Vital Organ Balancing Using Vibbes Kada to Restore Good Health

Vital Organ Balancing VOB Using VK for the Complete Health

Just 30 Min of Vital Organ Balancing Technique for Good Health

Balancing Vital Organs of a human body with VIBBES KADA (VK) through Cosmic Energies is called VOB. VK is used to energize body organs with a process known as Vital Organ Balancing (VOB). The process is nothing but just rotating VK on the body organ. VOB can be done by focusing or rotating VK on an organ to revive, energize or balance any particular organ of the human and animal body. VK can be rotated or focused on plants and non-living beings also but that is not called VOB.

Rotation of VK is not restricted to a human body but can be done on Switchword, Energy Circle, buildings of any size, tanks, and containers of any size, and many more things. Read here Who Can Receive Energy With Rotation Of VK.

In the video given below, you will know how to perform VOB directly on the body and its vital organs in 6 steps as described in this article also.

All the vital organs of a human body can be rejuvenated and charged with a combination of VOB And Cosmic Serums of VK. Click here to know another easy way of doing VOB.

What is Vital Organ Balancing – VOB

Vital Organ Balancing is a powerful technique of using VK for almost all kinds of physical illnesses. Anyone can use this Vital Organ Balancing technique for better health and healthy body organs. Vital Organ Balancing can be done in just 30 minutes.

What happens in Vital Organ Balancing- VOB

When you rotate VK on the vital organs with or without any serum, the cosmic energies through VK rejuvenate, heal, and balance the body part.

Vital Organ Balancing can be done in just 30 minutes 

You can do it either in one stretch of 30 minutes or divide it into sets of 15minx2 or 10minx3 per day. No special knowledge of anatomy is required for this Vital Organ Balancing technique. You can attain good health after doing this Vital Organ Balancing within 3 to 6 months.

This means rotating VK on the vital organs of your body for a minimum of 5 minutes. Rotation of VK on one body part for 5 minutes each counts to 30 minutes of complete health. You can divide the process into two or three parts. Energising two organs will take 10 minutes and three organs will take 15 minutes, thus dividing the process into equal time slots. This is just a suggestion, you can increase the time of VOB as per your convenience.

There is no need for any energy attunement or hard practice of rituals and other techniques to perform this VOB. Vital Organ Balancing is very easy to do and anyone can do this, even a 3 years old kid can do this for him or for anyone. VIBBES KADA (VK) is the only tool you require to balance your vital organs. One VK is sufficient for the whole family.

How to do rotation, clockwise or anti-clockwise

You can rotate VK either clockwise or anti-clockwise, wide enough to cover all the vital organs. While rotating VK on these 6 points you can use Cosmic Serums of VK, chant any health mantra, health affirmation, health-related switch words, or Golden Sunrise, and receive energy as you stay calm and silent. You can also request VK to energize your body part with the energy of GOLDEN SUNRISE.

VK emits the energy on its own for 30 minutes, and it can energize your body organ this way, but I recommend you to do VOB with VK in your hand. Don’t leave VK and do other work. Sit calmly and enjoy health whenever you can. Read more about theAutomatic Release Of Energy For 30 Minutes On Its Own Conceptof sending the energy of VK to any person, object, or edible stuff.

What happens when you rotate VK on your Vital Organs?

VK is a tool that is attuned with 11 Cosmic Energies by ME. I have been attuning VK since May 2009 and today hundreds of people are successfully using VK around the world.

VK charge, rejuvenate and activate every cell and tissue of those body parts where it is rotated. VK gives cosmic energies according to the need of the body parts. When you rotate VK on body parts they automatically get energized and throw away all problematic energies out of your body, aura, and consciousness.

You can also help others using the proxy (distance) balancing method.

Here is the Method of Vital Organ Balancing Using VK

1st Head Area: First Hold VK in either hand and rotate on your head for 5 minutes (see image for Step 1). This can help you with these issues:

  • This will balance your whole brain, every neuron, neurotransmitters, pineal gland, pituitary gland, hypothalamus gland, and whole nervous system.
  • Almost 90% of physical problems are psychosomatic and can be taken care of by VK. (Psychosomatic means mind (psyche) and body (soma). A psychosomatic disorder is a disease that involves both mind and body. You can do this with Brain Serum also. You can do VOB for the brain and specifically for the pineal gland or any other specific part alone also. It depends upon your requirement.
  • This method can also help in Depression, Dizziness, Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Schizophrenia, Immune system disorders, Alzheimer’s, Nervous system disorders, Multiple personality disorder, and Addictions/ Addictive Behaviour.
  • This can be done with Immune Serum or Mood Up Serum, or Anti Addiction Serum as required.
  • This method can also take care of some other issues like Neurosis, Psychosis, Headache, Sinus, Dizziness or light-headedness, Migraine headaches, Parkinson’s, Insomnia, Brain Tumor, Cataracts, Deafness, Dyslexia, Far-sightedness, Sty, Short-sightedness, Sinus Problems, Tension Headaches, and Crossed eyes. Use Eye Serum while VOB. You can use DFev Serum on your forehead in case of fever.
  • These issues are also taken care of this way: the poor blood supply to the head, Earache, Ear Infections, Fainting, Hearing Problems, Certain cases of blindness, Tinnitus, Astigmatism, Cataracts, Paralysis, Glaucoma, Learning disorders or difficulties, Exotropia, scalp related problems, Nervousness, Anxiety, Head colds, Nervous Breakdowns, Amnesia, Colds, Chronic tiredness, Hormonal imbalances, Growth or development issues, Body-image disorders and other problems related to this area.
  • This 5 minutes rotation of VK on your head can clean, charge, activate, and balance your Crown Chakra and Third Eye Chakra too.

2nd Area Lungs: now rotate VK on your both lungs for 5 minutes (see image for Step 2). This can help you with these issues:

  • This will make your lungs healthy, heart, windpipe, food pipe, the upper part of your stomach, and thyroid.
  • Your oxygen intake, your heart pumping, Circulation problems, your thyroid gland, the upper part of your digestive system, Asthma, Bronchitis, Lost Voice, and Mouth Ulcers.
  • Sore Throat, Teeth & Gums, Thyroid Problem, Tonsillitis, Bursitis, Colds, Stiff neck, Pain in the upper arm, Whooping cough, Laryngitis, Hoarseness, TMJ, Hay fever, Pain in lower arms and hands, Breast Cancer, Fatigue, Heart Diseases, Lungs, Bronchitis, Pneumonia, Chest Congestion, Influenza, Functional heart conditions, Asthma, and Cough.
  • Difficult breathing, Shortness of breath, Hyperventilation, Allergies, Sleep disorders, High Blood pressure can be eased by this method. This 5 minutes rotation of VK on your lungs can also clean, charge, activate, and balance your Throat Chakra and Heart Chakra too.
  • Use Heart Serum or Pain Care Serum or ENT Serum as required. You can do VOB for the lungs as a whole and specifically for the food pipe or any other specific part alone also. It depends upon your requirement.

3rd Area Liver: Now rotate VK on the Liver for 5 minutes (see image for Step 3). This can help you with these issues:

  • Make your liver and gallbladder healthy.
  • This can also help to activate and purify the liver to detoxify, flush, and wash out fatty deposits, built-up toxins, and accumulated stones.
  • This can help in the cleansing gallbladder which helps to get rid of gallstones from the gallbladder.
  • This can help in Gastritis, Food Allergies, Anemia, Bulimia, Digestive problems, Hepatitis, All Liver Diseases, Constipation, Hyper Acidity, Spastic colon, Pancreatitis, Peptic Ulcer, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Stomach problems, Jaundice, Shingles, Heartburn, Lowered resistance to diseases, Chronic tiredness, Gas, Abdominal cramps, etc.
  • This can also help with better digestion.
  • Read about Digee Serum. You can do VOB for the liver and gallbladder and specifically for IBS or any other specific issue alone also. It depends upon your requirement.
  • Weight Gain Serum works on the liver, gallbladder, and kidney secretion to improve the metabolic processes and increase the growth of flesh on the body. Also, use Flab Down Serum
  • This 5 minutes rotation of VK on your liver can also clean, charge, activate, and balance your Solar Plexus Chakra too.

4th Area Pancreas: Now rotate VK on Pancreas for 5 minutes (see image for Step 4). This can help you with these issues:

  • Make your pancreas and spleen healthy.
  • This can help in making Enzymes, making Digestive juices, help to break down food after it has left the stomach, also produces the right amount of hormone insulin and help to secretes it into the bloodstream, regulate the body’s glucose or sugar level, Diabetes, Old red blood cells are recycled in the spleen, and platelets and white blood cells are stored there.
  • The spleen can also help in fighting certain kinds of bacteria that cause pneumonia and meningitis, Constipation, Colitis, Diarrhea, Hemorrhoids, Hypertension, Piles, Blood diseases, Skin disorders (especially rashes), Itching, Eczema, etc.
  • You can use Key Pen Serum as required.
  • This 5 minutes rotation of VK on your pancreas can also clean, charge, activate, and balance your Basic Chakra too.

5th & 6th Areas Right & Left Kidney: Now rotate VK on the Right Kidney for 5 minutes and then on Left Kidney for 5 minutes too (see image for Step 5 & 6). This can help you with your healthy Bladder and kidneys.

  • This can also help in Cystitis, Endometriosis, Fertility issues, Miscarriages, Fibroids, Kidney complaints, Menstrual Problems, Muscle Cramps/ Spasms, Ovarian Cysts, Adrenal fatigue, Pre-menstrual Syndrome, Prostates Disease, Testicular Disease, Uterine Fibroids, Kidney stones, Candida, Impotency, Bedwetting, Frigidity, Creative Blocks, etc.Read about Fem Serum and Men Serum and use as required.
  • This 10 minutes rotation of VK on each of your Kidneys can also clean, charge, activate, and balance your Sacral Chakra too.

Vital Organ healing and Balancing Using VIBBES KADA (VK)

That is not enough because other problems if not even mentioned here can also be taken care of with the help of this Vital Organ Balancing, such as:

  • Some other mental benefits are also gifted by this VOB such as dealing with Anger of the past, being afraid to let go, feeling burdened, the terror of abandonment, rage from hurt, feeling victimized, guilt, tendency to push for things, criticism, sexual pressure, etc.
  • Numbness, Hypocrisy, Uncertainty regarding money and the future, Disappointment, Inability to flow with life, Holding onto old ideas, Untrusting of life, Lack of integrity or courage or convictions, Blaming others, Deep hurt, Longstanding resentment, Expecting the worst, Deep grief, Anguish over communication, Carrying hatreds, Tension, etc.
  • Guilt, Stifled creativity, Embarrassment, Shame, Distrust, Impatience, Desire to hide, Nervousness, Holding on, Uptight, Fear of deadlines, Frustration, Inadequacy, Anger, Neediness, Detaching from oneself, Feeling shut down, Denying your own needs, Not supporting yourself, Anger on mate, Punishing oneself, etc.
  • Denial of self, Rejecting femininity or masculinity, Bitter words left unspoken, Tension, Rigid social beliefs, Spite against a previous mate, Wanting to hit someone, Fear of mother, Emotional overflow, Years of controlling emotions, Fear of father, Denial of pleasure, A belief that sex or intimacy/touch is bad, Fear, etc.
  • A feeling of ‘what’s the use’, Felt lack of love as a child, Defeated, Bitterness, Victimization from nonassertion, Condemning, Prideful, Prolonged uncertainty, Feeling of doom, Dread, Anxiety, Denying your own power, Powerlessness, Failure, Shame, Childlike reactions, Unresolved anger, etc.
  • Chronic complaining, Justifying, Fault-finding to deceive self, Wallowing in the past, Rejection, Lack of self-belief, Feeling attacked by life, Feeling ‘they are out to get me’, Difficulties in giving or receiving, Desperate, Tired of life, Smothering love, etc.
  • Unable to breathe for oneself, Feeling stifled, Feeling of heartbreak, Suppression of tears, Intense sadness, Grief, Hopelessness, Despair, Too much going on at once, Mental confusion, Unbending bullheadedness, Repressed emotions, Fear of speaking up, Resentment of authority, Belief in persecution, Not accepting of the self, Dislike of the self, Small outbursts of anger, etc.
  • Incessant talking, Mental eruptions, Breathtaking antagonism, Inability to say ‘no’ or ‘yes’, Crossed purposes, Stony unforgiveness, Feeling overwhelmed, Rejection, Stubbornness, Isolation, Not wanting to be bothered, Too much turmoil, Can’t cope, Blacking out, Incorrect beliefs, Dislike of being driven, Struggle, Self-centeredness, Lack of joy, Flighty, Scattered thinking, Punishment for guilt, Invalidating the self, Self-criticism, Jammed channels of communication, Difficulty in planning the future, Lack of self-understanding, lack of direction, major depression, etc.

Extra Balancing Using VK

I hope you understood the whole process. Whenever you need to energize any specific body part which is not mentioned in the above notes you can rotate VK there also and get the same benefits. VK is restriction-free.

For example:- Many people’s knees are in pain for a long time, but they don’t have any solution except some painkillers which have so many side effects (on kidneys and liver) or knee replacement which is very costly and painful too.

So what to do?

Just rotate VK on your knees (5 to 10 min on each knee/in one day) to have healthy knees. (see image for Step 7). The time of VOB with VK can be increased beyond 10 mins depending upon the need of the person. Help someone have relief in pain with VOB.

Why is VOB Done Manually With VK?

Body shows better improvement when VOB is done manually through VK. Manually, your focus is better and energies work wonders. If you do this process with care, you can also get guidance from energies about the requirement of energy. VK can guide you with some sign of repulsion if no more energy is required. Be connected with VK while doing VOB.

A creative way of doing VOB

You can also creatively do VOB, do VOB by rotating VK on the head, and imagine doing VOB on other local organs. This way scientifically you enhance the process, by sending energy to the brain, which is the central organ controlling the whole body as well as local organs.


1. You can rotate VK on the head of the person and imagine VOB on the kidney for a person with a high creatinine level.

2. In VOB, you can also imagine that the organ or person is already healed. As the intention, and wish become pure and intense, positive changes occur faster.

Proxy VOB for Self or for Others

Proxy VOB means rotating VK on the body part where you cannot reach it directly. Distance doesn’t matter in sending energy to people who live far away. You can also help yourself and others also by using the VOB technique in the proxy (distance) method mentioned below.

Suppose VOB has to be done for a backache or shoulder pain it may be difficult to do VOB on that part while in pain or even otherwise. You can do Proxy VOB for yourself or for others.

  1. Imagine the specific body part (your own or any other person for whom you want to do VOB) on the left palm and rotate VK on the left palm with your right hand. (If you are a left-handed person, do the reverse)


  • If there is a pain in the back. Imagine your back on your left palm.
  • If there is a hearing problem, imagine your ear on the left hand.
  • If there is diabetes, imagine your pancreas on the left palm.
  • If there is a cataract, imagine the eyes on the left palm.
  • If there is a brain disorder, imagine the brain on the left palm.
  • If there are piles, imagine the affected part on the left palm.
  • If there is a skin problem throughout the legs, imagine your skin on the left hand.

2. You can imagine the specific part on a pillow, toy, teddy bear, etc. instead of the left palm and rotate VK slowly and continuously on the pillow, toy, teddy bear, etc. for 5 to 10 mins.

3. You can do VOB by rotating VK slowly and continuously on a photograph of a person or writing the name of a person on paper, imagining a specific body part of that person that has to be healed for 5 to 10 min.

Note: Always take a happy or normal photograph of a person for VOB and not a picture while sick or in the hospital. This helps to connect to a person’s improving health rather than a sick state.

Reason for proxy VOB

  1. The Receiver is far away from you. 
  2. Your own body part is out of reach and you cannot do a direct rotation with VK. Example backside of your body. 
  3. You are in major pain to do VOB calmly on your own.
  4. You are just a receiver and not a VK user, your relative can do it for you and vice versa.
  5. The receiver doesn’t understand the need for energy.
  6. The receiver is an elder person or a baby who cannot use VK or do a direct rotation on their own. 
  7. Someone who cannot hold VK. 
  8. Unseen areas like an inside area of the body or huge area like skin. For example, piles or eczema.

The intention of VK User

While doing VOB, do with the intention to HEAL NOW FOREVER for good results because TIME is an illusion, anything can happen anytime. NOW speeds up the process and FOREVER helps us to move to the next wish and desire to energies. Must Read How to Use Vital Organ Balancing & Cosmic Serums Together.

While rotating VK in VOB, you can chant GOLDEN SUNRISE or MAHAMRUTUNJAY MANTRA or any other energy also so that positive changes happen faster. Find here some easy ways of doing Vital Organ Balancing (VOB). Also, take a look at VIBBES KADA VK.

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