Learn How to Easily Perform Reiki Psychic Surgery Using VK

Here in this article and video, we can learn how to use VK for mimicking Reiki Psychic Surgery.

Do you see people suffering from illness and you want to help them with VK?

If yes, you are on the right page.

Many of the sufferings and illness is due to negative thinking patterns or entrapped negative emotions. Our body, chakras, and aura can absorb emotions. It can absorb both positive and negative emotions. When there are more positive emotions, you see a person healthy, happy, and able to cope up with any situation.

Psychic SurgeryWhen a body, chakras, and aura absorbs negative or unwanted emotions, you may see the person in more pain and suffering. These negative emotions could be due to their past failures, struggle, hurt, loss of business or person or relationship issues, or unfulfilled desires.

Negative or unwanted emotions may manifest as pockets in one or more organs. Sometimes these emotions can manifest clinically as membranes, extracellular growth patterns such as kidney stones, gall stones, fibroids, cysts, uterine cysts, uterine fibroids, bakers cyst, chocolate cysts, spreading cancers, boils, acne, pimples, skin scars, eczema, skin eruptions, warts, tumors, hydrocele, adenoids, tonsils, hernia, blockage in heart or brain. These growth patterns may occur in one organ or many organs depending upon the emotional status of the person.

Sometimes a person may have good clinical reports, but still show unwanted body symptoms, pain, or difficulties in posture. A person may have trouble walking due to unexplained pain or growth in feet, probably the person is emotionally struggling to move ahead in life. A person may feel stuck with negative emotions of ego, anger, aggression, resistance to change, living in the past, sadness, anxiety, and such unwanted emotions. All these may hinder the normal functioning of body organs or progress in life.

Watch this video or continue reading to learn:

What is Reiki Psychic Surgery (PS)?

One of the ways to help such people is with the use of Psychic Surgery of Reiki healing. PS of Reiki is a process used by advanced Reiki healers. Reiki healers do Reiki PS in many ways. In this article, we are not discussing the methods used by Reiki healers.

The outcome of Reiki PS is that, in the process of PS, the negative pockets or unwanted growth membranes are removed. As a result, a person may start feeling emotionally lighter, start feeling connected to self, and accept the present moment or life situation, get unaffected by negative emotions.

When Reiki healers do PS, they put in their OWN time and effort for the person receiving such healing from them. Also in the process, the Reiki healer is most likely to lose his/ her own power and energy. The Reiki healers are required to do Psychic Surgery with a certain mindset. If they do multiple sessions of PS in a day, they may feel exhausted or depletion of energy. Healer himself gets tired.

Is There a Simpler Way for Doing Reiki Psychic Surgery?

Yes, with the use of VK you can simply perform Psychic Surgery. VK has a special feature to mimic any healing modality. PS is also a healing way to ease many issues and here VK can mimic Reiki PS just with a simple request to VK by the VK user.

Do I need a Reiki Attunement to perform Psychic Surgery?

With VK, you do not need to learn Reiki and no need a Reiki attunement too, because, VK can mimic complete Psychic Surgery Session thru its own wisdom. That is the beauty of VK.

Note: VK can also mimic other healing sessions of Reiki without having a Reiki attunement. And moreover, VK can mimic any healing session of any healing modality without having the knowledge or attunement of that modality.

Simple Methods of Psychic Surgery Using VK

You can do the Psychic Surgery Process using any of these methods:-

Method 1 Finger Writing Method:

  • Sharat Sir says that it is the easiest and simplest way of doing PS.
  • With your fingers, write the name of the person/ energy receiver and the name of the affected organ where you want to give PS on a table or any plane surface.
  • Now hold VK and request VK please do Psychic Surgery Psychic Surgery Psychic Surgery with safety and security and keep VK on the written words on the table/ surface for the next 30 min.
  • After 30 min, VK is free for any other request or any other healing.
  • Watch the above video for the demo.

Method 2 Writing on a Paper:

  • Write the name of the patient/ energy receiver and the organ name on a paper.
  • Now request “VK please do Psychic Surgery Psychic Surgery Psychic Surgery with safety and security” and keep VK anywhere on the written words on the paper for 30 min, e.g. if you wish to do Reiki PS for Sanju’s right eye for cataract.
    Write on the paper his name and organ name. Write Sanju Right Eye. Hold VK and say “VK please do Psychic Surgery Psychic Surgery Psychic Surgery with safety and security” and keep VK on paper for 30 min.
  • After 30 min, VK is free for any other request or any other healing.

Method 3 Direct Request Method:

  • Just hold VK in your hands and request “VK to do Psychic Surgery to XYZ.
  • Example: Suppose Atul is the name of the person whose brain is affected and you wish to do Psychic Surgery for his brain with VK. Here the energy receiver is Atul’s brain. Hold VK and say “VK please do Psychic Surgery Psychic Surgery Psychic Surgery to Atul’s brain with safety and security” and keep VK aside for 30 min.
  • After 30 min, VK is free for any other request or any other healing.
  • Check the above video for a demo.

Method 4 Place on Organ Method:

  • Just hold VK in your hands and request “VK to do Psychic Surgery to my xyz”
  • Now place your VK directly on the affected body organ (your own organ or the organ of a patient.)
  • Example: If you want to do PS for your heart then simply lie down on a bed and request your VK and say “VK please do Psychic Surgery Psychic Surgery Psychic Surgery to my heart with safety and security”. This same method is applicable to others too.
  • After 30 min, VK is free for any other request or any other healing.

Some Dos and Don’ts about Psychic Surgery using VK

  1. In one healing request, VK users can request PS for one issue.
  2. If there is more than one issue, for whom you want to request PS, make a separate request for each issue.
  3. In a day, you can request PS for many issues back to back.
  4. You must keep VK aside for 30 min after giving one request of PS.
  5. After 30 min, you can request the same issue or another issue. In that way, you can do PS back to back. Wow, it means you can give 48 requests in 24 hours.
  6. If you want to give a request for two different areas of a person then make two separate requests e.g. if you wish to do PS for the brain and pancreas for a person, make two separate requests to VK. In the first request, you can say, “VK please do Psychic Surgery for Meena’s brain with safety and security”. Moreover, in the second request, you can say, “VK please do Psychic Surgery for Meena’s pancreas with safety and security”.
  7. Always add the word safety and security with every request. These two words assure the healee and healer’s safety and security.
  8. There are some twin organs in our body, which are the same e.g. eyes, kidneys, legs, hands, breasts, ears, etc. Here you can request VK for PS for both organs together or you can choose to request specifically either for the left organ or the right organ as per the need.
  9. You can say either REIKI PSYCHIC SURGERY or PSYCHIC SURGERY. Both ways are good, correct, and effective. Choose the way you like.
  10. Do not use short forms like PS while requesting to VK. Please use the full form of Psychic Surgery.
  11. You can do PS for spiritual areas also e.g. chakras, 3rd eye, a specific layer of the aura, horoscope, etc.
  12. You can do PS for non-living things too e.g. your car’s clutch plates, car’s engine, a machine, mobile phone, specific direction of the place, etc.

What will VK Do in 30 min after Placing a Request to it?

During the 30 min, VK will do the process of Reiki PS on the requested area of the requested energy receiver.

After 30 min, VK is free, so VK users can repeat the same request or any other request or you can use VK for any other healing or simply wear it.

Which is The Best Method of Psychic Surgery with VK?

All the methods are good and effective. Method 1 is the easiest and simplest way as taught by Sharat Sir.

You can be creative in doing PSYCHIC SURGERY with VK.

Can You Charge Drinking Water with Energy of Psychic Surgery Using VK?

No. As per Sharat Sir’s guidance, PS should not be done through VK-charged water. So do not charge drinking water with the energy of PS.

Is it Necessary for VK User to Know the Process of Reiki Psychic Surgery?

No. Here the VK user is not the Reiki healer. Here VK is the energy sender and healer. The VK user is only requesting VK to mimic and do the process of Psychic Surgery.

What is the Frequency of Psychic Surgery Through VK?

The number of sessions will depend on the severity of the illness. A person may benefit just in one session or may require multiple sessions. Follow the VK BASIC POST 13 guided by Sharat Sir on the litairian forum.

For a person with more energy needs, you can do PS with VK multiple times in a day or use the BOOST method by use of multiple VKs.

Benefits and Advantages of Mimicking Psychic Surgery with VK

  1. Reiki Attunement: A person who himself/ herself does Reiki PS needs to take Reiki attunement from a Reiki Master. The person has to learn and perform this healing. However, a VK user of any age can do PS by a simple request to VK. Here there is absolutely no need for Reiki attunement for the VK user.
  2. Energy and Stamina: A Reiki healer may experience energy depletion, sickness, or weakness after doing PS on himself/ herself. However, the VK user is simply requesting VK to do PS. Here VK does the process of PS. The VK user is not doing PS, so there is no energy depletion, sickness, or weakness after requesting VK, as you know VK is performing the process.
  3. Saving of Time: Reiki healers doing PS is investing their own time for this process. But a VK user is free, once a request of PS is placed to VK. A VK user can concentrate on any other work or relax because here VK is the Reiki healer here.
  4. Mindset: A Reiki healer requires to do PS with a certain mindset. This is important for the effectiveness of the process and to conserve its own energy. However, a VK user requires a clear intention of healing now forever while placing a request to VK. Just mimicking PS with VK with the intention of safety and security is helpful for having desired effects.
  5. Frequency of Healing: If a Reiki healer does multiple sessions of Psychic Surgery on the same day or repeatedly, he/ she may lose much energy and may feel exhausted. Mostly a Reiki healer can do PS 2 to 3 times a day, and will most likely feel exhausted with more sessions. But a VK user can request VK for PS as many times as per wish or need in one day or daily. Here VK becomes the Reiki healer.
  6. Boosting of Healing: A Reiki healer may not be able to enhance the effect multi-fold but a VK user can BOOST the process with the use of multiple VK and BOOST method.

From now on must use simple, effective, time-saving and safe Psychic Surgery through VK

Some Ready Examples of Psychic Surgery Using VK

  1. VK please do Psychic surgery for Meena’s brain with safety and security.
  2. VK please do Psychic surgery for Meena’s pancreas with safety and security.
  3. If a person with the name Pinky has hearing difficulty only in the left ear, you can request VK for Psychic surgery for the left ear only. Just request, “VK please do Psychic Surgery for Pinky’s left ear with safety and security”.
  4. If Sarika feels heaviness in her both breasts in pre-menstrual days. Just requests, VK please give Psychic Surgery for Sarika’s both breast with safety and security.
  5. If Sara is on kidney dialysis, you can request Psychic Surgery for both kidneys in the same request. VK please do Psychic Surgery for Sara’s both kidneys with safety and security.
  6. You can request Psychic Surgery for one eye or both eyes in the same request to VK if there are vision problems like cataracts or macular degeneration of the eyes.
  7. If there is pain only in one foot, you can request Psychic Surgery to VK only for that foot. And there are walking difficulties in both legs, you can request VK for Psychic surgery for both legs in one request.
  8. If there are unwanted growth patterns like stones, cysts, fibroids, etc, that keep moving in an organ or system in a body, you can request Psychic Surgery for that organ or particular whole system in the body. Kidney stones may move in a kidney or move out to the bladder and still cause pain. So here, you can request VK for Psychic Surgery to the kidneys or to the whole urinary system if you wish.
  9. For uterine fibroids or cysts, you can VK for Psychic Surgery to the uterus or to the whole reproduction system if you wish.
  10. You can simply request VK please do Psychic Surgery for the AFFECTED PART.  Suppose you know a person with the name John, he is having pain and difficulties because of piles or fissures. If you cannot define the organ name, just intend and request for the affected part. So here, just request VK please do (Psychic Surgery) x 3 for John’s affected part. While placing a request, you are obviously thinking of healing that person from piles, and VK is an intentional tool, so it knows where to direct the energy.
  11. There is some pain in the chest area, but you don’t know which organ is actually affected or causing this pain, is it heart, lungs, or stomach? Just request VK with intention of the affected area. In your mind, you know you wish to heal the pain in the chest area, and VK is an intentional tool, so when you request for the affected area, VK will know through your intention and send energy accordingly. This is applicable for healing with VK and this is the specialty of VK healing.

1What Else You Can Do with VK Separately 

When you are helping any person with VK and PS for any pain or illness, please note you can continue vital organ balancing and required Cosmic Serum energies or any other healing energy separately with VK as the case requires.

Do PS request as one healing and separately send Cosmic Serums or other energies in another request. Find some example here:-

Example 1: for kidney stones, you can do Psychic Surgery of the Kidney as per VK Tip 24.  Separately and additionally, you can use Key Pen Serum and All Clear Serum for kidney stones with VK. You can also do a Vital Organ Balancing of the Kidney.

Example 2: For uterine fibroids, you can do PS of the whole reproduction system for the affected female. You can separately use Fem Serum and EFT to the reproductive system as per VK 19. You can also do VOB for the uterus.

Example 3: You can do PS for relief of severe knee joint pain with VK. Separately and additionally, you can use Pain Care Serum with VK. You can do a VOB of knees. You can even take the energy of Calcium and Vitamin D as per VK Tip 92 if there are nutritional deficiencies.

Example 4: If there are gallstones, do request for PS for the gall bladder. Separately use Digee Serum and All Clear Serum.

Find Here Some Success Stories of Psychic Surgery Using VK

  1. Memory and speech recovery after an accident with Psychic Surgery of the brain using VK, by a new VK user
  2. Reviving a pet dog from multiple infections to good health
  3. Constipation and piles relief in 8thmonth of pregnancy, the experience of a Pregnant VK user
  4. Kidney/Urinary Bladder Stonecutter, must-read experience.
  5. Uterus swelling and menstrual bleeding, no surgery required
  6. Painful testicle recovery without surgery
  7. Psychic Surgery for Fistula
  8. Swollen gums on wisdom tooth quick relief
  9. Psychic surgery for Kidney function support for a teenager
  10. Wart/ massa in the anal region in a simple way
  11. Cutting warts on arms with creativity.
  12. Relief from Severe pain of Tennis elbow
  13. Experience of a VK mother using VK for her daughter’s fractured foot
  14. PS in menopausal phase with Kapalbhati Pranayam and LOA visualization
  15. Reiki PS on Plantar Fascia and walking difficulty
  16. Melting cyst in uterus VK psychic surgery and love
  17. Armpit lump healed miraculously within 4days with my VK doing Reiki psychic surgery
  18. Adenoids healed with Divine VK
  19. Healing alcohol addiction by Chakra cleansing using VK
  20. Facial warts cleared with psychic surgery
  21. Keloid cleared with psychic surgery

2Psychic Surgery with VK can be explored even for non-living things, read some VK experiences here:

  1. Smooth Car drive with free Car clutch and gearbox as guided by Sharat Sir, experiences
  2. For repairing the phone charger
  3. Washing machine dryer restarted
  4. Resolving Mechanical issues of Car in the weekend
  5. Stabilizing old Samsung cellphone
  6. Scooter horn repaired
  7. New car faulty parts repair
  8. Car fault corrected by Reiki Psychic Surgery with my VK


With VK there are infinite possibilities for exploring Psychic Surgery. Do help your near and dear ones with relief from negative emotions using PS through VK. Also, share your VK experiences on Litairian forum to motivate all of us. If you still have any question, then ask in the litairian forum.

This video and article are written with the guidance of Sharat Sir. Gratitude to Sharat Sir for VK and its amazing mimicking feature changing our lives endlessly !!


Note: Follow the doctor’s advice wherever needed.