Can Vibbes Kada (Vk) Override Our Karma? What Is Karma?


Karma:- Karma is a concept found in many Eastern religions and philosophies, such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. It refers to the idea that a person’s actions can have consequences that affect their future experiences. The basic principle of karma is that every action has an equal and opposite reaction, meaning that good deeds will be rewarded and bad deeds will be punished. This can happen in the present life or in future lives, depending on the beliefs of the individual. 

Need not to say that we all have contemplated the charm and powers of VIBBES KADA (VK) and are continuing to experience the magic of VK in our daily life. With VK, we can manifest all our desires related to health, mind, relationships, wealth, spirituality, and many more.

VK is so powerful that we can easily achieve anything with it. Though people consider VK as a blessing in their lives, still this question might have come up in many of the minds, despite the fact that he/ she is a VK user or not. The question which people often ask me is…

  • Is VK challenging destiny?
  • Does VK have the power to mitigate/ destroy our bad Karmas?

Many people have asked me that if everything is easily achievable through VK, then where does our Karmas or destiny stand? It means that even a person with bad karmas can achieve anything using VK in his life, instead of getting the fruit of his bad Karmas. Today, we will discuss this topic to clear all the doubts.

What Is Karma?

Karma literally means action or deeds. Karma is basically the law of action. According to this law, every physical, mental, or emotional act eventually returns back to the same individual with equal or extra impact. If a person performs an action with desires, attachments, and with ego, then one has to be responsible for the consequences of karmas as well. Whatever good or bad happens in our life is the consequence of our Karma.

Everything we do physically, and mentally, our thoughts, and emotions are all KARMAS. Even the smallest thought and emotion in the mind, the event happens, meeting with someone, a smile on a face, a successful career, a successful project in the office, happy married life, prosperous life, spiritual growth, loving kids, pain, diseases, depression, anger, sufferings, bad relationship, etc., everything is the consequence of our Karmas.

There is no such thing in this world called COINCIDENCE

We Produce Karmas in Four Ways

  1. Through our thoughts – just by thinking good or bad for a person or for self, we create our good or bad Karmas in our Karmic account.
  2. Through our words – If we are rude to someone or if our words are hurting someone or insulting a person, we will be held responsible for a similar or maybe worst condition in our life as a result of our bad Karma. On the other hand, if we are able to make someone happy or laugh just by saying the right attitude words, it will add to our good Karmas and eventually come back to us.
  3. Through our actions, we perform.
  4. Through the action of another person which he performs under our influence or instructions – if we are directly or anyway, indirectly responsible for the bad actions of someone else, we have to be ready to suffer the same consequences in our own life.

Mitigation of Karmas

Knowing the law of karma, we can understand that no one in this Universe is actually pure or sinful and is born with all good or all bad karmas. Although, we appear innocent at birth, but the count of our good and bad karmas of past life reveal themselves eventually with time with the effects of happiness or suffering in the current life.

Though it’s a fact that everyone has to face the fruit of his Karmas in his/her lifetime. But in the great “Bhagavad Gita”, it is suggested that although the law of Karma is cause and effect, yet Divine and Divine Energies can mitigate the Karmas of his devotee and release him from the bondage of life and death.

In our general life, you must have heard that by chanting mantras, doing Fast (Vrat) or Jaap of Shlokas, visiting Temples or any Sacred Place, Worship of God, doing Prayer can reduce your bad karmas, even people believe that dip in the holy rivers can wash away all your sins.

Karmas are nothing but energies that cannot be destroyed but can be transformed from one form to another in 9 ways. These 9 ways are…

  1. From Negative to Positive
  2. From Negative to Neutral
  3. From Positive to Negative
  4. From Positive to Neutral
  5. From Neutral to Negative
  6. From Neutral to Positive
  7. From Neutral to Ascended
  8. From Positive to Ascended
  9. From Negative to Ascended

karma vibbes kada litairian sharat sir

In the Bhagavad Gita of Hinduism, this point has made it very clear that Human Beings are masters and controllers of their destiny and they are themselves responsible for their destinies. The human form is the highest manifest stage in the cosmic life cycle.

Simply by controlling our Karmas and manifesting positive and good Karmas all the time, we can manifest a positive and prosperous life for us.

Let us take an example to understand it more clearly. Suppose we had 20 good Karmas in our Karmic account and thus, we are born as a human beings in this circle of cosmic life. But we had 40 bad karmas so, we are born with a negative karmic marking of -20. Now, as we got this highest blessing of the Divine, i.e. human body in this birth and only human-being has the sense of knowledge to judge what is right and what is wrong.

So, we can transform our bad/ negative karmas by continuously doing good and good karmas all the time. By accumulating only good karmas in our karmic account, we can nullify the effect of our bad or negative karmas and can make the marking 0, Zero.

Only Good Karma is the key to destroy our bad karmas and open the door of freedom from this karmic cycle and finally reach our goal of whether enlightenment or prosperous life.

All the energies for manifestation are available to mankind only, whether it is good or bad. We just have to channel our energies, transform negative energies into positive ones. By controlling our mind, by manifesting our mental energy, stopping the free flow of negative energy, negative thoughts, we can finally reach the stage of enlightenment… spirituality… the edge of cosmic life.

In the famous Shloka of Bhagavad Gita (18.66), Lord Krishna says:

“sarva-dharman parityajya,

mam ekam saranam vraja,

aham tvam sarva-papebhyo,

moksayisyami ma sucah”

It means Abandon all varieties of religion and just surrender unto Me. I shall deliver you from all sinful reactions. Do not fear. So, the Almighty is ready to take all the responsibility of one who surrenders to him completely with body, mind, and soul.

Nowadays, we generally don’t utilize our human body in the way our Ancestors, Sage or Gurus used to devote in older times. We all are aware of the fact that everything in this Universe is made up of energies. Even our human body consists of cosmic energies and these energies are always struggling within us.

These energies cannot sit quietly within us. If we don’t use the energies properly and left them unused, they come out in the form of Diseases. It can be any disease like physical illness, mental illness, etc. (Remember that we are allotted cosmic energies for all the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual activities.)

Karma refers the basic principle of Hinduism of Cause and Effects

Turning up to our modern world and let us see how we settle our Karmas in the day to day life. Or should I ask you all – Are we actually settling our Karmas in this life so that we can make the marking of our Karmas to Zero (0) in the kitty of our karmic account? We will understand this with a few real-life examples. vibbes kada karma litairian

As Human-beings, we all often suffer from certain diseases like cold, cough, asthma, body pain, mental illness, or any disease. “DISEASE” actually means DIS-EASE. It means you are not at ease. In fact, the material body itself is a live example which often stuck in karmic reactions, just as fever and cold.

Sometimes, we suffer from chronic disease as well. Diseases and illness, all sufferings and pains, are consequences of the merits and demerits of our Karmas. Our past bad deeds can raise up in our current life in the form of acute or chronic diseases, sufferings, or pains.

What you sow shall you reap

Here, I would like to ask you something. At the time of any acute disease like fever, body pain, arthritis, or any chronic disease like cancer, etc., how many of you

  • Visit a doctor for the cure and treatment of your disease?
  • Or prefer medicines or any remedy to cure your problem completely?

The answer will be Yes. We always try to prevent us from any suffering or disease and try to cure our disease as early as possible through proper treatment or medication or healing.

As per the opinion of some people, we should disburse and settle our karmas in current life only so that we can make ourselves free from bad karmas and it should not carry forward in our re-birth.

But my question is if we should disburse our Karmas here only, then why we try to cure our diseases with the help of medicines when a disease is also the result of our past life karmas?

Sufferings like heat in the summer season, the heat of the Sun, cold in the winter season, etc. are also outcomes of our Karmas. It means that we should undergo all these sufferings to disburse our Karmas. Instead, we all use the fan, cooler, or air-conditioner in the summer season, umbrella in sunlight/ rain, and room-heaters, blankets, and quilts in winters to protect ourselves and make our lives comfortable.

Although in the name of Karmas, we can live in forests and spend a life of a Monk or a Mendicant. Still, we make beautiful homes for us, use several appliances and other things in our day to day life, like tubes and bulbs for light, Mixer Grinder and gas stove for cooking, washing machine for washing clothes, electric water geyser for hot water, matchsticks or lighter to create a flame, bus, two-wheeler or car for traveling, footwear like sleeper or shoes, etc. to make our life comfortable.

We do efforts whole life and do our best we can do to make our lives easy and comfortable in this life. We never think to live our life with sufferings in order to wipe out our Karmas.

Likewise, when I was gifted Cosmic Energies by Divine, it might be the intention of the Divine to help mankind deliver them from sins by making me the source. I wanted to make the life of people easy and better.

Thus, I invented VIBBES KADA (VK) to give this opportunity to all to improve their life by achieving anything through VK inspite of the Karmic cycle. VK is my supreme revolution and the easiest way to access and use Cosmic Energies for the enlightenment and betterment of life.

If you trust Almighty and if you too believe in the words of Lord Krishna that only we and we are responsible for our destiny. If you believe that we can transform our bad karmas into good karmas. And if you believe that if we want, we can change our life and the Almighty will help us in this and the Divine will deliver our sins. Then, VK is surely for you.

The human mind is continuously trying to make human life better and easy by inventing, exploring, or discovering different things. And we are also in the race of making our life comfortable by using those inventions. Then why not VK?

My invention VK works on body, mind, and even soul. If you raise your intention and voice to Almighty Divine with patience and with full faith in Divine, it can provide you anything and everything in life.

VK is a unique and extraordinary Divine tool, exceptionally attuned with 11 Cosmic Energies, which contains multiple capabilities to achieve eternal happiness, love, and peace. We can reach even the ultimate goal of one’s life, that is, self-enlightenment and finally salvation with VK. Now, it is up to you to decide whether you deserve VK or not…

Check the Karma Theory by Sanjay Roy.


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