Many Possibilities & Solutions for Headache Relief

possibilities headache

There are so many possibilities with VK and so many ways VK can help with a single headache too. Before we start healing we should diagnose the cause of symptoms first so that the right healing can be given. A headache is a very common problem it can be caused due to lack of energy, stiffness, unhealthy lifestyle and routines, sleepiness, tiredness, heaviness, indigestion, negative emotions, eye problems, and many more. Let’s take a look here:-

Perfect Health Serum is a great serum in the case of a headache as it boosts overall energy and cures tiredness.All Clear Serum

If a person is feeling low then Mood Up Serum is very helpful for a headache. You can take Bravo Serum with it too.Bach flower remedies

For an angry and high-tempered person’s headache, use Calm Down Serum. Calm Down Serum can also be taken with Perfect Health Serum.Beauty Serum

Digee Serum can help with a headache if it is the cause of indigestion, gas, acidity, and other digestive issues.effective way removes headache

All Clear Serum to remove all heaviness that causes a headache. Sometimes we have patterns of taking medicine for small issues and All Clear Serum helps to remove all the side effects of medicines.EFT CUre

All Clear Serum and Shield of Seven Rays are also helpful when the cause of a headache is negative energies, a psychic attack, and an evil eye.Emotions Freedom Technique

The Pain Care Serum is the most useful serum for a headache as it is the best painkiller. It is also good for physical and mental care beauty serum

Eye Serum and Perfect Health Serum are needed when the reason for a simple headache is heaviness and tiredness of eyes, weak eyes, blur or poor vision, and other eye-related problems.head massage indian

ENT Serum and D Fev Serum are good in that headaches when the cause of cold, cough, sinus, stiff nose, breathing, and other problems related to the ear, nose, throat, and lungs.headache heaviness

Vital Organ Balancing is another best way to help with any headache.Headache Massage Help

Aura cleansing and balancing can also help with a headache and heaviness. It can be done by a simple request to VK to do Aura Flush Empowerment Healing for you.Headache relief

Chakra Cleansing and Balancing can also help to remove a headache. It can be done by a simple request to VK to do Chakra Flush Empowerment Healing for you.headache tiredness

The energy of Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra can also help in a headache that occurs due to an unknown cause.helpful in headache (2)

Place a simple request for removing negative emotions like anger, grief, etc to VK, if they are the cause of a headache.high tempered person headache

The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is very effective in releasing the negative effects of emotions that cause a headache. EFT can also be done using VK.many possibilities with VK

We can charge water or directly intake energy from headache cure remedies too.mental injuries

Acupressure treatment like the “Toning of ST41” point can also be used for a headache.migraine headache

Bach flower remedies like cherry plum and white chestnut are also good for a headache.Mood Up Serum

The energy of mudras like Gyan mudra and Rudra mudra can also be taken in a headache.Pain Care Serum

Pranayams like Sheetli in the case of a sunstroke headache and Suryabhedan in the case of a cold stork headache are also helpful. You can simply mimic them through VK.Perfect Health Serum

If you get a migraine headache because of sunlight and UV rays, you can take energies of GOMED with safety and security and go for a walk in sunlight too.remove a headache

Brain Serum can be added to any type of headache healing.removing the negative emotion

Balance Serum can help you in case there is an imbalance in the aura, chakra, 12 acupuncture meridians, or any imbalance in energies at the body, mind, or soul level, because of which a headache is caused.simple headache

A simple request to VK is a good and effective way to remove all sorts of a headache.sunstroke headache

Now use your mind creatively and find some other methods that are also helpful in the case of a headache. Please write down in the comment box below if you know other methods too.