VK has a special feature, a feature that cannot be beaten up by any other energy-channelizing modality. A feature that is unbelievable, a feature that is not comparable, a feature that no one can ever think of, and that amazing and extraordinary feature of VK is MIMICKING.

The whole universe is made up of 16 Cosmic Energies. Out of these 16 cosmic energies, VK holds 11 Cosmic Energies. Each and everything on earth we can think of is made up of these energies. The objects like beds, tables, bricks, toys, gadgets like mobile, Ipad, laptops, etc., metals like glass, plastic, gold, silver, steel, bronze, etc. crystals, stones, gems, human vision, emotions, feelings, touch, taste, senses, body, animals, plants, food, etc., elements like water, fire, wood, etc., words, mantras, GOLDEN SUNRISE energy, energy modalities, switch words, affirmations, Reiki healing, Pranic healing, symbols, Bach flower remedies, etc., cosmetics and oils like herbs, oils, colors, divine beings, angels and much more. So it is very easy for VK to mimic the energy of anything.

It can mimic each and everything a human can think of, an object is made of, the material consists of, a thought holds off.

If you are planning to lose weight and you are lazy to exercise you can mimic the energy of a particular exercise set, yoga asanas, breathing techniques like pranayama, jogging, running, dancing, aerobics, etc along with charging the water with Flab Down Serum of VK. But please know that these energies actually give the same effect as the actual physical action done so take the energy in an appropriate quantity. And do add SAFETY and SECURITY with all the energies invoked.

Like one hour walk can burn 100 calories in a mile of actual running. When we request VK to mimic it, it will also give the same benefit. VK will give us the energy of an actual one-hour walk. So make the most use of it (be practical here and not take impractical energies at once to get extra benefits like 10 hours of Walk at once). Same way if you find a person who is sad for some reason, send him the energy of the after-effects of a popular comedy show. He will actually feel the energy of the show and laugh out loud. You can also try.


  1. According to the Law Of Attraction, you attract what you feel. You may feel good and bad both. The good feeling would attract good situations, events, people, and experiences. But what about bad feelings? You feel bad, sad, depressed, dull, cheated, betrayed, lost, poor… the list is long. Feeling bad would attract bad situations. Right? How can you change your feeling about that good experience which you never had? That joy and happiness which you never felt? Mimicking was thought of and introduced out of rules, restrictions, and limitations of the Law of attraction. Mimicking with VK can give you that happy and joyful feeling that you never had. It can make you laugh when you feel sad and help you to avoid sad feelings with which you were about to attract more sadness. 
  2. Mimicking by VK is a safe process as it holds divine energies. As it can copy the original energy of anything you ask for, you can get the purest form of the energy which you want. For example, VK can mimic the purest form of mantras, SWITCHWORDS, affirmations, etc. Mantras are developed in the purest energy and chanting the mantras has some do’s and don’ts. Either you don’t know the exact meaning of the mantra or you don’t have time to chant the mantra. Either you don’t know how to pronounce the words, shlokas, or the verses or they are long enough for you to chant. Either you can’t sit in a meditative mode because of unstable focus or due to the uncomfortable sitting ritual of chanting mantras. Read here how to VK TIP 53: Mimic MANTRA Energy, Mahamrityunjay mantra
  3. The negative thoughts of a human create negative vibrations in the body and these vibrations can be crucial. The longer it persists, the more it affects you. Here, this unique feature of VK to Mimic can help you to mimic the purest form of these energy-giving mantras, SWITCHWORDS, affirmations, and help you to change your vibrations. Changing your energy is most important to change your karma. As the Law Of Attraction says, you attract what you feel. So, when you feel positive with positive and good energy you change your Karma Deed Theory.  If You Want To Change Your Karma, Change Your Vibrations With VK
  4. It can also mimic each and everything a human can think of, an object is made of, the material consists of, a thought holds of. So, mimicking is an amazing feature and it can be used in many creative ways. Mimic the feeling of happiness, love, care, respect, rich, elegant, confident, pride and the list is endless. 
  5. Use mimicking to have a new experience, the experience of what you want to feel when you achieve your goal. Is that happiness? Or joy? Contentment? Or a feeling of being on top of the world. Mimic anything positive and make your life full of amazing experiences. 
  6. Make your child feel what a winner would feel, feel the exact feeling of reaching your goal weight, feel rich, mimic smart and humble people, mimic a person full of wisdom, mimic how you would feel when you win in the race, and so much more. 
  7. You have been regular in your workout but for some reason, you couldn’t follow the routine for a few days. Don’t break the routine and request VK to Mimic the energy of your workout session/ yoga /pranayam just as you do in your regular days and make your life easy and smooth. Even if not in a routine, you can request any energy from a workout session. Read here VK Tip 87 To Feel the Freshness Of Walk With Mother Nature
  8. While learning a skill or a language you can Mimic the energy of a master of that skill. Read here VK Tip 140: Mimic a Person’s Energy or Some Particular Skill
  9. While learning a subject, chapter, or formula of subjects you can Mimic the energy of the chapter itself. Read here VK Tip 141: Learn Books, Chapters, Notes, Lessons
  10. You need the energy from Sharat sir’s Cosmic Code Videos but for some reason, your network is not favorable, you can request VK to Mimic the energy of the video which you want. Read here VK TIP 34: How to Mimic SHARAT Sir’s VIDEO
  11. Feeling cold? Try this VK Tip 113 For Beating Cold Waves In Winters by Sharat sir. 
  12. Use Mimicking for expensive treatments like Zapper Healing till you reach medical aid. Read here how VK Can Help In Mimicking Zapper Healing and other such treatments in need.
  13. As serums are combinations of different energies, they are very powerful. Remember switch words work only on the subconscious mind, and VK can Mimic that. But Cosmic Serums are used with VK and they work on the Body, Mind, and Soul. So, Serums are more powerful. 

VK has a wisdom of its own, it will get you that exact feeling that you want. 

Please Note: While using VK, always have the intention to HEAL it “NOW FOREVER” for good results because TIME is an illusion, anything can happen anytime. “NOW” speeds up the process and “FOREVER” helps us to know that this illness or issue is gone forever. Also, while mimicking, intend with “safety and security” while placing a request of Mimicking any energy through VK. VK gives exactly what you ask for. Read views and discussions about Mimicking here

Do you need to tell VK how to mimic? The answer is in this interesting discussion.

Mimicking all the following energies is possible with VK: Colors, Switchwords, Chakras, Mantras, Affirmations, Healing Stones, Five Elements, Gems, Angels, Deities, Herbs, Homeopathy, Allopathy, Acupuncture, Sujok, Acupressure, Reflexology, Self Reading Meditations, Bach Flower Remedy and many more…

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