Learn How to Easily Perform Acupressure, Acupuncture, Reflexology & Sujok Using VK

Learn How to Easily Perform Acupressure, Acupuncture, Reflexology & Sujok Using VK

Did you know, using VK you can easily do Acupressure, Acupuncture, Reflexology & Sujok therapy without touching anyone, even you can do it remotely?

You must have heard people getting benefitted by Acupressure for their health issues. Yes, acupressure is healing therapy that either compliments or even replace medicines sometimes giving good health benefits.

Must watch this video and learn how to mimic effects of Acupressure, Acupuncture, Reflexology, and Sujok simply using VK and without touching a person with a simple request.

Note: in this article and video, wherever you find and listen to the word Acupressure, please consider it as Acupressure, Acupuncture, Reflexology, and Sujok therapy.


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Do you need to learn acupressure if you are a VK user? Can you take the benefits of acupressure even if you do not know the science behind acupressure? If you are an Acupressure Expert, can VK help you? This article will answer your questions with much more learning.

What is Acupressure?

Acupressure is an ancient healing method and is a vast topic to understand. Human beings have benefitted for ages from this healing modality. The subject of Acupressure science is so vast that some people practice in a professional way in this field by taking a Degree or Masters in this field.

Acupressure is based on the concept of energy movement. There are 12 meridians in our body, which runs through different organs or systems. Energy flows through these meridians and we feel lively. If there is some pain or suffering in organs on these meridians, it is most likely that energy flow through these meridians is disturbed or blocked. The disturbed or blocked energy may manifest into pain or suffering in the body. This energy movement can be restored with the use of acupressure.

In this article, we will not get into the depth of Acupressure science but just understand some basics of Acupressure and the use of VK to place a request for Acupressure.

How do to Acupressure?

There are certain points on the body referred to as Acupoints. These Acupoints are located mostly on palms/ fingers, feet and some points are spread through the body. In acupressure, some pressure is applied gently on one or more of these Acupoints. The pressure on particular Acupoints creates a free energy movement in particular meridians and activates energy to the organ in pain or suffering. This restores life to these paths and organs, resulting in relief or cure.

A person who has this knowledge of acupressure science would know which acupressure points are connected to which organ. A person who is an expert in this field would also know how much is the optimum pressure to be applied to pressure points.

This expert will also know how many sessions to be done with different Acupoints to get relief. Sometimes it may require multiple sessions of acupressure to get relief, which is monitored by the Acupressure specialist.

The pressure on Acupoints can be applied with fingertips or other acupressure tools, rollers, etc. It is important to apply adequate and optimum pressure in acupressure therapy. Excess pressure may cause more suffering or internal damage to organs.

Applications of Acupressure?

  • Acupressure or its allied therapies can be explored in many cases, right from gastric troubles to severe menstrual cramps to emotional stress, relieving headaches, muscle aches, backaches, neck strain, frozen shoulders, ulcer pains, anxiety, insomnia, etc.
  • It is a way to balance energy and maintain a healthy body and mind. It improves the circulation of blood and aids in body relaxation. It helps to strengthen the body, improve resistance to diseases, promote beautiful skin and tone of facial muscles.
  • It is also a beauty treatment. Certain acupressure points are believed to improve the skin tone, facial muscles, and relieve congestion. By releasing toxins and increasing the flow of life energy, a person may enhance and brighten their appearance.
  • It can improve blood circulation, help in arthritis pain by releasing endorphins giving an anti-inflammatory effect, and reduce hunger in people having a habit of overeating.
  • It works by stimulating both the nervous and vascular systems.
  • It is believed that Acupressure is not only for balancing various energy forces in the body but also has positive effects on mind, spirit, and emotions.

1Now, What Can You Do With VK? 

VK has a special feature to mimic other healing modalities just with a simple request to VK. VK can also mimic Acupressure for energy receivers. Some good examples are mentioned in the above video like pain relief, the perfect weight, eyesight improvement, stress relief, relaxation, etc.

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2Method To Do Acupressure Using VK

  1. Direct Request Method:

You just have to request VK for acupressure, mention the purpose or organ name on which unwanted effects are to be removed and mention the name of the receivers. After requesting place VK aside for 30 min and allow VK to do the acupressure for the receivers.

Example: Suppose Rahul is the name of the person who is affected with sinus congestion and you wish to do an Acupressure with VK. Here the energy receiver is Rahul and the purpose is to relax him of pain or clear his congestion.

Hold VK and say VK please do Acupressure for Rahul to cure his sinus and improve healthy breathing with safety and security”.

Now keep VK aside for 30 min or wear it again.

After 30 min, VK is free for any other request or any other healing.

Check the above video for a demo.

  1. Writing On A Paper:

Write the name of the patient/ energy receiver on a paper.

Example: Suppose the receiver is Kavita and she has knee pain.

Now request VK please do Acupressure to cure knee pain with safety and security”.

Now keep VK on the written words on the paper for 30 min or wear it again.

After 30 min, VK is free for any other request or any other healing.

3What Will VK Do In 30 Min After Placing A Request To It?

During the 30 min, VK will do the process of Acupressure for the requested area of the requested energy receiver.

After 30 min, VK is free, so VK users can repeat the same request or any other request or you can use VK for any other healing or simply wear it.

4Can You Charge Drinking Water With Energy Of Acupressure Using VK?

Recently Sharat Sir did some experiments with VK and acupressure mimicking. Based on the results from his experiments, Sharat Sir has guided that the best method to mimic Acupressure with VK is by placing a direct request to VK or by writing the name of the energy receivers on paper and placing a request to VK. Sir guides that charging the water with acupressure energy using VK may not be as effective as non-water methods. The best is to use non-water methods for mimicking Acupressure, Acupuncture, Reflexology, or Sujok therapy.

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5Some Dos And Don’ts About Of Acupressure Using VK

  1. In one healing request, VK users can request Acupressure for one issue.
  2. If there is more than one issue, for whom you want to request Acupressure, make a separate request for each issue.
  3. In a day, you can request Acupressure for many issues back to back.
  4. Please do not place any other request to VK during 30 min of working of VK.
  5. After 30 min, you can request the same issue or another issue. In that way, you can do Acupressure back to back. (Wow, it means you can give 48 requests in 24 hours.)
  6. If you want to give a request for two different areas of a person then make two separate requests e.g. if you wish to do an Acupressure for clear skin and diabetes for a person, make two separate requests to VK. In the first request, you can say, “VK please do Acupressure for Priya’s healthy clear beautiful skin with safety and security”. Then after 30 min, in the second request, you can say, “VK please do Acupressure for Priya’s normal sugar levels with safety and security”.
  7. Always add the words’ safety and security with every request. These two words assure the healee’s safety and security.
  8. There are some twin organs in our body, which are the same e.g. eyes, kidneys, legs, hands, breasts, ears, etc. Here you can request VK for Acupressure for both organs together or you can choose to request specifically either for the left organ or the right organ as per the need.
  9. You can say either Acupressure or Acupuncture or Reflexology or Sujok. Choose the therapy as you wish to apply.
  10. If you have knowledge of the application of these individual therapies, you can choose to mimic it accordingly. If you don’t know the applications or if you are confused about which one to use among Acupressure, or Acupuncture, Reflexology, or Sujok, the best is to choose Acupressure because it is very easy and safe.
  11. Acupressure is known to be used in many areas. VK users can mimic Acupressure for themselves or for others too just with a simple request.
  12. When you place a direct request to VK for acupressure, mention the purpose of acupressure or required result in your own words to VK and mention the energy receiver’s name too.
  13. VK users can also club relevant Cosmic Serums along with Acupressure, which relates to the same healing.
  14. Acupressure will be one of the energy in the healing request along with the request of Cosmic Serums to VK.
  15. Some examples of Cosmic Serums are given below, but VK users can use Cosmic Serums as per requirement or as guided in individual Cosmic Serum articles.

6Some More Examples For Your Learning 

  1. So if Sanjay has heartburn with hyperacidity, request like this: VK please do an Acupressure for Sanjay to relieve hyperacidity with safety and security.
  2. So if you have a severe headache due to sinusitis, request like this: VK please do an Acupressure for relief of my sinus pain with safety and security.
  3. If your Uncle John complains of knee pain, request like this: VK please do an Acupressure for my Uncle John for knee pain relief with safety and security.
  4. So if your wife Sunita has menstrual cramps, say like this: VK please do an Acupressure for Sunita for relief from menstrual cramps with safety and security.
  5. So if your mom worries and sleeps less, request like this: VK please do Acupressure for my mom for her peaceful good sleep at night with safety and security.
  6. So if you know your sister wants to meet you but complains of motion sickness, request like this: VK please do an Acupressure for my sister for relief from motion sickness with safety and security.
  7. So if your son plays sports, you can request like this: VK please do Acupressure for my son’s strong bones and muscles with safety and security.
  8. If your friend Ravi gets into the habit of overeating, request VK like this: VK please do an Acupressure for Ravi to regularize eating habits with safety and security.
  9. If you want to improve facial skin tone and glow, requests like this: VK please do Acupressure for my beautiful facial skin tone and glow with safety and security.
  10. If you want to improve on skin blemishes and have a radiant glow, request like this: VK please do an Acupressure for my beautiful clear skin tone and radiant glow with safety and security. 
  11. If your friend Rita is suffering from acne, request like this: VK please do an Acupressure for my friend Rita’s beautiful face free of acne with safety and security.
  12. For a beautiful lustrous hair, request like this: VK please do Acupressure for my healthy lustrous hair with safety and security. 
  13. Many women suffer from classic symptoms of sadness, irritability, insomnia, bloating, fatigue, headaches, and mood swings during premenstrual syndrome(PMS), request like: VK please do Acupressure for my healthy happy menstrual cycle with safety and security.
  14. If babies suffer from constipation, request like this: VK please do an Acupressure for my baby’s healthy bowel clearance with safety and security.
  15. If a child, Sonam suffers from nasal congestion, requests like this: VK please do Acupressure for Sonam to clear nasal for healthy breathing with safety and security.
  16. If John has erectile dysfunction or lacking sexual endurance, request like this: VK please do an Acupressure for John’s pleasurable sex life with safety and security.
  17. If Manya wants to conceive and there are infertility issues with her husband, Sohel. Manya can request like this: VK please do Acupressure for Sohel to cure fertility with safety and security.
  18. Some children have erratic energy flow in their meridians. They may be hyperactive. Some may have learning difficulties. Acupressure can help such children to connect to their own selves or help to normalize their activity. There has been a trend to use Acupressure as a support therapy for children with dyslexia, ADHD, and such brain disorders. A. Can request like this: VK please do Acupressure for Sonu’s clear speech with safety and security. B. Can request like: VK please do Acupressure for Monu’s good or quick learning abilities with safety and security. C. Can request like: VK please do Acupressure for normal coordination of Dolly’s brain and body movements with safety and security.

7Advantage Of Acupressure With VK Over Certain Limitations Of Acupressure Session

  1. In the case of spinal injury, wounds, arthritis, it is advised to do avoid acupressure for the reason that some Acupoints may be present in the same path as the injured part or wounds or pain parts. Acupressure on such points may cause more suffering. But with VK you can request VK to do acupressure along with an intention of safety and security.
  2. In actual acupressure sessions, some people may experience certain side effects like fatigue, soreness, muscle twitching, emotional release, etc. But when VK users mimic Acupressure with intention of safety and security, these undesirable effects get avoided.
  3. Avoid Acupressure in Pregnancy. In pregnancy, acupressure is not advised as it may induce labor or contractions. With VK, instead of using Acupressure, you can follow these tips of Cherish your pregnancy in many other beautiful ways using Divine VK.
  4. Frequency of healing with acupressure using VK. Actual acupressure healing may happen in one session or multiple sessions depending upon the need of the person and the intensity of the situation. When you use Acupressure mimicking with VK, don’t think of a number of sessions. Do it a number of times as required or as per inner guidance. Like for any other VK healing do this healing also with patience.
    If you ever have this question on VK healing, please read this learning post from Sharat Sir how many times and how many days.
  5. Always keep the healing intention for results to happen NOW or NOW FOREVER. Read it more here.

8Benefits And Advantages Of Mimicking Acupressure With VK

  1. Expertise: Acupressure healing needs learning of energy meridians, knowledge of various Acupoints, and their uses and needs practical knowledge to master it. A VK user of any age can do Acupressure by a simple request to VK. Here there is absolutely no need for a VK user to learn the science of acupressure.
  2. Energy and Skills: An acupressure specialist will have to work on the energy receiver with skills and physical efforts. An acupressure specialist has to understand which Acupoints have to press, energized, and accordingly put effort. However, the VK user is simply requesting VK to do Acupressure. Here VK does the process of Acupressure. The VK user is not doing acupressure. VK user is free from physical efforts.
  3. Time-saving: Acupressure experts are investing their own time for this process. However, a VK user is free, once a request of Acupressure is placed to VK. A VK user can concentrate on any other work or relax because here VK is the Acupressure expert.
  4. The physical presence of an energy receiver: A person requiring Acupressure healing needs to visit the Acupressure specialist or the acupressure specialist needs to travel to treat the person requiring acupressure. However, a VK user requires a clear intention of healing a person irrespective of where the energy receiver stays. VK can send the energy of acupressure to any person even if the person resides in a different city, state, or country. It just requires a request from VK user to heal now forever while placing a request to VK. Just mimicking Acupressure with VK with the intention of safety and security is helpful for having desired effects.
  5. Healing for self: If there is severe pain or suffering, and acupressure specialists may not have the mindset or stamina to do acupressure for him or her. But a VK user, even if in pain or suffering can start healing through acupressure with a simple request to VK.
  6. Frequency of Healing: If an acupressure specialist does multiple sessions of acupressure on the same day or repeatedly, he/ she may feel exhausted. But a VK user can request VK for acupressure as many times as per wish or need in one day or daily. Here VK becomes the acupressure specialist.
  7. Boosting of Healing: An acupressure specialist may not be able to enhance the effect multi-fold but a VK user can BOOST the process with the use of multiple VK and BOOST methods.

9What Else You Can Do with VK Separately 

When you are helping any person with VK and Acupressure for any pain or illness, please note you can continue vital organ balancing and required Cosmic Serum energies or any other healing energy separately with VK as the case requires. Do Acupressure requests as one healing and separately send Cosmic Serums or other energies in another request.

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Check Here What Else You Can Do with VK Separately.

10Read Some VK Experiences

  1. Acupressure with VK for tension headache and stamina, sneezing in sinus
  2. A VK user healing his wife for backache using acupressure
  3. Feeling Acupressure massage and sound sleep after a tiring day with guests
  4. VK support for Acupuncture Treatment
  5. Managing bottle gourd and acupuncture for backache
  6. Wanted to know if Acupressure with VK really works, so I tested it twice


Acupressure, Acupuncture, Reflexology, and Sujok are all ancient therapies of healing and require knowledge and expertise to practice. With VK, you can now explore these therapies and share your experiences.

The above video has examples of placing a request for Acupressure. You can replace the word Acupressure with Acupuncture or Reflexology or Sujok as per the need or based on your knowledge or inner guidance. The VK procedures remain the same.

If you are an Acupressure specialist, you can explore mimicking it with VK as given in the article and video. Explore any healing using VK with patience and intention to heal the situation now forever. Gratitude to Sharat Sir for the amazing possibilities with VK in simple ways.


Note: Follow the doctor’s advice wherever needed.