Vine – Melt Down Dictator, Ruling & Dominating Personality Read More Here.
  33. Walnut – Unties the Past’s Bonds & Outside Influences Read More Here.
  34. Water Violet – Remove False Superiority, Proud, Arrogance & Ego Read More Here.
  35. White Chestnut – Calm Down Persistent & Endless Thoughts Read More Here.
  36. Wild Oat – Who Want to Do Something Prominent & Outstanding Read More Here.
  37. Wild Rose – Rejuvenate & Transferring People into a Positive State Read More Here.
  38. Willow – Bitterness Blame Game & Envy State of Mind Read More Here.
  39. Rescue – Remedy for Emergencies Crises & To Heal Old Wounds Read More Here.