Aspen Remove Unknown and Unexplained Fears

Aspen: Keywords for the people who need this remedy are vague and unknown fear, groundless, delusional timidity, anxiety, confusion, phobias, panic, horror, and terrifying fantasies. 

There are people who have fear of unknown things, that cannot be described, vague-unknown fears, phobias, general or unexplained anxiety, horror, bizarre ideas, and delusion in relationships. It is used to treat all pathological conditions related to terrifying fantasies or unexplained fears, general anxiety, strange feelings, premonitions, fear of the future, and fearful worries and butterflies in the stomach.

Aspen is the remedy or cure for these kinds of people who have a fear of unknown things. These can be any kind of fear, many types of fear, for example, fear of night or dark places, of being alone, a crowdy environment, nightmares, or hesitation with strangers. This is the remedy for any fear whose cause can’t be named. If at the one end of the spectrum, the fear is no more than a sense of foreboding, an uneasy anxiety that something unpleasant or frightening is going to happen then at the other, it can be a real terror with physical symptoms like goosebumps.

There could be many types of fear. The lucidity cannot be brought about what the fear exactly is. People suffering from this type of the disease are usually afraid to share their trouble with others. Bach flower remedy Aspen’s fear may be no more than a sense of foreboding, an uneasy anxiety that something unpleasant or frightening is going to happen. On the other side, it can be a real terror, with physical symptoms such as goosebumps.

For example: Sometimes people feel a night-time fear, related to dreams and night terrors, or some people lying awake in the dark scared of something but not knowing what exactly it is. In this regard, many people choose to consult a doctor to fetch help if they can.

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And like a prescription, they get Anti-depressant medicines which however may end up doing more harm than curing them. Basically, they don’t need any medicine to overcome the feeling of unknown fear. The only point is that they need is to recognize their fear. They need to know what they are afraid of. So, they can work on that and try to conquer their fear.

It’s very hard for the sufferer to explain to others why they feel this way. Most Non-diseased people will not understand and will look at them with negligence, wondering what the person is talking about. Just because of this, the sufferer hesitates to tell others about his fear or what he or she feels. Sometimes this can also lead to an Agrimony state, especially when the sufferer seems to have little or no control over these feelings.

Bach flower remedy Aspen will bring amazing relief to such feelings. The butterfly of anxiety will settle down, and the patient will get the feeling of all stuff is fine. Also, Aspen may sometimes help a sufferer clarify what the fear is about. So, he will know what he is afraid of, and now he may easily know what steps to take, which may lead a sufferer to overcome his fear.

Emotional Aspects and Symptoms of Aspen

Some emotional aspects of a person who needs Aspen are:

  1. confusion, and unhappiness
  2. futility, and grief
  3. accident prone due to fearfulness and nervousness
  4. night terrors
  5. frantic with irrational fears
  6. cautious due to fear
  7. hidden dread and spooked
  8. suffers haunting thoughts
  9. irrational anxiety
  10. living on a knife-edge feeling
  11. the feeling of having excess adrenaline
  12. emotional and irrationally afraid
  13. worry about air travel due to unknown cause
  14. angst and anxious with vague anticipation
  15. awkwardness due to apprehension
  16. unexplained feeling of excitement
  17. jumpy, and skittish
  18. disturbed peace of mind
  19. affected daily activities
  20. hyperactive metabolism
  21. fear of unknown cause
  22. fear of darkness
  23. fear of death
  24. fear of future
  25. fear of God
  26. fear of secret
  27. unknown and vague phobias
  28. afraid of persecution
  29. excess of energy
  30. quite nature
  31. racing thoughts
  32. difficult to relax
  33. secretive out of fear
  34. considers suicide to escape from fear
  35. afraid of future
  36. tormented by fears
  37. tremble for no reason
  38. restraint due to fear and apprehension
  39. loner by preference-due to fear
  40. extremely nervous through anticipation
  41. misleading due to imagination, apprehensive and terrifying
  42. nervousness before exams
  43. fearfully ponders about what might happen
  44. unrealistic and irrational dread of thoughts
  45. shyness and timidity

Situation to Use Aspen

Situations, where you can use Aspen are an operation, a visit to a doctor, meeting a stranger, a fire, an accident, frightened of something which cannot be explained, an interview, meeting a deadline, choking, going for a school trip, a new mum, suffocation, tearful, depression, hopelessness, no-lack of confidence, for spiritual upliftment.

Aspen as a Treatment

Aspen is used for sleeping disorders, chronic pain, digestion issues, gastric troubles, if losing weight for no reason, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and depression. Mental issues like vague inexplicable fears,  phobias, general or unexplained anxiety, panic, horror, bizarre ideas, terrifying fantasies, and delusion in relationships.

Pet and Aspen

If a pet is agitated, has a vague or unaccountable fear.

Affirmation and Aspen

You can choose some positive Affirmations along with Aspen to have more faith in life. For example,

  • I choose to encounter what is unknown.
  • I choose to encounter the unknown fear.
  • I release myself to trust life.

VIBBES KADA – VK and Aspen

VK is one of the best tools to Mimic Bach Flower Remedy. You can use VK without any hassle and make the best use of the remedy Aspen has courage, inspiration, trust, faith, intuition, grounding in reality, comprehension of the spiritual world, fearlessness, and a  sense of protection.

Aspen and Cosmic Serum

Bravo Serum, Mood Up Serum, and Alpha Male Serum/ Alpha Woman Serum are the best serums to use with Bach Flower Remedy Aspen.

Dose of Aspen

The physical dose of a Bach Flower Remedy depends upon many criteria like age, intensity, and situation but with VK there is no need to set a particular quantity. Learn here how to use VK for BFR

So, he will know what he is afraid of, and now he may easily know what steps to take, which may lead a sufferer to overcome his fear. VIBBES KADA is one of the best tool to mimic bach flower remedy Aspen energies even without any ritual or hassle for you. Use VK more and more. Must read: Bravo Serum For Boldness & Courage -A Lion Maker Serum