Cosmic Energy and its Uses Benefits and Powers

Cosmic Energy and its Uses Benefits and Powers

Cosmic Energy is a natural and highest form of energy, using various frequencies of energy to help at all levels. Cosmic Energy is the energy that is present in all things and it carries the blueprints of creation that allow a human to grow into the shape of a human and a banyan tree to grow into the shape of its relatives.

There are 16 types of Cosmic Energies in the Universe. 11 types of Cosmic Energies are attuned in VIBBES KADA – VK by me. These energies are channelized through VK to wherever these are needed either near or far, either in direct contact or distant.

After working in the field of the holistic energy system, teachings, and experiences of safe and unsafe ways of energy, I felt the need for the most safest tool which could not only help in manifestation but also is the safest to use and I was blessed with the special powers by the Divine to attune VK with 11 Cosmic Energies that even a 2 years old child can use it. So after many experiments, I was able to launch VK in May 2009.

VK has spread throughout the world as a respected form of holistic energy system used by many people because in this system there is no backfire of negative energies {even a single negative atom}.

Applications of VIBBES KADA are unlimited. It is your imagination to make them unlimited and more useful.

Cosmic Energy Healing Uses Benefits Power Gift Channel

Benefits of Cosmic Energies?

Cosmic Energies has many benefits, both in physical way and in a spiritual way. Once attuned, the flow of Cosmic Energies from VK can give continuous energies to any individual on all energy levels. Using VK for once self on a regular basis can increase the flow and the beneficial effects of the Prana {Vital Energy}.

Generally, people tend to feel less stressed, more energized, and much more focused while using Cosmic Energies via VK. Life seems clearer and life’s purpose is more apparent. Cosmic Energy is a life-changing event, the start of a spiritual journey of self-discovery and enlightenment. Cosmic Energy gives the gift of attaining happiness.

Why Cosmic Energy Works?

This Universe is made up of energy that existed even when the Universe was not there. This energy itself created the Universe and this energy is present in everything, not only on this Earth but out of this Earth also.

The energy moves so fast that we can’t even think at that speed. It is present in all the living as well as non-living things on this Earth and the Universe.

This energy is the same as in a human and as that in any given stone lying on the land. The only difference is that a human or any living thing is just a less tightened combination of atoms and the stone is more tightened.

The same energy moves everything on the Earth. So we all being a part of the same energy- are interconnected.

Cosmic Energy Healing Uses Benefits Power Gift Channel

All the energy and its working have been scientifically proved by Quantum Physics. “All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force… We must assume… Behind this force the existence of a conscious… And intelligent mind… This mind is the matrix of all matter” – Max Planck-1944

With these words, Max Planck the father of Quantum theory described a universal field of energy that connects everything in creation: The Divine Matrix. So there is no point left after you go through the book and after studying Quantum Physics that prayers and energies don’t work.

Cosmic Energy Healing Uses Benefits Power Gift Channel

How Does Cosmic Energy Work?

In Cosmic Energy, there is no attunement process for practitioners. Anyone can become a Master practitioner with COSMIC VK. Only your ability, desire, creativity, and practice can make you a perfect Cosmic VK practitioner.

We are alive because the life force is flowing through us. Lifeforce flows within the physical body through pathways called chakras, meridians, and nadis {nerves}. It also flows around us in a field of energy called the aura.

Lifeforce nourishes the organs and cells of the body, supporting them in their vital functions. When this flow of life force is disrupted, it causes diminished function in one or more of the organs and tissues of the physical body.

The life force is responsive to thoughts and feelings. It becomes disrupted when we accept, either consciously or unconsciously, negative thoughts, or feelings about ourselves. These negative thoughts and feelings attach themselves to the energy field and cause a disruption in the flow of life force. This diminishes the vital function of the organs and cells of the physical body hence causing illness.

Cosmic Energy can help by flowing through the affected parts of the energy field and charging them with positive energy. It can raise the vibratory level of the energy field in and around the physical body where the negative thoughts and feelings are attached.

This causes the negative energy to break apart and fall away. In doing so, Cosmic Energy can clear, strengthen, and help the energy pathways, thus allowing the life force to flow in a healthy and natural way.

Energy Healing Uses Benefits Power Gift Channel

Do All Practitioners Use Cosmic Energy?

All practitioners use life force or Ki, or Reiki but not all use Cosmic Energy. Cosmic Energy is a special kind of Universal force that can only be channelized by someone that has been attuned to it or has the ability to use it. It is possible that some people are born with Reiki or have gotten it some other way.

However, most healers who have not received the Reiki attunement from a Reiki Master are not using Reiki but another kind of life force. People who already do divine energy work consistently report an increase of at least 300 percent in the strength of their prayer and energies after taking the VK.

Do All Healers Use special kind of Universal force

This was verified for me when I first began energy work with Cosmic Energies. There were two clairvoyant Reiki practitioners I knew who had highly developed abilities. They could easily see the energy flowing through a person’s body, as well as see the aura and chakras. And they could also communicate with a person’s guides and Higher Self.

They were experts at moving negative energy out of the body as well as channeling healing energies. In my ten years of metaphysical work, they were the most accurate and effective Reiki practitioners I had met.

They told me later that they had doubts about my special teaching of VIBBES KADA but they still took the VIBBES KADA, simply to support me in my new work.

After using VIBBES KADA, they were amazed at the difference they could feel between the Reiki energies they had been using and The Cosmic Energies. They said the Cosmic Energies were more powerful and of much higher frequency.

And they also noted that Cosmic Energies need not be guided like the other energies they were using and that the Cosmic Energies began flowing even without entering into an altered state.

They also indicated the VIBBES KADA itself was a powerful Gadget, realizing the restrictions related to their own energy work they had unknowingly acquired when they were practitioners in the past. And they were very pleased to take VIBBES KADA.

VIBBES KADA itself was a powerful Gadget

Cosmic Energy Can Never Cause Harm

Because Cosmic Energy is guided by the God-Consciousness, it can never do harm. It always knows what a person needs and will adjust itself to create the effect that is appropriate for them. One need not worry whether to give Cosmic Energies or not. It is always helpful and safe.

“In addition, because the practitioner does not become the medium for energies, the practitioner is not in danger of taking on the karmas or the negative energies of the client. Because Cosmic practitioners don’t send energies, it is also much easier for the ego to stay out of the way and allow the presence of God to clearly shine through”

Energy is Never Depleted

Because it is channelized energies through VIBBES KADA, the Cosmic Energy practitioner’s energies are never depleted. In fact, the cosmic consciousness considers both practitioner and client to be in need of energy, so both receive Cosmic Energies and Divine Blessings. Because of this, giving cosmic energies never use the practitioner’s energy and always increases one’s energy and leaves one surrounded with loving feelings of well-being.

Cosmic Energy and its Uses Benefits and PowersNames of the Cosmic Energies

There are many types of people and so are their languages. English speak English and regional people have their own language. India itself has many languages known and unknown. Some languages in India itself are spoken much and some are spoken less. Religion, state, and language have very special relations.

The whole world is divided either through religion, caste, society, gender, state, and much more. Every religion has its own language. And many different states have their own language.

People of India living in Punjab speak Punjabi, whereas the people of France speak French. People of India living in the South speak Tamil or Malayalam whereas people of South America speak Portuguese and Dutch.

But in this world of a wide variety of languages, everyone has something in common which is people of every state either in India or anywhere in the world, caste, religion, people, age, gender, and society use and that is numerical language.

No 1 is used for higher force; you can say, God, Ishwar, Allah, Khuda, or many other names. There is no division of 1 in any religion, state, caste, society, etc. If Russians have to use it, they will use it as 1, and if Marathi of Mumbai has to use 1 even they will say 1 or use 1.

VK holds 11 cosmic energies and many people ask their names. Here, I refused to give the name to them instead I gave numbers. The energies are universal energies and anyone can use them. These energies are free from formalities of age, gender, religion, and language. That’s why I named them in numbers. You can say like Cosmic Energy CE 1, CE 2, CE 3, and so on…

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