A Concept of 30 Minutes Auto Energy Movement With VK – VIBBES KADA

A Concept of 30 Minutes Auto Energy Movement With VK - VIBBES KADA

30 Minutes Auto Energy Movement: VIBBES KADA sends energy for 30 minutes to any request. It is attuned in a special way to send energy to your intention for 30 minutes. This concept is remarkably useful and makes the energy practitioner’s life very easy.

When you make a request to VK it will send energy to your intention for the next 30 minutes. This is called the 30 Minutes Auto Energy Movement of VK. You can wait for 30 minutes to place the next request. This doesn’t mean that VK will send energy only for 30 minutes.

You can make a new request again or repeat the same request to VK after 30 minutes according to the need. VK can keep sending the energy to your intention for 30 minutes and it can even change the flow of energy to your next wish.

For example, you placed a request for Pain Care Serum to relieve a person from pain but a child gets hurt and needs instant energy, you can make a new request to VK to send the energy of pain relief to that child. After the child is settled you can repeat your request for Pain Care Serum again for the person.

Do you Know VK is attuned in a special way to send energy to your intention for 30 minutes

To understand well the concept of 30 minutes of VK we will explain it with an example of a water tank. When you start filling up a big water tank, you switch on the button and let a powerful pump fill the water tank. This process takes approximately 30 minutes.

After the water is full in the tank, the water starts flowing out and indicates you to switch off the button. You start using it. But you keep using the water according to your requirement and does not use the whole water in one go.

Same way, when you make a request to VK it will keep filling up the required energy for your intention but you use it according to your use and need and not the whole energy at one go. So keep requesting VK again and again as per your requirement and it will keep filling the required energy.

Same as the water tank, when the energy is full or requires some change it will guide you. You can either stop or consider the required change and move accordingly. The energies have their own wisdom and intelligence to guide you.

Reason for attuning VK for Auto Energy Movement of 30 Minutes

When a person needs energy and visits any energy practitioner or a master, the energy practitioner sends energy for almost half an hour, in other words, the session to send energy is almost 30 minutes long. An energy practitioner needs to fulfill some requirements to perform a good session of sending energy to the person in need or any event or situation.

For example:-

  • An energy practitioner should have complete knowledge of the energy modality
  • Also should be a perfect energy practitioner
  • His/her state of mind should be accurate
  • He/she should be present during the energy session himself/herself to channel the energy
  • He/she should have a perfect imagination
  • His/her faith should be 100% to provide the result
  • His/her own chakras should be aligned and energy should be balanced

After all the above-mentioned points an energy session is performed with success.

So I thought of attuning VK in such a way that it sets you or any energy practitioner free to live easily and stress-free. I attuned VK in a special way that it can send energy automatically for the next 30 minutes and set you free.

This also involves the special feature of VK of mimicking. The auto movement of energy from VK and the special features of VK to mimic any session of any energy modality is an amazing combination to set you free from the above-mentioned points as an energy practitioner.

When VK mimics this session of any energy modality, the energy practitioner or the person need not fulfill the above-mentioned points. The energy practitioner need not have faith, as you know VK works on intention and not on faith. The energy practitioner need not have a good imagination, as energies from VK works on intention and not on imagination in the basic level of VK.

The energy practitioner need not have chakra alignment or balanced energy, as VK is the channel of energy and not the energy practitioner. A VK user needs not to have knowledge of any modality he/ she wants to use because VK works with just a simple intention.

You are a VK user now so you need not learn the whole lessons of any energy modality and its symbols. You just know the name of the energy modality and symbol to work for. Remember that VK has its own wisdom and intelligence to send the required energies on your simple request and at the same time it does not require your presence during the session, you can make a request to VK and do your other daily chores.

VK sets you free to live life easily, free, stress-free, and lightly. (If you are free, then sit and feel the energy but if you have any work or you are busy, just make the request to VK and let it work for you. Both ways you will receive the energy and enjoy the benefit.)

A Concept of 30 Minutes Auto Energy Movement With Vibbes Kada - VK

Contents to be sent energy for a full 30 minutes or less

There are some situations, events, feelings, emotions, and some contents which can be energized before 30 minutes. For example any edible things like water, food, candies, chocolates, pulses, spices, flours, medicines, and edible oil. Incense sticks, room fresheners, perfumes, cosmetics, hair oil, shampoo, soap, moisturizer, lotions, clothes, shoes, socks, ointments, toys, and many other such things.

These things have a particular quantity and these are visible so you can energize these things in a few rotations through VK only. Like 2 Liters of a bottle of water can be energized in 15 to 20 rotations. There are even some situations like a fresh fight between two children, a cranky child who just wants to sleep, a friend who needs a small help, a safe small trip, a shield of 7 rays for a vehicle for one, or a small trip, a single or small performance, an instant presentation and so on which can be energized before 30 minutes. #Click Here to know more about VK.

And there are some situations that might need to energize again and again and more and most. For example, a long fight between two friends or couple, a big event like organizing an event like a concert, a big project, an old illness, an acute illness, a bone injury, a child’s education and interest in the study, overall growth and development and many other same situations.

A Concept of 30 Minutes Auto Energy Movement With Vibbes Kada - VKVK is attuned to work for 30 minutes. It is its mechanism.

When you say a request to VK it will work for 30 minutes.

There are two types of requests, one is small and the other is big, some requests need a single request whereas some need more requests.

Some requests like a small stomach pain can be cured in a single request or maybe two but if an illness like stones in the gall bladder or kidney and any such illness which is there in the body from the past or long past, would need requests to VK again and again.

Situations or illness which requires more energy, which needs more requests, which needs more energy for days and VK can send that energy for 30 minutes in one go then we will say/request to VK and let it work for the next 30 minutes. Yes!!!

For 30 minutes your situation or illness which requires much energy will be sent energies by VK.

Above I have listed just a few aspects which require energy either for 30 minutes or the small-time but there can be many more aspects which are not mentioned. Please take care of and energize the contents accordingly. VK is a tool to have infinite energy for as many intentions as one have, make the best use of it.

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